All about Canadian animals and wildlife – and what to expect.

  • Ottawa dog rescue

    Ottawa Dog Rescue: The One Stop Guide for You!

    What is a synonym for happiness? A fur ball with a wet nose and a wagging tail? Yes, that’s right, it’s dogs; the only creatures in the world that would love you unconditionally and have the purest heart! You may know lots of dedicated dog lovers out there- your friends, family, and acquaintances who have pet dogs. But the real…

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  • slave lake

    6 Must Learn Ontario Fishing Regulations

    Ontario is an English-speaking place in Canada. Ontario has many natural and scenic locations. It houses Niagara Falls and Algonquin Park in addition to the beautiful Thousand Islands.  Ontario is the best place to have fun fishing. It has both freshwater fishes in freshwater Lakes and saltwater fishes. But beware of the fishing regulations in Ontario before you sail away…

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  • Canadian lynx

    Stunning Canadian Lynx – 10 Amazing Facts to Know

    Do you also find the wilderness as intriguing as me? If yes, I have some amazing facts about the Canadian lynx that will leave you in awe! Canadian lynx is a bigger version of a bobcat and a house cat but with certain distinct features. These are wild cats with distinctive black ear tufts, beard-like white facial ruff, and a…

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  • Polar bears in Canada

    10 Amazing Facts About Polar Bears in Canada

    Although not as famous and as homely as dogs, polar bears are still mystic creatures who add a hint of sparkle to the fascinating wilderness. The polar bear, one of Canada’s most famous and iconic creatures, is the world’s largest bear and the top predator in the Arctic. Fun fact: The Latin name for the polar bear, Ursus maritimus, means…

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  • Fun Facts About Animals

    10 Most Fun Facts About Animals

    Animals are a part of our ecosystem. Each and every animal is somehow related to this environment that teaches us many skills and unique ability to survive on the planet. every animal has a unique ability like we have human fingerprints, animals have unique abilities to distinguish them from the world for example an octopus has nine brains, where we…

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  • 10 Most Adorable Small Birds Of Ontario

    10 Small Birds of Ontario – You Can’t Stop Adoring!

    So… What makes a pleasant Sunday morning? When you wake up after a long rejuvenating sleep that has healed you through the core, a bright sunny morning with its freshness, embracing you with its illumination and the intermittent breezes of the cold air kissing your body subtly. Do you know what fulfils the ambience of this beautiful moment? The Melodious…

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  • Animals in Canada

    10 Most Fascinating Animals in Canada

    Canada’s natural diversity is so diverse. It is because of their various landscapes; the variety of the wildlife varies from landscape to landscape. Many of these animals are at the end of their existence or are already endangered. These species are occasionally seen and can’t be found anywhere other than in the continent of North America. Nature is a key…

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  • Most Endangered Species in Canada

    17 Most Endangered Species in Canada

    Canada is home to thousands of different species of animals and plants. The country is known for its diverse landscape, from plains, mountains, rivers, and lakes to the Arctic tundra. However, due to the changes in the climates, deforestation, pollution, and global warming, many species and animals are in danger of extinction. Today, there are more than 500 endangered species…

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  • Canadian Timber Wolf

    The Canadian Timber Wolf: 7 Amazing Facts

    Canada has always been a home for wolfs. In fact, wolfs have roamed most areas of Canada at some point. Even today, Canada has the second largest population of gray wolfs in the whole world, while the first is Russia. Canada has approximately 60,000 wolves as of now. This population can be divided into Gray wolfs and Eastern wolves. The…

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  • whale watching in vancouver

    Whale Watching in Vancouver: 4 Fascinating Locations

    Watching whales in their natural habitat can be exciting since they aren’t species we see on a daily basis. For some, it’s similar to bird watching, but trust me it is much more exciting. Whale-watching tours are arranged for scientific and educational purposes and bring in a revenue of over $2.1 billion annually through tourism. Currently, the industry employs over…

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  • How long do cats live?

    How Long Do Cats Live? 4 Interesting Facts

    Has the question—how long do cats live ever occurred to you? Well, I’m sure a lot of us love cats. Don’t we? But do we know our pet cat’s life expectancy? Getting to know your cat might take longer than you’d have imagined, but it is all worth it in the end. Isn’t it? Cats are such lovely creatures that…

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  • hornet

    Hornet vs Wasp: How Are They Different?

    As a result of justifiable watchfulness, a great many people tend to have close to zero familiarity with these captivating animals, and hornet vs wasp discussions can frequently be misguiding. This short however point by point article takes a look at the distinction between hornets and wasps, their size and conduct, and whether our watchfulness is justified. But understanding the distinctions could…

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  • red winged blackbird

    Interesting Facts About the Red-Winged Blackbird

    Fascinated by birds, especially a blackbird with red shoulder patches, a native of North and Central America? Then read on to discover and learn all about this truly fascinating entity of nature, generally known as the Red-winged blackbird and also known by its scientific name Agelaius Phoeniceus. From Dark-eyed Juncos, starlings, and Red-eyed Vireo to bald eagles, North and Central…

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