6 Incredible Reasons to Study At the University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario
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If you are looking for the best University among the Canadian Universities to give you the “Western Experience” then you don’t need to look further than the University of Western Ontario. A public research university located in London, Ontario, Canada is also known as Western University but is most commonly addressed as just ‘Western”. London is considered as one of the top 10 affordable cities in Ontario, Canada

With annual funding of over $240 million, the University of Western Ontario is said to have a history of excellence in fundamental and applied discovery.

The main campus is simply breathtaking and consists of 455 hectares of land with a mix of elegant and modern architecture. All ranging from Gothic-Style buildings to modern sustainable structures and surrounded by residential neighborhoods with the Thames river lying just across its eastern portion.

One of the most interesting facts about the University of Western Ontario is that it is responsible for nearly 12 academic faculties and schools. The University is also one of the key members of Regroupement des Canadian public research universities or otherwise known as U15.

U15 consists of a group of colleges that are exclusive to research-intensive universities in Canada.

University of Western Ontario
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An Overview Of the University of Western Ontario

Bishop Isaac Hellmuth of the Anglican Diocese of Huron founded the University of Western Ontario on 7 March 1878. The University took over and incorporated Huron University College, a college founded in 1863.

The founding University of Western Ontario had the following faculties:

  1. Arts
  2. Divinity
  3. Lay
  4. Medicine

As of 1908, the University of Western Ontario was a non-denominational college. But, post-1919, the University was affiliated with many denominational colleges. The University grew tremendously since the post-World War 11 era and added many new faculties and schools.

Another important aspect to note is that the University of Western Ontario is a co-educational university. It has over 24000 students, and 306000 alumni living all over the world. Some of the most famous alumni include several officials from the government, academics, top business leaders, Nobel Prize winners, Rhodes scholars, and many distinguished fellows.

The faculty members at the University of Western Ontario have been awarded several accolades such as Orders of Canada which is the highest civilian honors. Western Mustangs, the Western University’s varsity team compete regularly in the Ontario University of Athletics.

Famous Alumni of the University of Western Ontario

  • Frederick Banting – Won the 1923 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (discovery of Insulin). He was the youngest ever Nobel Prize winner today.
  • Alice Munro- Nobel Laureate
  • Stephen Poloz- Bank of Canada’s Governor

As London, Ontario is Canada’s eleventh largest city, the students of the University of Western Ontario can experience some of the best cultures here. It is a thriving center for shopping, theatre, dancing, cinema, and physical activity.

The backdrop of the campus is simply superb as its 200 parks provide the University with a natural setting and a stunning landscape calling it the ‘ForestCity’

6 Incredible Reasons to Study at the University of Western Ontario

1. Rich and Vibrant History

The founder of the University, Bishop Hellmuth aspired greatly to produce top-class and internationally renowned Western students that pioneered research. His main goal was to shape the future of Western University by having a clear vision, courage, and imagination.

Therefore, the top most reason to study at the University of Western Ontario would be to follow in its footsteps of rich and vibrant history. Since its inception on March 7, 1878, Western University opened its doors to graduate students and undergraduate students for the first time in 1881.

The first four faculties namely, Arts, Divinity, Law, and Medicine have existed since the very beginning. Ever since the first class of students graduated in 1883, the University of Western Ontario has turned into a vibrant and awe-inspiring centre of learning.

So, what is the better way to begin your college education than from the most prestigious Western University that has offered more than 36000 students and 400 specializations in majors and minors?

Would you not like to be a part of a University wherein Sir Frederick Banting got up from his restless sleep in the early 1920s and wrote down 25 words that ultimately led to the discovery of Insulin?

Another historic moment would be the time when Canada’s first French Immersion program was established at Trois-Pistoles Quebec in 1932. And yes you guessed it right. It was at Western University that this great program began and continues to exist today.

Would you like to know about Ivan Smith? A top research scientist at the University of Western Ontario developed the world’s first ‘Cobalt Bomb’ to treat cancer in 1951. And what a discovery it was! It has increased the cervical cancer recovery rate from a mere 25% to an awesome 75%.

Western University is seeped in history and has continued well into the 21st century with top-class, next-generation discoveries. It is the leader in wind engineering since 1965. Western University has been part of the testing of internationally known structures such as the World Trade Center, Sears Towers, and Jakarta Tower.

Western University is also a leader in medical advancement. With discoveries such as Insulin, Cobalt Bomb, and more recently the development of the HIV vaccine in 2012, it is a University that has exceeded expectations and is sure to reach many milestones in the future.

Come be a part of a University that has an enriching and collaborative environment that is complete with a vibrant community of scholars and intellectual partnerships that will have a lasting impact on your life.

2. Awesome Campus

Another incredible reason to study at the University of Western Ontario would be its beautiful campus. You would love to be a part of a beautiful campus and also be associated with extremely good-looking students as well.

With beautiful gothic-styled buildings and beautiful trees everywhere, Western University is both charming and lovely in many aspects. The Western Hill is perfect in so many different ways. Although you must think twice if you desire to take a hike up the hill as it can be quite strenuous. And the most important part of the campus would be its 160000 square feet campus gym.

The Central Campus is mostly composed of student residences and teaching facilities. The largest part of Western University’s building area makes up of student residences. The second largest part of the campus is largely occupied by teaching and research facilities.

3. Fun Facts of Western University Campus

  • Campus Development began in the 1920s.
  • The Western University’s master building plan in 1934 included Collegiate Gothic designs.
  • In the 1960s, the University of Western Ontario board favored brutalist and modernist architectural designs.
  • The oldest building on the campus is the University’s boiler room which opened in 1922.
  • The oldest academic building on the campus is the University College and Physics and Astronomy Building.

Furthermore, the University of Western Ontario has many new buildings to its credit. The Amit Chakma Engineering Building is the newest one on the academics block. It opened in September 2018. Another splendid reason to study at Westen University would be state of the art research facilities offered at their newest building on the campus.

The Western Interdisciplinary Research Building offers the study of cognitive neuroscience. Other programs and services include world-renowned research centers such as the Brain and mind institute, BrainsCan, Rotman institute, and the Robarts research institute.

All undergraduates having interests in literature or medicine can enroll themselves at the University of Western Ontario. All graduate students having interests in research would be thrilled with the incredible facilities offered here.

University of Western Ontario
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4. Excellent Library and Museums

The library system of Western University is indeed quite fantastic. Since the appointment of its first librarian Mr. James Waddell Tupper, the University of Western Ontario has grown and excelled in every way.

It was in 1918 after John Davis Barnett donated 40000 books from his library and the library truly sought a name for itself. Any student having a desire to learn and be proficient in various topics would love to join the University of Western Ontario because of the excellent library system.

The Western University libraries have since grown to eight different locations namely:

  1. D.B Weldon Library
  2. The Allyn and Betty Taylor Library
  3. C.B Johnston Library
  4. The Education Library
  5. The John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library
  6. The Music Library
  7. The Archives
  8. Research Collections Centre.

A wonderful reason to join the University of Western Ontario would definitely be to have access to a library collection of over 11 million print and electronic items. Come and be a part of the journey to knowledge and understanding.

Apart from the above, the Western University Libraries maintains a Shared Library Catalogue. This provides uniform access to all the collections at the Western Libraries and the collections belonging to its affiliated colleges such as Brescia University College, Huron university college, King’s College, two teaching hospitals, London Health Sciences Centre, and St Joseph Health Care London.

The Western University owns and operates two remarkable galleries.

  1. Artlab Gallery- Showcases 14 projects per year. It explores conceptual and experimental production through a wide range of media. It also assists research and practices of the student body and faculty members.
  2. McIntosh Gallery- Opened in 1942. It is a university-based public art gallery that showcases advanced practices and research in art history and visual art.

The Western University has comprehensive links with the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. After living out of various buildings in London that included Western University College, it was formally opened on 28 February 1978. The formal inception was facilitated by the university President and Western’s Faculty of Social sciences.

With its dedicated staff, quality service, world-class collections, and innumerable connections, Western University’s library and galleries can be regarded as the right environment for any student who has an indisputable thirst for knowledge and learning.

University of Western Ontario
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5. Outstanding Housing and Student Amenities

The University of Western Ontario offers outstanding housing and student amenities. There are nine student residences housing offered to first-year students. Each residence is operated by its own Residences Council. All of whom are governed by their constitutions. Student residences are of the following:

  1. Traditional Styled Residences – Delaware Hall, Medway-Sydenham Hall, and Saugeen-Maitland Hall.
  2. Suite Styles Residences- Alumni House, Elgin Hall, Essex Hall, and London Hall.
  3. Hybrid Style Residences (having traditional and suite-styled elements) – Perth Hall and Ontario Hall

With so many choices, both undergraduate students and graduate students would love to live on campus.

University of Western Ontario
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Some Facts about the Student Residences

  • Saugeen-Maitland Hall is the largest residential building on the Campus. It houses nearly 1252 first-year students.
  • Alumni House is the smallest residential building and is strictly reserved for upper-year students and houses 224 students.

If it is apartments that you desire then you be delighted to know that the University of Western Ontario also operates three apartments exclusively for upper-year and graduate students. The University of Western Ontario Apartments are as follows:

  1. Bayfield Hall – It consists of one-bedroom apartments (299 units).
  2. Beaver & Ausable Halls – It consists of two-bedroom apartments (99 units).
  3. Lambton Hall – It consists of two-bedroom apartments (50 units).

Furthermore, the support system in Residences at Western University consists of 500 upper-year students. They take on important roles and positions. The main goal of these students would be to assist the first-year students and be a mentor to them.

This can prove to be extremely important as a new student you may find it difficult to understand the mannerisms of the University. There are various positions taken on by the upper-year students such as the Residence Staff, Academic, and Leadership Programmers, Community Leaders, and many more. In order to assist the first-year students, the Residence Staff and Sophs live alongside them.

This is an important task as the new students need to grow and adjust to the new atmosphere at the University. The University Community centre is more or less like a student activity centre. It is the university’s centre of student governing body. It directs social, cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities.

6. Splendid Off-Campus Facilities

There is a wide range of properties owned by the University of Western Ontario apart from its central campus. This can be particularly interesting to those research students and to those unable to find accommodation within the campus.

The Western University is known to own 309 hectares of land that includes several properties with research facilities. This is in addition to its central campus and the campuses of its affiliated university colleges.

The additional properties are managed by Western Research Park. They are subdivided for easy maintenance into three research parks. The parks are a direct research link between academics and corporations

The Three Research Parks are as follows:

1. Discovery Park

The Discovery Park is the oldest research park to be operated by Western University. The park is adjacent to the main campus of the University. Established in 1989, the tenants at the Research Park vary from national government laboratories to multi-industrial research centres. The 40 acres facility has a 48-room hotel and a conference centre.

2. The Advanced Manufacturing Park

It was established as a partnership between Western, Fanshawe College, and London City. The most advanced facility to be built here is the “WindEEE Dome”. The fascinating feature of the WindEEE Dome is the fact it is the world’s first hexagonal wind tunnel. It is used for testing wind conditions, and high-intensity wind systems such as tornadoes.

3. The Sarnia-Lambton Research Park

It is established as a collaboration between Lambton County and Sarnia. It houses the largest clean technology business incubator.

Those students who would like to reside outside the campus can look for the several residences offered by the University of Western Ontario. Platt’s Lane Estates is a complex of townhouses and apartments. It is found at the south end of the campus and is exclusively designed to provide accommodation for upper-year, graduates, and students having families.

With splendid off-campus facilities, the University of Western Ontario is the best place to be for those having interests in research and academics. They are considered one of the top Universities as per the Academic Ranking of World Universities, and the QS World University Rankings.

To be a part of a University that has very high rankings in terms of employment prospects of its graduates would be dream come true for any student.

As one of the largest research-intensive universities, the University of Western Ontario have researchers, teachers, and graduate students who have continuously excelled in their field of research.

University of Western Ontario
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Other Important Factors to Consider To Choose Western University

As a student trying to decide between universities, you can choose to become part of a community of scholars such as scientists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, academics, and many public servants. Furthermore, you can become a member of the esteemed alumni.

The University of Western Ontario has been ranked in the top 1 percent of the universities of the world and is recognized as a leader in education, research, and healthcare. You as a graduate student have a chance to participate in their first-class research facilities, infrastructure, funding, and the largest academic library system.

It has 66 Canada Research Chairs. The Western Faculty is world renowned for research in most disciplines. They have recognized clusters of research excellence in Neuroscience, Imaging, Wind Engineering, Environmental Sustainability, Philosophy of Science, and Musculoskeletal Health sciences.

At Western University, you will be taught by 3M Award-winning faculty members. The fact remains that there is more award-winning faculty than any other University. You have an opportunity to be taught by distinguished academics, business leaders, and experts in many fields.

As a place with in-depth exploration and collaboration, you can rest assured that your work will be presented at academic conferences, taught to undergraduate students, and help to foster development as a scholar.

University of Western Ontario
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Faculties At The Western University

Western University is a public-funded research University and is also a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Students are encouraged to seek for financial aid from Ontario Student Assistance Program and Canada Student Loan and Grants. This can be done through the federal and provincial governments.

The students of Western University can choose to be a part of the following 11 Faculties and schools:

  1. Don Wright Faculty of Music
  2. The Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  3. Faculty of Education
  4. Faculty of Engineering
  5. Faculty of Health Sciences
  6. Faculty of Information & Media Studies
  7. Faculty of Law
  8. Faculty of Science
  9. Faculty of Social science
  10. Ivey School of Business
  11. Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

The requirements for admission entirely depend on the education system of the place of the applicant. This is mainly due to the non-availability of uniform marking schemes. The University of Western Ontario regularly offers its students an opportunity to get credits when they study abroad. This is mainly done through student exchange programs, internships, faculty-led international excursions, and clinical placements.

Interesting Facts About Student Enrollment At Western University

  • There are 30665 students enrolled in the full-time undergraduate programs. This makes up for the school’s majority enrollment
  • There are 5297 students enrolled as full-time, part-time, and postgraduate medical residents.
  • Between 2008-09, the university conferred 4504 bachelor’s degrees, 207 doctoral degrees, 1427 master’s degrees, and 1180 second-entry professional degrees.

A Final Note

The University of Western Ontario believes that a successful student needs to possess a solid academic foundation and professional skills. All their graduate students are provided with professional development services and programs to supplement and promote formal education.

All the professional development opportunities allow students to have a unique experience that can meet their needs and aspirations. As one of the top universities to have several innovative research facilities and centers, Western University is extremely proud to be collaborating with many universities on every continent.

When you study at the University of Western Ontario, you will be studying at the best Global University that has been ranked #258 in the World. As a University that cares for its students by providing student welfare, career support, clinics, counseling, disability services, academics, and a fantastic library, the University of Western Ontario has many unique reasons to be your first and ultimate choice among any of the top Canadian Universities.

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