Can You Get Covid Twice: 10 Important Things The Experts Say

can you get covid twice
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The most viral talk from 2020 throughout the world is coronavirus. As it creates a huge impact on various living organisms, many queries arise regarding that. One such major doubt is, can you get covid twice? Let’s see the entire story of coronavirus from my perspective.

1. The Science Behind Covid 19

The outbreak of a new variant of the virus results in severe respiratory disorder, which occurred in December 2019 at Wuhan, known to be named SAR-CoV-2 (covid 19). Due to its mutation nature, the virus stands between the DNA and RNA families. In Late 2020, a man got covid twice had been reported, which leads to fear that can you get covid twice?

2. Travel Of Covid 19 In Human Being

Covid 19 enters the human body via airborne respiratory droplets or contact with the affected person and starts affecting the healthy immune receptors, leading to lower immune response. Nobel virus later starts to multiply inside the human body.

3. Common Indications of Covid 19

It starts with a common fever, headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose & sneezing. Novel corona shows some typical other symptoms such as altered/ loss of taste or smell ( less common in omicron variant)

Other variants of corona (novel coronavirus, delta, omicron variant) show different pathogenesis and result in various symptoms.

4. Covid 19 Family

Coronavirus as it is not new to the world. They are a group of viruses that prevails in various parts of the world, which may cause normal cough to severe respiratory illness.

The name covid 19 (novel coronavirus) was termed by the World health organization only after the wide outburst of this group of viruses, resulting in sudden severe respiratory illness in a large population.

After the previous infections, other varieties such as delta and omicron infections of coronavirus came for major play. Once in late 2020, the delta virus was found by the researchers, and it was declared as a dominant strain by the world health organizations.

Delta is more severe than the previous infection with high lung involvement & multi-organ dysfunction, leading to fatal conditions in immunocompromised individuals.

The Omicron variant shows a faster rate of transmission than the delta variant. But the omicron variant has not led to any fatal condition like the delta type so far.

5. Pathology And Confirmation For Coronavirus

After the emergence of a novel coronavirus, researchers carried out studies on the infected persons to find the etiopathogenesis of this acute infection. Still, it’s been a tough task as the virus by itself replicates more day by day.

Based on the world health organization reports, diagnostic methods for the coronavirus are as follows.

Clinical signs and symptoms

Molecular test

Rapid antigen test

Blood test

After the first infection, patients may either be symptomatic or asymptomatic(remains as a carrier too).

More or less, once an individual catches covid, indications may develop after 2 to 14days based on the individual’s immunity. Once the virus enters our body, it starts destroying the healthy cells.

People with good resistance can able to produce t cells that can fight against the virus. Sometimes a patient with underlying health issues fails to produce an immune response.

When a person catches covid, immune cells start to fight against it. If the viral antigen wins the war, the immune cells start to produce antibodies that help to prevent re-infection, which means yes, you can get covid twice, it seems.

6. Who Is More Prone To Covid?

Can you get covid twice
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Based on various research, the Delta virus is more threatening so far as compared with other variants.

The Imperial College London has carried out a study that says the occurrence of the virus is increasing in children than in adults. It may be because of immunization.

The evidence of various data and research shows that individuals who got two doses of vaccine are less prone to the virus when compared to those who do not take the vaccine. It again makes the doubt that can you get covid twice.

Immunocompromised people, healthcare workers, those who do not get even a single vaccine are at higher risk.

7. Immune War

Developing a good natural immunity is the weapon to win this pandemic. The severity and prognosis of the Novel, Delta & Omicron variant depends on your immunity. Scientists and healthcare professionals are playing a major role in saving public health.

Based on various data collected with infected individuals, the individual might not be reinfected immediately as long as the antibody remains inside the body once the immunity occurs. Can you get covid twice means your immune longevity becomes doubtful?

Can you get covid twice
By Jack Moreh / Free Range Stock.Copyright 2022

8. Can You Get Covid Twice?

Based on data collected by imperial college and many other studies show evidence for re-infection. Even an infected person is prone to get covid again if the antibodies are no longer there in your body and you have not followed the protection measures.

But the severity of the infection & the doubt that can you get covid twice again remains questionable since new variants are more dangerous at times than the old ones.

When you catch covid, the severity of omicron infection is less than the delta. As the senior scholar states, the omicrons are capable of invading those who get covid already or individuals who took vaccines.

Risk factors for omicron are at high levels for those who are not immunized. At times, you may get reinfected, with mild symptoms or worse than before, which happens when your immune system fails to protect you.

The better way to avoid recurrence and reduce the risk of mortality is to improve your personnel protection and get vaccinated completely.

9. Lifeguard Against Covid19

Proper face mask/shield, sanitizing hands regularly, keeping social distance, avoiding unwanted close contact or public gathering and complete vaccinations. These are like your health security tag lines.

Department of Public Health is playing a huge role in this pandemic situation in all the nation, and we must follow their guidelines.

10. Ultimatum

If someone asks you, can love happen twice? What will be your answer? In the same way, can you get covid twice? That means you may or may not get the re-infection which depends on your body resistance.

Not only love but covid 19 also not be predicted when and how it will happen. Nothing too afraid to yet be alert. No need to panic but be protective.

Let’s wait and watch whether can you get covid twice? Or not.

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