19 Amazing Romantic Restaurants in Toronto

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Toronto is an absolutely fantastic city famous for its delicious food, extravagant lifestyle, art galleries, museums, and most romantic restaurants. Among these, charming Toronto restaurants and their electrifying nightlife are major attractions. Toronto restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes to satisfy your taste buds. If you are planning to visit Toronto and are confused about where to get the best food, don’t worry because you came to the right place. Also, visit the 10 most expensive restaurants in Toronto, when in Canada. 

We will look at the upscale eateries and the most romantic restaurants where you may eat anything you choose, whether it be coconut cream pie, Chinese food, or fresh pasta from Italy. You can try upscale eateries in outside areas.

Those who like closed restaurants might try various upscale eateries with delicious, genuine food. Control your palate and let’s discover the greatest cuisines at these Toronto restaurants that you just must visit with your special one.

Most romantic restaurants in Toronto
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Romantic Restaurants in Toronto

A romance does not run itself. Sometimes it takes a flawlessly planned date that has a particular touch to show your date that you are still interested in them and this thing we call love. Life may get so hectic, especially in a city with a high pace like Toronto, that romance can be neglected. Therefore, we have listed some incredible and romantic restaurants for your perfect date night.

We’ve shortlisted some most romantic restaurants, which will overwhelm your heart if you visit them with your special one on your special occasions.

1. George Restaurant

Source: georgeonqueen

George Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants, which would be a perfect destination for your lovey-dovey date night. Its tasting menu includes wine pairings, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food.

It is located at 111C Queen Street East, Toronto, Canada. All the dishes in the dining room of this restaurant offer an exotic taste which makes your dinner date night more happening.

2. Scaramouche Restaurant

Image by scaramoucherestaurant from Instagram

This Restaurant is one of the finest and most romantic restaurants, that offers contemporary cuisine. It is located at M4V 2L1 One Benvenuto place, Toronto.

The dishes at Scaramouche Restaurant are modern and offer an amazing view of Toronto. The tables by the floor-to-ceiling windows are a hot commodity.

3. Bar Isabel

Image by bar_isabel from Instagram

Bar Isabel is one of the most romantic restaurants and is a perfect date night spot with your special one. This unique and romantic restaurant in Toronto is open until midnight and requires advance reservations to experience its elegant cocktails list.

The place is cozy with soft lighting in addition, which makes it a perfect destination for your date night with your special person.

4. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Image by clunydistillery from Instagram

Cluny Bistro is one of the most famous restaurants located at 35 Tank House Lane Toronto, ON M5A 3C4. It could be the perfect backdrop for your dining experience and could be the ideal spot for your next date night.

The restaurant serves delicious dinners with its elegant menu option. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie is regarded as one of Toronto’s top steakhouses, delivering top-notch meat along with a wide selection of seafood dishes and an extensive wine list.

5. Woodlot Restaurant

romantic restaurant

Woodlot believes in the ‘simple is the best’ theory, and when you devour their food made with high-quality ingredients, you will end up agreeing. It is one of the most romantic restaurants situated in the heart of Little Italy.

Woodlot restaurant serves elegant food without overloading them with local ingredients. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of your visit so that you will be able to enjoy their ultimate dining menu which includes finger-licking sushi, grilled octopus, authentic drinks, and a variety of cocktails.

6. Canoe Restaurant

restaurant at night
Source: canoerestaurant

Canoe Restaurant with its fabulous romantic vibes Located high atop TD Bank Tower, Canoe offers you to experience the best dining for your first date. They have an 8-course menu with seasonal ingredients.

It is a perfect spot for courting your beloved which gives you a homey feel, which will make an impression on you long after you’ve finished your meal.

This restaurant in the financial center offers a delicious tasting menu that includes sea scallops and smoked mussels.

7. Le Baratin

romantic restaurant

Le Baratin offers an amazing dining experience and serves delicious dishes. Although the dishes are modern interpretations of French flavours, the dinner and dessert served with twinkling lights make it a 4 moon landing.

You must definitely save room for their delicious whole-grilled octopus.

8. The Comrade

comrade toronto

The Comrade restaurant is located at Queen St E. The restaurant gives the riverside hideaway a homey feel that’s difficult to leave. Fortunately, some of the best snacks and specialty cocktails are available to keep you entertained late into the night with its lavishing twinkly lights.

Don’t forget to try their unique wine list flavours and exquisite grey gardens. We recommend you order a bunch of small plates so that you can enjoy steak fries from their menu.

9. Bar Mordecai

bar at night
Source: barmordecai

Bar Mordecai is the perfect spot to enjoy a variety of wines from their menu and an ideal spot to do some romance with your special person in the soft lighting which gives the place a classic look.

Inspired by Wes Anderson’s imaginative sets, every detail in this fanciful space has been carefully chosen, from the bubble-gum-pink bar to fairytale scenes covering the mirrors like ivy. Its fascinating interior, with its high comfort food, impresses its customers along with the cozy and romantic environment.

10. Grey Gardens

Image by greygarden199 from Instagram

Despite being smaller than the majority of Kensington Market pocket businesses, the wine list bar and dining area are nonetheless incredibly cozy. Consider ordering from their distinctive tasting menu, which includes some of the best items.

The restaurant is a setting that initially appears to be a living room with people having a good time gleefully sipping champagne and oysters However, within that vibrancy, it can be whatever you want it to be.

11. La Palma


La Palma is one of the loveliest restaurants, located at Dundas West. If you adore pasta, this restaurant will definitely impress you because of its legendary 100-layer lasagna and duck confit.

The light-filled Dundas West restaurant features wavy pastel murals, an outdoor vibe, and fun Italian-inspired dishes like Cacio e Pepe pizza.

12. Chubby’s Jamaican

Chubby’s Jamaican is a classic place with extremely great food service. The restaurant is iconic for its wine and french dishes.


You can book your reservations in advance of the visit and experience a lot more than you do in normal life. You can even spice up your romance and make your dinner night more meaningful with their authentic menu and open kitchen.

To provide a mind-blowing dining experience with top-notch service, Chubby’s Jamaican masterfully combines seasonal foods with unique flavours.

13. La Maquette

La Maquette

La Maquette has a lovely waterfall in the Sculpture Garden. This restaurant has received numerous proposals as a result of its tantalizing menu and overall ambiance.

The focus of the Events restaurant is on consistently tasty, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients. It places an emphasis on offering a broad menu and giving its customers unparalleled culinary experiences.

At this location, you can spend most of your time with people you love dearly. Your experiences become richer and cozier as a result.

14. Sushi Masaki Saito

Image by Diego Pontes from Pexels

Sushi Masaki Saito is one of the fanciest restaurants. Every day, reservations are accepted for meals, especially for the dining room.

You can enjoy the best sushi food with authentic wines and the best city life. It is located at Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario Canada.

15. Mimi Chinese

Chinese food
Image by Engin Akyurt by Pexels

Any date will be impressed with Mimi’s, especially your better half. Mimi’s is the city’s hottest new restaurant for a very good reason. It offers a variety of regional Chinese food, including 4-foot-long belt noodles, supreme fried rice, and shrimp toast.

The menu is divided into many categories, starting with Raw and Cooling foods and moving on to Savoury and Warming dishes.

At Mimi Chinese, Hunan Chili Sea Bass is a chef’s special that was inspired by the Hunan Province. The meal also includes blossoming chive and Fujian wine.

16. Sofia Restaurant

Sofia in Yorkville

Sofia Restaurant is the renowned and most romantic restaurant in Toronto. Additionally, they provide a selection of specialty cocktails with an Italian influence as well as wines from France, Italy, and other countries.

The restaurant’s vintage atmosphere makes you and your special someone feel at home. If you visit Toronto don’t forget to visit Sofia Restaurant to experience Toronto’s famous dishes and cocktails.

17. Patria Restaurant

Image by 昕 沈 from Pixabay

Patria Restaurant is located at 478 king west, Toronto Ontario. They offer the freshest seafood and an extensive wine list to help you make your experience in Toronto rememberable.

This place is highly recommended by international food and travel bloggers, due to its elegant beauty and taste of the seafood dishes.

18. Pure Spirits Oyster Bar & Grill

Image by Krisztina Papp from Pexels

Pure Spirits Oyster Bar & Grill is popular for its delicious seafood, history, and ambiance. It is located at 17 Tank house lane, Toronto, Ontario, that also features a raw bar & a large patio.

There is a tonne of delectable alternatives, such as mussels, lobster, and halibut, in addition to the extensive variety of oysters, as well as a lengthy cocktail menu crafted with quality spirits.

19. Lolita’s Lust Restaurant & Bar

Image by Chan Walrus from Pexels

Lolita’s Lust Restaurant & Bar is a bohemian spot with a trendy cocktail menu and delicious food. The bucket list is that it offers a delicious selection of international fish and meat dishes on its menu which is 70% gluten-free.

Several fireplaces, geometric tiles, tall ceilings, chandeliers, arched doors, and opulent draperies throughout the interior make it a famous tourist spot and popular in the city.

Final Note

It is always exciting to experience the food of fancy and romantic restaurants in Toronto city especially when you are exploring with your loved ones. You can reach out to the best destinations if you want to go out for a romantic dinner with your loved one. Also, The city of Toronto is not only famous for its romantic and cozy restaurants but also famous for its exotic and vibrant culture.

You can always visit Toronto with your family and friends to have a good time and experience good food, culture, and ambiance. Hope the information in this article makes your experiences a lot more convenient and surprising!!

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