How to Renew an Ontario Health Card? – 4 Ways to Renew!

How to renew an Ontario Health Card

Health is our top priority in today’s date and when it comes to the Ontario Health card, it covers all types of medical services like doctor consultations, dental checkups, surgeries, and so much more. All these facilities you can avail of by renewing the health card and this article is all about how to renew an Ontario Health Card if it expires.

If you are living in Canada and looking to renew Ontario health card services, here are the tips that will surely help you to do the necessary process.

The Government of Canada considers the health of its citizens the top priority for them. The citizens get excellent medical facilities in case of any illness and health cards are designed to ensure your health.

Now the question arises How to renew your card online? Does it incur costs? What necessary things we should have to renew this are some of the frequent questions that arise in your mind.

1. How to Renew an Ontario Health Card? Things you Should Keep in Mind for Renewing your Health Card

Certain things you should keep in your pocket when you are going to renew your Ontario health card and they are:

  • Your recent health card.
  • Your driving license.
  • Your photograph.

  • Valid card for payment.
  • A form for renewing the health card.
  • A driver’s license or an electricity bill; basically proof of your residential address.
  • If you are staying temporarily here you should submit your other details like your work permit details, study details, and so on.

2. Cost for Renewing Ontario Health Card

It is totally free of cost and you don’t have to bear any cost for renewing your Ontario health card.

How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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3. How to Renew an Ontario Health Card?

For renewing the Ontario health card, here are 4 important steps that you can follow according to your preference and renew accordingly.

3.1.  Online Process

In case your driver’s license is also pending, you can renew the Ontario Health Card online, that is by using your Ontario photo health card online.

To renew online you must have the following documents:

  • Your health card.
  • Your recent photograph.
  • Your address proof.
How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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3.2. By Visiting the Ontario Health Center

You can visit the Ontario Health Care Center. You should carry all your documents with you like your photograph, and your existing health card.

Also, they will accept the expired health card and give you the renewal card after confirming your eligibility.

It is better to book in advance before visiting the Ontario center as it saves you time by calling the Ontario service center, otherwise, you have to wait for long hours in the queue.

How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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3.3. How to Renew an Ontario Health Card? : By Mail

However, people whose ages are more than 80 years old are eligible to renew their Ontario health card through the mail.

Whether you are eligible to apply for the renewal health card, a reminder will be sent to you, otherwise, you can call the Ontario service center they will confirm your eligibility.

Then you get your current health card.

How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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3.4. Renew your Health Card in Case of Medical Exemptions Cases

In case you are suffering from any medical exemptions and it is not possible for you to visit the health center you can fill out a Health Card Medical Exemption Request form that helps you to renew a health card online or either someone can visit the health center on your behalf.

Also, with the medical exemptions form, you need to submit all your necessary documents like your address proof, your identity proof, updated photograph and signature, and your health card renewal form.

When you submit the form, within a few days Ontario Health Card Service Center sends you the current health card.

How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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4. Who can Renew Ontario’s Health Card Online?

The person who fulfills these eligibilities can renew their card online:

  • The person who has the recent health card.
  • The person whose card expires within 90 days or after 1 Dec 2019.
  • The person who has to date the address with the Ontario service center.
  • The person who has a valid driver’s license that is not expired or cancelled.
  • You should have your updated photo and signature.
How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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5. When is the Replacement of a Photograph Required for Health Card Renewal?

Your photograph is required in the following cases:

  • In case you get a message from the service center that you should send the updated photograph.
  • Once you are about to turn 16 years old.
  • If you are willing to change your original name.
  • When you are going to change your white health card or red health card.

In the following cases, it is a must to submit the photograph otherwise you cannot renew your health card.

How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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6. How to Replace a Stolen Damaged Ontario Health Card?

Check out this to get an answer to this question.

In case of cost or stolen Ontario health card, you should mail a copy to the following address mentioned below:

PO Box 48
Kingston, ON K7L 5J3.

How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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7. FAQs: How to Renew an Ontario Health Card?

Ques: If my health card has expired does it get automatically renewed?

Ans: Of course not for this you should visit the Ontario service center or either through the mail.

Ques: In case of emergency do Ontario hospitals need health cards?

Ans: No, in case of emergency their first priority is the patient’s health and after getting the necessary treatment, you can show the patient’s health card.

Ques: How to check the validity of a health card?

Ans: Normally Ontario health cards are valid for up to 4 to 8 years. To check your health card validity you should call the toll-free number i.e. 1-800-265-6860. Then enter your PIN number which is back on your health card and you will get access to your health card.

How to Renew an Ontario Health Card
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8. End Note: How to Renew an Ontario Health Card?

This is all about the renewal process of the Ontario health card.

If you are living in Ontario and want to avail of the best health care services free of cost, you must renew your card before it expires and restrict yourself from a financial burden on you.

You can also check how to get a driver’s license in Ontario here.

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