14 Best Hotels in Old Quebec City for Your Next Trip

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If you plan to visit Canada, Old Quebec City is a must-visit in Quebec. Old Quebec City, also known as Vieux Quebec is a beautiful city and is honourably counted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In this article, you will look at the lists of the best hotels. From best-in-class villas to affordable apartments, are all just in one place i.e, in old Quebec city.

Let’s dive deeper into the getaway, starting from luxury to affordable hotels of old Quebec City.

15 Best Hotels in Old Quebec City –

1. Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac
Captured from Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Now accounting for the first luxury hotel Château Frontenac was first opened in 1893. This elegant hotel offers its visitors a breathtaking view of the city around.

It includes a health club, spa, and other three restaurants. And out of those three restaurants, Le Champlain has a 4-diamond CAA/AAA rating.

What more can you get here? It provides a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence river, an indoor pool, gym, jacuzzi, and a steam room. And not just it, you would feel like a Queen/King living in this 5-star hotel!

2. Le Priori

It was built in 1734 and now it is a luxurious boutique hotel. Each room has brick walls and is designed by the architecture of Jean Baylage.

Every suite has fireplaces and bathtubs, with art deco furnishings. free WiFi.

Le Priori Hotel is listed as a World Heritage hotel and is located on one of the oldest streets in North America. the famous St. Lawrence river is also just a walk away, making this hotel the perfect destination for tourists.

3. Hotel 71

Hotel 71
Captured from Hotel 71

Now, coming to a fantastic 4-star Old Quebec city hotel, Hotel 71 used to be the headquarters of the Bank of Canada, but it has now been converted into a cheery and contemporary luxury hotel with over 100 suites.

This building is in the heart of Quebec city and has breathtaking neoclassical architecture.

You will see that the rooms are hygienic and the room services are excelling! It is close to the St.Lawrence river and one of the high-rated places in the city.

4. Québec City Hotel Le Germain

Old Quebec City is a wonderful place you can choose to stay in. You will get a relaxing atmosphere with 24*7 services. You can enjoy other facilities too like a free coffee machine, lounge, and gym.

Every room at Hotel Le Germain Quebec has free WiFi and coffee with capsules.

You can even take a walk to the historic’s citadel which is just 5 minutes away, and also the National Museum of Quebec, which is nearby as well.

5. Auberge Saint-Antoine

Auberge Saint-Antoine
Captured from Auberge Saint-Antoine

If you want a luxurious stay at a boutique hotel with all the amenities such as a spa, private cinema, and four diamond-rated CAA/AAA restaurants, this is it!

Auberge Saint-Antoine is located on an important historic site and pays honour to 17th-century artifacts in public areas by letting them on the show. You can also witness some French and British colonial commodities. These items were discovered during archaeological excavations on site.

What else will you get here? A spacious bathroom, a deep tub, a fogless mirror, and heated tiled floors!

And the interesting thing is Panache Restaurant sits in the marine warehouse which was drowned in 1822, and you get the extensive French cuisines made with the freshest ingredients from their gardens.

6. Hôtel Palace Royal

Coming down to another 4-star Hotel, Palace Royal welcomes your comfort along with high standards. It is 150 meters away from the historic center and fortress.

When listing luxury hotels, Palace Royal counts as the finest place in Quebec city’s old town. It is a huge modern and luxurious accommodation with indoor pools and gardens.

This is the first hotel that sits on the entry of the walled city and outside Saint-Jean Gate. It offers easy entry to other boutique hotels and highways of Old Quebec city.

7. Le 253

If you want some mid-priced hotels on your stay in old Quebec city, then Le 253 is the best hotel to count. It has a furnished lounge, a sunny terrace, and comfortable rooms. The other amenities it offers are free WiFi and air-conditioned rooms with LED TVs.

You will get a perfect gourmet breakfast having English/Irish options and popularly known as a la carte.

You must also pay a visit to Notre Dam church of Quebec and the morin center just a few walks away.

8. Auberge du Trésor

It is the second mid-priced yet beautiful hotel-styled old Quebec city old town.

From Auberge du Trésor you get a marvellous view of Chateau Frontenac in the middle of old Quebec. And a French bistro restaurant is a must for all the foodies!

The hotel is well-rated because of the incredible views it offers. Each room at Auberge du Tresor has a private bathroom and a cable TV. 

9. Auberge Place d’Armes

Auberge Place d’Armes
Captured from Auberge Place d’Armes

Auberge Placed`Armes is a genuine and warm location situated between pedestrian roads. It will be surprising for you how the family keeps the tradition alive of Auberge Place Darumu and makes it a special place.

The infrastructure of this delightful historical place with the influence of the french with exposed brick and cement walls. You can also take a walk at the outdoor gallery in Rue du Trésor.

10. Monsieur Jean

Coming down to another masterpiece because of the founder, who was the master of hospitality and affluence.

You will be mesmerized by the hotel’s interior, the massive windows to view, showers, kitchenettes, coffee shops, and grocery store that means all in one. It is just a few walks away from Saint-Jean.

11. Auberge Internationale de Quebec

Auberge Internationale de Quebec
Captured from Auberge Internationale de Quebec

This 4-star hotel offers reasonably priced doubles, triples, and family rooms. You are sure to have an unforgettable experience in the breathtaking area of ​​Old Quebec.

Loacated in a great area surrounded by the walls of the old town, the hotel is a short walk from popular cultural, historical, and tourist attractions.

This hotel offers various services and a cozy atmosphere to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

12. Le Haute Ville

You will be stunned by the beauty of this budget hotel in old Quebec city old town because it is near all the best attractions of the city. All the rooms in this 3-star accommodation offer a kitchen with all the facilities like tableware, cookware, and more.

You will also get cable TV and free WiFi in every room and an elegant continental breakfast every day.

It is near the Quebec citadel and just 5 minutes of walk to shopping and restaurants. Furthermore, Le Haute Ville is 2 km away from the Quebec National Museum, and many other art galleries are within walking distance from here.

13. Château Laurier Québec Hotel

Château Laurier Québec Hotel
Captured from Château Laurier Québec Hotel

It is a grand hotel situated on parliament hill away from the old Quebec entry. Chateau Laurier sits between the plains of Abraham and grand alley.

It is known for its eco-friendly, hospitality, and reputation in the old town.

The hotel management of the hotel is committed to spreading the French language and implementing eco-friendly practices.

14. Hôtel des Coutellier

This hotel is known as the best-kept secret of Quebec city, and is opposite to train station and Gare du Palais.

It is a four-diamond CAA/AAA-rated Légende that offers you to try northern cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is the most popular hotel in Old Quebec. It offers stunning views and top-notch facilities to its visitors.

2. Which are the luxurious hotels in Old Quebec?

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Le Priori, Québec City Hotel Le Germain and Auberge Saint-Antoine are some of the most luxurious hotels in Old Quebec.

3. Budget hotels in Old Quebec

Auberge Internationale de Quebec, Le Haute Ville and Les Lofts du Trésor are some of the budget-friendly hotels in Old Quebec.


Québec is a major tourist destination, administrative center, and transatlantic trading port. Old Quebec City was founded in 1608 and offers a marvellous view and a hospitable stay. This place is home to many royal palaces, boutiques, gardens, buildings, and streets, making it a great place to visit!

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