What are the Best Restaurants in Montreal?

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Best Restaurants in Montreal? Montreal Restaurants are known for their mouth-watering dishes and unique flavors that will keep you delighted. That’s why we are going to cover all the best places to eat in Montreal, including the best restaurants Mtl.

Best Restaurants in Montreal
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Montreal has left behind an excellent benchmark for restaurants around the world. It has all sorts of cuisines, which are unique in their way. Known for its beautiful restaurants, Montreal has many great things to offer, both during the day and night.

You are sorted if you are a foodie and wondering where to go in Montreal to get your tummy filled. In this piece, you will find some of the best restaurants and their signature dish in Montreal. Head below!

Food in Montreal

Around Canada, Montreal is known for its food. From casual eateries to fine dining restaurants, Montreal sums up the tasty treat for all the people who come here. The best thing about it is you can get the best takeout near me, Montreal.

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It is wildly known for the Quebec cuisine, which initially came out of French cooking. People from all over the world come out to Montreal; you try their take on the Quebec Cuisine. Reviewers and other food photographers personally loved Quebec Cuisine here.

Montreal is known for its sandwiches and bagels. Tourists who come here do not get back without getting a taste of these excellent symbols of Montreal. Scroll down to check out the best Restaurants in Montreal.

Here are restaurantes en Montreal!

Best Restaurants in Montreal

1. Le Serpent

Le Serpent is a restaurant that is specialized in Italian cuisine. Located nearly 1 km away from Old Montreal, Le Serpent has been attracting tourists worldwide since it first opened in 2013.

People who came here loved the restaurant ambience and atmosphere. Le Serpent was also listed as one of the best restaurants in Montreal with an Italian touch.

Le Serpent also has a wine bar with ample seating space. It perfectly blends and bridges the gap between atmosphere and craving for quality food, so most people prefer hosting celebrations here. The least priced dish starts from $37.

Signature Dish of Le Serpent – Pastries

Le Serpent is known for and regarded highly for its well-executed desserts, so leave some space after your Main Course because you don’t want to miss out on these fantastic desserts. Head Chef Masami Waki leads the dessert and pastry section. Waki adds a Japanese touch to all the desserts that she prepares.

2. Au Pied De Cochon

Located in central Montreal, Au Pied De Cochon has made a remarkable presence in Montreal for quite a long time. It has significance in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, with many foodies coming here to give their tastebuds a fantastic treat with brunch menu.

It was founded in 2001, and its legacy is carried on even today. It is also home to many celebrity shows, as Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain visited the Au Pied De Cochon on his show “No Reservations”. Many reviewers said that tasting menus were delightful.

It has its focuses mainly on the Quebecois cuisine and averagely priced fares. People come here with friends and family to spend their evenings beautifully. The duck in a can is also a stand-out dish.

Signature of Au Pied De Cochon – Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a food item made from the liver of birds like geese and ducks. It is sometimes fattened by gavage. Foie Gras is extremely popular in this restaurant, as every day it is one of the top-selling dishes in Montreal. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins, so try Foie Gras when you get to Au Pied de Cochon.

3. Joe Beef

If you ever get to Montreal and go away without eating at Joe Beef, you will be regretful! Joe Beef is one of the most popular restaurants in Montreal, which is known for its old-school atmosphere. It is one of the best Meilleurs restaurants Montreal, which you have to visit.

Many coolest restaurants, Montreal prefer to go the modern way when it comes to ambience. But at Joe Beef, the atmosphere of the predominantly old school style is appreciated by the guests. It was opened in the year 2005 as one of the French Classics.

There are both Canadian and French Cooking methods adopted. Fresh seafood is also available here, so people love going here. It is worth the price, is what most reviewers say.

Signature Dishes of Joe Beef

a) Lobster Spaghetti and Lobster Pasta

This is a trendy dish in Joe Beef, as it has so many people curious to know the recipe of this jaw-dropping dish. It is packed with flavors and the freshness of the lobster. The protein overpowers the whole dish, so it is loved by all who visit here.

b) Steak Frites

Steaks are very popular in Montreal and are considered seasonal specials. It is a part of the city’s culture and one of the signatures of Joe Beef. If you are a fan of compactness and yummy food, join the Joe Beef Family today!

4. Le Petit Alep

One of the best restaurants in Montreal, this is a bistro that has been loved by people all over Montreal. It deals with the processing of Mediterranean, Armenian, and Middle Eastern cuisine with its Canadian touch.

It is more like a classic sidewalk bistro that is not limited to being strictly vegetarian. Many reviewers said that they loved the service provided by the staff.

It also has a lot of Syrian food, which has been very appealing to the visitors. It is also known for its wine bar and cocktails. Missing this place is entirely not a good idea!

Signature of Le Petit Alep – Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab and all other non-vegetarian items are on point here. The art-lined walls and some freshly cooked Chicken Kebab would be an ideal getaway for you and your friends.

5. Arthur’s Nosh Bar

Known for its elegant food along with a beautiful ambiance, Arthur’s Nosh Bar is one awesome restaurant and raw bar in Montreal. It bridges the fine line between quality and great food.

It is highly regarded for its amazing food options. The place has visitors all day as it also serves breakfast. It follows the Jewish Cuisine and leaves no stone unturned in satisfying customers and all their demands.

Located in central Montreal, it is easily accessible and is one of Montreal’s best restaurants. It has a casual setting experience where all diners sit and relax while eating in Arthur’s Nosh Bar.

Signature Dish of Arthur’s Nosh Bar – Sandwiches

The breakfast is served in a stylish space, and the sandwiches are a top-seller during the morning hours. Many guests opt for the sandwiches as it’s the best seller in Arthur’s Nosh Bar.

6. Schwartz’s Deli

This is amongst the oldest and best restaurants in Montreal, Schwartz’s Deli is known for its old-school Canadian food which is loved by people even today. It offers best food in mile end, Montreal. The deli is at present, close to 90 years old and the owner has no intention of letting go of it.

With more than 1000 guests coming every day, food is sure to be fresh and hot. The proteins and non-vegetarian options are sought after in this restaurant. Famous singer Celine Dion partly owns this place.

Signature of Schwartz’s Deli – Smoked Meat Sandwich

The Smoked Meat Sandwich is served on top of Rye Bread along with a topping of yellow mustard, which is the most popular dish in Schwartz’s Deli. Every day, a large number of sandwiches are sold here, which is definitely fortune-making for the owners.

7. Four Seasons

Located in the heart of Montreal and considered one of the finest restaurants in Montreal, Four Seasons is a 5-star hotel in Canada. Many celebrity Montreal chefs have their home ground here, including Marcus Samuelsson’s eponymous restaurant.

It opened in 2019 and attracted various people to visit here and enjoy leisure. Apart from just the restaurants, there are close to 170 luxurious rooms with excellent room service.

There are several restaurants here as Head Chef Marcus’s restaurants stand out and appeal to many people. Although prices may seem high compared to others, the food is outstanding, say many guests visited here.

Signatures of Four Seasons

a) Marcus Restaurant + Terrace

Chef Marcus promises to leave no stone unturned in giving customers good quality and delicious food. Since the restaurant has an open terrace, it is an ideal place for a late-night dinner date. You must try out the Fried Yard Bird with Gravy, one of Chef Marcus’ signature dishes.

b) Marcus Lounge + Wine Bar

Cocktails and a beautiful view of the city are all we want, right? The lounge and bar promise to give you some of the best drinks and natural wine in Montreal. You can always mix and match, to make yourself the best drink. The cocktails on the wine list overall are something that you should try.

8. Mucca

Situated in the Little Italy neighborhood, Mucca is an Italian restaurant famous for its non-vegetarian options. This is the best place for lunch Montreal. Right from Beef to Chicken Poutine, Mucca has a name for itself in the restaurant industry in Montreal.

It is known for using healthy options in both seafood and other eateries. The House-smoked salmon is also a stand-out dish in this restaurant. It has its very own steakhouse and pasta centre, which is distinct.

Mucca is the Italian word for cow, which aims to give customers great options without compromising the health aspect. It affirms respecting animal livelihood and providing lip-smacking food.

Signature Dish of Mucca – Beef Tartare

Beef Tartare is a dish that involves serving raw meat while acing French-style cooking. Since Mucca is great at Beef-related cooking, Beef Tartare and their famous tomato sauce and tamarind sauce are also popular dishes at Mucca. Bone Marrow and Oyster Mushrooms are also favorites here.

9. Sushi Momo

In the future to on-point Japanese Cuisine, Sushi Momo is a popular Japanese-based restaurant that deals with serving Japanese Entrees. Sushi chef, Christian Manuel Ventura Alatorre, heads the department of providing healthy sushi. It is also one of the mile end’s best restaurants.

The most memorable part of this restaurant is that the chef wanted to give vegans the experience of eating sushi, so he started selling his famous Vegan Sushi. Guests have loved Vegan Sushi ever since it came into the frame.

It also takes up catering and gluten-free options for its people. In short, it is a healthy yet yummy treat for sushi lovers!

Signature of Sushi Momo – Sushi

As the name suggests, small sushi plates are the most popular attractions in Sushi Momo. It is amongst the best restaurants in Montreal as well as Little Italy. Here you can also find natural wines that are not popular in many restaurants.

Apart from this, Croque Monsieur is also very popular. Vegan sushi is much appreciated by people who come here.

10. Crew Collective & Café

Located in Old Montreal, Crew Collective & Café is a chilling café that is one of the best restaurants in Montreal. You get small eating options to fill your tummies, including soups, milkshakes, and sandwiches.

This café is also open for those who want to work or catch up for a date, not just for fun times. With an averagely priced tasting menu, the café has attracted many people to try out their new and yummy dishes.

The café is known for having a beautiful ambience and architectural view. So if you are someone who wants to get a historical view while sipping some coffee, this is your go-to place.

Signature of Crew Collective & Café – Hot Dogs

The Hot Dogs and melted cheese are every person’s favorite, right? So when you get to this café, try out this signature. Steamed Bun is also quite famous in this restaurant. This is the perfect hang out place with your friends or to take time out for yourself.

11. Chalet Bar BQ

If you get here, check out the Omakase Tasting Menu to get an idea of the chef specials. The dining room of this place gives ample space for enjoying the beautiful ambience.

It was opened in the year 1944 and is specialized in dealing with all varieties of chicken. People have loved the flavors that are packed in the juicy chicken, which is one of the reasons why it is open and functioning well even today.

It is one of the best Restaurants in Montreal and is known for serving good quality BBQ.

Signature of Chalet Bar BQ – Chicken

The variety of chicken that it offers includes Rotisserie Chicken, Portuguese Chicken, and Grilled Half Chicken. People have loved the chicken here as they say it is juicy and tender and doesn’t compromise on anything.

Mouthwatering enough?

Some of the other best restaurants in Montreal and nearby areas like Saint Henri are the Liverpool House. The Liverpool house and its dining room are known for their amazing oysters and other seafood. You must check these places out and try out their signature dishes; it’s a must-try place for foodies.

Le Club Chasse is another romantic getaway where you can enjoy some yummy grilled octopus with some cream cheese curds. They will indeed be a delight for your tummies!

Well, if this article helps you find out some of the best restaurants in Montreal, we are happy to help! Check them out and give your tastebuds a yummy treat after you’re done!

Bon Appetit!

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