18 Best Yaletown Restaurants with Mouth Watering Dishes

Yaletown is one of the best places for tourists to stay and enjoy different cuisines. Located in Vancouver, many restaurants and cafes in Yaletown offer dishes in their unique style and flavour.

You can visit for lunch, brunch, or dinner with family and friends. The place has restaurants that can cater to individual needs and cravings. From budget eating to high-end dining experiences, one can find everything in these Yaletown restaurants.

Among all the restaurants in Yaletown, some of which can appear top of the list are Bluewater Cafe, MeeT Yaletown, Provence Marinaside, and many more. Here’s a list of the best Yaletown restaurants which you can enjoy when you are in Vancouver.

19 Best Yaletown Restaurants-

1. Blue Water Cafe

Are you a seafood lover? The Blue Water Cafe is a must-visit Yaletown restaurant for you providing fresh and perfectly cooked seafood. The place is known for its best service, extravagant bar, and heated patio. One can even dine in a private dining room but with prior reservations.

For the drinks menu, one can choose from a selection of rare tequilas, cognac, and a huge variety of whiskeys. Main course options can include Scallops, Yellowfin Tuna, and Atlantic Lobster. Large shrimp, clams, mussels, and other ceviche are also must-try. 

For sweet indulgence, try the Yuzu Vanilla Panna Cotta, a selection of Sorbets, or some Fine Canadian Cheese, and end your meal on a good note.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

2. MeeT Yaletown

MeeT Yaletown
Captured from MeeT Yaletown

If you want to try contemporary vegan and vegetarian options, MeeT Yaletown restaurant is a must-visit. It is loved by locals and recommended for visitors who wish to visit and enjoy delicious food with their family and friends.

The food is a blend of vegan and veggie options. The highlight of this place is the heated patio which can be enjoyed during the winter.

Dishes for you must include Sweet Chili Cauliflower Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad. If opting for a side, do try the Groovy Gravy Fries.

The Angry Burg is also on the list of words to try. It is a perfectly crisp burger served with Buffalo sauce and ranch dressing, making it a must-try. Other dishes to try to include Oyster Mushroom Kalamari and Butter Chicken Poutine.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

3. Provence Marinaside

Provence Marinaside
Captured from Provence Marinaside

Next on the list of best Yaletown restaurants is Provence Marinaside. This is the place if you want to enjoy fresh West Coast seafood with a bit of French flare. Highlights of this place are its beautiful and pleasant decor, delicious gourmet food, well-presented plates that are irresistible and patio to enjoy views of the beautiful waters to relax during summer.

One can find lunch, brunch, and dinner options with various choices.

You can also try Pan Seared Albacore Tuna. The Lobster is also famous here.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

4. Robba da Matti

If you want to indulge in a Mediterranean dining experience, Robba da Matti will be your best Yaletown restaurant. The restaurant provides good service and a friendly ambiance.

One can opt for lunch, brunch, or dinner with family and friends. Visiting here is a must, as one can enjoy regional dishes made from family recipes.

Food to enjoy include Lobster & Crab Ravioli, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, and Seafood Risotto. Do try Prosciutto and Burrata, which is popular among customers.

Spaghetti Allo Scogliois another dish to be tried. This recommendation is loaded with tiger prawns and scallops. The sauce is a favourite among pasta lovers.

The Italian wine collection is great here; hence check it out too. For dessert, one can go for Tiramisu or creamy Panna Cotta.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

5. Minami Restaurant 

Sushi lovers cannot miss visiting Minami Restaurant as this is the best for authentic Japanese cuisine and other unique dishes among Yaletown restaurants. You can try Aburi, which is flame-seared sushi.

Classics include Miso Soup and Steamed Edamame. Shrimp Fritters, along with Harissa Aoili, is another great recommendation.

If you love sushi, then go for Salmon Oshi Sushi. Also, try Ebi Oshi Sushi, popular among people who love sushi.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

6. Nuba

Captured from Nuba

When talking about Yaletown restaurants, Nuba is sure to be mentioned. This Yaletown restaurant serves lunch and dinner options with decor filled with vibrant colours of pink, blue and green.

Beautiful arches and mosaics are the highlights of the place. Enjoy the vibe with the flavorful food. Come here to enjoy Lebanese food with a variety of contemporary choices.

Homemade ginger beer is a must-try among drink choices. Another drink recommendation would be Lebanese wine. Do try a little baklava which is a must-try when in Nuba.

The highlight of this restaurant is the use of halal, non-medicated meats.

Vegan and gluten-free options are also available. This is a plus point of this place as it gives options that will be helpful to cater to everyone’s individual needs and choices.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

7. Brix & Mortar

Brix Mortar
Captured from Brix & Mortar

One will get pleasantly surprised by the variety of options this place provides. When talking about Canadian cuisine, Brix and Mortar comes to mind as the best among all Yaletown restaurants for this cuisine with a twist. Known for its feel, it is a must-visit if you want to click Instagram-worthy pictures.

A Brome Lake duck breast and even a Wild Salmon can be a good choice.

The Duck here is delicious and is recommended. If you want lighter options, try the small plate selection.

The wine options, as well as cocktail varieties with unique combinations, are great too. You can visit this place with friends for a party or get-together.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

8. Bistro Sakana

Captured from Bistro Sakana

Next on the list of Yaletown restaurants will be Bistro Sakana. You can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine when in this place. The restaurant is designed with brick and beams. The lighting is warm, which gives an intimate vibe. The garden patio is a bonus.

How can one forget the Sushis here? They are amazing, as any good Japanese restaurant would provide.

Spicy Scallop Kebabs and Albacore Tuna Tataki are must-try dishes on the menu. Sushi rolls with brown rice are surely recommended for those who love sushi.

There are many options to choose from as far as wine and beer are concerned. You can also try Kurobuta Chop Frites, which is great!

Address: 1123 Mainland Street

9. The Flying Pig

Next on the list of Yaletown restaurants is The Flying Pig. The Yaletown location of this restaurant provides you with dishes made with fresh and local ingredients.

This Candian restaurant provides a three-course menu with options like Cauliflower Velouté and Grilled Fanny Bay Oysters.

You must also try California Cut Striploin, Wild Mushroom Gnocchi, and Pan-Seared Local Ling Cod.

For dessert, go for Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse. Overall a great place to visit with good food and a nice experience.

Address: 1168 Hamilton Street

10. OEB Breakfast Co.

OEB Breakfast Co
Captured from OEB Breakfast Co.

Established in 2019, the place became an instant hit among the people of Yaletown. It gets filled up fast during weekends; hence prior booking is necessary.

This is one of the fantastic restaurants in Yaletown. The large outdoor patio and quality food are the main highlights of enjoying the best brunch in Vancouver.

Popular dishes on the menu include Pierogies & Duck, Hog & Scallop Poutines, The Canadian Lobster, and Shrimp Crepe.

Address: 1137 Marinaside Crescent Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y3

11. Cafe Medina

When in Yaletown, or you want to go out with friends for brunch, Cafe Medina is the first place that comes to mind. The bistro-styled restaurant is known for its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and is popular among brunch lovers making it one of the fun places to visit in Vancouver. You can get a perfect combination of good food and ambiance when visiting this cafe.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and daily brunch alternatives throughout the week. Harissa Spiced Beef wrapped in a Grilled Pita, Harissa Burger having eggs, and Merguez Sausage with pickles are the must-try things here.

The Belgian waffles shouldn’t be missed either. Another must-try is Les Boulette having 2 poached eggs with spicy Moroccan lamb meatballs, and Wolves Breakfast, having a poached egg, flatiron steak, Medina bacon, and more.

Don’t forget to try their signature Liège Style Waffle which has a variety of toppings to choose from, such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate lavender, white chocolate pistachio rosewater, salted caramel, and more.

If you want to go for a cocktail, try Medina 75 but if you love lattes, go for the creamy Lavender Latte. Best for weekend brunch, but reservations in advance need to be made as the place gets filled up fast.

Address: 780 Richards Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3A4

12. The Parlour

The Parlour
Captured from The Parlour

Next on the list of good Yaletown restaurants in the city of Vancouver would be The Parlour.

The place provides a good combo of quality food and great service. The menu of this place has its famous pizza, Happy Hour Share Plates, Poke Bowls, Oysters, Nibbles, and many more.

Overall this place provides food of good taste and overall freshness.

Address: 1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

13. Elisa Steakhouse

Elisa Steakhouse is one of the most popular steakhouses, making it to the list of best Yaletown restaurants. Here, you can enjoy their fresh and fantastic menu with friends and family.

You can start with The Tartare Tasting Trio. For the salad, go for Tender Leaf Fresh Herb Salad. Try their Angus Reserve or Bluedot Ribeye with a good win for an entree.

End your meal with one of their signature gelatos or sorbets. You can also enjoy a slice of Chocolate Cake if you are a chocolate lover. Cinnamon Sugar Donuts with chocolate whiskey toffee sauce is another must-try.

Among Vancouver’s steakhouses, this falls among the good steakhouses in Yaletown.

Address1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

14. Manoush’eh

Captured from Manoush’eh

Manoush’eh is next on the list of Yaletown restaurants. The place is known to serve the best Syrian Anousheh in Yaletown. Food to try here is cheese sham and baba gang. You can also eat Syrian pizzas too.

Another meal option could be Zataar, a jebneh, and a Falafel style flatbread. One must not forget to try traditional Lebanese flatbreads, making them savoury and sweet.

Locals enjoy the effort of the whole team, especially the server, which provides good service and a quality menu to the customers.

Address : 620 Davie Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2G5

15. La Terrazza 

Known for authentic Italian fine dining, La Terrezza is next on the list of Yaletown restaurants. Having an elegant dining room and a beautiful ambiance, the place provides Tagliettelli Wagyu – a braised short rib ragu with porcini mushrooms and full of flavour, and also Strozzapreti Bolognese, which is also a must-try. The Strozzapreti, a handmade, twisted noodle,e goes perfectly with the saucy bolognese topped with cheese.

Try their homemade Italian donuts for dessert, and you won’t regret it.

Address: 1088 Cambie Street 

16. Small Victory Bakery

Coffee and baked goods are best to try when in Small Victory Bakery.

They also provide brunch and lunch with items. One can try a simple avo on toast or scones with jam and cream, chimichurri chicken sandwiches and quinoa salads being the best on the menu.

Address: 1088 Homer Street 

17. Do Chay

Do Chay
Captured from Do Chay

If you are up for Vietnamese food, then Do Chay is the best Yaletown restaurant. This is one of the Yaletown restaurants with a vegan menu which is great for those who would love to have vegan food.

Do Chay is best for vegetarians or those just trying out vegetarianism.

Dishes to try are coconut rice cakes and satay noodles.

-1269 Hamilton, Vancouver, BC V5B 6K3
-1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E4

18. Rodney’s Oyster House

Located in Yaletown, Rodney’s Oyster House also falls on the list of Best Yaletown restaurants. The restaurant provides food of good taste, and especially seafood lovers will love this place.

Dishes to try here are Halibut, Lobster, Crab, Salmon, and not to forget Oyster. You can go for a shrimp cocktail, halibut bites, spicy popcorn shrimp, clams, and lobster Frites.

You can also try seafood pasta made of shrimp, clams, mussels, scallops and the perfect amount of linguine in a tasty tomato sauce.

Address: 1228 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L2


Overall these were the Yaletown restaurants that one should visit when in this area. One can find various food options in budget-friendly places where you can experience a nice dinner with a perfect ambiance.

When in Yaletown, one can find abundant cafes and restaurants to choose from to enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner with family and friends. One can enjoy different cuisines, such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and many more. Some restaurants also provide vegan menus making it easy for those who are vegan eaters. Do try visiting these restaurants on your next visit to Yaletown and enjoy.

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