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10 Best Cities in Canada—You Must Explore

Wondering which places to visit while you are in this American country? Or how to make your trip worthwhile? Don't worry, here's the perfect article for you, which will give you a guide on the best cities in Canada that you must visit! Canada, one of the countries in Northern

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10 Ultra Exciting Things to Do in Quebec City

Founded as a fur trade colony in 1608 at what is now Place Royale, it quickly grew into an administrative centre and is now the capital of Québec Province and one of Canada's most beautiful cities. The Old Town of Quebec, the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec, is

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How To Make Montreal Smoked Meat: 7 Simple Ways and Top 9 Places You Can Visit

Montreal smoked meat is very similar to New York pastrami sandwiches and can be considered a corned beef variation. The difference is pastrami sandwich uses beef navel or beef plate while the Montreal meat sandwich uses beef brisket and is less sugary when compared to Pastrami. Origin of Montreal Smoked Meat