What are the 10 Best Wineries in Niagara?

Wineries in Niagara, Canada

Niagara itself is a mesmerizing place anybody would love to explore, but ending your day with exquisite wine whilst gazing out at sunset over Niagara is even better.

10 Best Wineries in Niagara to Enjoy

Wineries in Niagara in the city of Ontario, Canada, are one of the best places to taste and have a lifetime experience of tasting the rarest wine called Ice wine.

Niagara’s wineries are countless, and having numerous vineyards makes any wine lover excite to wander. Every winery has different atmospheric conditions and produces a vivid taste of wine.

No wonder so many tourists visit Canada only to take a sip of these fine wines in Niagara. And if you are one of them, explore the best wineries below.

List of Wineries in Niagara, Canada

Niagara is home to one of the best wineries in the world, and nonetheless, there are numerous wineries in Ontario, Canada. But here is a list of the 10 best wineries you must explore.

1. The Reif Estate Wineries

The winery was established in Niagara in 1982 and has an experience of more than 19 years of producing fine-quality of grape wine. The philosophy of the Reif estate winery is that “Great Wines start in the Vineyard”.

This is one most awarded wineries in Niagara which is earned at least more than 150 awards globally.

This winery produces one of the best premium quality grape wines with variety by utilizing more innovative and advanced technology but keeping the touch of old taste.

The Reif estate winery has been run by 13 generations which have passed by this tradition and serving outstanding refined wine in the region of Niagara.

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Source: Reif Estate Winery

2. The Hare Wine Co.

This is one of the most romantic wineries among other wineries located near Niagara on the lake. The winery provides one of the best world-class wines.

The Hare wine co. is dedicated to producing 100% pure premium wine produced in the Ontario region itself.

The Hare Wine Co. Wineries in Niagara
Source: The Hare Wine Co

3. Chateau Des Charmes Wineries

This fine world-class french winery was founded in 1987 by the founder who was fifth-generation Bosc, named Paul Bosc.

The family paul was settled in in the 1960s in Niagara with the idea to start and run their own family wine business.

The family believe in the Estate winery model and wanted to grow their grapes with fine quality family-grown grapes. The Estate winery model is dedicatedly followed by the family of Paul Bosc and followed by himself.

The family uses sustainable technology and methods to produce top-notch quality grape wine and owns more than 35 vineyards.

Chateau Des Charmes Wineries is one of the well-developed wineries among other wineries.

Source: Chateau Des Charmes Wineries

4. Konzelmann Estate Winery

The most unique winery which located on the shore of lake Ontario and offers the only lakefront winery among the wineries.

Konzelmann Estate Winery was established in 1980 by Friedrich’s great-grandson Herbert who was 43 years old.

The history of this winery goes back to a small town in German in the 19th century. There was a restaurant called Friederich Konzelmann which abolished its culinary trade and adopted wine-making.

Friederich officially released the first of its original wine to the public in 1893. The first production started with a minimal quantity but with a good amount of demand, the production rose from 100k to 200k litres per year.

Source: Konzelmann

5. Peller Estates Winery

This is another winery that is located near the Niagara on the lake winery region. The winery provides services like culinary, or dinner tables to families and friends.

This is one of the unique wineries among wineries, and its services like culinary and family restaurants make it one of the most unique winery estates.

Currently, the Peller estate winery holds a four-feature portfolio and collections – the Andrew Peller Signature series, Private reserve, and Family reserve.

Only this winery provides one of the fine services online than other wineries.

Peller Estate Winery
Image from Peller Estate Winery

6. Jackson-Triggs Estate Winery

The winery is a Canadian winery having vineyards in the Okanagan Valley in the Niagara peninsula in Ontario.

Donald Triggs, Allan Jackson, and a couple of investors decide to purchase Carrier wines from John Labatt Limited, and thus changed the name to Vincor.

In 1993, they change it and started to produce the Jackson Triggs wine. They commence with two products – Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Jackson Triggs Winery sells many different varieties of wine like both VQA wines and ICB which is also known as the International Canadian Blends or formally known as the Cellared in Canada.

Source: Jackson Triggs

7. Between the Lines Winery

Originally this winery is started by the invention of two passionate sisters, they aim to keep the tradition alive with a balance of modernity in making wine production.

The winery is best among other wineries, thus it provides fresh and handpicked grape wine to the customer.

Yannick and Greg spent their entire life to produce fine-quality of Niagara wines and spent their livelihood on the farm side of the vines.

Their forefather has a land more than 45 acres of land and they get their inspiration at that time.

Black Glass Tasting @ BTL
Source: Between the lines winery

8. Inniskillin Wines

Wine lovers will truly understand of connection and taste the best wine.

The Inniskillin wines are truly admirable wineries and give great value to wine tasters. The Inniskillin welcomes visitors to taste the unique grape wine and red immersive wines.

9. Trius Winery

This is one of the most awarded wineries on the list of Niagara on the lake of Ontario.

This winery provides Canada’s best wines for blending wine, food, and methods to create the best wine in the country.

Trius Winery has produced a unique infamous wine called Trius Red, a Bordeaux blend-inspired wine produced by Hillebrand Winery.

In the Niagara region, this winery has been the best-serving red wine for three decades and is the best Canadian most iconic wine. This winery also gives the best Niagara Vintage Wine tours which you must try.

The Trius Winery
Image from Trius Winery

10. Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery

The historic buildings of this estate make a well-balanced but perfect and finest wines.

This winery uses the best innovative and best methods to produce ice wine and other types of all seasons wines in Niagara, Canada.

The Wayne estate offers the best wine with services like delivery of wine or restaurant-like services but will give the experience of a lifetime.

The Wayne Gretzky Estate is one of the best wineries, delicately following the greatness and premium quality of wine production.

This is the great value of the Wayne Gretzky Estates which has an understanding of what takes to produce the best wine with a passionate team of production.

Source: Gretzky estates wines

Are Niagara Wineries Open Year-Round? 

Almost all wineries open every year around, even in the winter season because most ingredients for the wine are grown at the perfect time of the winter season.

It is best to start making phone calls to the actual Niagara wineries and confirm the information to make a perfect plan for the visits.

On contrary, the market of Niagara wineries is dominated by the four best wineries in Ontario – Hillebrand, Inniskillin, Jackson Triggs, and Pellar.

The reviews are off the chart for these company servers the best tour and honestly, the wine quality is supreme.

When Should you Visit Niagara Vineyards?

Even though the best time for fully fledge ingredients for producing the best wines is during the time of perfect winter season, other ingredients are grown at any season or on a specific season.

Thus that decides the preference and quality of the wine. According to the English calendar, there is a total of 4 seasons because of the inaccuracy of finding and producing good wine.

The four seasons are Spring time, Summer time, Fall time, and Wintertime. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Spring Time 

This is one of the perfect conditions for wine production and having toured for tasting the best wines.

The weather is just too perfect for the wine tasters, and there are tulip flowers which are bloomed at the time of spring.

Which releases a beautiful aroma it set anyone’s mood to take a sip of fine wine. It is always a good time to take a drive through the roadside of Niagara’s wine countryside.

The dazzling colours make you feel relaxed and encourage you to take the tour.

2. Summertime 

This is a very beautiful time when the temperatures are warm and sunny. Also, almost all types of fruits are grown and nature at its full fledge.

One can stop at the roadside, or beach to enjoy the flavour of the wine, the grape wines are the best at this time.

The wineries provide the best quality of wine by yielding the best grapes and other ingredients for the production of wine.

There are picnic services offered by the vineyards as well. You can enjoy lunch and dinners under the shiny sky having the nibble of chilled wine.

Although there are other amazing places to visit in Ontario other than Niagara falls where one can do camping, hiking, or even more.

But the best part having a cooler filled with wine bottles and admiring the beauty of these palaces with a sip. Spend some time by taking a sip of iced wine to enjoy the summer.

3. Fall Time for 

This time is when Niagara falls are in full fledge and watching the thunderous Niagara falls, and the wine country is ready to harvest the finest red wine.

This season is also the busiest time of the year, and the wineries schedule the best prime time to pick the best-matured grapes for winemaking.

4. Winter Time 

The wine is best at the time in winter, and the best thing one can do is take an outdoor hike and set up a tent light some fire, and take a sip of the infamous ice wine in front of the fireplace.

The Wineries are handpicked and at that time the grapes’ sugar contained is much higher compared to any season.

So, if visiting in the winter, you will surely get amazing fresh wines to taste.

Source: Gretzky estates wines

Bottom Line

This article talked about the top 10 wineries in Niagara that are worth visiting for a sip of the finest wine over amazing vistas, you will love them.

Have fun exploring!



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