8 Personal Hygiene Products for Students in Ontario

Personal hygiene products for students in Ontario

Here we have 8 Personal Hygiene Products for Students in Ontario! Keep reading to find out!

As future young leaders, taking care of one’s health is necessary. Personal hygiene is one of the most crucial steps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

People with bad hygiene routines have higher health risks, so students must remember to maintain good hygiene even with their busy schedules.

Top 8 Personal Hygiene Products for Students in Ontario

1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Brushing teeth at least twice daily is necessary to maintain oral hygiene to control cavities and prevent bad breaths.

Colgate and Sensodyne have one of the best oral care products at an affordable price. Their toothbrush is designed especially for sensitive teeth and gums.

Sensodyne Toothpaste For better personal hygiene
By: Atikah Akhtar/ Unsplash 2021

For students who want to relieve discomfort and better breath, Colgate toothpaste is one of the best, and for people with sensitive teeth and teeth whitening, Sensodyne is a recommendation.

2. Mouthwash

Using mouthwash can prevent bad breaths so you can talk confidently in front of others without worrying about bad breaths.

Listerine Mouthwash prevents bad breaths, strengthens the teeth, improves the teeth’ enamel, and fights cavities.

listerine cool mint mouth wash
By: Mishaal zahed/Unsplash copyright 2021

3. Soaps and Body Wash

It is necessary to take a bath daily to control body odour produced by sweat and dirt.

Dove soap bars and body washes are the best for improving the nourishment of the skin to get soft and smooth skin.

On the other hand, Nivea Bodywashes provides deep cleansing for the skin while helping maintain the pH balance of the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and refreshed.

4. Deodorant

The body produces an unpleasant odour after a long day, so buying a deodorant that will keep you fresh throughout the day is necessary.

Nivea and Dove’s deodorants are both known to keep the body fresh and odourless for almost 24 hours and maintain the skin dry and prevent the skin from sweating.

nivea men spray bottle
By: Muhammad Taha Khan/Unsplash copyright 2020

5. Moisturizer

It is necessary to have a moisturizer to prevent dry skin. Moisturizers help in protecting the body oil from leaving the body and reduce the chances of getting issues related to the skin, e.g., skin rashes, acne, etc.

Cetaphil moisturizers are made to deal with different skin concerns and are recommended for sensitive skin, whereas Cera Ve moisturizers are more focused on dryness and skin irritation.

Neutrogena moisturizers are available depending on the skin requirements like dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin.

All three moisturizers are best recommended and may be purchased depending on the skin type and budget.

a bottle of cetaphil, a tube of deodorant,
By: Sarah b/unsplash copyright 2022

6. Sunscreen

Some people, to this day, believe that using sunscreen is not a necessity. Even on a stormy day, the UV ray from the sun can still affect your skin.

Applying sunscreen on exposed skin not only prevents skin cancer but also prevents wrinkles.

Neutrogena and Coppertone offer different types of sunscreen, and the price ranges are similar. They are both sweat and water-resistant for more than an hour.

They are also lightweight and offer a non-greasy feel to the skin, so choosing between the two depends on your preference.

Neutrogena sunscreens are recommended for oilier skin-type, while Coppertone is preferable for those with normal-to-dry skin.

7. Menstrual Products

Menstrual products/ Period products are necessary for all women and girls including high school students and college students, so keeping a stock of comfortable feminine hygiene products is necessary so that they won’t miss school and can perform their activities without discomfort.

Tampax tampons come with an applicator and anti-slip grip, allowing easy insertion. Tampax can absorb heavy menstrual fluids and can be functional for 12 hours.

You can wear them with anything as they are comfortable that you can’t feel the tampons once inserted.

By: Josefin/Unsplash copyright 2018

For students who prefer menstrual pads over tampons, Poise and Always Pads are one of the best out there that are readily available in the market.

They are both comfortable with absorbance and odour control. Both Poise and Always offer a range of sizes depending on the need of the users. The main difference is that Poise Pads are thin and flexible, whereas.

Always Pads were designed to offer a comfortable and protected feel with a cotton-like top layer.

Back in 2021, the Ontario government, under the lead of education minister Stephen Lecce joined hands with Shoppers Drug Mart to provide free menstrual products in schools. Million free menstrual products were given to students.

Menstrual products are not a luxury product but it is something that anyone should have free access to. Schools should offer free menstrual products to anyone in need and period poverty should never be a thing.

8. Shampoo and Conditioner

Washing hair regularly reduces dandruff and dirt that can produce acne if it touches the skin. It promotes healthy hair growth, moisturizes the scalp and hair, and removes the odour produced by sweat.

Shampoo cleans the dirt, sweat, and oil for the scalp and hair, while conditioner revives moisture that gives smooth, shiny, and non-frizzy hair.

TRESemme shampoo and conditioners are known to give keratin smooth hair, detangle the hair and reduce hair frizz.

Dove shampoo and conditioners are formulated to prevent hair fall and are one of the best products for thin and fragile hair types. Both the products work great on dandruff and are of reasonable price.


In this article, we discussed personal hygiene products for students in Ontario, that can be found in any drug mart.

Don’t forget that people with bad hygiene face higher health risks, therefore, personal hygiene should be a routine religiously followed! Stay safe!

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