How Much Can You Make a Month Selling Feet Pics?

Women showing their feet

Evidence and trends from social media platforms show that selling foot pics is becoming increasingly common. Unlike most businesses, selling foot pics does not require much prior experience. Anyone can sell foot images as long as they have internet access. You may also need a good quality phone camera to take your pics.

This feet market is a booming industry and offers sellers the following benefits

  1. Selling foot pics lets you earn passive income
  2. Entry into the market is easy and requires no prior experience
  3. Websites like Feetfinder make it easy to sign up for their services
  4. You can turn this into your primary income source with a bit of dedication
  5. The demand for feet pics is consistently high
  6. You do not require heavy investment to get started
  7. You can use your camera phone to take images
  8. You can sell foot pics as a side gig
  9. Self-promotion can draw more buyers
  10. It is an easy way to test your comfort levels

Monthly Earning Selling Feet Pics

Even beginners can earn substantially on websites like Feetfinder. In most cases, the average per pic rate is $25. However,r depending on your picture quality, this rate can vary anywhere from $5 to $100 per image. 

For example, if your content is well-edited and professionally shot, you can easily pull in $100 per batch. But to earn such a steady following, you need to develop your portfolio. The best way to increase your income is to improve your product quality. For example, you can do the following to attract more buyers

  • Get regular pedicures, foot treatments, and  soaks to make your feet more appealing
  • Experiment with various poses
  • Use exciting where possible
  • Use good lighting with LED, ring lights, and more
  • Add exciting backgrounds
  • Try various niches and categories, including oil, leather, fetish, and more

Additionally, you can charge more for custom requests. If your buyer is exceptionally fond of your content, they will request custom pics and videos. If you are comfortable, you can accept such requests. In such cases, the rates are up to your discretion. With such regular, high-paying customers, you can even earn over $7,000 monthly from sites like Feetfinder. 

5 Things to Remember When Selling Feet Pics

When selling feet pics, your safety should be the foremost thing. To avoid a data breach, you should use websites and platforms prioritizing security. Feetfinder is an excellent example of this. This platform is well-suited for new sellers as it requires user authentication.

People signing up for a Feetfinder service must provide proper identification. Only when the government-authenticated ID has been verified can they access and use the website’s services. 

Security measures like these reduce the risk of being scammed. Both buyers and sellers of feet pics can benefit from such tools. Additionally, the following tips also ensure a smooth selling experience when you are marketing your feet pics


A user’s name or a pseudonym is essential to protecting your privacy. When selling foot pics, you should not use your legal name. Not all clients are respectful, and some may even push your boundaries. To avoid issues, sticking to a pseudonym helps protect your personal details. 

If a buyer insists you reveal your real name, you should turn them down respectfully but firmly. If the issue persists, you can report them to the service providers. The individual may be banned from accessing their profile and have their account canceled in such cases. 

Another smart way to avoid data breaches is to create new emails. For example, before creating your profile on Feetfinder, you should make a separate email account for your transactions. YOu can also get a unique phone number to sell your feet pics.  


Some apps help you disguise your number and make it invisible to users. You can leverage such tools to strengthen your security. 


Never Show Your Face in Photos


Another critical tip when selling feet pics is to avoid showing your face. Keep your features hidden from sight in all your photos. You should also check your content for reflections where you may accidentally display your feet pics.  


Staying anonymous ensures that your home, family, and pets are safe from scrutiny. Additionally, you have the right to turn down any question that you deem uncomfortable. For example, you can refuse to sell to a buyer showing excessive interest in your personal life. 


Your clients should not be demanding additional information, and questions about your personal life should be off the table. 


Set a Profitable Rate


The key to earning consistently when selling feet pics is to set a profitable rate. You need to price your content on a level that is simultaneously profitable and attractive. Sometimes you get buyers who may request price changes after ordering a photo.


You need to be firm in such cases and turn down the request. It would help if you were adamant that no price changes would be tolerated post-purchase. Similarly, you also should not adjust the rates after agreeing initially with the buyer. Doing so will create an air of unprofessionalism that will damage your bottom line. 


Another tip is to ensure that you get paid before sending the photos. Accepting payment after sending your feet pics can result in scams. You will most likely not be paid for your images. You should also forego risky payment methods and stick to trustworthy payment platforms for these transactions. Instead of checks and cash, you should insist on payment gateways like Venmo and PayPal. Platforms like Feetfinder moreover suggest payment systems that are most compatible with the systems. 

Always Put a Watermark on Your Preview Images

Want to protect your content from being stolen? Use a watermark! Adding a visible marker to your preview images protects your content from being stolen. Precautions like this are necessary because some sellers may poach your pictures for their feed. If you have professionally shot pics, a watermark helps avoid such issues. 

Adding bold, visible writing across your photos keeps your content from being reused without permission by other vendors, on websites, or even on social media. You can send your verified buyers the unwatermarked images upon receiving payment. 

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