Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing? Facts You Should Know!

Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing?

A sexually transmitted disease is a condition that is transferred sexually. Moreover, it can easily spread through anal and vaginal sex. However, oral sex can be a medium of transmission. From this, many questions have been raised. Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing? Or any STD can be spread from kissing?

There are many types of STDs. Genital herpes and HIV are some of its types. Each of these has various types of symptoms. Moreover, some of them can be spread from close skin contact. Pubic lice is one such type. 

STDs can also spread during childbirth. If a pregnant woman is having an STD, then the bacteria of the infection will transfer to the child. 

Nevertheless, these conditions can also be spread during blood transfusion. Using an infected needle can lead to this infection. Nonetheless, infection can be distributed during breastfeeding.  To know more about “Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing”, read on!

1. What is Gonorrhea? 

Gonorrhea is a STI. However, Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the main cause of this infection. Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a bacteria that leads to gonorrhea. It’s one of the most unidentified infections. People generally fail to recognize the symptoms of it. 

This sexually transmitted infection is curable. With accurate medicine, controlling it is an easy task. Moreover, avoidance leads to infertility and various health issues. 

The bacteria of gonorrhea mainly target moist regions of the body. It’s caused by sexual intercourse. Infection in the vagina and penis is observed. Other than these, some other targets are: 

  • Urethra 
  • Fallopian tube, uterus, cervix
  • Throat
  • Anus

1.1. Causes 

Sexually transmitted diseases are induced due to sexual communication. Likewise, gonorrhea is spread in the exact way. Not only vaginal or anal sex, but it can also be spread through oral sex. Providing oral sex to an infected penis or vagina is the main reason. 

However, using protection during sexual contact can be a barrier. This lowers the risk of this STD. But sometimes, the barrier also doesn’t work. This happens when a person doesn’t know how to use it. Condoms are the biggest barrier to reducing the risk. 

Moreover, gonorrhea can be caused through kissing. In this case, the bacteria mixes with the saliva and infects the throat. This contamination happens during oral sex. The throat is a moist region. So, the bacteria act more effectively there. 

In some cases, a newborn child can also have gonorrhea. In this case, the bacteria transfer from the mother to the fetus.

As a result, after delivery, the baby is diagnosed with gonorrhea. So, it’s essential to treat gonorrhea in time. 

1.2. Symptoms 

After 5 days of sexual contact with the infected person, an STI test detects infection. Sometimes, the infection can be detected after 2 weeks.

Immediately after the infection, the test detects no infection. However, the symptoms can be seen within a day or 2 weeks.

The symptoms of the infection include: 

  • Irregular periods 
  • Pus from the genitals 
  • Frequent urination 
  • Painful sexual intercourse 
  • Discharge from penis or vagina

2. What Does Oropharyngeal Gonorrhea Mean? 

When gonorrhea affects the throat tissues, it stands as Oral gonorrhea. However, it’s also termed as oropharyngeal gonorrhea. Instead of affecting the genitals, the throat is involved. This happens due to oral sex.

Moreover, offering oral sex to an infected rectum can lead to this. An oral cavity-infected person providing oral sex to a person can lead to oral gonorrhea. However, in this case, transmission of bacteria occurs. 

If an oral cavity-infected person kisses someone, this STD can be caused. The person with the first infection may not show any symptoms. But still, the possibility of transmission is high. 

3. How Oral Gonorrhea Is Spread? 

Gonorrhea is caused by close contact. However, oral gonorrhea is all about having oral coupling with an infected person. 

  1. Providing oral sex to an infected penis 
  2. Providing oral sex to an infected vagina
  3. Acquiring oral sex from a person with oral gonorrhea 

4. Symptoms of Oropharyngeal Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea always doesn’t show any symptoms. Moreover, females tend to display symptoms more easily. But it’s difficult to identify oral gonorrhea. The symptoms are mainly observed inside the throat.

Moreover, some people don’t realize it until the disease is well spread. 

Suspects with oral gonorrhea will have the following symptoms: 

  • Sore throat 
  • Content itchiness 
  • Fever 
  • Rashes inside the throat
  • Complication in swallowing
  • Inflamed neck lymph nodes 

Although the symptoms vary from person to person, everyone faces some symptoms. But some irrelevant conditions are observed in the vagina and penis. 

Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing?
By We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

4.1 Penile Symptoms 

  • Yellow discharge from the penis 
  • Green-colored pus liberation from the penis 
  • Swelling at the tip of the penis 
  • Testicular bulging 
  • Frequent urination

4.2 Vaginal Symptoms 

  • Creamy discharge 
  • Painful sexual interaction 
  • Frequent and painful urination 
  • Heavy bleeding during menstruation 
  • Pain in the lower abdomen 

After orientation, within 2-14 days, these symptoms are observed. However, the symptoms are milder in females. Sometimes, people misunderstand it as a bladder infection.

Thus, he undergoes the wrong treatment. It’s better to talk to a healthcare advisor. This should be done before drawing any conclusions.

5. Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing? 

So, Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing?

Initially, people didn’t believe that gonorrhea could be transmitted from kissing. Audiences have a belief that gonorrhea can be transmitted sexually.

However, recent analyses have confirmed that it can spread from kissing. Oropharyngeal gonorrhea or oral gonorrhea is caused due to smooching. 

Previously, people were not aware of STIs much. But it’s time to expand everyone’s knowledge about it. Medical experts have stated that it’s the bacteria that is transmitted easily. 

In the first step, some normal symptoms are observed. However, people consider it as a normal cough and cold. Mild throat and mouth infection is also observed. Due to these signs, people fail to identify this STI. 

In 2019, the medical analysis stated that oral gonorrhea is transferred via a kiss. This study explains some crucial points regarding oral gonorrhea.

However, STI is observed mainly in MSM. Men sexually involved with other men are more prone to this STI. 

6. How To Treat Oral Gonorrhea? 

The treatment process for gonorrhea is very straightforward. But people mostly fail to identify it. Hence, the situation turns into adverse impacts. The same goes for oral gonorrhea.

Sore throat and fever are some primary symptoms. However, people consider this to be a normal cough and cold. 

Without any delay, it’s important to rush to a physician for proper treatment. It’s pretty surprising. But oral gonorrhea is curable. However, correct medication is the key to rectifying the problems. 

After an overall check-up, the physician will prescribe some medicines. These medicines are nothing but a way to prevent infection. Nonetheless, antibiotics are prescribed along with injections. 

Your physician will prescribe you antibiotics to fight the bacteria. Usually, an injection of Cephalosporin antibiotics.

Azithromycin tablets follow this. These are put in to lower bacterial development. Before starting this treatment, be honest with your physician. 

It’s important to elaborate on your allergies and intolerance habits. If someone is allergic to cephalosporin antibiotics, then an alternative is considered. An injection of Gentamicin will be advised.

Moreover, a recent strain of oral gonorrhea has been discovered. It’s pretty complicated to treat this strain. 

Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing?
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7. What Will Happen If It Remains Untreated? 

Identification of oral gonorrhea is the main task. It will be distributed through the bloodstream. This happens when it’s untreated.

From the bloodstream, it will spread to other body parts. Moreover, in severe conditions, systemic gonococcal infection is caused. This is also termed a disseminated gonococcal infection.

The spreading of oral gonorrhea can turn into serious health issues. However, in systemic gonococcal infection, skin swelling is seen.

However, skin sores and joint pain are also some symptoms. Moreover, this rare disease can also contaminate the heart. 

Some severe complications can occur due to untreated genital gonorrhea. Moreover, urinary tract infections are common. Burning senses while urination is also observed. 

Other than these difficulties, some major risks can arise. Those complications are: 

  • Male and female infertility 
  • Epididymitis
  • High possibility of acquiring HIV 
  • Severe complications during pregnancy 
  • Pelvic inflammatory infection

8. Prevention 

Oral gonorrhea is not a lifetime disease. It can be easily curable. Proper treatment and medication are important. Once you are free from this, STI testing should be done at intervals. 

Moreover, preventive measures should be taken to lessen the risk. Protective sexual interaction or oral sex should be done.

However, Dental dams are introduced for men to reduce the risk. It’s a male condom that acts as a barrier during oral sex or penetration. 

Oral gonorrhea can be caused due to vaginal fluids or pre-cum. So it’s better to use a barrier before making love. Nonetheless, condoms are the best way to beat oral gonorrhea. 

On the other hand, it’s essential to talk to your partner about this STD. If any of them notice any symptoms, they should rush to the doctor. This should be done to reduce the spreading risk. Moreover, lowers the risk of infection. 

9. FAQs

9.1 Is fever after sexual interaction an indication of oral gonorrhea? 

Fever is not always an indication of oral gonorrhea. It can be a sign of any other sickness. Although a normal cough and cold leads to fever, too. However, fever is one of the symptoms of oral gonorrhea. But thinking of it as an STI is totally unfair. 

Suppose someone has a sexual connection with an infected individual. After a week, he/she suffered from a fever. Then, he/she should immediately go for a checkup. However, in this case, fever can be a symptom of oral gonorrhea.

9.2 Is it possible to cure oral gonorrhea with normal antibiotics? 

Antibiotics are meant to destroy the harmful bacteria. However, taking a single antibiotic for various diseases is not a solution. The composition of the antibiotics differs according to their purposes.  

Taking paracetamol to treat oral gonorrhea is not at all a smart move. Paracetamol is used to deal with fever and pain. To destroy the bacteria causing oral gonorrhea, a different antibiotic is formed. However, Ceftriaxone is best to deal with gonorrhea. Before taking this medicine, consulting a doctor is essential.  

9.3 Is it necessary after recovering from oral gonorrhea to go for STI testing?

Yes, STI testing is important after recovering from oral gonorrhea. This informs a person whether he is infected again or not. Moreover, there is a high chance of getting this infection after recovering. STI testing at regular intervals is essential. This helps a person to keep track of the infection.

9.4 Will oral gonorrhea not be revived after proper treatment? 

It’s a wrong concept that oral gonorrhea can’t be revived after treatment. It’s a disease that is induced by bacteria. Whenever a person comes in contact with that bacteria, it will lead to oral gonorrhea. 

Oral sex is the main reason for this infection. With proper medication, oral gonorrhea can be cured fully. However, the infected bacteria can revive this infection easily if it’s not treated in time. It can lead to major health issues. 

Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing?
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10. The Final Verdict

Gonorrhea can be transferred through kissing. Testing should be done if there is any indication of this infection. However, gonorrhea tests are a painless process.

It can be easily healed if it’s treated at an early stage. Moreover, the spreading of the infection can affect other body tissues. For a healthy life, regular STI examinations are required. We hope we covered everything in “Can You Get Gonorrhea From Kissing”.

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