What Can You Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal: 10 Food Items

what can you eat after wisdom teeth removal

Removing wisdom teeth is one of the most important things you should do as soon as you learn about them. What can you eat after wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common questions asked by a lot of people. To solve that problem, we are here with a solution. 

This article contains all the details that you might require after you have removed your wisdom teeth. Read the article to know more. 

1. Side Effects of Wisdom Teeth Removal 

There are certain side effects that might show up after you have had your wisdom teeth removed. One of the most common side effects is having swollen gums. We all know that eating soft food at this time is highly suggested. There are some people who cannot even try to eat that. 

It is generally suggested to get your wisdom teeth removed as soon as it gets detected. Delay in the process results in more pain and worse situations. You can either get it removed from a trained pharmacist or a dentist. It is always suggested to get it removed by a dentist. 

Some of the most common side effects of wisdom teeth removal are:

  • Swelling 
  • Numbness
  • Bleeding of gums 
  • Numbness in the face in a few cases

2. What Can You Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal 

There are a lot of food items that you can choose from after getting your wisdom teeth removed. But listed below are some of the most commonly consumed foods after the process. You can choose the ones according to your taste buds and preferences. 

2.1. Blended Soups 

Blended soups are one of the best foods to consume after getting your wisdom teeth removed. A blend of certain vegetables in a pumpkin soup or tomato soup is a great idea. You can consider having soups during the first 5 days after getting your teeth removed. The best part about consuming soups is that they are easy to eat. You will not need to chew it and can be easily gulped. They generally do not contain any chunks that might harm the surgical area. 

Another reason for having soups after the surgery is because of its nutrient-rich nature. Soups are generally filled with microfibres and nutrients. This will help in healing and curing the wound rapidly. 

what can you eat after wisdom teeth removal
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Make sure your soup is either cold or lukewarm. This is because too-hot soup can irritate the infected area and cause more problems. 

Another great reason to have soups is because it keeps you hydrated. You will not have to drink water again and again. 

2.2. Broths 

Having broth is another good way of keeping yourself hydrated and full of nutrients at the same time. Even doctors suggest having broth after any surgery. Including broth in your meal is one of the best ways to keep yourself full as well as nutrient-rich. And when you are not able to eat anything heavy, broths can be your saviour. 

Making a bone broth is one of the easiest things to do. You just need to boil the bone and add black pepper and salt to the water for some taste. There are s number of different broths you can make based on your preference. Some of them are chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, cow and pig. 

They have immense health benefits and are also rich in amino acids. Always remember to consume the broth lukewarm after getting your wisdom teeth removed. This is because earring hot broths can make the place irritate. 

2.3. Greek Yogurt 

Greek Yogurt is one of the most consumed foods after wisdom teeth removal. The soft creamy texture of the yogurt provides relaxation to the gums. It is smooth and the best part is that it can be consumed cold. 

Greek yogurt is also rich in protein which makes it a catalyst to speed up the recovery process. Adequate intake of Greek yogurt can help speed up the recovery process and provide relief to the gums as soon as possible. 

2.4. Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are one of the best options for food if you are in the mood to have something heavy. Potatoes are one of the most versatile ground vegetables that can be used in various ways. If these potatoes are mashed, they will be easy to eat and will also be filling. 

what can you eat after wisdom teeth removal
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The best part about potatoes is their nature of being rich in nutrients and calories. Potatos help in regaining the lost energy therefore speeding up the recovery process. You can also add the seasoning of your choice to make it tasty. Adding milk water or any liquid of your choice will help smoothen the mash. This way it will be much easier to consume. 

Eating them cold or lukewarm is the best to avoid any irritation. 

2.5. Scrambled Eggs 

The best way to gain protein after surgery is by eating eggs. Since you will not be comfortable eating a whole-boiled egg after surgery, eating it scrambled is a good idea. Your body is going to thank you for eating eggs after surgery. 

what can you eat after wisdom teeth removal
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Scrambled eggs will also help you chew slowly as it is one of the best semi-soft foods to eat. They have a high quantity of protein and are also rich in a variety of minerals. Some of the important nutrients present in eggs are vitamin A, vitamin B12, selenium, iron and zinc. 

Eggs will also help you in keeping your immune system healthy. This will also help in speeding up the recovery process. 

2.6. Applesauce 

Apples are the best choice of fruit to have after surgery. But since apple is a hard and crunchy food, it will be hard to chew it after a wisdom tooth surgery. In that case, peeling an apple and squishing it to take the form of a sauce is the ideal solution. 

Apples are rich in a variety of nutrients that help in speeding up the recovery process. Even doctors suggest having apples after any surgery. 

Apples are also known for reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. So you can have applesauce without even a second thought. Make sure to peel the skin off before turning it into a pury. 

2.7. Mashed Banana 

Just like mashed potatoes, and applesauce, mashed bananas are also a great addition to the diet. You can mash an entire banana and eat it while not irritating or causing harm to your gums. Bananas are also rich in a variety of nutrients that are essential for the body while recovering. 

Bananas are rich in folate, potassium, manganese and vitamin B6. These also act as a catalyst in speeding up the recovery process of the body. Having a banana every day after surgery will boost faster recovery. 

2.8. Smoothies 

Smoothies are the best addition to your diet after having surgery. They are one of the best inventions of mankind. Having all the requirements and ingredients in one place while being soft and easy to eat is a blessing. You can add your favourite toppings and is also free to choose the base. 

what can you eat after wisdom teeth removal
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A customizable smoothie bowl is all you need to help your body and taste buds at this time. A smoothie bowl is a balanced food that caters to all the needs of the body. You can add your favourite fruits and vegetables and make it according to you. It is always advised to avoid fruits with seeds while making a smoothie bowl. 

2.9. Hummus 

Hummus is one of the most popular spreads in the Middle East. It is rich in nutrients and can be a great way to fill in vitamins and minerals in your body. Making hummus is very easy and can be made easily at home. All you need to do is blend certain ingredients together. You will need garlic, lemon, chickpeas, tahini and olive oil. 

You can surely buy hummus from the market and making it at home is the best during this time. Making hummus at home will be chemical-free and safe to consume at this time. 

2.10. Salmon 

Salmon is the best fish to try after you start chewing slowly. This rich in protein fish is a great way to enhance your recovery process. 

Salmon also has omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats that are essential for the recovery process of the body. 

3. Conclusion 

These are some of the best foods you can try after getting your wisdom teeth removed. All this food will help in filling your stomach and will also speed up the recovery process. 

Make sure to choose the food of your choice and we wish you a happy recovery. 


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