Grand Bend Beach- 10 Best Ways to Explore

Grand Bend Beach is a well-known and reputed beach in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. If you are visiting Ontario, then you must visit Grand Bend Beach, which is among one of the best beaches in Canada.

Why Should you Visit Grand Bend Beach?

The Great Bend main beach boasts the Blue Flag status, which means it has the best water quality and follows all safety measures. It has numerous beautiful sights and a large variety of restaurants, shops, and nightlife destinations to offer to its visitors.

It is around a 25-mile-long sandy beach. The whole area of Grand Bend beach is divided into two parts; one is the North beach and the other is the South beach. You will also spot some quieter, more private beaches nearby.

1. The North Beach

You can go to North beach at the west end of Main street in Grand Bend. The beauty of seeing the rising sun from here is incomparable. It remains full of young sun worshippers. This beach remains mostly crowded.

2. The South Beach

South beach is at the bottom of River Road over the bridge. It remains full of families, mature sunbathers, and kids all having fun. If you want a quieter experience, this is the perfect option.

Best Ways to Explore the Grand Bend Beach

Grand Bend Beach
Photo by Alexandra Anis on Unsplash

The beach is packed with all nonstop fun and activities. Make your day at the beach while soaking up in the sun, playing around with kids, viewing the stunning sunsets, splashing on the shores, building sandcastles, enjoying nearby wineries or bars, and spending a rocking night after chilling on the beach for the whole day.

There are many beautiful attractions near the beach that you must visit. So, get ready to experience the maximum fun and excitement at the beach.

1. Keep in Mind the Rules to be Followed at the Beach

It is always wise to know about the dos and don’ts of any place you visit to avoid getting yourself into trouble. Grand Bend beach has made some rules and regulations to be kept in mind for all visitors.

We are listing down some of the rules to be followed:

  • The whole area of Great Bend beach is smoke-free and vape-free.
  • You cannot carry alcohol, glass, or BBQs there.
  • Tents and canopies are prohibited, carrying a small beach tent is also restricted, and only single pole umbrellas of diameter 2.4m or less can be taken there.
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry sports equipment on the beach; dogs are also not allowed.
  • You can take dogs on North and South beaches during morning and night hours.
  • Larger inflatables are restricted; just single-person and two-person inflatables are allowed.
  • You should always clean the beach and throw the waste into the garbage cans.

2. Amenities at the Beach

The Great Bend Beach is a Blue Flag beach with clear crystal blue water, proper environmental management, and equipped with all safety and service measures. The beach provides the right facilities for parking and public washrooms. Outdoor showers, foot washing, showering, rinsing stations, and changerooms are also offered.

There are enough shaded areas for visitors, and a boardwalk is also available. The site is wheelchair accessible.

The beautiful beach ensures complete safety for its visitors with the help of safety lifeguards and beach patrol.

2. View the Sunset

Grand Bend Beach
Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

The Grand Bend beach gives you an eye-candy experience of viewing the sunset. Though watching the sunset from any natural place is always a delight, viewing the evening from this beach is memorable. It has been voted the best sunset view in the world.

The beach is most crowded at the time of sunset. People gather there just to catch the glimpse of the sunset as the sun passes under the horizon and lightens the sky from beneath. Visitors wait to take a selfie with the setting sun and watch the sunset.

3. Soak up under the Sun

One of the best and most relaxing things one can do at the beach is to lie on the soft sand and soak up the sun. It is a big sandy beach, and you can relax anywhere in its lovely atmosphere. It is clean and well-maintained. You are going to love the low-key enjoyable feel of the beach.

4. Enjoy Various Water Sports

Visiting a beach remains incomplete without enjoying some adventurous watersports. It would be best if you tried parasailing, where a speed boat drags you around while you fly above the water with a parachute, waterboarding, waterskiing, or tubing at Grand bend beach.

You can take a slight tamer boat ride to experience the beautiful scenery in front of you. Water is sometimes quiet and sometimes wavy depending on the weather.

If you want to have more adventure and do anything you want to do, go to south beach. You can rent a boat or pontoon boat for your company at a reasonable price.

Xtreme Water Sports is the best water sports service provider in the Grand Bend area. It provides water trampoline, jet boat charters, flyboarding, and other materials for rent at very reasonable rates. Some more sports service providers there are Blue Line Fishing and Charters and Bade Mobile and Marine Service.

5. Have Fun with Family

The Grand Bend beach is a magical place with soft sand and blue waters. This large beach has splash pads, showers, bathrooms, and a lookout spot. You can carry your family and beach stuff with you.

There is a separate play area for kids just near the beach. A perfect destination to bring your kids and let them free to enjoy without fear.

6. Have the Charming Main Street Experience

Main Street
Main Street – Website, Screenshot

You would love to stroll down the charming Main Street, and if you don’t do so, you will regret it later because the main street is one of the most amazing and nearest attractions to the Great Bend beach. Your trip to the beach remains incomplete without strolling the main road.

It is the main centre of attraction that offers various activities, including shopping all day and enjoying nightlife venues at night. The street is always crowded. There are lots of wonderful stores selling beach gear and other handicrafts. There are many small ice cream parlours and candy shops.

7. Enjoy the Musical Vibes

Grand Bend’s main beach has a popular venue for live shows. It hosts the shoreline’s largest Canada Day celebrations featuring live music shows. Several musical concerts are also held there from time to time to make your visit more wonderful.

The beach gets lightened up with lots of firecrackers sometimes during any event. Some virtual events are also organized there.

8. Experience the Nearby Attractions

The Great Bend beach is surrounded by numerous attractions you shouldn’t miss once you are in the beach zone.

1. Pinery Market

Great Bend is home to several great antique stores. The Pinery market also started as an antique market in the ‘60s and now sells everything from handcrafts to local produce.

This Sunday market also hosts a flea market and a farmer’s market. Special events, including Ice-cream festivals and others, are also held there.

2. Pinery Provincial Park

Photo by Mohamed Khimji on Unsplash

Pinery Provincial Park is a breathtaking park situated on the shores of River Huron with a 10km long sandy beach near Great Bend Beach.

This is a perfect place for camping and also offers a large number of trails and hikes. You can also swim in its waters. Other activities like boating, canoeing, and picnicking can also be done in this lovely, naturally blessed park.

3. Grand Bend Parasail

The Grand Bend Parasail offers you the best parasailing adventures on the shores of Grand Bend beach. You will spot the stunning views of the beach while parasailing.

Get the unique experience of parasailing or jet skiing and witness the amazing beauty of Lake Huron and Grand Bend beach from the sky.

The captain, guide, and other staff members are so knowledgeable and well-trained that you can set yourself free while flying, even if that is your chance. They take all responsibility for their clients with confidence.

4. Lambton Heritage Museum

The Lambton Heritage museum is one of the popular attractions near Grand Bend beach, located at 10035 Museum Road, Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0, Canada.

The museum preserves the history of Lambton County. There are over 25000 historical artefacts displayed in the museum from around Lambton County. Not only this there are Lambton Heritage Museum and the Oil Museum of Canada also inside this museum.

9. Delight your Taste Buds at the Best Restaurants

After spending your day at the beach while relaxing, enjoying water sports, and playing with kids, you all need delicious foods to soothe your taste buds and have a full-course diet. Grand bend beach has several restaurants that are always ready to serve their customers at their best. The best nearby restaurants to the beach include

1. Highway Girl

Highway Girl is a tiny cafe with small chairs and tables just 0.3 km from the beach. It is a fine food shop that offers speciality tea and coffee beverages. Taste the best coffee, espresso drinks, sandwiches, and pastries in the cafe.

2. F.I.N.E. A Restaurant

This restaurant is also very near Grand Bend beach. This quaint, unique restaurant has rustic decor and a lovely patio. It specializes in regional cuisine with daily specials sourced from local ingredients with a modern twist.

The restaurant offers the best food as compared to any other reputed restaurant. Everything served here, from appetizers to desserts, is extremely delicious and mouth-watering. You would love the shrimps and mussels dishes most.

3. Hobo Piez

Hobo Piez Ontario
Hobo Piez Ontario – Website, Screenshot

Hobo Piez is a popular restaurant very close to Grand Bend beach. It serves the town’s tastiest burgers, steak sandwiches, fries, cheese pies, poutines, and ice creams at affordable prices.

You can try any of these restaurants when you are at the beach. There are many more restaurants nearby serving delicious meals.

10. Chill At The Best Pubs And Bars

Some of the best pubs and bars in the area nearby the beach include

1. Paddingtons Pub

Paddington pub is a small quaint pub that serves amazing home-cooked meals. It offers a great craft beer selection and supports local breweries. It is a popular wine bar with patio seating.

2. Willie’s Beach Bar

Willie's Beach Bar Ontario
Willie’s Beach Bar Ontario – Website, Screenshot

One of the finest bars in the beach area that offers a large drink selection. This bar serves the best foods and drinks in Grand Bend. It has a patio that gives you the most scenic views of the Grand Bend beach. It is the best place to be in the summer.

Apart from these, you can also try the Big Kahuna river bar, Hobo Piez, Denny’s Drive-In, and many more that offer an amazing collection of drinks and good foods.

Key Takeaways

Grand Bend Beach is quieter, but trails and the beach and the Pinery appeal to families. This 25-mile-long sandy beach draws people to this town to swim and stay to enjoy restaurants and nightlife.

Have all beach fun in the cool, relaxing atmosphere with nice musical vibes. A unique experience that one can’t get at any other tourist destination with a sandy beach, mesmerizing sunset views, superb facilities, amazing water fun, all the music, lots of antique and different kinds of stuff shopping, restaurants and nightclubs, and rocking nights.

Grand bend beach is the only fully commercialized location for visitors in Ontario.

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Why is Grand Bend Beach famous?

Ans. Grand Beach is famous because it has the status of Blue Flag beach and also offers amazing sunset views to tourists. 

In which city Grand Bend Beach is in?

Ans. Grand Bend Beach is in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. 

What is the timing of Grand Bend Beach?

Ans. The Grand Bend Beach timing is 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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