What Is Canada Known For: 24 Noteworthy Facts

What is Canada known for

When you think of Canada, images of a vast landmass, a maple leaf flag, and feet upon feet of snow come to mind.

While all these things are characteristic of Canada, the nation is far more than a vast expanse of land with a tree-leaf flag and extreme cold. 

Canada is well-known for its diverse culture, unfailing politeness, maple syrup, Poutine, and ice hockey. Many well-known Hollywood entertainers are Canadians. Furthermore, Canada is well-known for its wild nature and captivating natural beauty.

What Is Canada Known For?

If you’ve ever toured this magnificent country, you’ll know that this splendid country delights and amazes in equal proportions. The Canadian Rockies and its “must-see” cities are on the “to-do” list of any seasoned traveller, but there’s so much more. Read to know about some of the best things Canada is known for.

1. The National Flag

The simplicity of the Canadian flag and its ability to embody the country’s core values have made it famous. Until 1965, Canada lacked a national flag when it hung the Red Ensign over Parliament buildings to symbolize its attachment to Britain.

Canada was starting to get tired of its relationship with Britain, repeatedly making choices that did not consider Canada an independent nation.

Canada is the leading manufacturer and exporter of the world’s maple syrup, with Quebec city accounting for 92 percent of Canadian maple syrup production.

maple syrup
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