Falcon Crest Canmore : 5 Intriguing Insights

Falcon Crest Canmore

Falcon Crest Canmore is an amazing hotel located in the rocky mountain getaway of Canada. It is a type of crest lodge. Clique is the group of hotels and resorts that manage the lodge.

It is a great destination to be explored in a rocky mountain gateway. Luxurious mountain accommodations are available for a comfortable and cozy stay in Falcon Crest Canmore.

1. Falcon Crest Canmore and Its 5 Interesting Facts

1.1. Room Amenities

Falcon Crest Canmore
Image from the official website of Falcon Crest

The Falcon crest lodge has a lot of variety in the room amenities offered to the place. There are Deluxe hotel rooms, King studios, and two bedrooms suites to choose from. The falcon crest offers the facility of underground parking.

The two-bedroom suites are priced at $382 with the lowest being $134 for the deluxe room. The average price charged at night is also provided by the lodge. The property accepts credit cards for payments.

The rooms available at the lodge are all set with the new and latest gadgets and appliances. There is wireless high-speed free wifi, air conditioning, flat-screen TV with Netflix and Bluetooth integrated. The guests can use their own Netflix account on the application.

The rooms are available with private balconies or patios with barbeque facilities using a Napoleon BBQ. There are options for a full kitchen in the room with a gas fireplace and housekeeping interconnected rooms.

Iron private bathrooms with individual bathrobes and complimentary toiletries are provided. Cleaning services are a part of the stay. The place is known for the best hospitality and is even awarded for it.

Luxury bedding and beds for a comfortable sleep, beautiful artwork, and furnishings are done for a pleasant stay. The super comfy bed or the tv sofa bed in the family rooms of the lodge is a great way to stay and relax. Free instant coffee is always available at the lodge.

The rental charges start from 179$ to 382$. The lodge even offers the facility of free cancellation at the hotel date. There is also a nonsmoking hotel ATM provided to its guests.

1.2. Meetings and Events in the Lodge

The hotel falcon crest lodge offers a great facility for hosting any special events, meetings, or wedding functions. Banquet rooms are provided at the lodge for such events.

The falcon crest lodge management offers conference facilities in a variety of meeting rooms to choose from to hold corporate retreats.

1.2.1. Meeting Rooms

Alpine meeting rooms: This meeting room is famous for its beautiful views of the mountain ranges. It gives views of the three sister mountain ranges Rundle ridge and Ha Ling. This meeting room even has an approach to an outdoor patio with the availability of a BBQ.

The falcon crest lodge even provides a chef for these meetings but at an additional cost.

1.2.2. Suite 118 Boardroom

The suite 118 boardroom in the falcon crest lodge provides a small and spacious space for meetings that consist of a small group of people around 10 people or less than that.

This meeting room of the falcon crest consists of a small patio with kitchen facilities and a private washroom. This room is well-lit by natural light to carry on with the meetings with ease.

There is a smart TV of 52 inches installed to connect the gadgets or laptops for the meetings in the boardroom. Even the facility of renting catering services, stationary, and flip charts is also available.

1.2.3. Mountain View Room

Falcon Crest Canmore
Image from the official website of Falcon Crest

The mountain view room or the Alpine room of Falcon Crest is also open for the events like weddings, ceremonies, and other social gatherings.

The room is prepared with all the amenities like ambiance, catering services, and the best cuisine on the menu.

The mountain view room of falcon crest lodge is all set up for intimate events and affairs.

1.3. Property Amenities of Falcon Crest Lodge

Falcon Crest Canmore
Image from the website of Falcon Crest

1.3.1. Hot Tubs

The Falcon Crest Canmore has some basic property amenities to offer to its guests for a better and more pleasant stay at the place.

There are outdoor hot tubs offered to the guests at the lodge. There are two tubs and the timings for accessing the hot tubs are from 9 am to 10.30 pm.

The outdoor hot tub encompasses some great views of the three mountain ranges surrounding the lodge.

1.3.2. Fitness Center

The lodge offers the facility of a cardio room which is well equipped with all the armamentarium.

This room is located on the main floor of the lodge and the timings of its accessibility are from 9 am to 10.30 pm every day. The cardio room has a stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill and mats, and yoga ball.

1.3.3. Underground Parking and Self-Car Wash

Falcon Crest offers the facility of an underground parking garage. Parking service is free at the lodge. There is a self-car wash area facility at the hotel.

The underground parking is more of a self-care parking area for the guests.

1.3.4. Barbeque Facilities

The falcon crest lodge offers some delicious barbeque options as a part of the property amenities.

Every suite and room in the lodge is provided with the Napoleon barbeque grills. The rooms are provided with natural gas to supplement the grills.

These barbecue grills are either present on the balcony of the rooms or the patios.

1.3.5. Desk Service

There is a 24×7 French caretaker available at the desk at the service for his guests. It is available to frame your travel course and other necessary arrangements.

1.4. Restaurants at the Lodge

The Falcon Crest is home to 70 amazing restaurants located onsite from bakeries, pubs and grill houses, coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, ethnic restaurants, home-style cafes, and pizza joints for kids.

1.4.1. Phoenix Asia Buffet Restaurant

The Phoenix restaurant Canmore is famous for its Asian cuisine. They provide delicious Asian food and have a great menu to offer.

These delectable dishes are available for dine-in options, takeaway orders, or delivery. A 5% of discount is given to the guests as vouchers who are staying in the falcon crest lodge are offered per room per night.

1.4.2. The Iron Goat Restaurant

The iron goat pub and grill restaurant is a great place to eat inspired by the rich railway heritage. It is a restaurant that is built on purpose and has some of the best facilities to offer like four private rooms, two patios, and 13 televisions.

The restaurant is covered all around with some spectacular views and some delicious food to be tried. It is a three-story place made of timber frame with some excellent service and ambiance.

1.4.3. Rocky Mountain Flatbread co.

The rocky mountain flatbread co. is known for some of the best flatbread wood-fired pizzas. It is an award-winning pizza co. and restaurant located in Canmore and Vancouver.

The place is known to use the produce of local and organic origin. Good quality organic meats and seafood are taken supporting over 50 farmers and suppliers. They even offer vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options on their menu.

This restaurant even holds a lot of family events like:

1.4.4. CanGolf Restaurant

As the name suggests, CanGolf restaurant is a great place to eat, drink, and play. It is a great place surrounded by mountain ranges and located as an outdoor patio.

There are more than 80 championship courses, simulator games, ranging sessions with immediate feedback, and a clubhouse to dine in for food and drinks. There are big, multiple screens placed in the place to watch any ongoing or your favorite sporting events.

The restaurant has a great menu to offer to its guests in terms of grilled food and bar items. Weddings and intimate events are also hosted by the CanGolf restaurant.

1.4.5. The Market Bistro at Three Sisters

The Market Bistro restaurant is placed by Anthony and Val Anthony who hail from France and Quebec respectively. They traveled the world and explored their sides before heading to Canada.

They fell in love with the scenic location of the Canadian rocky mountains and hence the market bistro at three sisters. The place is known for using fresh ingredients, traditional flavors, and some great wines to go with it.

From a morning coffee to an evening snacking and a great dinner with your favorite wine is surely the place to be.

1.4.6. Tavern 1883 Restaurant

Tavern 1883 is a great restaurant located in Canmore, Alberta. The place gives the vibes of an old-world charm and is built around a 1900s home. The place offers a very comfortable, cozy, and inviting feel to it.

Almost the patio is surrounded by spectacular views of the Canadian rocky mountains. A restaurant is a great place for family meals, apres ski, date nights, enjoying with friends, business meetings, happy hours, and partying.

The place offers live DJs and music bands four nights a week.

1.4.7. Rustica Steakhouse

Rustica Steakhouse in Falcon crest Canmore is the right place to have the best Canadian steak. The place is surrounded by scenic views of the Canadian mountains and world-class golf scenery.

The restaurant offers great classic dishes to offer when dining with friends and family. They are known for their ocean-wise seafood, vegetarian dishes as per the season, and Alberta Raised Apron Broiler specialties which are of prime grade.

The restaurant offers very rustic vibes and has a great variety of cocktails and wines on the menu. There are many awards under the belt of this restaurant like a Best new restaurant in the Canadian Rockies, winner of the 2009 Iron Chef competition, and Wine Spectator Award of excellence.

1.4.8. Murrieta’s West Coast Grill

Murrieta’s west coast grill is known for its delectable dishes which are a must-try on the palate.

The place is covered with large glass windows, vaulted ceilings, an open plan, and captivating scenery. It is well-lit by the natural sunlight all over the place with scenic views of the mountains.

Birthday parties, business lunches, rehearsal dinners, and small wedding events. The place is suited for around 50 to 75 guests.

1.4.9. Stoney’s Bar and Grill Restaurant

This restaurant is the best place concerning the scenic beauty, fairways, and rocky mountains. It has a beautiful top bar made up of marble which is well stocked with beer, wines, and scotches.

A restaurant is a great place just to enjoy a drink with a nice lunch and dinner menu. The breakfast menu is served during the golf season and showcases an amazing cobblestone wrap-around deck.

1.4.10. Chez Francois Restaurant

Chez Francois restaurant is a great restaurant offering casual dining with some French Flair. Jean-Francois and their wife Sylvie came to Alberta thirty-five years ago. They have a passion for French cooking and wanted to offer the best fine dining experience.

The restaurant is surrounded by 180 degrees mountain views offering pleasant breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. A great egg menu for breakfast, amazing salads, and some delicious seafood.

1.5. Nearby Attractions

The falcon crest lodge in Canmore is known for its super comfortable and luxurious stay with the scenic beauty at par. With the serene nature, there comes loads of activities and attractions in and around the place that the guests can enjoy.

1.5.1. Adventure Hub

The adventure hub in Canmore is a great place to enjoy some great activities. Multiple things can be done both indoors and outdoors.

There are all sorts of adventures at the place which may be slow going or fast-paced. Well, it’s a great place to experience some adrenaline rush and make some long-lasting memories with the place.

1.5.2. Banff Upper Hot Springs

The Banff upper hot spring is a great place to relax located in Alberta, Canada. This place was established in the year 1883.

The upper hot spring contains the hot mineral water in the pool which is located outdoors. While enjoying the hot waters the people can enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountain Rundle across the valley.

Reservations are not available or required at this place and hence they offer a first come, first serve basis. The place is in a very scenic location in the Canadian Rockies.

This hot spring is categorized as one of the three most iconic pools in Canada. It is also known as the Canadian Rockies hot springs. It is a traditional heritage experience for its visitors.

1.5.3. Angry Bear Growlers

Angry bear growlers is a great place to enjoy your drink constantly rotating your taps to fill the growlers. The place has 58 constantly rotating taps of Cider beer, Cocktails, Kombucha, Sodas, and Ciders.

This place is not only enriched with beverages but a person can enjoy some great food, pints, and flights. Reusable vessels are being used by decreasing the bottles and cans for recycling after the drinks are enjoyed.

A nice place for lunch, date nights, family dinners, and happy hours with the working team.

1.5.4. Alpine Ski Destinations

There are many ski destinations to be enjoyed by visitors. There are four different destinations to enjoy the activity of ski.

  • Ski Norquay: It is a great destination to ski which is located 25 minutes from Canmore. Norquay is a local hill in Canmore that offers skiing at hourly rates. The rates at this local hill are only charged for the time you ski.
  • Sunshine village: This is one of the ski destinations in Banff national park which is located just 25 minutes from Canmore. The place has the longest ski season to offer in all four sites. The place also has an eight-passenger gondola which is known to be the world’s fastest.
  • Ski Nakiska: This ski destination is located just 45 minutes from Canmore. The place is located in the Kananaskis valley and offers a spectacular view of the location. Nakiska ski has hosted the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics which are designed to showcase the alpine events.
  • Lake Louise ski area: This ski area is one of the largest ski areas among the four sites. It is located 25 minutes west of Canmore. It is a widespread space of 18 square kilometers, with 11 lifts, and a gondola ride.


Image from the website Falcon Crest Canmore

1.5.5. Alpine Helicopters

Alpine helicopter is a great service for the guests staying in Canmore. The company is operating since the year 1961. It is based in two locations for operation: Alberta, Canada, and British Columbia.

They offer activities like helicopter skiing, sightseeing, suppressing forest fires, and performing other commercial activities. They have highly trained professionals operating the service and are experienced in the most challenging atmosphere to fly.

1.5.6. Canmore Cave Tours

Cave tours are a great activity happening in Canmore for the visitors staying at the place. It is a great exploration of the history and customs of the place.

The area of the Canadian Rockies is a great place in Canmore to explore undeveloped caves and get to the history a little better.

1.5.7. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Hiking in the Canmore is a great pleasurable activity in Canadian Rockies. It is a long 1600 kilometers of trail which is well developed with its pathways.

Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the glaciers of the alpine and the sunset on the riverside. Hiking is done at surrounding two areas: Banff and the lake Louise area and in the Canmore area.

1.5.8. Kananaskis Outfitters

Kananaskis outfitters offer a range of activities to visitors by touring the place all year round. They even offer rental equipment like snowshoes and nordic skis according to the place you are visiting.

The activities range from kayaking, canoeing, fat biking, and mountain biking. Kananaskis is a great place to adventure with trails to discover and some hidden wonders to be explored.

1.5.9. Johnston Canyon Icewalk

This place in Canmore is a great place to visit for some icy walks and to witness the natural beauty. A lot of historical trails are associated with the canyon which a person can gain knowledge about.

People have to strap ice cleats on their winter shoes to keep them stable while walking on the icy trails. Not only the place has a scenic view but is also a natural habitat for some animals. A close view of some animals like moose, wolves, and coyotes in these icy areas.

1.5.10. Silvertip Golf Course

The silvertip golf course is a great place to visit in Canmore. The widespread 600 acres of land is rich with the wildness of grasslands, valleys, and peaks.

The place is full of sunshine and fresh mountain air to spend your day in. It is the only resort that is south-facing to the mountains in the entire region. Amazing views of the mountains and the rundle pond which is crystal clear are a must-watch.

Well, in all the best ways it is a nice place to spend your day in the warmth of the sun and some golf at the silvertip nearby Falcon Crest Canmore.

1.5.11. Wolf Dog Sanctuary

What’s the visit without watching some exotic animals in the place? Wolf Dog sanctuary is the one place to see the animals like wolves.

Animals are always essential to the habitat. The wolves play an essential role in the wolf-dog sanctuary. There are guardians present to guide you at the place. An opportunity to have some amazing photo memories with the animals and the place in itself.

1.5.12. Skin RNI

Skin RNI is a beauty clinic associated with skin and provides spa facilities to visitors. The place is located in the Canadian rocky mountains of the Canmore and surely deserves a visit.

The clinic specializes in performing non-invasive treatments and uses the best professional products for the skin regimen. Spa facials are also done for the relaxation and transformation of the skin. It follows the science and precision of an advanced skin care regimen.

Spas and skin care are always a must for the restoration and relaxation of your body.

1.5.13. Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

Yamnuska mountain adventures are one of the best companies to be known in Canada for mountaineering and guiding tours. They offer trips, courses, and programs from basic to expert level for various activities.

The activities like rock climbing, ice-climbing, avalanche training, backcountry skiing, and hiking are offered. The company is offering services to them for the past 40 years and the Canadian mountains are home to them.

Falcon Crest Canmore is a great place for a comfortable, luxurious stay where the guests feel welcomed. Calgary international airport is the nearest airway station to reach Falcon Clean. The place is a short distance to downtown Canmore minutes away and around 90 minutes drive from Calgary international airport.

There are some amazing guest reviews of the Falcon Crest Canmore portraying that the people are happy and comfortable with their stay. Undoubtedly, the visitors claim that the team provided excellent service.

The place is all built like condominium-style spaces with leisure, comfort, adventures, shopping spaces, work, and local attractions all under one roof.

Top room amenities, room immaculately clean, banquet room, catered meeting rooms, helpful desk staff, restaurants located onsite, fitness centerand, nearby hiking and biking trails, nice hot tubs, and free parking are some hotel brand popular amenities a person looks out for.

Well, a great place with such a great review. Falcon Crest Canmore is a ticket to offer luxurious mountain accommodations to its guests.

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