5 Amazing Fun Facts about the Highwomen

Fun Facts about Highwomen

Highwomen– were created to instill positive energy, life control, and better themselves in a hopeless world. “Highwomen” was formerly known as Highwaymen’s song.

Four male country supergroup, Highwaymen singers, began singing together, including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings! Following are a few Fun Facts about the Highwomen.

Fun Facts about Highwomen
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5 Interesting Fun Facts About the Highwomen

Highwomen inspire us by telling the story of women who fought and died for their freedom. They tell stories about women throughout history through country music which is still incomplete. Highwomen is reshaping women by telling their painful stories about woman’s experiences.

They also dwell upon the subject of homosexuality then. Highwoman grabs our attention by singing a gay country song.

Highwomen introduced “If She Ever Leaves Me, Album” as a classic response song style that describes a woman with all these characteristics.  In which a woman tells her husband (Transcends sexuality), “I secretly loved him, will sing a love song for him even if he leaves me alone.”

Dr. Jada E. Watson of Ottawa researched female country radio stations and found that the number of female singers from 33% in 2000 dropped to 11% in 2018, making our thinking difficult.

1: Who started “Highwomen”?

Mercy’s native daughter (Amanda Shires) was a young girl of 4 years; at the same time, her mother seemed very worried about her daughter because Amanda was taking a lot of interest in music. The mother felt that her daughter’s life would be terrifying, which she would face in country music.

But, when Amanda turned 37, she decided that she would do something in her mind. And she co-founded and produced a band with American singer Brandi Carlile when country-pop star Maren Morris joined the bandwagon. It then handed the mic over to songwriter Natalie Hemby, giving Highwomen a lot of power.

Fun Facts about Highwomen
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Four women believe that songs make their life strong. Amanda praised her four voices bandmates a lot. Maren Morris and Brandi Carlile were making good use of their singing stage. And, she felt that she belonged to the Classic Country Music Society of Hope.

Amanda Shires sang the title track album with her band members, with 11 original love songs. The woman has been mentioned- in all these country songs and wants to tell the experience of being a woman through the album.

She says, “We’re not hating country music, we see doors shut for some gays like us, and we’re just trying to open them… I want you to love Gay country music because she is also a woman. It means that as much as you love your mother and enjoy listening to her origin story. But, when you hear the songs of a gay, you would feel embarrassed.”

Brandi Carlile says she is a lesbian and wrote a song from her self-titled album, “If She Ever Leaves Me,” in which she recommends making love to a woman.

Fun Facts about Highwomen
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Jason Isbell used to play guitar on albums with Highwomen and later married Amanda in 2013. However, Jason Isbell joined the 400-unit band members in 2009. Due to this, Highwomen started getting stronger.

Highwomen presented their debut album to the country, collaborating with Dolly Parton and Sheryl Crow at the Newport Folk Festival. Due to this album proving to be quite a hit, Amanda wanted to add Shires and some people to the band members of her first gay country song.

2: How Did “Highwomen” Change Gay Country Music?

Country music has been formed by combining “Highwomen” with four female artists. And, the writer of all its songs is Jimmy Webb. The group’s self-titled debut album was launched on September 6, 2019, on Elektra Records, by producer Dave Cobb. Carlile composed its vocals and declared it the First Gay Country Song. 

In 2016, when Shires completed his “My Peace of Land” song at Elektra Studios with the help of producer Dave Cobb, Shires came up with the idea, why not popularize the band in memory of Highwayman? But, Shires realized that there was a shortage of artists at this time.

Due to this, everyone started thinking that getting country music on country radio is challenging. To solve this problem, all artists began searching for singers. Even prominent journalists like Marissa Moss were happy with this plan. And everyone continued to search for women at the country radio station by giving their equal parts.

Maren Morris loved being on the live stream. However, Morris had never worked with Cobb before. This made Morris nervous that he would have to play vocals, live bands, and harmonies with the singer. In which Cobb helped him.

The group held their event at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on April 1, 2019, for Loretta Lynn’s 87th birthday. The same day Natalie Hemby joined the group and performed “It Wasn’t God Who Honky Tonk Angels.”

Her first objective was to redesign women. Singer Dierks Bentley released the album on his YouTube channel, complemented by Shires & Morris. Highwomen’s second album track, ‘Crowded Table,’ was written by Hemby & Lori McKenna and released on July 26, 2019.

Fun Facts about Highwomen
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12 tracks recorded 15 music based on gender equality, which has shown importance to the gay gender of Single Redesigning Women in Highwomen. Producers of this track included Jimmy Webb, Rodney Clawson, Maggie Chapman, Lori Mckenna, Isbell, Peter Levin, Miranda Lambert, Ray LaMontagne, and many more.

3:Why did the Highwomen want to tell their story over the radio?

We know very well that gay is a part of ourselves. But, our society looks at it with a lot of cruelty, which directly affects our female artists. The female artists wanted to share their voices and wanted the world to respect them. 

Shires want to ask the world why they hate gays like them so much, while genders like them are also a part of society. Sharing this information via Country Radio, the Highwomen team says, “Gender inequity has won several awards and songwriting credits. Therefore, people should listen to their songs and understand the concept.” Remembering The Highwomen Highwaymen, she says something about the song “I’ll be back again.”

“People feel that female artists are a stigma to our society. If this world of ours thinks so, I feel ashamed of it. Even if you do not consider our gender part of your society, artists like us have decorated your world where you feel proud. We love ourselves and love you. Even if the world says something to a female singer like us, we will take the female singer of your society forward a lot. Just consider us a part of your life; we will strengthen your community even more.”

4: After all, why a gay singer is not suitable for our society?

“We do not understand that when a criminal walks into a crowd of gentlemen, you do not recognize them. Whereas only a gay person reaches your crowd, you acknowledge him without hesitation. And not only this, but you also do not hold back in insulting them in front of a society full of them. We feel nothing but shame in your society. Why are you so cruel?”

The whole talk of Highwomen is forcing humans like us to think if we do not change our thinking now, then it will be difficult for girls to live in the coming times. We should also not forget that what would your existence be without girls? Where will you go, and who will consider you as part of yourself?

Country music isn’t for a particular type. It’s more than that, and it’s been more than that in the past. And a broader representation of people within that genre should be the future.

5: Will Highwomen’s thoughts and intentions take our society to the heights of success?

This can happen, but our society will have to think deeply or change the thought itself. Our community should not forget that without girls, there is no existence. A Lesbian is also a girl of some parents. Every woman has her definition of motherhood. Parenting is inclusive. Just look through your parents’ eyes and decide how perfectly your thinking fits our society.

The Highwomen group singer quite attests to this; perhaps you can’t be mama because you feel more like a dad. Whatever it is, they assure us, it’s equal parts funny and potent.

Its loose change song track made it clear that both her lyrical and vocal skills were top-notch. The loose change track tells society that you will never understand our value.

The tracks of high women told us a lot about making our society better together. But, for this, we have to adapt to each other in our community. 

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Through the facts about the high women, we understood their songs better.



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