Ottawa Dog Rescue: The One Stop Guide for You!

What is a synonym for happiness? A fur ball with a wet nose and a wagging tail? Yes, that’s right, it’s dogs; the only creatures in the world that would love you unconditionally and have the purest heart!

You may know lots of dedicated dog lovers out there- your friends, family, and acquaintances who have pet dogs.

But the real question is, does being a dog lover mean only caring for pets and domestic breeds? No.

There is nothing better a person can do than to save a life and there are a million dogs in dire need of being rescued.

Ottawa recognizes this issue to be of utmost importance and thus has a provision for rescuing dogs- Ottawa Dog Rescue. So, here is your one-stop guide for Ottawa Dog Rescue. 

Ottawa Dog Rescue

Established in 2013, Ottawa Dog Rescue is involved in helping abandoned dogs by saving their lives and providing them with loving forever homes through adoption.

It is a non-profit organization run by a team of experienced rescuers aimed at animal welfare and helping surrendered dogs find good homes with loving families.

Dog rescue
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There is a large group of volunteers including locals and veterinarians working towards the cause to make a good difference.

The rescued dogs are kept in foster homes where they are given proper care, food, and treatment for their injuries till the time they are adopted by well-suited forever homes.

The initiative involves various processes:

  • Rescuing

  • Fostering

  • Adoption

  • Donation and fundraising

  • Public awareness and education

1. Rescuing

Nowadays, neglected dogs go through a hard time trying to survive on the streets without basic facilities like shelter, food, and water.

The foster-based rescue team spreads out in the Ottawa area to spot any injured or abandoned dogs which are then taken to foster homes for their treatment.

Another provision for rescue is the Owner Surrender application. Dog owners who aren’t willing to or able to provide a home to their dogs can opt for this facility to help secure their pet’s future.

One can contact the NGO for help via the E-mail form on their website.

Rescuing dogs
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2. Fostering

Saving dogs is the final goal, and fostering is the way to achieve it!

Ottawa Dog Rescue provides well-constructed and maintained all-breed foster homes for neglected and abandoned dogs.

Fostering is nothing but providing a dog with shelter, food, and most importantly, care, till it finds a permanent home.

It’s quite literally synonymous with saving a life. And guess what? Ottawa Dog Rescue gives you the option to become a foster!

The first step, however, is to make an informed decision with the consent of all family members since the responsibility of becoming a foster is huge.

If you’re dedicated to helping rescue a dog and have thought about all aspects like approval, expense, and availability of foster resources for unpredictable durations, you’re good to go!

The next step is to fill out a foster application form after which you will be contacted by the NGO for further proceedings.

Ottawa Dog Rescue
Courtesy Ottawa Dog Rescue

Virtual Fostering

Want to help facilitate dog rescues but are not in the position to foster? No worries, Ottawa Dog Rescue gives you the option of virtual fostering.

Here, you can donate any amount to sponsor supplies for foster homes and thus indirectly help the pups!

3. Adoption

Don’t shop, ADOPT! The phrase cannot be said more often. The stray dogs need you more than anyone and there’s no denying that.

Adoption at Ottawa Dog Rescue is an easy but lengthy process. You can scroll through a list of puppies and rescued dogs available for adoption before you fill out the form.

Once you’ve filled it out, the NGO carries out a proper background check including home visits and an application screening process to qualify you for eligibility for adoption.

The team at Ottawa Dog Rescue will follow up with you regularly after you’ve been selected as a dog’s adoptive owner for a liability check.

It’s your responsibility to treat the dog right, get educated on the essentials of being a dog owner, and pamper it as much as you can because why not?

Dog Adoption
Photo by Mali Maeder on Pexels

4. Donations and Fundraising

Fundraising is the first and foremost step to running a non-profit organization. It is a deed one gets involved in to contribute to a good cause.

Ottawa Dog Rescue is completely based on fundraising and volunteering. Nothing is forced; the donation loses its meaning if it is. 

Many people from all over the world engage in raising funds for the dogs- for their treatment, medicinal, food, and shelter supplies.

The website provides a wishlist for all the resources needed and a donation form to make the payment in the name of the organization.

Just remember, every penny counts!

5. Public Awareness and Education

Running an NGO is not enough when people are not aware of the issues in society. Why would someone donate when they don’t know the issue behind it? Well, Ottawa Dog Rescue has made sure to remain one step ahead.

Not only do they focus on rescuing dogs and helping the abandoned ones find good homes but also take initiative to spread public awareness about various issues faced by dogs and other stray animals and educate the youth on this topic.

The organization carries out various events and seminars to educate people about responsible pet ownership, and facts about animals and assist them in the process of becoming dog rescuers!

stray dog
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The Bottom Line

Ottawa Dog Rescue is an amazing initiative taken by experienced rescuers to get more and more of those tails wagging every day!

There are many other organizations in the city like Freedom Dog Rescue and Ottawa Humane Society, involved in dog rescuing work and we couldn’t be more proud!

If you’re a dog lover and want to contribute your part to save a life, it’s never too late. Go out there and help someone. It’s what life is about.



    Aayushi, a bachelor in Commerce, is an avid traveler and food critic. She is an accomplished writer who pens down travel stories and her experiences at various eateries to walk you through the country's culture and cuisine with some of the best travel guides and unique food recipes.

Aayushi Luthra

Aayushi, a bachelor in Commerce, is an avid traveler and food critic. She is an accomplished writer who pens down travel stories and her experiences at various eateries to walk you through the country's culture and cuisine with some of the best travel guides and unique food recipes.

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