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Vancouver Robson Street: Things to Explore and Discover!

Vancouver Robson Street

Vancouver Robson Street is one of Vancouver’s oldest and busiest streets. This place is a must for visitors to Vancouver, Canada. It has Stanley Park and BC Place Stadium.

It also has the city’s most active shopping center at each end. The area was also sometimes called Robsonstrasse.  This is because many German and European businesses settled in this part of the city after World War II. It is one of the largest streets in the world. The place is also known for its beauty and architecture.

1. Vancouver Robson Street

1.1. The Buzz

Located in the heart of the city’s shopping center, it is always bustling with people going to work. Sports fans attending sporting events, friends standing by the tall sign in front of the noodle shop and young couples.

1.2. Places To Stay

You can, in fact, enjoy yourself, and stroll the corridors of Robson Street. Also, you can see the city with the help of the Robson Street Chamber of Commerce. These are unlike any other luxury hotel you have actually been to. 

Vancouver Robson Street
Courtesy- Blue Horizon Hotel

The Blue Horizon Hotel, also known as the Robsonstrasse Hotel is located on Robson Street in Vancouver. Every hotel room in this place has a balcony giving residents great views of the city. In some cases, even the sea is also visible.

You can also plan to enjoy a meal at the quaint location near the hotel lobby whenever you plan to shop or dwell in Vancouver. 

1.3. Sports Lover’s Club

Offering a wonderful mix of outdoor adventures and indoor along with the diverse weather, Vancouver is a fantastic destination for many sports.

The 2010 Paralympic Games, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals in 2011 and the FIFA World Cup 2015 were all held in Vancouver. It is also home to the Women’s World Cup and since 2015. The World Rugby HSBC Sevens Series is also held here. 

These championships helped establish Vancouver as a major sports hub. Sports fans will enjoy a trip to BC Place Stadium. It is home to Vancouver’s Whitecaps of Major League Soccer and the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League.

The sprawling South Public Plaza Plaza is at the heart of Port Coquitlam’s bustling new neighbourhoods. Outside of downtown, it has been formally renamed as Terry Fox Hometown Square.

1.4. Vancouver Robson Street Public Library

Moshe Safdi’s plan for the city’s most important cultural infrastructure transports you to the Colosseum-era Rome in the first century. The Vancouver Public Library is a circular building. With retail and service buildings on the ground floor. It is also connected to the Federal Office Tower.

Vancouver Robson Street
Courtesy- Vancouver Public Library

The famous Vancouver Art Gallery is also located in Robson Square. You can stroll past the Vancouver Public Library built next to it.

1.5. Ice Skating Rinks and Ballroom Dance Events

In Robson Street, there are free ice skating rinks in the summer. They also host free ballroom and dance events in the covered area of the park in summer.

You can see a bit of everything along the strip while holding nationals between the traditional vibe of Robson Street.

1.6. Eateries

If you can’t get a seat in one of the fancy restaurants, you can get equally delicious food from a street vendor. In addition to that, drinks are served at every casual restaurant on the eastern end, many of which have big-screen TVs.

Downtown Robson has many excellent options, several of which are beyond the streets. To the west, near Stanley Park, there are plenty of inexpensive Asian restaurants to keep residents and tourists busy.

Try an izakaya, a pub-style Japanese restaurant, or try some ramen or Korean food. If you are looking for a caffeine refill, you won’t find it. But if you are looking for a coffee boost, you won’t have to go far. In fact, there are also many cafes around.

1.7. Places to Shop at Vancouver Robson Street

One of the busiest streets in Downtown Vancouver is Robson Street. It provides a range of amenities, for example, shopping, opulent, and fashionable hotels, and serves as the ideal gathering place for locals and tourists.

Some highly recommended venues and activities on Vancouver’s Robson Street are listed below.

Located at 1164 Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada, the two-story retail building was built in 1955 and underwent extensive renovations in 2021. It is located in the heart of Vancouver’s upmarket shopping district.

Nonetheless, the property is close to Vancouver’s major entertainment and shopping centers. Famous tenants on the same block as Muji and Aritzia’s flagship stores for example Nike, Roots, Indigo, Steve Madden and some others.

Whether you enjoy window shopping or want to put a serious workout on your credit card, Vancouver Robson Street will meet your requirements.

The main retail shopping area begins at Granville Street and runs to Jervis Street, with a Nordstrom department store and the Pacific Center lobby. They include most of the major North American fashion brands as well as a wide variety of retailers.

They offer sporting goods, accessories, nearly-gone housewares, beauty products and fitness products in Burrard and the intersection of Alberni streets. One of Vancouver’s oldest commercial areas is Robson Street. 

Any cosmopolitan attractions can be found in the surrounding areas within a block of Robson. Because it started showcasing German and other European traders after World War II, it was formerly known as Robsonstrasse.

The boulevard contains a mixture of ancient stones, German companies, and contemporary boutiques and yet has some of its original charm.

1.8. Chocolatier

Daniel Le Chocolat Belge is one of the top and best chocolate makers in Vancouver Robson Street. It is grown organically, without preservatives or artificial flavours, just the way Vancouverites love it.

Vancouver Robson Street
Courtesy- Daniel Le Chocolat Belge

It is also located at the entrance of British Columbia. Daniels sells pastries, custom chocolate bars and boxes of chocolate. Many options include chocolate with a mojito, wasabi, maple and any other flavours. Danielle’s specialties are a bag of tea, vanilla truffles, and cherries in a Kirsch box.

2. Conclusion

From Jervis Street in the west to Granville Street in the east, Robson has plenty of restaurants, shops and wines. You can choose from boutiques, inexpensive shops, fine wine bars and even chain restaurants on Vancouver Robson Street.

Nonetheless, Vancouver also has Burrard Street and Denmark Street, two very famous streets. Burrard Street is one of the busiest streets in Vancouver. In fact, Denmark Street is also busy, crowded, and full of coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and businesses. Nonetheless, it is the road that accesses the local Pride parade.

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