How to Use Body Butter: A Complete 101 Guide

how to use body butter

Body butter is made from natural ingredients like extracts of seeds and nuts. Providing smooth and shiny skin, it also helps treat skin dryness and maintain the skin’s moisture level. With its gaining popularity, how to use it gained people’s interest. So here are a few tips telling how to use body butter.

1. How to Use Body Butter 

As winter approaches or dry summer reaches, skin dryness becomes the major concern, which sometimes even body moisturizers can’t treat. A better, richer and more nourishing substitute to moisturizers is body butter.

1.1. Say no to Hot Showers

Hot showers are delightful and soul-soothing, but is it good for your skin?

Hot water generally causes skin inflammation which later leads to redness, irritation, itching and most importantly loss of chief oils, essential fatty acids and proteins.

1.2. Choose What’s the Best for You

From coconut oil to lavender body butter or fragrance-free ones, there is a wide range of body kinds of butter. Depending on your uses and skin type, you can also choose from an extensive variety.  

Make sure to choose the one that suits you the best. Choosing a body butter that is not suitable for your skin type can cause more harm than good. It is also one of the leading causes sking problems. 

1.3. Don’t Make the Skin Drier

Body washes, soaps, etc. are responsible for making skin even drier.

Instead, try using body gels which provide a soulful smell and better nourishment. After a nourishing shower, drench yourself in your preferred body butter. 

1.4. Make Night the Absorbing Time

how to use body butter
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Applying body butter before sleep results in intensive nourishing treatment.

Those with dry skin can apply it every night before sleep. Whereas, the ones with normal to oily skin are preferred to apply it once a week or as required.

1.5. Removes Makeup Easily

Forgot to get makeup remover? Body butter has your back! Apply a small amount of body butter on tissue paper rub gently on your face while keeping your eyes closed, and wipe away your makeup.

1.6. Acts as a Hand Cream

Hands need care too! After a long writing or typing our hands need a greater reward and sometimes, just normal moisturisers aren’t sufficient to provide.

Body butter can be used as a hand cream.

1.7. Watch out for Extra Dry Areas

Some parts of our body go unnoticed. Most of us suffer from dry elbows and dry knees.

These parts of our body are prone to get darker, thicker and dryer, for its treatment, body butter can be wisely used. It can also be applied multiple times a day.

1.8. Cuticle Treatment

how to use body butter
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Its application on nails and cuticles regularly can also help to ease dryness. It is necessary to maintain nail health and cuticle hydration.

It works as the most efficient product for cuticle treatment and softens cuticles as it also has the ability to penetrate inside. 

1.9. Healing of Sunburn 

Sunburn can hurt the skin and also cause dryness on skin. Slathering yourself in body butter will help restore the lost moisture of skin from sunburn. 

Many people do not know this but body butter works like magic on sunburns. 

1.10. Delay in Premature Aging

Due to the presence of triglycerides, vitamins and other nutrients, it works perfectly as an anti-aging product. It can also help to reduce fine lines, dark spots, acne scars and to treat wrinkles.

1.11. Stretch Marks Treatment

It is always said that keeping the skin hydrated can reduce stretch marks. Keeping the skin always hydrated also ensures that stretch marks don’t take place at all.

In this case, body butter acts like magic. It helps treat stretch marks mostly during pregnancy, after pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain.  

1.12. Dry Brushing on the Skin

One can even try dry brushing on the skin with coconut oil. It helps in the exfoliation of the skin, facilitating easy blood flow, and many more features.  

Dry brushing body butter on the skin also has other important benefits too. 

2. How to Choose a Body Butter Suitable for You?

It is necessary to choose body butter according to your skin type. 

  • If you have a dry skin type, you should use body butter which is oil-based and heavy in texture or thick butters. It will provide skin with the hydration it needs. 
  • If you have an oily skin type, you should prefer using butter with a light texture.
  • If you have a combination skin type, you should prefer a neutral butter that is, it should neither be totally oil-based nor be totally dry.  

3. Steps to Apply Body Butter

3.1. Choose a Body Butter with a Soft Body Spread

Chosen butter to be applied should be soft and easily spreadable.

Further, spreadable butter is easily penetrated. So, choose the butter that’s liquid at room temperature.

3.2. Let Moisture Stay on Your Skin

After having a shower, try to leave a little moisture on your skin.

Also, as told previously, prefer not having hot showers or not using body washes.

3.3. Use a Dime-sized Amount of Body Butter

As body butter is thicker than body moisturizer, it is to be applied in a lesser amount and a light layer. Fingers or spatula can be used to apply a dime-sized amount of butter. 

3.4. Let the Body Butter Melt

Wait for it to melt for a few seconds with the help of the body’s inner warmth.

It will help the body butter to become softer and also will become easier to apply.

3.5. Rub with Gentle Movement

Gently massage in circular motions, until it becomes even. This will help the body butter to infuse deep into your skin. Make sure that your skin gets deeply moistured. 

Rubbing it hard might cause irritation and redness which is not advisable. 

3.6. Use it Before Bed   

The best time to apply body butter is at night. At night our skin gets time to heal and repair. Keeping the skin hydrated at night will provide us with long-term good results. 

You will wake up feeling hydrated and smooth in the morning for sure. 

4. Precautions While Using Body Butter

how to use body butter
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4.1. Do Not Use Body Butter on Your Face

Body butter can be used for makeup remover, but is not preferred to be applied as moisturizers. Our face’s skin is more delicate than other parts of our body comparatively, this is why its application will lead to clogging of skin pores.

Moreover, it might also lead to unwanted pimples.

4.2. Use in Small Amounts

As mentioned earlier, body butter is thicker than moisturizer. So, if applied in more amounts, it might leave you feeling greasy on the skin.

You can apply a second round or more layers of thin layer if you don’t feel it’s enough after the first round of application of the butter.

4.3. Prefer Using Unscented Body Butter

Scented butter can also be soothing to one but harmful to others. Scented butter can also lead to rashes, and headaches or can cause allergies in some people.

That is why it’s recommended to use unscented body butter instead of scented ones or according to your convenience. 

4.4. Avoid Using it on Acne or Rashes

Body butter is thick and might make the situation worse. Furthermore, it might lead to clogging in skin pores and inflammation in the skin. 

Do not even try to use it if you have active acne. This will worsen the situation. 

5. Conclusion:

How to use body butter sums up its uses, precautions and steps on how to use it. Moreover, making your preferred Body butter can soothe you with at-home recipes.

Now you can also easily drench yourself in scented or unscented butter with the least harmful chemicals and with a more soulful experience. Lastly with its endless perks, one can enjoy their soft, shiny and glowing skin, without worrying about unwanted dryness. 

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