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8 Most Interesting Facts to Know about Canada Remembrance Day

Canada remembrance day

Canada Remembrance Day is a historic day observed in Canada to honor the sacrifices of the Canadian armed forces and Canadian veterans who died while serving their country.

Canada Remembrance Day came into the picture after the end of the tragic first world war which took away the lives of many soldiers and indigenous veterans.

Need for National Remembrance Day Ceremony

The strong, loyal, and selfless armed forces of a country deserve special respect and recognition given the sacrifices they make for their country.

A country and its people lead a peaceful life with their loved ones just because there are some strong and selfless people out there working day and night to protect them from any unwanted mishappenings.

Soldier is a true patriot for whom the peace and integrity of their country are even more important than their loved ones. They know the fact that their country needs them more than their family members.

Soldier with his family
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During their service, they lead a very simple and disciplined life. They even undergo rigorous military training during which they have to strengthen themselves and learn about the values of the army like loyalty, selflessness, etc.

The sacrifices made by a soldier are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are the true warriors of a nation and a day like a remembrance day must be observed to recall their past sacrifices and keep their memory alive in the eyes of their countrymen.


During their military service, a soldier comes across multiple encounters wherein they have to fight for the peace and well-being of their countrymen.

Canada’s veterans have been given special respect since 1890 after the end of the Battle of Ridgeway and the Battle of Paardeburg.

However, the first official remembrance day was celebrated after the end of the first world war in 1919.

The ultimate sacrifice of thousands of Canadian veterans is recalled every year in the national remembrance day ceremony.

Soldier in war
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Some Interesting Facts About Canada Remembrance Day

  1. Canada remembrance day was initially known as Armistice Day because of the armistice signed between the allies of France and Great Britain and Germany which signified the end of the first world war on the 11th of November.

    The first armistice was organized at Buckingham Palace by King George V wherein a grand banquet was hosted to honor the president of the French Republic.

  2. The Remembrance day was observed by commonwealth countries which consist of 56 member states like Canada, India, United Kingdom, South Africa, etc. However, now many non-commonwealth countries celebrate this day as well.

  3. The remembrance day is observed every year on the 11th of November at sharp 11 am. There is a history behind this unique date and time

    This day and time correspond to the moment when the armistice agreement was signed between the various countries which finally resulted in the end of the historic first world war.

  4. On Canada remembrance day i.e., the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, Canadians stop their work and become silent for one or two minutes in memory of the thousands of Canadian armed forces and veterans who served and lost their lives while fighting for their country

  5. The red poppy also called the remembrance poppy is an official symbol of remembrance day. It was the first flower to grow on the lands of Belgium and France during the war. Due to the historic significance of the flower, the day is also known as poppy day.

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    On this day, the Royal Legion branches sell a large number of poppies that are worn by the Canadians. On Canada remembrance day 2021, around 18,000,000 poppies were sold.

  6. There is a legal holiday every year on remembrance day. However, some provinces follow exceptional rules. There is no holiday on this day in Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec while Nova Scotia celebrates this day under a separate law.

  7. The national war memorial in Ottawa witnesses the celebration of the historic remembrance day. The ceremony at the memorial proceeds in the presence of the prime minister, the governor-general, and the Silver Cross Mother.

After the silence, various political leaders lay their wreaths at the memorial. A special wreath is laid by the Silver Cross Mother in honor of all those mothers who lost their children during the war.

The national remembrance day ceremony ends with the royal anthem God saves the king and Canada’s veterans marching past.

After the end of the official ceremony, the general public is allowed to pay tribute by placing the poppy above the tomb.

National war memorial in Ottawa
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8. In the year 2000, an unknown soldier was given recognition by placing a special tomb in his name at the national war memorial in Ottawa.

This tomb was made in memory of the unidentified soldier. Everyone present in the ceremony pays tribute to the tomb by placing the poppy wreaths above the tomb.

Poppy wreaths
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Impact on the Future Generation

One of the aims of celebrating the remembrance day is to spread awareness among young Canadians about the selfless military service of the armed forces of their country.

The Royal Canadian legion does not support the provision of making the day a national holiday.

Instead, it believes that a mandatory procedure for the remembrance day will be followed in schools and children can better understand the significance of celebrating this day through presentations and speeches.

Canada Remembers

There is a special program named Canada Remembers run by a special department. Recalling past sacrifices and enlightening the selfless service of the veterans is what the department work for.

A local ceremony is organized on various occasions narrating the stories of the brave soldiers who fought to give a peaceful future to their countrymen.

No doubt an initiative like Canada remembrance day is a wonderful means by which the general public can better understand how some unknown heroes of their country served to maintain peace and the integrity of the nation.


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