Vaccination Passport in Canada- 3 Important Things To Know

Vaccination Passport
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A vaccination passport is like any other QR code. By scanning that QR code, one can get information about an individual’s vaccination. A vaccination card also gives information about the health services of that country.

The novel coronavirus is an infectious disease mainly caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (acute respiratory syndrome). It is also called the Covid 19 pandemic and is ongoing. The first case was identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. To stop or control these various pandemics go, governments of different countries tried various ways to stop them from spreading, and among those ways, one is the lockdown.

It is not easy to forget that, at the very first outset of the pandemic, the initial lockdown was extremely harsh, and it had a very severe impact on the economies and people’s lives. In attempting to improve countries’ economies, with protecting the health of populations, the idea of vaccination and vaccination passport comes.

Vaccination Passport

  1. A vaccination passport is a vaccination document that helps public health measures, or I can say vaccine passports are just like any other QR code.
  2. A vaccination passport tells the government the individual’s vaccination status, whether it is fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated report is.
  3. Those who have vaccination passports are not supposed to follow the quarantine rules.
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So, now how to get vaccinated and get a vaccination passport to travel to Canada arises? It is a straightforward process to get vaccinated. First registered yourself on the website page or application designed by your country’s government software designers example: Cowin application in India.

Register on that app or website using your phone number. After that, you will get a one-time OTP on the mobile number by which you registered yourself. After that, book your appointment, and select your nearest vaccination center and your preferable time. And finally, book a slot. Then visit the center on the selected date and time, and take your covid 19 vaccine. If you cannot visit on the same date, then modify the date.

This way, you can vaccinate yourself, and you will get vaccination proof after the administration of the vaccine. And by this proof of vaccination and other details, you can quickly get your vaccination passport.

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So, what is vaccination?

Vaccination is the process of providing immunity to an individual, and immunity is the ability of an individual to fight and save against viruses, bacteria, and various pathogens. Immunity is of two types. The first is passive immunity, which is present in every individual from birth. Second, comes the acquired immunity, which a person acquires during their life span.

Different vaccines

As soon as the genomic code of this deadly covid 19 virus is sequenced, researchers and scientist from the different countries start their work on making an antidote or vaccine against this. In this process, various scientists from different countries invented the vaccine.

Some vaccines are way more reasonable than accepted, and some are average. The difference lies in whether they are using the part of the virus, the whole virus, or its proteins. There are three major approaches to designing a vaccine.

Covovax Or Novavax

To be fully vaccinated, it is necessary to take 2 doses of Covovax, which has recently received emergency use listing with the WHO, EUA in Canada, Australia, and the European Union. It is approved by the DCGI (Drugs Controller General of India). Developed by the Serum Institute of India.

Zydus Cadila’s COVID-19

It is the words first DNA vaccine. It is shot against the coronavirus in children aged 12 years and above. And this is the first vaccine that starts administrating on the children. Unlike other vaccines administrated in one or two doses, ZyCoV-D is administered in three doses.

Sputnik Light

This is the 9th covid 19 vaccine in the world. DCGI has granted emergency use to single-dose Sputnik Light.

Pfizer BioNTech

Two doses are given 3-8 weeks apart. It is shot in the muscle of the upper arm.

Canada During Lockdown

Canada is one of the countries which is most affected by coronavirus. So, as a result, a very local lockdown has to be implemented in Canada. This country is currently easing out of a surge in omicron variant, leading some provinces to loosen some restrictions. In keeping their citizen’s health in mind, they have given some freedom to them.

  • All the malls, and town cinemas in Ontario, remain close.
  • All bars and other shops remain close, excluding the necessary goods store.
  • Citizens must have Canadian proof along with the vaccination requirements.
  • After they provide proof, they will be able to access the other resources in Canada.

Travel In Canada

If you want an entry to Canada during this pandemic, you must have a vaccination passport. To qualify as a fully vaccinated Canadian.

  • The person must have received at least 2 doses of the covid19 vaccine.
  • You must have the vaccination proof either on your smartphones or in paper copy format with other necessary details.
  • You have received your 2nd dose at least 14 days before entering Canada and have no symptoms and signs of covid19.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau of the federal government of Canada had made the proof of vaccination compulsory for the Canadians. If you want to enter, then you require proof of vaccination.

If you do not have the proof of vaccination, then travellers arriving have to follow the quarantine requirements.

Businesses travellers from northwest territories coming to Canadian provinces like Ontario, nova scotia, new Brunswick, Quebec, and Toronto must have negative test results of covid 19 and have required proof of vaccination.

And now, Canada and other provinces ask for proof of vaccination for international travel. Without it, international travel is not possible.


A vaccination passport is the proof of vaccination, whether the individual is wholly or partially vaccinated. You can quickly obtain vaccination proof after administration of the covid19 vaccine from the administration site.

A vaccine passport is mandatory to enter a country like Canada, Australia, and many more. Every government now makes vaccination passports necessary for entering their province. A vaccination passport is not only the record of covid19 vaccination administration, but it also contains the overall review of an individual vaccination.

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