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Top 10 Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia: Things You Must Do

Nova Scotia is a place where beauty and art live together.

things to do in Nova Scotia
Photo by Tobias Negele on Unsplash

Nova Scotia is a place where beauty and art live together. Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s three maritime provinces and territories and one of the four Atlantic provinces. The first language is Mi’kmawi’simk, but most people are Native English speakers.

By area, Nova Scotia is the country’s second smallest province and second-most densely populated, after prince Edward Island.

The peninsula which connects Nova Scotia’s mainland to the rest of North America is “The Isthmus of Chignecto.” There are many things to do in Nova Scotia.

Things To Do In Nova Scotia

Things to do in Nova Scotia. The beautiful landscapes, beaches, architecture, and culture are considered to be what make Nova Scotia a complete destination for vacationing.

During European exploration, this place was inhabited by the Mi’kmaq people. Canada’s municipality and Nova Scotia’s capital.

Here are the top 12 best and prime things to do in Nova Scotia.

1. Cape Breton Island

The Island of Nova Scotia is situated on Canada’s east coast-[Atlantic Coast]. The beauty of this place can be apprised in many ways. Unama-‘ki’ is the real name of this Island. Culture and Heritage Perceive an affable Pjilasi (Welcome).

Cape Breton Highlands is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean floor on the East, the Cabot trail to the North and East, and the Gulf of ST. Lawrence. Here you will find various birds, mammals, and sea birds.

Clinging to the mountains, and rising from the sea, a winding mix of paths and roadways with mesmerizing beauty. Cabot Trail is a lifetime amazing scenic drive experience.

Skyline Trail is a looping hiking trail at Cape Breton Highland National Park. The trail is known for its scenic hiking trails.

Many hikers have spotted a moose and black Bear along with the minke whale, harbour seal, humpback whales, harp seals, dolphins, and pilot whales.

At Blomidona, Cape Blomidon Provincial Park is a camping day-use park located on the shores of the Mines Basin in Nova Scotia. It is famous for its hiking and the world’s highest tides.

2. Joggins Fossil Cliff

Jogging Fossil is the Unesco world heritage site, which is enormously famous for holding Fossils, including the earliest and old reptiles, which can be more than 300 million years old.

Including all the other adventures and activities, visit Joggins Fossil Cliff. One of the best experiences in Nova Scotia is to feature an extensive fossil specimen collection and manifest the stunning white sand Beach.

3. Fisheries And Canadian Museum

On the Nova Scotia bucket list, a tour of the living history Museum of the Atlantic in the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Lunenberg is one of the best things.

You can learn about August Gales, whales, lobster codes, and flounders.

The Canadian Museum is located at Pier 21. It is the national museum of Canada. This is the last remaining Ocean liner terminal and immigration shed from 1928 to 1971.

Canadian Museum, Nova Scotia
`1Photo By: adam morgan from Pixabay

The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is situated here, the oldest continuously operating market, founded in 1750.

4. Shubenacadie Provincial Park And Grand Pre

The only park in Nova Scotia provincial system spread over 40 hectares. Shubenacadie is a wonderful place for wildlife watching that gives a glimpse of all the wild and giant animals- from humpback whales to tiny squirrels with an interpreting center and a picnic area.

 Grand Pre, Nova scotia
Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay

A National Historic Site Grand Pre gives us an experience that one cannot forget. The museum, the statue of Evangeline, and the giant willow trees will catch your attraction. It is located in UNESCO. The Statue of Evangeline reveals the tale of Le Grand Derangement, the heroine of Longfellow’s poem.

5. Halifax Public Gardens

This garden was established in the year of the Canadian Confederation in 1867. It is the oldest Victorian Garden. In 1836, it was founded by the Nova Scotia Horticulture Society and recognized as a National Historic Site in 1984.

This natural harbour is located in Halifax. It owes its existence to being one of the world’s largest and deepest Ice- Free natural harbours.

These are the only authentic Historic and Horticulture significance gardens, established in 1874 by combining two older parks.

Halifax Public Gardens, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Image by Ebowalker from Pixabay

Citadel Hill is a national historic building in Halifax. In 1749, The English founded the city, and four fortifications have been constructed here since then. It is referred to as Fort George.

The featured lawns, flower beds, Rhododendron, and Tree-lined paths are the best things to experience in this place.

6. Annapolis Valley

Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley was established in 1605 under Sieur De Mons’s leadership and planned in 1970 to promote its heritage and culture.

The valley is an attractive, beautiful tidal bay representing more than 400 years of local history.

The Annapolis royal historic gardens, Rose garden, thousands of colourful, fragrant blossoms, the reconstructed Acadian house, and garden dykes are based on Acadian life.

Nova Scotia’s famed Bay of Fundy, tidal bore rafting in the Schubenacadle river is the natural and raw wonders of the world which can be generally deep up to 233 meters; it is known for the world’s highest tides which can range up to 16 meters high.

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada
Image by Theo Dawson from Pixabay

Here birding tours off Brier Island and whale watching are exciting sea adventures.

7. Ross Farm Museum And Peggy’s Cove

Ross museum is located in New Nova Scotia and is an agricultural museum. The historic Peggy’s Point lighthouse is also known as Peggy’s Cove. This is a traditional Acadian fishing village and active fishing community in Halifax.

8. Royal Barge And Halifax Harbour

In the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria, in 1887, a royal barge built by Royal Barge – builders Burgoynes presented her this Royal Barge in the Royal Borough of Kingston, Thames.

Later it was presented to the Maritime Museum Canada by Queen Elizabeth II. It is one of the best things to explore on the Nova Scotia itinerary.

Downtown Halifax Harbour is situated in the eastern central portion of the Halifax peninsula. It is a central business district of Halifax. It is an hour-long guided tour in Nova Scotia.

 Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
Image by willstef from Pixabay

9. Alexander Keith

He established his brewery in Halifax in 1820. The building is a part of a complex, artfully laid-out path that includes weekend farmers’ markets.

A National Historic Site gives an experience that cannot forget. The museum, the duck pond, the statue of Evangeline, and the giant willow trees will catch your attraction.

Trout Point Lodge provides a unique vacation experience.

Lobster roll, Nova Scotia, Canada
Image by ucomedia from Pixabay

The culinary and wilderness packages a diverse range of delicious seafood from the Acadian traditional recipes to modern cuisines- famous Canadian Snow Crab, Tuna, Mussels, delicious Lobster Roll, and Lobster Poutine and maple syrup.

10. Kejimkujik National Park

Kejimkujik Park protects 205 Birds, 40 Mammal species, 8 reptiles, 13 Amphibians, 5 Snakes, and 544 vascular plants. It is home to a few special and rare animal species. Feeding wildlife is prohibited in the park. You can visit this park to see the rare wildlife.


Here are the most amazing things to do in Nova Scotia: explore and witness the exquisite and unforgettable journey. If you are planning to visit Nova Scotia, and have no clue how to spend your time, then do not worry; this is the place worth visiting. We hope this article will come in handy for you to decide how to spend your precious time.

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