Delta Variant Symptoms: Know 8 Alarming COVID Delta Variant Symptoms Here

Delta variant symptoms

Covid 19 has emerged as a severe disease and has affected our lives in many ways since 2020. Therefore, it becomes quite important for us to know about the symptoms of the new variants of Covid 19 for preventing severe illness.

And in this article, we will discuss Delta Variant symptoms that have become a matter of concern.

Not only Covid 19 has taken a toll on our lives, but it has also deteriorated our mental health. Every time breakthrough infections are making a news headline as viruses constantly change. People infected with the delta strain have a viral load of a thousand times higher than the first coronavirus strain that originated in China in 2019.

  • According to a study done in China, the reason for Delta variant ultrafast infection rate has been ascertained now.
  • The Delta variant was first reported in India in the month of October last year.
  • After this, this dangerous variant caught 83% of the infected Covid 19 patients worldwide.
  • Because of this strain, hospital admission has also increased.
delta variant symptoms
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The delta variant has brought the message of death to the world because of its increased transmissibility. Yes, the devastation caused by the second wave of Covid 19 was also due to the delta variant of Corona. 

The World Health Organization(WHO) has regarded the delta variant as the most dangerous virus because of its severe symptoms. The Delta Variant has become extremely dangerous for human life and has been questioned as to why is it so dangerous and spreading so fast.

According to experts, the Delta variant has evolved rapidly, therefore posing more risk to human life. A recent study says that the symptoms of the delta variant are completely different from the original Covid-19, which needs to be understood by all.

The delta variant is scientifically known as B.1.617.2. This new variant is made up of two mutants, one is E484Q, and the other is L452R. Both are viral genetic materials, and because of this, it is spreading more rapidly and is also more dangerous.

delta variant symptoms
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Are The Symptoms of Delta Variant Different From Covid 19 Symptoms?

When it comes to the signs of a particular virus, it requires enough data from infected people.

Since the delta variant is a modified version of the Covid 19, it is said that the traits also change during the mutation.

According to data released in the UK through a self-reporting system via a mobile app, changes have been there in the common symptoms of Covid 19 that we associate with the original virus.

How Are The Symptoms of Delta Variant Different From Covid Symptoms?

Cough, fever, sore throat, and headache are common and mild symptoms of Covid 19. But a delta variant symptom like a runny nose has never been seen before. Loss of smell was also very common but is now the ninth most common delta variant symptom.

Experts believe that the change in symptoms of the delta variant may result from a vaccination campaign that is going all over the world.

Apart from this, the development of the virus according to the topography can also be a reason behind this change in symptoms of the delta variant.

Delta variant symptoms
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Symptoms of Delta Variant

1. Earache

The first and foremost symptom of the delta variant observed in a Covid-positive patient is an earache. A new symptom of pain in the ear is being seen in patients infected with Covid and is considered as a symptom of the delta variant.

These symptoms were not only reported in UK and India but also in other countries. Many such cases were also found in Florida.

2. Sore and Scratchy Throat

Apart from earache, another major symptom of the delta variant is Sore Throat. Doctors believe that sore throat is a major symptom of the delta variant in corona-positive patients. And because of the sore throat, patients also complain about the pain in their throat.

Because of pain and sore throat, patients complain about the change in their voices. And this pain in the throat further intensifies, causing pain in the ears.

3. Runny Nose and Sneezing

For months, researchers have been researching the symptoms of the Covid 19. Researchers now have found that the symptoms of the delta variant are different from the original strain of Corona that was originally found in Canada.

Initially, people used to think that runny nose and sneezing were the symptoms of the common cold and flu. While after the research, it was revealed that the common cold is early evidence of Covid 19.

4. Headache

In a study called the COVID Symptoms, researchers tracked new cases among three groups of Covid infected people. Of these groups, one group of infected people did not take the vaccine, the second group was fully vaccinated, and the third group received only one vaccine dose.

Delta Variant symptoms
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After questioning all these infected people, it was revealed by the researchers that all these three groups had one delta variant symptom in common, and that was a headache.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, patients generally showed symptoms of phlegm, difficulty in breathing, and loss of smell and taste. 

5. Cough

A persistent cough is the fifth most commonly reported symptom of the delta variant. If you see any of these severe symptoms after being tested Covid positive then, see a doctor immediately without causing any delay.

6. Tiredness

One of the early symptoms of the Delta variant of Corona is fatigue. It is worth mentioning that this is a symptom that can take a long time to recover from instead of being recovered from Covid.

7. Lung fibrosis

You may have problems with your lungs, which can stay with you for a long time. Recovery from respiratory complications can take a long time.

Therefore, people with serious lung diseases should pay special attention to themselves.

8. Body Aches

Many people may have problems like body aches, muscle pain, arm pain, leg pain, and stiffness. Also, these things can bother you for a long time.

How Long Will These Symptoms Be Visible In Covid Patients?

If we talk about the time duration required to recover from these symptoms, then it may take several weeks or as long as a few months. If these symptoms take more than a few weeks, then you should pay attention to your health and consult a doctor regarding that.

delta variant symptoms
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Follow These Measures If Found Positive

  • To prevent serious illness, stay in touch with the doctor and follow what he says if you encounter any of the above-mentioned symptoms.
  • Do not take any medicine or do anything else of your own free will without the doctor’s advice.
  • Eat healthy food and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  • Take complete rest and do not stop taking medicines without the doctor’s advice.
  • And never forget to wear masks, as masks provide protection against the virus.

To conclude:

  • Delta Variant is believed to be a more severe disease as compared to the previous variants of Covid 19 like the alpha variant.
  • Studies have revealed that it may be more likely to infect people than the original virus.
  • Vaccination status plays an important role in the spreading of this virus.
  • Unvaccinated people and older age groups are at the greatest risk.
  • Severe outcomes are happening in places with low vaccination rates while fully vaccinated people are in a safe zone.
  • Therefore it becomes quite important for us to get fully vaccinated for disease control.
  • And there is a discussion too by the government that to mitigate the severity of this contagious disease; soon booster shots will be given for the best protection.

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