A Guide to Prince Andrew High School Canada

IBWHS (Woodlawn High School) Formerly Prince Andrew High School

In Canada, the mean ratio of post and pre-diploma consists of 40%-98%. In a social hierarchy, an institution like a school plays a major role in development. But these institutions may be hiding dark secrets. Thus, let’s take the example and discuss a Canadian local school, Prince Andrew High School.

Well, currently the school is known by a different name, which is Woodlawn High School. It’s hard to understand the reason for the change, whether to maintain the values or restore the name of Prince Andrew. From any side, it’s weird.

Well, controversies will always stay hot because controversies are hard to digest. Thus, this article talks about Prince Andrew High School and also the infamous sex scandal.

Therefore, first, let’s know about the school, and at the end will talk about the monstrous scandal which happened at Prince Andrew School.  So stay tuned!

1. A Brief Introduction About Woodlawn High School

This section will describe the premises of the internal and external structure of Woodlawn High School, which was formerly known as Prince Andrew School. Thus let’s go section by section.

1.1. History 

The school was built around the middle of the ‘60s and ’70s. The Woodlawn high school was named after Prince Andrew. The school is a middle-level local high school, with a peculiar mid 70’s building structure.

Prince Andrew School has gone through several renovations at its time, for instance introducing an extended library in the 70s and an additional gym.

There are furthermore advancements occurred, for instance, the installation of spacious wings in the mid-’80s. The library extended again.

The exam management of Prince Andrew High School was and still is controlled by the local Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE). 

Thus, later in the ’20s, the school was recognized as an IB-certified school. Well, it’s a privilege for any school in Europe to be listed in the International Baccalaureate.

One can ask what is “IB “. Well, IB is an international board, just like any other local board of a country. Thus, it’s specifically designed to offer the best educational quality.

The school was steady and firm nothing much of triumph history was found but, in the post-year 2002, there was a controversy, which make this school a hotspot throughout the year. Before let’s talk about it with a timeline.

1.2. Timeline History of Prince Andrew High School

  • Between 1960-1970, the school was built. And in between the period new premises were introduced, for instance, new wings & new gym.
  • Between 1978-1986, more new buildings were introduced, an auditorium, the library was expanded, and an extra new wing.
  • In 2010, the 50th anniversary was conducted at the graduation of the 50th group.

Well, throughout the years 1970-1978-1986-2014. Several renovations have occurred during this timeline of Prince Andrew School.

Prince Andrew High School
Image by Sami TÜRK from Pexels

2. A Guide to Woodlawn High School

Currently, the principal of the school is Craig Campbell, and the vice principal is Kelly Cooper & Jonnae Rush. One can check the entire staff directory on the school website.

Let us discuss what the Woodland High School premises look like.

A Map of Prince Andrew High School Structure

The school is built in a mediocre residential terrain area. Thus, spread over more than 10K sq ft area. However, it is an average middle-class school.

At first look, the school is just made of bricks and a peculiar rectangular structure. An old European fashion school structure. Nothing very fancy, but just a local high school.

For instance, a small parking area at the entry side, which is situated on the North-west side of the school. And another one at the South-East side of the school.

Further north, another small parking area is situated, most probably this area used for only school staff and teachers, which is on the back side of the school.

At first glance, the school looks timid and rigid. But over time, its shows areas of departmental improvement. And at the very backside of the school, they have their football ground.

However, the condition of the field, at one glance, gives evidence that this school is only for nerds. But surprise this school has its achievement in sports.

Especially for the athletes, they have standards. The Woodlawn High School has {SARC}, a review group on the athletic school community.

Well, despite its look, the school community offered many sports. For instance, ice hockey, football, softball, cross-country skiing, and many more.

Policies are available on their official home page. One can check the Woodlawn High School policies.

Although the school offers various fine arts and diploma programs, from IB for 6-12 graduating classes. For Instance O2 diploma program (Option and Opportunity).

There are a lot of departments available one can check each page by visiting their official “Our school ” site.

Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

3. What Was The Sex Scandal Controversy of The World School?

Before 2001, the so-called world school bore such a monstrous legacy and how contradictory the school is named after the prince of the world, Prince Andrew.

The hypocrisy and irony are on another level. So this is about controversy and a story about a juvenile tragedy. A 17-year-old girl, Virginia Guiffre, was kidnapped by a financier, Jeffrey Epstein while travelling, and at that time 59 years old Prince Andrew was travelling too.

The girls later confirmed that grumpy old Prince Andrew committed sexual assault while travelling on the train with Jeffrey Epstein. And some allegedly say they did actual sex with the little girl.

The accuser also claims that he agreed to a substantial donation to a charity. Thus the news spread like fire. To save the name of the royal family, they decided to rename the school.

Therefore in 2022, the school was renamed Woodlawn High School. The school administration takes this very seriously and says, “Name reflects values”. 


This school has been able to achieve some distinct awards; for instance, it’s an IB-recognized world school. And gain quite a good reputation regarding olympiads or in fine arts.

However, one can say that name does not matter with the achievement of school or with students. It is the work that matters.

Well, despite the controversy, the school advisory council considered this and changed the name after all. But still, some crumbling unanswered questions are left to be answered.

The regional executive director of HRCE mentioned that the name was changed under the vote with school management.

The school was created under the legacy of Prince Andrew and ended with changing the name. The Woodlawn high school constantly upgraded, for instance, introducing a second gymnasium.

Expanded library, and more. Woodlawn High School also introduced a modern design cafeteria. Well, in the end, a name will be worthless if it doesn’t achieve something.

Well, for a better career, one can also opt for the best Ivy schools in Canada. Thus, an institution is a place for study and learning, so one can achieve the most significant height in their life.

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