Southern Ontario Beaches: 12 Beaches to Explore

Southern Ontario beaches are an area of outstanding natural beauty in Southern Ontario. Picton is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and is known for its beaches in Sandbanks Provincial Park. The Southern Ontario beaches here are one-of-a-kind and home to the most giant Baymouth dunes in the world. In addition to fantastic beaches, you can find great food, antiques, and wineries in the Picton area.

Southern Ontario Beaches is a great place to spend a summer day at the beach. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from, and each one has its unique features. Whether you are looking for a sandy beach with great swimming and surfing conditions, or one with a lovely view, Southern Ontario Beaches has something for everyone. So, grab your sunscreen and head to the nearest Southern Ontario beaches!

Top 15 Beaches in Southern Ontario

The beaches in Southern Ontario are some of the most beautiful Beaches in the world. With miles of sandy shoreline and crystal-clear water, they offer the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation. There are a variety of popular beaches to choose from, each with its unique character. Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to read a book or a bustling little beach town with plenty of activities, you will find top in southern Ontario Beaches.

1. Wasaga Beach

Wasaga beach is a well-known beach town in Ontario. Wasaga Beach is a small town in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. It almost feels like you can walk forever along this beautiful shoreline with an endless supply of activities, restaurants, and outdoor relaxation. The beach may seem like it has everything, but it is really just the beginning if you are looking for a summer getaway at one of the longest beaches in the world. 

southern ontario beaches
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Wasaga beach is the largest freshwater beach in southern Ontario. Wasaga Beach has become one of the most popular destinations for summer visitors in Ontario, located on Nottawasaga Bay. The Beach is just one of many attractions that bring people from all over Ontario, Along the winding Nottawasaga river are many popular canoe routes along with footpaths and cycle trails. This beach is perfect for a summer weekend. 

This Beach has more stretches of activities to do and wonders to see along the beach shore. Wasaga Beach has much to offer in the other part of the town. This Beach is for family fun so be sure to visit with Wasaga 500 go-karts, which boasts a one-mile-long track. It is so much fun.

 And two 18-hole mini putts courses and batting capes are perfect for the summertime. If you are craving a game of golf, take a trip to the morrowood Golf and Country Club and enjoy a great game with friends right near the beach. Wasaga Beach actually boasts some Canadian history from the War of 1812 at the Nancy Island historic site. The Wasaga Beach nordic and trail system is very extensive, and it offers a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities for all four seasons.

When you think of Wasaga Beach, you probably are thinking cottage town and lots of summer fun well. It couldn’t be truer and to top it all off, there are a series of events that take place under the sun that can be enjoyed by anyone. The inflata fest is the largest gathering of inflatables that takes place at Wasaga Beach. It is not just for kids featuring everything from bouncing castles to inflatable and obstacle courses, this event is for everyone to enjoy.

Also, this beach is not to go unmissed. Nottawasaga river is just off the beach and contains hiking trails along beautiful rivers and fishing. It is a wonderful complement to all other activities in the area. It is a beautiful summer destination with great activities, outdoor events, and fun for the whole family. This brings crowds, but if you don’t mind getting involved in all the action, go for a visit in Southern Ontario beaches.

2. Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandbanks provincial park is a nature reserve located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County, 60 miles west of Kingston, just east of Wasaga beach. The provincial park itself like the Algonquin and also has campgrounds. This park is best for hiking trails and biking. Sandbanks have three beautiful beaches the first is outlet beach which is also Lakeshore Beach and the third is Dune Beach. 

southern ontario beaches
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Beach lovers can find everything on the sandbar, including windsurfing, and boating, there are sand dunes and wonderful swimming. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of premium (and delicious) wine, maple syrup, and cheese events and fairs—not to mention antiques, fishing, bluegrass music, and quilts. Two hiking trails that active travelers will enjoy are the Woodlands Trail and the Cedar Sands Trail.

On the shores of Lake Ontario, Sandbanks has golden dunes that form two of the largest freshwater sandbars in the world. With more than 500 campgrounds, The North Beach provincial park around the sandbar is great for a variety of summer activities.

3. Agawa Bay Beach

Agawa bay is located on the eastern end of grand bend, a town located on the south shore of Lake Huron, at the southern end of Lake Superior Provincial Park, Agawa Bay Beach is more than 3 kilometers of sandy beach surrounded by stunning Canadian Shield Mountains and cliffs at both ends. Enjoy paddling, body surfing, or swimming.

Another gem on the Lake Superior shoreline, the 3km long beach here is rugged swimmers with sensitive feet beware. The Rock District is also home to Sichuan Rock. Don’t miss a visit to this sacred place where generations of Ojibwe people have painted their dreams and spirits in ochre red on the rocks.

Lake Superior Provincial Park is Ontario’s jewel, just over an hour’s drive north of Pancake Bay. It has crystal clear waters, beautiful scenery, and a tranquil atmosphere that you don’t often encounter on Ontario’s beaches. Agawa Bay is a must-see as it is one of the best in Southern Ontario Beaches!

4. Grand Bend Beach

Grand bend is a beautiful small town on the St. Clair River in southwest Ontario. Grand Bend beach is one of Ontario’s most popular and amazing beach towns. It has coveted Blue Flag beach status and offers million-dollar sunsets. Just steps from the waterfront, the town’s main streets are lined with boutiques, live music, restaurants, and exciting events enjoy sitting on beach chairs with umbrellas. Big Bend is easily Ontario’s ultimate beach town.

southern ontario beaches
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If you are looking for busy Southern Ontario beaches with a laid-back party vibe, you will probably find that Grand Bend far exceeds your expectations. Conveniently located on the sunny southeast sandy shores of blue Lake Huron, Grand Bend beach is just an hour’s drive from London and about three hours west of Toronto, making it the perfect day or weekend getaway for most Ontario residents.

One of the best and main beach towns in Ontario, Grand Bend has a lot to do and a lot of great summer vibes. If you prefer a more rustic adventure, consider combining your visit with a stay at Pinery Provincial Park. We hope this comprehensive guide and list of the best things to do at Grand Bend (and Pinery!) will help you have an amazing adventure in this little corner of the world.

5. Port Dover Beach

Port Dover beach is located on the gulf of St. Lawrence is a gateway to eastern Canada. Port Dover, Ontario sits on the shores of scenic Lake Erie. With its prime location on Lake Erie, this seaside town turns into a bustling beach destination in the summer. With its sandy beaches and warm waters, Port Dover is the perfect beach getaway.

Historically, the Port of Dover has been known for its active fishing community and Great Lakes life. Tourism boomed in the early 80s when the famous Friday 13 motorcycle rally made the Port of Dover home. Overall, the Port of Dover and Port Stanley Beach both are popular destinations for beach lovers and boaters. In addition to the beaches, there are many great things to do in this pretty lakeside town like some palm trees there.

The Port of Dover is a beautiful and peaceful getaway with friendly people and of course picturesque beaches. Dive into the water for a relaxing, swimming, or soaking up the sun on the beach to soak up the South Coast. The pier is a focal point for anglers, couples, and seniors watching tugboats return their catch. If you want to go out on open water, the waterfront offers a great marina and charter tour.

The Port of Dover is the second largest borough in Norfolk County, Ontario, with a population of 6,161 at the time of the 2016 census. This is a 7.9% increase from the population of 5,710 in 2011. Most residents speak English, with 285 speaking a language other than English or French. The majority of Port Dover residents were Canadian-born, with 515 European-born residents, in addition to 10 African-born residents, 70 American-born residents, and 70 Asian-born residents.

6. Sugar Beach, Toronto

Sugar Beach is a great option if you are looking for a lovely South beach and amazing beaches to relax on in Southern Ontario Beaches. It is the second longest freshwater beach with its sugar-white dunes and sparkling blue waters. It is easy to see why this beach is a local favorite. Sugar Beach is one of the best southwestern Ontario beaches. It is located in Downtown Toronto, and is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the views.

If you are looking for a place to spend a lazy afternoon or a spot to take a refreshing swim, Sugar Beach is worth a visit. So, make sure to add it to your list of places to explore in the Toronto area.

7. Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo is a very popular provincial park in northeast Toronto and has become a popular alternative to Algonquin Provincial Park. Bon Echo’s main feature is Mazinaw Rock, a 100-foot cliff with more than 260 Aboriginal hieroglyphs.

Bon Echo provincial park is one of the best provincial parks in Ontario with miles of pristine beaches and stunning scenery. One of Ontario’s premier provincial parks, Bon Echo has long been a popular destination for residents of the eastern part of the province. It is especially popular with families, and one of the main reasons is the park’s beautiful beaches. Incredibly high rock walls can be seen from the main beach.

Entry to Bon Echo Provincial Park is free, so you can have a great day in Ontario without breaking the bank. After you have hiked in this protected natural area, check out some of the other attractions in the area. Mazinaw Lake Narrows and Marble Lake are very popular among tourists.

8. Indian Head Cove & The Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park

Indian Head Cove is a small beach as beautiful as a grotto, continue for 100m and you will come to Indian Head Cove. The pristine beaches are truly Caribbean and complement the scenic waters of Georgian Bay. It is a popular swimming spot. While the water in Georgia Bay is cold, it is refreshing on a hot summer day.

The Grotto is a cave with clear blue natural pools, and Indian Head Cove is a scenic cove adjacent to Grotto. These two popular attractions are located along Georgian Bay in Bruce Peninsula National Park, about a half-hour walk from Lake Cyprus.

The Georgian Bay coastline, with grottoes, Indian Head Bay, midway log stacks, and surrounding trails, is a popular area of ​​Bruce Peninsula National Park. Parking is limited and access to these areas requires a reservation. Plan to avoid disappointment!

Grottoes are natural or man-made caves, the ones near Tobermory are so spectacular that they are called grottoes. Here, the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay have carved soft stone cliffs, leaving caves, tunnels, and arches. The water here is so clear that when the sun shines on them, the rocks below seem to glow golden.

The Grotto, Tobermory is one of Ontario’s most popular attractions. This is an area of ​​rocky cliffs and hollowed-out caves on the Georgian Bay side of the Bruce Peninsula. While it is currently impossible to swim or explore the caves, The Grotto is still beautiful enough to be worth a visit.

9. Sauble Beach

Sauble beach is a beautiful bay beach located in Ontario, Canada. It is a community on the South Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, extending south and north from Highway 21 to the Bruce Peninsula. Sauble Beach is located south of the city, between the Sauble Falls and Sauble Beach South communities, on the northern edge of the Saugeen First Nation.

Just a few hours from the Toronto subway, Sauble Beach is one of the top beaches for a weekend getaway or summer vacation. It is also just a short drive from Windsor and the US, Sauble Beach is friendly. When the sun goes out on Lake Huron, Sauble Beach offers stunning sunsets and plenty of marriage proposals.

One of the most popular southern Ontario beaches, Sauble Beach is a 10 to 12-kilometer stretch of sand that beach stretches along Lake Huron near Cobourg beach. In some parts of the beach, you can drive your car onto the sand. No need to drag your stuff across the beach in the scorching sun; just pay the entrance fee, park, and set up your day camp.

10. Toronto Woodbine Beach

Toronto woodbine beach is located in Toronto, Canada. It is located in an area of ​​the Greater Toronto Area known as The Beaches. It is Toronto’s most popular beach and is usually crowded on hot, sunny weekends. This wide beach is also the center of Toronto’s beach volleyball. Every night and weekend, you will find the beach full of sweaty bodies poking, diving, and trying to look good.

Woodbine Beach is Toronto’s most popular public beach and is often crowded on warm summer days. The beach is a long curving two-mile stretch of sand that is usually patrolled by lifeguards from June to Labor Day. Outdoor showers and changing rooms are also provided free of charge.

If you want to visit beautiful Southern Ontario beaches without getting too far from home, this is for you. Lifeguards also patrol the beach from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm, unless otherwise indicated.

11. Killbear Provincial Park

Killbear provincial park is an amazing provincial park located in southern Ontario, Canada. Killbear Provincial Park is home to many wildlife including foxes, birds, elk, deer, and black bears. It makes one of the best picnic areas. Given the park’s name, it is no surprise that black bears frequent the park. Remember to keep all food in bear-proof containers out of reach or hanging out of reach. Park staff may fine you if you don’t eat at the campground.

Killbear Provincial Park is one of Ontario’s most famous attractions. Killbear Park is known throughout Canada and around the world. Although many factors make this park a popular outdoor tourist destination and long point provincial park in Ontario. Hiking trails, beautiful lakes, and beautiful landscapes are just some of them. But Killbear Provincial Park’s claim to fame rests on a lone tree twisted by the wind, clinging to bare rock in the gale of Georgia Bay.

As for the Ontario Parks System, Killbear Camping is fantastic. Sites are mostly large, private, and clean, and have easy access to comfort stations, taps, and Killbear’s network of trails and beaches.

12. Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Pancake bay provincial park is a great place to enjoy Bayfield pier beach, Lake Huron Beaches (Bayfield Main Beach), and Sarnia Alcantara Park beach. Pancake Bay Provincial Park is a serious contender for the best Southern Ontario beaches. Stunning blue waters and golden sands provide the perfect setting for a day at the beach. If you want to go swimming in Pancake Bay Provincial Park, the water is shallow and clear.

South of Pancake Bay is Batchawana Bay Provincial Park, another Southern Ontario beaches on Lake Superior. The sun-drenched 5km beach at Batchewana Bay is the perfect place to spend a summer with the family. The water here is shallow and warm, perfect for swimming in the Bay Provincial Park! Amenities include picnic tables and bathrooms.

Pancake Cove Provincial Park is also along the historic Voyager Paddle Route. Of course, when you think of the best Southern Ontario beaches, The springs in Lake Superior are very impressive. You should add Pancake Cove Provincial Park Beach to your list so you can experience the Ontario beaches of Lake Superior.

All You Can Do at Southern Ontario Beaches as a Visitor

Visitors to Ontario beaches should check out this eastern-central Canadian province’s famous Lake District landscape, which includes the Great Lakes and its stunning blue waters and sandy and dunes beach. During your visit, stay in a beautiful lodge on Lake Ontario, Huron, or Lake Erie, enjoy numerous water activities and discover Canada’s magnificent natural beauty.

Sunbathe on miles of white sand, hike to waterfalls and watch sailboats sail past marshmallow-pink umbrellas on Toronto city beaches. During the summer months, celebrate Canada Day on July 1 with live concerts, and check out the list of the most beautiful Southern Ontario beaches, in Canada.

When you think of Ontario Beach towns, Big Bend is a tourist favorite. With its long beach stretch on Lake Huron and a busy strip just a step from the beach, Grand Bend exudes a seaside town vibe. In addition to its beautiful Southern Ontario beaches. Grand Bend is also home to the Ausable River, which is ideal for water sports.

Whether visitors decide to spend their beach days in Toronto and spend the evening exploring beautiful Sugar Beach and its illuminated fountains, or leave the city for Lakeland, there are beautiful Southern Ontario beaches to relax and unwind and picnic areas are also available. After experiencing the white-sand beaches and lakeside communities of Port Stanley and Coburg, visitors will want to book another vacation and return to the tranquil Great Lakes region and Ontario beaches.

Please don’t be alarmed by the friendliness of your Canadian hosts and remember to respect wildlife and the environment during your visit to this pristine environment. There are so many Southern Ontario beaches that you can explore, but can also check out the 12 most amazing places to visit in Ontario in Summer

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