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Skydive Vancouver Island: 7 Interesting Facts To Know About

Skydive Vancouver Island
Photo by Jonathan Francis on Unsplash

Skydiving in British Columbia is a life-changing adventure, whether you want to experience the thrill of freefall or learn to fly your parachute. Skydive Vancouver Island is an exhilarating experience that provides spectacular sights and exhilarating sensations.

On a clear day, whether you do the First Jump Course or a Tandem Jump for your first skydive in Victoria on Vancouver Island, you will have a truly unique experience and the best possible views of Victoria, the Saanich Peninsula, the BC Gulf Islands, the Juan de Fuca Strait, and even Mt. Baker in Washington State.

Go hiking, camping, kayaking, golfing, salmon fishing, whale watching, or wildlife viewing in Victoria, Tofino, Parksville, Campbell River, or Port Hardy. In Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2014 World’s Best Awards, it was ranked ninth.

Skydive Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Ground instruction follows an aircraft ride, a “solo” instructor-activated canopy-deployment jump from 3,000 feet, and a guided descent under a canopy in the First Jump Course, followed by other interesting facts.

Photo by Muzammil Soorma on Unsplash

1. Qualified Instructors Creating An Amazing Experience

Qualified instructors ensure that you learn how to fly your parachute and advanced free fall skills from an expert. On a tandem jump, you will receive 30 minutes of training from your instructor before flying to 10,000 feet.

You’ll exit with your Tandem Master attached, enjoying approximately 35 seconds of free fall before your instructor deploys your “two-person” parachute for an exhilarating canopy descent from 5,000 feet.

2. Safety

Safety is the greatest priority on Vancouver Island and throughout the skydiving industry.

Safety has not been changed as a priority. Still, it has looked even deeper into our evolving safety measures and processes, whether in the air or on the ground at the dropzone.

3. Tandem Jumps

Tandem jumps are typically accompanied by a video of the jump, allowing you to preserve and enjoy the memory of your jump with your family for years to come. Tandem skydiving is likely to be the most exhilarating adrenaline rush ever.

Skydiving in Victoria is based at Victoria International Airport, located near Sidney on the Saanich peninsula.

Photo by Vicente Núñez on Unsplash

Nothing beats jumping over the ocean. The views are breathtaking, and it will be an unforgettable experience.

They are centrally located, so whether you are travelling from Victoria, Vancouver, Tofino, or Courtenay, we are only a short distance away. They even provide transportation from the Nanaimo BC Ferry terminal!

4. Ultimate Tandem Skydiving Adventure

End up leaving your daily worries behind as you soar up to 10,000 feet above Vancouver Island’s beaches. Feel the rush of adrenaline wash over you as you flip out of the plane into a 200km/h, 40-second freefall.

Finally, as you soar back to the centre, take in the scenery, panoramic ocean, and mountain views!

5. Share The Experience With Your Team

Your friends and family can all be present at the landing area to witness your entire experience, from the moment you exit the plane to the joy you’ll feel once you’ve touched down.

They know you’ll never forget your Tandem experience, but it’s even better when you can share it with your people through photos and a fully edited video.

The Oceanside 10,000 Experience includes your Tandem Skydive and a video and picture package with your instructor capturing your epic moments.

Within hours of your skydiving, you’ll be reliving it through the video and photos sent to your email, which you can share with the rest of the world!

6. Group Savings

Everyone in your group will be ecstatic about Tandem Skydiving from a perfectly good plane high above Vancouver Island, launching themselves into a 200km/h freefall and steering the parachute back to the skydiving centre.

Photo by Amy Workman on Unsplash

The best part of your story, however, is that while visiting, you saved money without sacrificing any of the options that enhance the experience, and there are no hidden or unexpected costs once you booked.

7. Worth The Wait Experience

There are several ways to add to your Tandem Skydive story at Skydive Vancouver Island. They have options to take your experience to the next level of awesome, capturing those once-in-a-lifetime photos or going on the highest Tandem Skydive on Vancouver Island.

The goal is to provide you with the best skydiving experience possible. They can incorporate individuals as well as large groups!

They have fantastic Learn to Skydive Camps available for you! Create your adventure right now! You might crack a smile when you see their Weekday and group discounts!

Nothing beats diving over the ocean. The viewpoints are breathtaking, and it will be an unforgettable experience.


On Skydiving Vancouver Island, experience the thrill of skydiving. Tandem Skydive Vancouver Island offers amazing views of your lifetime.

You will be attached to one of the professional instructors who will take you from 3km in the sky to 200 km/h in freefall and safely back to the ground. Since they are in Nanoose Bay, the way up and down views are spectacular.

Vancouver Island is home to stunning rainforests, beaches, mountains, lakes, and rivers. You’ll find a wealth of travel and tourism information on Vancouver Island, including accommodations, attractions, real estate, and outdoor recreation.

They offer safe, exhilarating experiences for first-time tandems and those wishing to become certified skydivers. They have the most experienced staff and the most recent equipment for increased safety. Are you prepared to fly as a human? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Written by Shreya Karagwal

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