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ivy league schools
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Everyone is looking forward to top universities after finishing school to secure their future and be well settled in their lives. This article is an effort to explain to you the top Ivy League schools in Canada to get an idea about the most famous Ivy League schools.

Canada is one of the best countries for giving you high quality education at affordable fees. Other than this, you get so many scholarship opportunities if you complete your degree from such a highly reputed institution.

Ivy League schools adopt so many techniques that their students should be well-smart, hard workers in the future. If you get a degree from these schools, many opportunities will be open to you.

Why Do Students Prefer Ivy League Schools?

Research states that Canada is the topmost priority for undergraduate and postgraduate students living across the country. Every year a lot of people apply for Ivy League schools because of the following reasons.

  • In this country, you will get an excellent education in the world’s top universities.
  • Campus community staff are well experienced and qualified; they provide interactive sessions.
  • So many reputed ivy league schools are here.
  • Affordable fees.
  • Focus on students’ practical knowledge.
  • Selective admissions process.

A Few Words About Ivy League Schools?

Formerly, it was known as the ancient eight schools, which comprised eight ivy league schools with a reputed name in society. They were formed in the year 1954 after the NCAA formation and it is headquartered is in Princeton New Jersey.

These schools are famous for their old reputation in society, large networking with other universities globally, excellent learning, innovation, and creativity work.

Ivy League schools have eight members that include Harvard University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Princeton University, Yale University, Pennsylvania, and Dartmouth University. According to World national university ranking, these ivy league schools are comes under the top 15 universities in the world.

Tips Which You Should Know Before Applying To Ivy League Schools

Below are some important points that you have to take into consideration before applying to Thayer schools.

Test Scores

Your grades should be excellent to get admission in these schools. But it doesn’t mean that you should not stick to the grades only, explore the other activities so that you can solve everything, whether they are puzzles or anything else.

SAT and ACT test scores play an important role in getting admission to these schools, whereas some universities don’t need these scores.

Recommendation Letter

It is another thing that is required to get an admission in the ivy schools. This letter state your performance and character.

If you have a good bond with your teachers and staff members and get the appreciation certificate, you have done a fantastic job it will help you get admission quickly.

Personal Essay

This essay will help you understand whether you are a smart candidate to handle their campus. It would help if you shared your leadership qualities, passions, trust, and motivational things with the outside world.

Extracurricular Activities

Nowadays, along with studies, extracurricular activities must be a need of canadian universities especially the top ivy league schools, which want their topmost priority. Show your qualities to the college that you are well enough to handle all the activities.


Networking makes things easier. If you know anyone in the Ivy League school, then never hesitate to reach out to them because they are the person who will give you the advice and suggestions that will help you to get admission to these schools.


It is good to carefully select the coursework because you invest your time, money, and efforts here. Choose the personalized course which interests you more. Calculate your strengths and weakness.

If you are good at creative things, you can go for creative writing; if you are good at science, go for research. Choose a personalized course according to your traits and interests because your whole future depends on this thing.

Acceptance Rate

These schools have very few sets compared to others, so you should be very good at all the activities like grades so that you can easily get admission through it.

Higher Tuition Fees

If you are capable of paying a high amount of fees to these schools, you can apply without worrying about other things in ivy league schools.

Documents That Are Essential for Getting Admission Into This College

Documents play a vital role at the time of the admission process. If you are the one who is really passionate about top universities in Canada and want to know what documents you required at the time of admission then don’t worry because this article will help you understand things in a better way.

Documents Required By Admission Officers During Admission

  • 10th and 12th certificates with attested copies.
  • Letter of recommendation from employer or educator.
  • Well-prepared resume.
  • Scorecard of IETLS, TOFEL OR GMAT.
  • Any achievements throughout your academics and medical report.

Some of the Famous Canadian Universities

This is one of the interesting parts which you guys are looking for. So here, we will present you with some top ivy league schools where you can get admission as quickly and can secure your future.

Waterloo university

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It is one of the top famous universities in Canada for engineering students. The university came into existence in 1957, and it is situated among 404 hectares of land.

It is a co-educational student engineering and Geisel school that runs undergraduate education and postgraduates programs. It has libraries and museums with more than 1 million books, including electronic and physical books.

You get the material for science, mathematics, humanity, and social sciences books here. Moreover, you get the hostel and a housing facility over there.

Albert University

This ivy league school is one of the students’ choices worldwide that offers so many undergraduates and postgraduates programs like management studies, information technology, engineering, sociology, and many more with academic excellence.

Every year, more than 50,000 students enroll in the academic programs of this university, and it comes among the top 5 universities.

It gives 200 program options for undergraduates programs, 500 options for graduates programs, and 250 programs are available in the specialization.

It helps develop and acquire your good ideas and turn them into reality. The university provides you with a column where you can ask your doubts.

The university believes in new ideas, innovations, and beliefs in a supportive learning environment. Athletic conferences are also held in these universities.

The students get a lot of opportunities in the field of climate change, health sector, energy, food safety department, and many more. Here you get a big library with a collection of 4 million books.

McGill University

 This ivy league school’s main motive is to get a higher education to have a professional degree after completing this school.

It is one of the reputed universities in Canada that attracts many international students. Mcgill university has the highest ph. of d holders as it is famous as being a research university.

So if you are passionate about researching any subject, McGill university will be a boon for you. It runs the programs like arts, music, dentistry, management, science, law, environmental studies, athletic conference, and many more. The university was founded in the year 1821and also got an award for its research programs.

Ivy league schools
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Montreal University

One of Quebec’s most popular research universities in Canada. It is situated on 56 hectares of land, having beautiful trees, flowers, and a clean road.

It covers the academics like music, art, humanity, health, and law. It got the fourth-oldest college in Canada to conduct research activities and 88th rank globally.

It is also called the city heart university. Teachers manage their academic resources so wisely that everyone can be accessible to the students.

The facility is always ready to resolve the issues of the students. Every year the university generates more than $600 in revenue. It has students from worldwide recently it has crossed 10,000 most international students.


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Toronto university has well-qualified staff that understands that every student is unique and different, and they give you advice related to the educational programs. Moreover, if any student has financial issues, it will also support financial assistance and emphasis on higher learning.

It is one of the oldest institutions that offers more than 700 courses like commerce, business management, science and technology, and many more. Most people choose this university just because of its innovation. The campus has more than 150 research centers.

While taking admission to this school, you can have a virtual meeting with the recruitment officer. They will answer all your doubts and queries related to admissions.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia was established in the year 1915 that offers several facilities like a world-class library, a research center, conducive environment for the students so that they can learn collaboratively in a teamwork

The University of British Columbia comes among the top 20 universities in the world. It focuses on innovation, learning, and research. The school is known for its excellent teaching and research.

Calgary University

 This ivy league college is one of the oldest institutions since 1996 and is continuously attracting lots of students globally; nearly it has reached more than 31000 students worldwide, which is a big number.

It is also the youngest university. This ivy league school has a beautiful garden situated around the rocks.

Manitoba University

It was founded in 1877 and is one of the oldest institutions that offered many professional courses that open a wide door for you. You get the smart classrooms to easily interact with your teachers and gain as much as possible.

The research center and library of the university are so well designed that you can take better advantage of them. It consists of ten buildings. One is located in Fort Gary and another one in Bannatyne.

Victoria University

This is a highly ranked tuck school that comes among the top 200 universities globally. It is just 20 minutes far away from victoria and attracts more than 1500 students internationally. You can also take advantage of scholarships.

It provides courses like science and law, medical, information technology, human resource, engineering, and sociology.

It is also known for the best education and law schools in Canada. Moreover, it has a good collaboration with other schools as well so you get the academic resources easily. Moreover, it provides a study work internship program where students easily get a job while studying their specific subject.

Guelph University

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It is another one of the top ivy league schools in Canada that provides accredited programs like medicine, research, food, environment studies, economics, and many more.

In this ivy league university, $200 are used for research purpose only. If you want to have a medical study, this university fulfills all your demands and needs.

Simon Fraser University

It has been a public and most prestigious ivy league school since 1991 with strong engineering and social sciences education facilities.

It focuses on giving practical training to the students rather than providing theoretical knowledge. Students create a lot of involvement in the learning activities that prepare them for the outside world.

Simon Fraser University offers you so many internships programs, leadership programs, part-time job offers, and also you can work here as an assistant in the research center. Isn’t it good to have studied with your paid job? If it excites you, enroll yourself in this university and get the opportunities.

Laval University

Ivy league schools
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One of the oldest institutes ivy League gives you higher education. It has a big research center where 21 team members are worked together.

This research center work on optical fibers, lasers, and many more things. Here you get a chance to change your ideas and ways into reality. This ivy league school received the award for excellent teaching.

It is a French-based university, but it also offers some English programs. It is known for its committed leaders. It is ranked 354 among the best global universities ranking. It is known for its creativity and innovation.

Carleton University

It has a career center where students can contact the cell without any hesitation if they are dealing with problems related to their studies. It also helps to assist you in the job search. This ivy leagues university works on student learning, supportive programs like creative writing, fitness workshops, performing arts, and many more. international programs, architecture courses, and many more exciting things.

Overall, this university got a 4.3-star rating out of 5, which the students consider an excellent rating.

It is especially known for journalism programs, architectural activities, information, and technology, electronic engineering, etc. After completing the graduation programs, it will assist you in finding jobs in the outside world.

University of Queen

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It has been a coeducational institution since 1841 in Canada. The university has maintained its status nationally and internationally.

It was only with 14 students and 2 staff members in its initial stage. Later on, it introduced medical facilities, and recently it is offering many courses like management, information technology, medical, social sciences, etc.

You get many beautiful paintings in this ivy league school with a wide collection of dutch, Willem Drost.

Dalhousie University

It gets a five-star rating from the university evaluation system. It is quite active in athletic scholarships in basketball, volleyball, badminton, and cricket sports. It has four Saint John, New Brunswick, Truro, and Halifax campuses.

Dalhousie university contributes $190 million to the research centers and focuses on the unique and interactive sessions.

Western University

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It has been one of the most prestigious universities in Canada since 1878 that gives you world-class infrastructure facilities and learning abilities. This campus is located around 400 acres. This institute is famous for its healthcare and research centers.

It gives you a high standard of education with quality. It got 185 ranking in the world universities and top 7 universities in Canada. It is a coeducational institute having more than 30,000 students worldwide. Every year it accepts students more than 6000 to get admission to this university.

The best thing about it is that you can also start the online courses and get more than 250 courses online suitable for you. It has highly qualified research centers and a library with the best learning support.

The staff is very cooperative, and it has a big cafeteria where you get all your necessary food items. Moreover, it has a sports auditorium and art expo things that give you immense pleasure. Moreover, you get scholarships that help you get discounts on your fees.

Saskatchewan University

It is one of the youngest league institutions, established in 1907, that offers higher education with many graduates and undergraduates programs to you. Tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree are 7600 Canadian dollars, and for international, it costs you around 17,500 Canadian dollars. The university believes in four principles: study, work, live, and play.

The university does the internal hirings as well so if you are punctual and good at studies you get a good chance in this university to get placed in a highly reputed university. Isn’t it quite exciting you get the job on that campus where you have studied and know everything about that?

You can find a program of your choice and start studying and working. It provides professional courses like engineering, agriculture, nursing, law, business management, health care, social sciences, etc with academic excellence. Moreover, the university has acquired 1st position in the world resources research center.

York University

 It is another one of Canada’s top ivy league schools that offers higher education with more than 200 programs for graduates and undergraduates courses. It was located in Toronto, Canada, with around 185 hectares of land.

The campus has beautiful gardens, and it is considered the heart of Canada. It gives you outstanding teaching experience because it is a member of the Russell Group university in the UK, which is considered a prestigious university in the world.

It has three campuses. It focuses on your long-term career growth and long success in the future. Every year more than 60000 students enroll in the programs.

It makes positive changes in the student’s behavior so that they get well prepared for themselves.

Cost Of Living

While studying in canada you have to bear with some charges. Here we are discussing some of the charges which you have to bear while studying in canada.

Home Rental Charges

If you buy a home in Canada, that costs you around $700 a month.

Meal Charges

$20-$30 per meal.

Groceries Charges

$200 per month

Book Charges

 $1000 per year.

Home Rental Charges

If you buy a home in Canada, that costs you around $700 a month.

Ivy schools are more expensive than ordinary ones. Almost it costs you $65000 per year for tuition fees.

If you are thinking of higher education and better academic performance for you in Canadian institutions, then these are the above charges you have to bear if you study in Canada.

Final Words

At last, we can recapitulate that if you choose ivy league institutions in Canada, it will give you the correct shape for your future and open many doors for jobs.

Ivy League schools are looking for candidates who are passionate about their studies, and they aren’t only looking for grades. Still, they evaluate your overall performance, whether related to extra circular activities or academics.

Please go through this article for a thorough understanding of Ivy league schools and the best Ivy League schools in Canada. We hope that our article has met your expectations. Kindly share your views with us in the comment box if any.


Q: In which university do we get admission quickly?

Ans: There are some universities in Canada where you get admission quickly without making many efforts, like Columbia, Cornell, and brown university otherwise admission process is quite difficult in these ivy league schools.

Q: In 2022, what are the best ivy league schools?

Ans: Top ivy league schools in Canada are: Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Yale University, Penn University, Cornell University, and Brown University.

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