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Best Indian Restaurants in Mississauga: 16 Popular Eatery

best indian restaurants in mississauga

Many restaurants in Mississauga offer delicious foods at low prices. In these restaurants, you will find a wide variety of Indian cuisine which will make you nostalgic. You can hop in with your friends, eat food in these restaurants, and make them realize how Indian spices make food delicious.

If you are looking for some of the best Indian restaurants in Mississauga, then this article can be helpful for you. We have compiled some of the eateries in Mississauaga that offer Indian cuisine at its best. Hopefully, you will love your eating your food here.

List Of Best Indian Restaurants In Mississauga

The Indian cuisines at Mississauga offer good Indian food with various Indian flavours. Every Indian restaurant beautifully represents India’s diverse landscape by giving a home-like touch to Indian food.

Some Indian restaurants in Mississauga offer the best Indian food covering the entire range of Indian flavours and giving a home-like food touch to Indian eaters.

1. The Maharaja

The Maharaja is a breathtaking restaurant inspired by the grand elegance of India’s varied architectural and culinary landscape, serving some of the best Indian cuisines.

The food menu at The Maharaja is comprised of four different cuisines inspired by different regions in India. The foods on the menu are made with different ingredients, some special spices from India, and their secret recipes.

However, not all spices come from India, which is not also possible. Some of their ingredients are taken from different countries, including West, Central Asia, Persia, and Greece.

Awadhi food, traditional Hyderabadi, Punjabi cuisine, and Rajputana cuisine all feature shareable dishes and entrees that highlight the distinct flavours of each region.

2. Laari Adda

Laari Adda is a restaurant that serves Indian and Pakistani street food in the Thomas St. and Winston Churchill area; it recently opened in the old Bistro Narre location and is serving up some very fine South Asian cuisine.

The late-night restaurant provides dine-in, takeout, and catering services. When you walk into this restaurant, you will notice the brilliant interior design, which resembles decorations similar to Indian and Pakistani culture.

“Laari Adidas in Pakistan is famous for delicious street food, and that is exactly what we are bringing back with a modern twist,” restaurant operators say. Nutella parathas are one such modern menu item. The restaurant also serves delicious butter chicken and excellent service and ambiance.

3. Udupi Madras Café

So, if you are in Mississauga and craving to eat Indian spiced foods, this will be your go-to place.

The Thali is provided on a circular platter with rice in the middle and can be eaten by one person despite its size. However, if you are full, you can taste their masala chai, one of the chai for most customers here at Udupi Madras Cafe.

This place offers awesome food, and their staffs are very generous.

4. Nirvana Mississauga

Nirvana the Flavors of India combines enticing food with an equally enticing atmosphere. The restaurant is ideal for quick lunches, large groups, long dinners, and delicious food.

The Indian restaurant provides the Kashmir dish Rogan Josh, which features tender beef braised in gravy and spices. The Nirvana Dal is made with five Indian lentils that have been simmered overnight in rich spices. You can find this restaurant at the Hurontario.

5. Avani Asian Indian Bistro

The Indian food at Avani at Mavis and Matheson gets bonus points for being a one-of-a-kind Indian and Asian cuisine fusion restaurant.

This eatery is well decorated with adequate seats and excellent service. Its extensive menu includes a pakora platter, spring roll wrapper, samosa rolls, butter chicken, chicken haryali, chicken tikka and pad Thai.

The chicken haryali served here is the most demanding item. The chicken pieces are exquisitely prepared, with some coriander marinade sprinkled.

The chefs at this restaurant are well-experienced; the food here is prepared with care and proper seasoning, and the serving here is also outstanding. Experts prepare the food menu. So you need not worry about the items that are served here.

Avani Asian Indian Bistro is a fine dining establishment. If you are a non-veg lover, then this place should be on top of your list.

8. Indian Cuisine By The Lake

Located at 56 Lakeshore Rd. E Mississauga, Indian Cuisine by the Lake has been in business in Port Credit since 1984. This eatery has been serving food for almost three decades now. If you are newly settled in Mississauaga and looking for a place to taste Indian foods, then no other place will be much better.

Here you will find cuisine inspired from all over India, and the spices used here will make you feel nostalgic. At India Cuisine By The lake, you will find traditional garlic and butter naan with spicy chicken curry. Other than this, their cuisine comprises foods made with mutton, beef and chicken. You can even taste the veg foods here, which are as tasty as non-veg foods.

9. Mumbai Frankie- The Original Bombay Roll

Bombay, India’s pulsating commercial capital, is a unique melting pot of diverse cuisine and cultures worldwide. Maharashtra and Hyderabad are home to several Irani cafés known for their Irani chai and Bun Maska. You’ll be pleased to learn that Mississauga has an Irani Café serving some of Mumbai’s best Irani cuisine.

Mumbai is known for bringing together diverse cultures, and food plays an important role. It brings people together through food, from tacos to Tava pulao, falafels to Frankies, coffee to chai, and burgers to bhajji pav.

Bombay Frankie will provide you with the same Irani food experience even though you are in Canada. They’re killing it with their breakfast and lunch menus.

10. Sweet India Restaurant

This restaurant has been working in Mississauga for more than 27 years. Here you will find tasty snacks, not to mention their exquisite Indian cuisine. The crunchy vegetarian samosas are the best, made from a traditional northern Indian recipe and served with tamarind sauce.

11. Gazebo Sweets

Gazebo Sweets is an Indian takeout, delivery, and catering business on Mississauga’s Bloor Street.

Expect a colourful array of snack foods like sweet Jalebi and flaky Patisa, savoury dishes like Bhel Puri drizzled with tamarind sauce and hearty hot dishes like Dal Makhani.

12. Tamarind Modern Indian Bistro

The techniques used at Tamarind Modern Indian Bistro are some of the most unique techniques and recipes you will ever encounter. One such unique technique used at this eatery is molecular gastronomy.

Tamarind Modern Indian Bistro is ideal for corporate events, private lunches and dinners, or any other type of celebration.

13. Rasovara

Rosovara is a renowned Indian restaurant in Mississauga, offering different cuisine inspired by different regions in India. In this restaurant, you will taste foods inspired by north Indian cuisine. In addition, you can even get to taste Rajasthani and Gujurati foods.

In this restaurant, you are not only served good food, but the service here is notable. The staffs here are very generous and attentive. You will be treated here as a royal.

14. Streetbitez

Are you exhausted of uninspired Indian restaurants serving the same recipes in the same way over and over? This hidden gem finds new ways to look at Indian foods, tempting and delighting the taste buds.

The owner wants to bring something new and exciting to the Brampton culinary scene, and he has succeeded.

The “poutine” is a desi-inspired take on traditional Canadian fare. The kulcha has a light and airy texture that I’ve never had before in Canada. The mango shake has a unique texture and flavour that is a twist on a classic recipe. You can also enjoy the Rice Bowl, followed by Butter Chicken.

15. Ancilla’s Indian Cuisine

Enjoy some delectable butter chicken. Seasoned mashed potatoes wrapped around minced beef/chicken/vegetable, breaded and deep-fried to golden perfection. A traditional appetizer or side dish that will please any palate.

They serve authentic, hearty North Indian dishes, sumptuous South Indian dishes, spice-filled Mughlai dishes, sensational tandoori dishes, Indian vegetarian dishes, and tangy chats. ​

They are committed to serving high-quality Indian cuisine. Regional cuisines found Every dish on our menu has a time-tested recipe that uses the right combination of herbs and spices. They blend the unique flavour of spices at our kitchen premises to serve the most authentic food.

16 . Mango Rain

Located at Lakeshore Road West, Customers come from around the Greater Toronto Area to enjoy our Butter Chicken and other Indian and Thai delicacies at this intimate, casual restaurant.

Since 2007, their Owner-Chef has made everything to order from the freshest ingredients. If you are worried about the food’s ingredients, then it is best to know that their foods can be customized. And foods prepared in Mango Rain are mostly gluten-free. Thai and Indian dishes are prepared to order, with many vegetarian options, in a calm, modern setting.


The Best Indian restaurants in Mississauga offer a diverse range of cuisines across the Indian subcontinent. Every restaurant provides a variety of Indian foods for every authentic eater in the family.

From family-run restaurants serving tandoori meats, curries, and slices of bread to sprawling buffets, South Indian Dosa specialists, and take-out sweet shops, there’s something for everyone!

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