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4 Facts to Know About the Popular Star Mine Suspension Bridge

star mine suspension bridge

Have you ever wondered what are the best sightseeing things in Canada? The answer to this question will include Niagara Falls, Jasper, Banff National Park and so on. But, interestingly the bridges of Canada can also be added to the list.

Canada is a must-visit place for visitors and is known for its immense beauty. Since 2021 though, an incident at the Star Mine Suspension Bridge has closed the bridge down.

Canada is Home to a Good Number of Bridges

The most indelible infrastructures in Canada Country are the bridges. There are around 51,700 bridges in the country. And every bridge has its unique feature and immense history.

The city of Saskatoon, interestingly, is popularly known as ‘The City of Bridges’. The city maintains a total of 80 bridges.

Canada has bridges constructed in ancient times as well as those constructed in the modern phase. The bridges of the country feature the history of the city. The Lyndhurst Bridge in Ontario is the oldest. Whereas, the Gordie Howe International Bridge is the most anticipated.

star mine suspension bridge
By: Lonely Boy/ Pexels

Samuel de Champlain Bridge is regarded as the busiest bridge in Canada. The Lethbridge Viaduct is the highest-level bridge and Hartland Covered Bridge is the longest covered bridge. And the Zavikon Island Bridge is the shortest one. These are the reasons for Canada’s stunning beauty.

Describing Canada’s intensifying beauty, we have come up with the description of the Star Mine Bridge.

For further information thus visit the List of Bridges in Canada.

Star Mine Suspension Bridge

The Star Mine Suspension Bridge is a pedestrian bridge. Its general location is Drumheller Valley, Alberta, Canada. It is about 117 metres long and built across the Red Deer River.

It was originally built for the miners working in the Star Coal Mine, to help them to cross the river.

star mine suspension bridge
Screenshot From Google Maps

Firstly, it was constructed in 1931 and later the Alberta Government rebuilt it in 1958 when the Star Mine closed in 1957. It provides the visitors of Alberta Badlands with an alluring experience over the beautiful river.

1. Why is the Star Mine Bridge Closed?

Initially, Star Mine Bridge was closed due to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. But subsequently, it did not open for some other additional purposes.

It was closed to the public in February 2018 due to pending repairs of the supports in North Dakota.  This decision was made on April 30 by the city council.

The reason was explained after an inspection by the Flood Mitigation and Resiliency Office. It was conducted in May 2020. The site statistics report was disclosed. And the structural support on the northeastern bank was in poor condition.

Keeping in mind the safety of the public, the overpass was closed to visitors. Unfortunately, the officials did not put any trespassing signs near the area.

2. Who Owns Star Mine Bridge?

There are lands to the north of the suspension bridge and the parking lot to the south. These are currently owned by the Province through Alberta Transportation. In 1998, an agreement was signed between the Province and the Town of Drumheller.

This was mainly for the control, administration, and maintenance of these respective areas. However, the support that is in poor condition lies in the region where the land is owned by CP Rail.

Many negotiations occurred between CP Rail and Alberta Transportation, the Town and their respective officials over the land. But the negotiations could not reach an agreement due to the denial by CP Rail.

Later, CP Rail sold the land to a private landowner rather than selling it to the Town. 

3. By When Will the Bridge be Open to the Public?

Star Mine Bridge is the most popular tourist spot. It drives the attention of the locals as well as the tourists. So, the Town is considering the repairs and reopening of the bridge as a priority.

The visitors were expecting that the repairs of the overpass will be completed by the end of 2021. But, still, the repairs have not been completed. 

Darryl Drohomerski is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Drumheller stated that the Town of Alberta is still waiting for access to land from the Province.

Despite the meetings being conducted, the regions under the ownership of Alberta Transportation have not yet been transferred to the Town. It is because the consultation that is to be conducted by Alberta Lands is under review.

Till then neither Alberta Transportation nor Drumheller Town can get the repairs completed. The repairs are to be done in an area owned by the private owner.

Finally, the Council has come up with the approval of moving ahead with the process of expropriation.

4. Star Mine Suspension Bridge: In Ads

The past activity, services delivered, and negligence of the authorities were unavoidable. Also, the new services delivered are being questioned by the people.

Nowadays, Star Mine Bridge is mostly featured in tailored ads. It is because the tailored ads-based audience engagement is high and age-appropriate. Taking advantage of this, the authorities are trying to make it popular amongst the people.

Know More About Suspension Bridges-

1. Which is Canada’s longest suspension walking footbridge?

Eagle Canyon is the longest suspension walking bridge in Canada.

2. What are three famous suspension bridges?

The most prominent examples are-

  • Brooklyn Bridges in New York
  • Golden Gate Bridges in San Francisco
  • Tower Bridges in London

3. What is the oldest suspension bridge in the US?

Newburyport Mass is the first suspension bridge in the United States.

4. Which is the oldest suspension bridge in the world?

Union Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in the world.


Canada encompasses a wide range of bridges. It features longest to shortest, earliest to newest. And even busy and anticipated bridges. All of them are worth watching.

Despite these, Star Mine Suspension Bridge is also very popular for its immense beauty.

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