Wondering About The Things To Do In Toronto? Read To Know 18 Famous Locations You Can’t-Miss

Have you ever wondered how many things you might be missing out on things to do in the diverse population of Toronto, Ontario? 

Out of the thousands of things you could do in downtown Toronto here is a list of the most exciting and thrilling modern world things to do in Toronto. The city of Toronto is high-spirited, with special events and live performances organized for the audiences visiting the city from all over the world. It includes exciting attractions in the fresh air and old Toronto day trips year-round. Various types of travellers can enjoy every bit of this city. 

Toronto is Canada’s most lively city ever to visit. You could look for your perfect spot wandering through the history of Toronto and walking trails of the whole of Ontario. Finding your comfort stop in the busy city, mainly downtown Toronto, I can say there’s plenty to observe in the city center. It is surrounded by Toronto maple leaves, glass floorings in observation decks, street art near a food market, and gothic revival architecture. Wondering about things to do in Toronto? Keep reading!

After wading-through Toronto’s major attractions and asking my friends from the city and all over Ontario, I’ve come up with top things to do in Toronto. It is a budget-friendly and family activity to look forward to. This list will help you plan out your travel schedules without any worry and hesitation. Let’s dive into surreal things to do in Toronto! 


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It is number one on the list I made simply because who wouldn’t wanna see this beauty of the world! It is one of the most classic things to do in Toronto, the city filled with the liveliness of children and adults. I highly recommend you make time to visit Niagara Falls and the Niagara river formed by Niagara falls.

The green colour of the river is a tribute to the erosive power of the water by rock flour and salts dissolved in it. Niagara Falls is one of the top Toronto attractions as it doesn’t have any admission prices to think about. You’ll get amazing views and even be able to capture pictures with your family and friends. Expect a good two hours to spend at the most lovely location in Toronto, Ontario. Visiting Niagara Falls is one of the great things to do in Toronto.


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The Royal Ontario Museum in Canada is one of the top things to do in Toronto, it is vibrant, and Toronto is a big part of it. The museum takes up to three or four hours to complete, and the admission prices are ranged from CAD $14-23. For real museum lovers, this Royal Ontario museum is perfect for your time to spend. It will take you to a few amazing eye-catching pieces. At each piece and glass floor decor, you’ll find yourself making a stop at them and admiring the museum’s beauty to the fullest.

Royal Ontario Museum is also known as ROM, and it is visited by almost one million visitors every year-round, making it one of the most visited attractions in Toronto. People from all over the world and the city of Toronto, Ontario, bring themselves in the hearts of Canada.


Toronto Zoo and its animals welcome you and your families wholeheartedly. You can bring your vehicle and take a ride into the wildlife of the Toronto zoo and have an opportunity to get close to the animals and admire them. It’s the perfect place to walk as well since the grounds are well made. Be sure to make reservations earlier, although the crowds are much lower nowadays.

There are a lot of hills at the Toronto zoo from which the views are immaculate. If you have children, you could start the tour with the splash pad. It takes longer than a few hours to cover the whole of the Toronto Zoo, so I suggest you plan on visiting in the morning.


things to do in toronto
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Beautiful things to do in Toronto include the CN Tower, known as Canada’s National Tower. Visiting the CN Tower will give you a lifetime experience of elite dining, entertainment spot and Toronto’s top destination. It has a height of about 553.33 m (1,815 ft., 5 in) with a glass floor and elevators giving it an art-decor look. The lookout level at the CN tower is a full 360-degree circumference at 114 stories giving you a chance to look at the cityscape of Toronto. You can get the best bird’s eye view of the city.

Don’t miss out on the souvenirs of Canada and artistic pieces at the gift shops. If you don’t find anything eye-catching for you, there’s always a North market to visit at the end of the day. Another top attraction closer to Cn tower is the Toronto City Hall, where you can find amazing corporate government offices. It is basically home to real estate.


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The music garden shows you the curves and bends of the Toronto riverscape. The guests need to make their way through six parts of the garden where many performances take place. The duration is almost one to two hours to complete. The music, however, happens only at certain times; try your luck! It is known to be the most soothing park on the waterfront, with beautiful seating and areas inspired by a piece of classical music.

Downtown Toronto is just ten minutes away, where you can find amazing food to devour. They have Little India serving mouth-watering Indian street foods. Another ten minutes away is the distillery district, where the history of the 19th-century buildings can be seen. You can also find cool boutiques, bars and it is a good place for art lovers. It also comes under Toronto National historic site.


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The Toronto Islands Park is located in Old Toronto, and it is made up of four main islands, which contain long enjoyable trails, a few beaches to chill at and a children’s small amusement park. The Island has a variety of food options to choose from, and for something extra special, you could consider going on a cute date with your partner by the beach and watching the beautiful sunset surrounding rides and people.

Toronto Islands are only thirty minutes away from downtown Toronto, giving you the time to explore the city center downtown Toronto food life and the history of the city life. Not only is this fun, but also very romantic and perfect for couples as well as family and friends. You can also rent a bike at the island from a few different locations.


Exploring this gorgeous Lake Ontario should definitely be on your list since the views are spectacular. You get the opportunity to see this natural wonder, which is known to be truly one of Mother Nature’s wonders. A boat ride through the waters of Lake Ontario would be adventurous, giving you a whole forty-five minutes ride looking at the beautiful islands and water bodies.

Lake Ontario is a massive lake surrounding a few beaches that you could visit; Cherry Beach is too sandy, which makes it a good picnic spot. The weather is lovely to take a nice walk on the beach, and if you own a pet dog, it would definitely love the sand.


things to do in toronto
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The Art gallery of Ontario is a museum located in the Grange park neighbourhood and attracts a large number of crowds visiting Toronto, Ontario. Art galleries are a part of seasonal activities and are a perfect example of leisure time. They are sort of like a permanent home to artists and people who admire the artistic history of the city and its life.

There are several different levels of art pieces that will give you a lifetime experience of visiting and praising these pieces. This fun activity is great for people interested and looking for a few things to gift their loved ones. Some of the well-known and visited art galleries of Ontario are Brookfield Place, The Art of Banksy, The Market art gallery, and Gallery Arcturus.


One of the easiest things to do in Toronto is visiting the Lawrence market; it is the place you’d find for best vendor sellers selling everything from local food to elite pasta and loaves of bread. It is a two-century city landmark with thousands of tourists visiting the place every year. One popular food the Lawrence market serves is the smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays and opens during the week from 8 am to 5 pm.

Kensington Market is famous for its bohemian party atmosphere, with streets being packed all day long. You can find your favourite cuisine at the independent stores, amazing lit bars, and restaurants. Make a good day out of it and enjoy the lovely Kensington market places. North market kitchen café is a great place to chill at with a musical ambiance, cowboy breakfast and handmade Italian soda, local cider, beer, and many more.


The Ontario Science Centre is a wonderful place, and it’s even better looking at the wonders of the galaxy in Space hall. They have a giant screen theatre as well as a fun science arcade. Out of the 500 interactive exhibitions, you can observe and explore the eye-catching ones and go on an adventure and innovation history. Get your family together and spend some hours making observations and testing cool theories.

It is very convenient to travel in North york because of the transportation. You can drive 15 minutes from Ontario Science Centre to North York, a district home to the Ontario science centre. It will offer you the most mouth-watering food at top restaurants and cafés.


I personally love this park because it is situated on Centre Island. Visiting the park is a popular thing for locals as well as people from across the world to do in Centre Island. The people are super friendly, and you could definitely spend the whole day obsessing over the fun rides and amazing views. It is on a 600-acres of parkland across the beautiful city harbour of downtown Toronto.

As one of the popular Toronto attractions, the best time you could visit are the seasons and weekdays. Try to make it early since you don’t wanna be all lined up waiting for the queue to end. There are in total of 14 restaurants available to dine in and get to eat hamburgers, fries, pizza ice cream, and many more.


The bata shoe museum is home to the world’s largest showroom with global choices to choose from. The collection of shoes and sandals is unbelievable; they serve it as a mission to let people know and acknowledge the understanding of this footwear. The beautiful role of the makers defines the social and cultural factors of humanity.

You’d be amazed to hear the history of the footwear, small gestures of the footwear, for instance, shoe technology and artistry show the battle between humans and nature in the way clothing is made to protect humans. After a long day at the museum, you could always hop into the car and drive to Rogers centre, fifteen minutes away from a stadium situated just southwest of the CN tower, to enjoy some concerts, baseball or football, and any other sports.


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The Graffiti alley is an interesting spot to explore where you can find and admire the street art along a stretch of back alley if you’re in the neighbourhood of the fashion district, just a twenty-minute walk from the Toronto city hall. You’d love to see the work of talented graffiti artists, which makes it a unique part of Toronto. With its own street sign, they also have a beautiful memorial garden in the middle of the alley.

Grab a cup of coffee and make your way into the beautiful alley; it is also a fun spot to take pictures with your friends. It is very much inviting with positive vibes and lovely colours; however, it is at the back alley, which seems sketchy.


Ripley’s aquarium is a 10-minute drive from High Park. If you’re in the neighbourhood, make sure to visit the waters of the world just at the base of the CN tower. Buy a Toronto Citypass to explore the beauties of Toronto at a discount. The aquarium is filled with 20,000 aquatic animals and lets you have the opportunity to get up close with them and have the time of your life.

It was a bit expensive but worth the money. You’ll get to see so many different kinds of fish, sharks and other ocean animals. I highly recommend visiting the aquarium since the exhibitions are interesting and unique.


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No trip to Toronto is complete without the world-famous Casa Loma. It is included in the Toronto Citypass. This magical city castle offers beautifully decorated insides with the outside architecture of 1911 history. It is one of the largest private residences in Canada. It took three years to complete with 300 men, this beautiful castle is self-guided, and visitors experience it with their own leisure time.

It is situated in the neighbourhood of South Hill, a few minutes away from old city hall. Sometimes Casa Loma is used for shooting movies due to its architectural decor and history. It is also a popular destination for weddings and photoshoots.


High Park, located right in the center of the city, offers you a range 0f different things to do in Toronto like baseball games, ice-skating, concerts, food, an art gallery, and many more. The interactive restaurants, people, and displays will do a good job of keeping you busy throughout the day. Going along with a group of friends for some adventure like nature hiking is a popular thing to do in Toronto.

You can walk up to 50 walking trails for refreshment and fun games with your family; most forest area is zigzagged. The best time to visit the park is late warm spring weather when you can see the trees and flowers blossoming later than normal. It is recommended to visit on a weekday morning to avoid the after-work and weekend crowds. High Park is one of the areas with green space, almost 2% of the total 13% green space. Visiting the park for psychological relaxation will help.


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Engage yourself into the 1860s history of Black creek pioneer village making your way into the re-created country village of Toronto. Visitors are given a chance to visit 40 historic buildings, 70 rare and heritage breed animals, 10 gardens growing beautiful flowers and plant life. They also fun engaging hands-on activities throughout the village.

It is situated in the North York province of Toronto. The village is a typical destination for children’s field trips, operated by historical interpreters and artisans who are housed in the restored buildings. People typically spend two hours. Housed people will demonstrate and explain for you how people lived, worked, and played in mid 19th century rural Toronto, Ontario.


The Hockey Hall of Fame commemorates the history of ice hockey. It is located in Brookfield Place and is a lovely museum to visit with your family and friends. It was founded by James T. Sutherland., establishing in 1943. The Stanley cup is displayed in the Hockey hall of fame. The building itself is a beautiful old beautiful that is worth the visit and wait.

It is a must-see for any hockey fan, and the museum has so much information about the history of hockey. The Stanley cup is housed in an amazing room with other interesting trophies, and if you enjoy walking around and looking at jerseys, you will enjoy this place. It is one of the best things to do in Toronto.

Thank you so much for reading our guide to things to do in Toronto. We really hope you enjoyed the top things to do on the Toronto list! These places are really inspiring, we love Toronto, and you will too! Things to do in Toronto from the Royal Ontario Museum to old city hall and high park, Toronto CityPass will give you a whole tour of the place. Have fun exploring the different food markets in the city with your loved ones.

Since Toronto is one of the most popular cities in Canada, make sure to book up your stays, air tickets if needed, and tourist attractions in advance. Summer and winter months welcome a huge crowd throughout the days. You could rent a car or a bike to travel across the city, exploring the beautiful nature and buildings of Toronto.

The traffic downtown is a lot and will get you annoyed. There are a few different options to choose from, like subways and city buses. If you want to take a nice walk after your dinner, you could walk around the city in the night along the beautiful nightlife bars, lit-up buildings and paths. It wouldn’t disappoint you. My favourite is always to get a cup of nice coffee and walk along with friends talking about life. There are also some cheap and free things to do in Toronto if you’re going on a budget, like biking in trails, joining fun food tours, kayaking,

If you want more things to do in Toronto, a visit to cute little events or festivals won’t hurt! There are always a few other things going on in Toronto, from festival shows to whatever you name it. One of the best festivals is The Pride festival- it is rooted in the city’s gay village. The festival also includes a popular parade; in the end, it is a 35-year old tradition where people are invited to honour the LGBT community. The Toronto International Film Festival could be at the top of things to do in Toronto; some of the biggest celebrities visit the festival in a 10-day party. It takes place every year from September 8- September 18.

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