• Why is West Virginia So Poor? 5 Reasons you should Know About the Endemic

    West Virginia is a landlocked eastern U.S. state. It is a state with the Appalachian Mountains, which are covered with trees and greenery all over. The West Virginians speak English like everyone else. It is also known as the Mountain State, and it is well-known for its wide range of hiking activities. The capital of West Virginia is Charleston, which…

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  • Canada Housing Crisis: 3 Aspects which you should Surely Know About

    The Canada Housing Crisis is something we may be unaware of. Here in the article are some facts which you should surely know about. Canada, for instance, is the third-largest country in terms of area in North America. with a population of 3.82 crores in 2023. The population growth of Canada is 0.85 percent, and in 2022 the growth rate…

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  • pipeline passing through the forest with the inscription trans mountain

    Trans Mountain Pipeline: 8 Important Key Points to Know

    The Trans Mountain pipeline system carries refined and crude oil from Alberta to Canada and British Columbia. The Canadian federal government owns the pipeline through Trans mountain corporation, a subsidiary of the federal crown corporation Canadian government of Canada or the CDEV (crown corporation Canada development investment corporation). The CDEV purchased the pipeline route on August 31, 2018, until Houston,…

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