15 Top Restaurants in Oakville

We all need a break, and what better way to spend time with loved ones than going out for a quick bite? Considering taking a weekend break to dine at the top restaurants in Oakville?

In this article, we have compiled a list of top restaurants so that you can compare and pick the best restaurant. We have included the best that the City offers so that you can choose the best for your special night out.

1. Hexagon Restaurant

The most acclaimed restaurant in Oakville, if not the entire province or nation, is Hexagon Restaurant, situated in the city’s center.

As an upscale French eatery, Hexagon offers a la carte menus for both brunch and lunch. During dinner, this eatery provides a sampling menu. An inviting outdoor kitchen stands directly adjacent to a quasi-dining area in the 48-seat restaurant, which gets its name from the French hexagon.

Rafael Covarrubias, an accomplished executive chef, oversees the kitchen. Covarrubias, a Mexican native, initially introduced his culinary skills to Canada at Calgary’s MARKET Restaurant. In February 2017, he participated in the downtown Oakville opening of Hexagon.

In November 2019, Covarrubias won the North American San Pellegrino Young Chef Competition in New York City.

2. Oliver’s Steakhouse

Oliver's Steakhouse
Captured from Oliver’s Steakhouse

The greatest steakhouse in Oakville is Oliver’s, which wins the title. Cook Derek Von Raesfeld employs just the best local, fresh and seasonal ingredients while also effectively performing all orthodox and contemporary culinary techniques to produce meals with clear, rich flavours.

An iconic restaurant in Oakville, an entire lineage has operated Oliver’s Steakhouse since 1969. They also serve as the minds behind Toronto’s renowned steakhouse Michael’s on Simcoe.

3. Beacon Social House

Captured from Beacon

In the former location of Corks Restaurant in the heart of Oakville, Beacon Social House opened its doors in April 2022. 

The downtown Oakville restaurant has 110 seats a large cocktail bar, intimate eating nooks, an outdoor patio with views of Lakeshore Avenue and curtains.

The menu at Beacon Oakville features several mussel bowl options, crispy arancini, veal schnitzel, and a magnificent cowboy steak.

4. Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto has been one of Toronto’s top Italian restaurants for almost 30 years.

At luxurious events held during the Toronto International Film Festival, the Yorkville restaurant on Avenue Road is most known for having some of the biggest .

Freshly cooked soups, antipasti, salads, homemade pasta, seafood, and meat are all available on the menu, along with traditional thin-crust pizzas and tiramisu with booze for dessert.

5. Shanghai Alley Gourmet

Shanghai, one of the most populated cities in China, is known for its cuisine, which stresses the use of seasonings while preserving the natural flavours of raw materials.

Excellent cuisine is usually marinated in wine, which gives entrees their characteristic reddish hue and shiny finish. But one of their favourite Shanghai delicacies is Xiaolongbao, a soup dumpling dish.

Shanghai Alley Gourmet
Captured from Shanghai Alley Gourmet

Up to 30 people can be seated in the Shanghai Alley dining room, which also has a lovely patio during the nicer months of the year.

6. Kibo Sushi

Originally, Jeff and Alvin worked at the Liberty Village Kibo Sushi House. They saw the eventual move of Alvin to Oakville as a fantastic chance to grow and open another location in Oakville.

With more than 30 sites in the Greater Toronto Area, Kibo Sushi House is a franchise that is expanding.

Kibo Sushi
Captured from Kibo Sushi

The dining room of Kibo Sushi Oakville on Lakeshore Road has 40 seats. It is one of the best choice if you’re craving some good sushi.

During the warmer months, a sizable patio is open for al fresco Japanese dining.

If you visit Kibo Sushi Oakville for the first time, try their trademark dish, the Kibo Signature, a California Roll with salmon and scallops that have been burned on top.

7. August 8

All-you-can-eat sushi and Cantonese-style dim sum are served at the well-known local chain restaurant on August 8 in Oakville.

The first August 8 Restaurant location opened in downtown Hamilton in 2008, marking the establishment of the business. It was acknowledged as the first restaurant of its sort in the region to bring the best elements of both Japanese and Cantonese cuisine as a novel dining concept.

The delicious food on August 8 is a gourmet joy. The teppanyaki grill, the dim sum menu, and fresh sushi & sashimi are all available to guests.

8. Maro’s Bistro

Owner Maro Al Chamaa, of Lebanese descent, acquired Canadian citizenship in 2016. His favourite saying, “The food is soon gone, but the memories stay forever,” is written on the wall above the restaurant’s back counter. Don’t only dine out; have dinner at home instead.
captured from Maro’s Bistro

Maro’s is famous for Middle Eastern cuisine and is known for its grilled meats, fresh salads, flaky flatbread, and flavorful seafood. The restaurant on Kerr Street also serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, including tahini, hummus, and spicy eggplant.

Maro’s Bistro is special for serving some of Oakville’s finest Persian cuisine. After supper, indulge in a crispy slice of baklava while sipping some Turkish coffee or Persian tea.

9. Stoney’s Bread Company

Stoney’s Bread Company is a relaxed, family-friendly restaurant that offers well-known classic dishes with a contemporary touch.

Stoney’s Bread Company was founded by friends and co-owners Steve Chabot and Blake Stoneburgh in 2004. The restaurant’s name was influenced by Blake’s father, Norm Stoneburgh, who played football. He gained notoriety as “Stoney” while playing with the Toronto Argonauts for 13 seasons.

Stoney's Bread Company
Captured from Stoney’s Bread Company

There is plenty of natural light at Stoneys Bread Company because of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Vintage portraits in black and white hang on cream-coloured walls while old lights swing from the ceiling. Booth and wooden tabletop seating are available in the open dining area.

The menu offers a variety of delectable sandwiches, homemade french onion soup, fresh salads, inventive pasta bowls, thin-crust pizzas, and more.

10. Blondies Pizza

The Food Dudes, the same people behind Sara and OMAW, are the makers of the Toronto-based pizza restaurant Blondies Pizza. Blondies started a franchise in Oakville in November 2010. It is situated on Cornwall Road near Longo’s plaza.

Blondies’ hand-stretched dough is made using local, high-protein Arva all-purpose flour. This aids in moisture retention to produce the desired chewy, pliable crust.

With the Ezzo pepperoni, oregano, jalapenos, and sweet honey drizzle, Blonies is renowned for good service and one of the best pepperoni pizzas in Toronto (and lucky us, now Oakville).

11. Soontorn Bahn Thai food

Soontorn Bahn Thai, a restaurant in Oakville’s Towne Square, is regarded as one of the greatest places to get an authentic flavour of Thailand.

The entrance to Soontorn Bahn Thai has a large wooden door and velvet drapes. Once inside, the stylish dining area has a sensual, futuristic vibe with hot pink lighting, softly illuminated booth seating in a circle, and classic Thai triangle pillows.

Soontorn Bahn Thai food
Captured from Soontorn Bahn Thai

There are many modern Thai meals on the tasting menu, which were influenced by Royal Thai cuisine. Similar Royal Thai dishes are prepared by the chef and may be found at Mengrai Thai and Kiin, two well-known Thai eateries in Toronto.

12. La Dolce Vita

In search of Oakville’s top gelato and ice cream shop? Be ready to wait patiently since La Dolce Vita usually does have a long queue that stretches up Lakeshore Road.

Local dessert enthusiasts would tell you that the wait was well worth it.

La Dolce Vita is close to the scenic Oakville Harbour and offers a special Italian dining experience. Take advantage of the extensive range of locally made gelato, Italian pastries, and premium espresso.

It produces traditional gelato flavours, including,g lemon, chocolate, pistachio, and hazelnut. They also create non-conventional flavours like Twizzlers, Smores, and chocolate pretzels.

In Oakville, La Dolce Vita is a seasonal eatery operating from the spring’s end to the fall’s start. One can take their scoop and drink on the patio on a nice day.

The alternative would be to have it indoors at any of the tables. Walking along a beautiful ice cream promenade to the brand-new Tannery Park at Oakville Harbour takes only five minutes.

13. Cucci

A classy Italian eatery called Cucci is located in Oakville’s Bronte district. It is one of the best option if you’re craving good Mexican food.

The dining room at Cucci Oakville has 90 seats, and there is also a 30-seat patio outside. Two stylish private dining rooms may accommodate 30 people apiece or up to 70 people.

14. Bogo Antico Cucina Bar

The Borgo Antico Cucina Bar is situated on Lakeshore Road in the center of Oakville.

Bogo Antico Cucina Bar
Captured from Bogo Antico Cucina Bar

The dining room at Borgo Antico mixes modern minimalism with a chalkboard-covered rear wall. On the white walls are grouped framed pictures that were sent from relatives in Italy.

The antipasto, pasta, sides, and dessert sections of the Borogo Antico menu are divided into. Traditional handmade pasta dishes, seasonal fare produced with locally sourced meat, seafood, and multiply, as well as a long selection of fine wines, craft beers, and specialty cocktails, are all prepared by the restaurant’s chef.

15. Chop Steakhouse & Bar

In 2012, the first Chop Steakhouse & Bar in Ontario opened close to Pearson International Airport in Toronto. With locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba, the steak and seafood restaurant concept is imported from Alberta.

Chop Steakhouse outlets all around Ontario, including Oakville, Ottawa, and London.

The Chop Steakhouse’s interior design, near the border between Oakville and Burlington, has a decidedly British influence. A large picture of even a horse sits inside the main living room, and the light cover is fancifully decorated by what looks like flying top hats. Amongst the steak types available are new york striploin, ribeye steaks, fillet mignon, premium bone-in ribeye and sirloin.

Sautéed mushrooms, Baked potatoes, truffle scalloped, garlic toast, sweet potato fries, potatoes, roasted pesto tomatoes, and parmesan chive mashed tomatoes are a few of the favourite steak side dishes at Chop Steakhouse Oakville.


This is in no way an exhaustive list but just a taste of what Oakville has to offer for every one of its eager tourists! To balance your spicy middle eastern cuisine with a sweet coffee, we hope you enjoyed this list. Oakville is a beautiful town that does not fall short of providing people with the best food they have ever had.

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