10 Best Cities in Canada—You Must Explore

Wondering which places to visit while you are in this American country? Or how to make your trip worthwhile? Don’t worry, here’s the perfect article for you which will give you a guide on the best cities in Canada, that you must visit!

Canada one of the countries in Northern America is known for its steaks, scenic beauty, and maple leaves. It is also one of the leading destinations for tourists to visit and also has good opportunities for education. Considering the beautiful surroundings that Canada has, it is very difficult to curate the best cities in Canada. Therefore, this constitutes of those best cities in Canada, that are very less known.

Situated around Niagara falls, this is a country that is considered a major tourist destination for many people all around the world. Looking at its magnanimous beauty, here are the ten best cities in Canada that you should visit:

1. Ottawa—The Parliament City

stunning panoramic view of ottawa river and parliament of canada
By: Facto Photo/Shutterstock

Beginning your Canada dream tour, it becomes an unsaid rule to visit the country’s capital city Ottawa. You take a direct flight to Ottawa or stay over in Canada and proceed from there. The best way to roam around Ottawa is by travelling by cruise or taking a hop-on bus. It is one of the most economical ways in which tourists may travel.

Your journey around Ottawa may begin by visiting the Ottawa river which is situated in Canada and is the eighth-largest river in Ottawa. The capital city also consists of a tourist attraction spot named Parliament hill.

You can enjoy the tour of this hill which is organized and free of cost. The Ottawa national gallery, the only standing building post-Canadian fires, is also a noteworthy attraction. Finally, this tour comes to an end with some eye-catching northern lights show.

Another interesting location to visit during your Ottawa tour is the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. This place offers one to visit the aviation history of Canada and also allows people to get an experience of pieces of rockets that have shuttled to space and returned.

In short, if one has an interest in the history of a country, Ottawa is the city to visit.

2. Ontario—The City with Niagara Falls

Panorama of aerial view of canadian side view of niagara
By: Sergii Figurnyi/Shutterstock

Located in the central province of the country, Ontario is known for its luscious greenery and is considered to be one of the best cities in Canada considering the spectacular biodiversity it has to serve people.

One of the important tourist attractions of Canada, Niagara Falls is situated in this city. Here, one can get a lively experience of the falls by travelling on boats and have a larger-than-life experience.

Another important place to visit in Ontario is Toronto’s CN Tower. This is one of the most iconic structures you can find in Ontario.

It is a tall structure that has a restaurant and a viewing deck which gives one a chance to take in the beauty of Lake Ontario. Some of the other attractions like Ripley’s museum and Roger’s center, newer attractions are located at the base of this tower.

Ontario is also blessed with a wide range of national parks that may help one to get close to nature. The Bruce Peninsula National park along with Georgian Bay National park are some of them which should be on your itinerary without fail.

3. Quebec- Pretty City

Quebec One of the best cities of Canada
By JFPhotography/Pixabay. Copyright 2022

One of the most famed cities in Canada is Quebec. This is a city that brings a historical element to the country of Canada. As folklores say, this city was founded by an explorer and it was called Old Quebec city and had fortified walls.

Some remains of these walls still exist and they have been declared UNESCO world heritage sites. This is also one of the cities where the famous Korean web series Goblin was shot.

Old Quebec City has various places which you can visit; to name a few, these may be Château Frontenac, Petit-Champlain, and Place Royale.

Ever wondered, if there could be a waterfall taller than Niagara falls? Well, Montmorency falls is the place you should visit. This waterfall situated in Quebec has some breathtaking views of the city and nature.

While in Quebec city if you wish to be a little adventurous just like a thumbs-up advertisement, you must experience the scenic view of the snow-clad mountains and should stay in ski resorts.

Quebec City has several mountain ranges where skiing is a viable option. For the best skiing experience, the ski resort of Mont-Tremblant is recommended by many people.

Finally, you should visit the Jacques-Cartier National Park, a glacial valley of Quebec city where you can enjoy adventure sports like kayaking, hiking, and camping with friends and if lucky, have sights of deer, beavers, and other animals. So, if you want to visit another one of the best cities in Canada, Quebec is the place for you.

4. Toronto—The Capital City

By James Wheeler, Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Toronto one of the fourth largest cities in the country of Canada can be considered the ‘Mumbai‘ of India. It is a bustling city with people running back and forth. It consists of huge skyscrapers, and clean roads and is surrounded by green squares. If you want to visit Toronto, these are your must-visit places.

Begin your journey around Toronto with the Royal Ontario Museum, one of the prime museums of Canada and consists of art pieces and a variety of period art.

If you love to view animals in their natural habitat, then Toronto Zoo is the place for you. The most spectacular view one can get here is that of the Polar bears and the Great Barrier Reef.

Continuing your journey in Toronto, you must visit the Hockey hall of fame which encompasses tributes to various famous hockey players. You can also stroll around St. Lawrence Market which is a city landmark and a place for thousands of vendors to sell their stuff.

Another important spot to visit in Toronto is Queen Street West. The street is considered to be the coolest neighbourhood and is one of the most lively places in Toronto and has a line of restaurants that serve some lip-smacking food. So, if you are a food lover then you should visit this street.

Finally, you can also visit Casa Lama which is an interesting place to visit for all history lovers. This is a castle built by the architect E.J. Lennox and it took 300 men to complete this magnanimous castle. 

5. Montreal—The French City

Montreal city in canada autumn season colourful threes
By: Firefighter Montreal/Shutterstock

Situated on an island on the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada. If you want to live and experience the French part of Canada, you must visit Montreal. A fun fact about Montreal is that it was the second place where most titanic victims are buried and cremated.

While you journey around this beautiful French city, you must begin with Mount Royal Park. Built in the year 1876, this park is built for people to admire nature and species of plants and birds.

You must also visit the ancient Parisian-style district of Old Montreal. You may take a stroll or view this citadel from the viewpoint of horse-drawn carriages, this city has a lot to offer in terms of history and scenic beauty.

While exploring this wonderful place, you may realize that, unlike normal towns or cities in Canada, this place has cobblestone streets which gives it a unique touch of its own.

If you love to sit and view ancient buildings and a place where trade takes place, the Old Port in Montreal is the place for you. Another place to stroll by, at the end of this port, to find peace at the Saint Lawrence River, a place to chill and spend time with your loved ones.

Lastly, a must-visit spot in Montreal is the Montreal Botanical Garden, which allows one to see nature through magnanimous structures covered with plants and flowers. It also has a biodome which has been recently opened and is a new attraction for tourists all over.

6. Nova Scotia—The Northern Lights City

By Noel_Bauza, Pixabay, Copyright 2022

One of the thirteen provinces of Canada, this is the most bustling area of Canada. It consists of a huge range of beaches, harbors, and islands. Nova scotia is a hotspot for places with tourist attractions and spots all over.

Begin your Nova Scotia journey on the Cabot Trail. Situated on the Cape Breton Highlands Park, this is a coastal route where people who enjoy driving can enjoy their road-trip fantasies. The Cape Breton Highlands is also the best city to go whale watching in the months between July to August.

Continuing with the same enthusiasm, in Nova Scotia, you should visit the district of Halifax. This is considered to be Canada’s largest city. Halifax of Nova Scotia is the place where the maximum of victims of the ship Titanic is buried.

This is also one of the largest cities in Canada and the district of Halifax has a beautiful peninsula to walk by the ocean side. This district is also the home to Peggy’s Cove, the Maritime Museum, and also various gardens that you can explore. It is also a Spring Garden road which is a safe space for nature lovers.

Peggy’s Cove or Peggy’s lighthouse is one of Canada’s most prominent lighthouses, also known for photoshoots, films, and short movies. Fishing and boathouses are prominently seen here and can be enjoyed by the tourist as well.

Considering the variety of experiences that Nova Scotia provides us with, this is definitely one of the best cities in Canada to visit!

7. British Columbia— English City of Canada

By KeithJJ, Pixabay, Copyright 2022

The westernmost province of Canada, this is what gives Canada an English feel. It consists of various territories that are famous and a must-visit by tourists who visit Canada. You may camp in this province as it consists of various campgrounds.

British Columbia is famous for the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort where tourists may enjoy skiing and also enjoy the snow-clad mountains. This is also one of the top-rated places suggested visiting.

All campers, be alert, cause these ones are for you! Vancouver island situated in this province has beautiful coastal views of the sea, and mountain ranges and also consists of campsites. Stanley Park is found in Vancouver which highlights its beautiful features. This park is also home to various ancient trees like the Douglas Fir tree.

If you want to move around the island through the waters, it is a must to visit the Victoria Inner Harbor, which gives you a different view of Vancouver Island and is considered to be one of the best tourist spots to visit.

Vancouver is also famous for Granville island located on the peninsula and a place for all shopping lovers. It is also famous for its gourmet food which it has to offer to tourists.

It also has built the Butchart Garden which gives a view of beautiful varied coloured flowers that you may have not seen. Therefore, British Columbia can be considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country of Canada.

Another destination you can visit while in British Columbia is the province of Victoria. This is a town that has an England touch to it. Surrounded by the Lekwungen people, Victoria is the home to the Parliament buildings and the legislative of British Columbia.

The Parliament buildings are also open for tour tourists. With pre-booking, you may also get an opportunity to dine in the Parliamentary Dining room and get a privileged feeling. Therefore, Victoria should be at the top of your best cities to visit in Canada list!

8. Alberta—The Family City

By Herman49, Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Fun fact about Alberta: It was named after the queen’s fourth daughter Princess Louise Caroline Alberta and this region is considered to be the sixth-largest province in the country of Canada.

One of the major tourist attractions of the Alberta province is the Banff national park. Situated within dense forests, this national park is home to various species of wildlife and hiking is one of the activities people here enjoy during summer.

Within this nation, a gem-like Lake Louise can be explored which not only gives the experience of summer but also has a ski resort which makes this a must-visit on your trip to Canada.

The province of Alberta consists of the city of Calgary. The Calgary tower is one of the important tourist spots in this region. It has a viewing deck and a revolving restaurant and gives a view of the landmark buildings in the city.

This city also has the Calgary Olympic sport which is the location where the winter Olympics took place. Here, you can enjoy zipline, mountain biking, and various other adventurous sports.

The city of Calgary is also the home to the Heritage park historical village. This park gives the tourists an insight into the history of the Canadian west and the village is open on the weekends of labour day and the entire weekend of Thanksgiving. The Heritage park historical village also organizes paid tours for people to get a better idea of the town.

Finally, if your itinerary allows, try to fit in Bowness Park. Situated in Calgary, this park is a perfect spot for families to picnic and spends quality time with each other.

Therefore, this city also tops the charts of the best cities in Canada and is a must-visit destination.

9. Prince Edward Island—The Beach City

By ArtTower, Pixabay, Copyright 2022

One of the Maritime provinces of Canada, this island must be included in your itinerary of Canada. This island is known for its red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and lobsters. Prince Edward Island is considered a unique experience during your stay in the Canadian city.

On Prince Edward Island, which fulfills one’s expedition begins with the town of Charlottetown is definitely on the best cities in Canada list.

This is the capital of the island and has a fun environment with world-class restaurants. Charlottetown also offers some scenic spots to offer to tourists. While in this town, you can visit Victoria Park, Peake’s Wharf, and the Farmer’s Market.

For an unforgettable drive and a mesmerizing sunset or want to sleep in a lighthouse? Then the North Cape Coastal Drive is the spot for you on this island.

Finally, as mentioned above the island is known for its red sand beaches, the final stop you may take on Prince Edward Island is the Red Sands Shore. Here you will find an amazing amalgamation of artists, cuisines, and theatre.

10. Yukon—The Lake City

aerial view of emerald lake in yukon territory canada under
By: Mark-Wu/Shutterstock

High mountain ranges and plateaus are the characteristic features of the city of Yukon. The highest peak in Canada is also situated in the city of Yukon and since the Arctic circle passes through this province, there is a high chance that you may view the northern lights.

Yukon is also the site of the largest mammal migration and also has more than 12+ endangered species in the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. This preserve allows tourists to view wildlife in their natural habitats. This wildlife preserve is spread across acres of land and you can easily explore by foot, bike, or skiing in the snow.

One of the most important cities in Yukon and the largest city in Northern Canada is Whitehorse and it is considered a must-stop while in Yukon. Once here, tourists may enjoy boating in the Yukon River or hiking off to secluded places.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Canadian State Has the Best Job Market?

In Canada, British Columbia experienced the most job increase in 2021. With an employment growth of 6.6%, it outperformed Nova Scotia by more than 1%. Before 2031, B.C. anticipates over a million new employment openings. As a result, B.C. is one of Canada’s finest provinces for finding a job.

2. Where Can I Find the Best Income in Canada?

Ottawa. Even though Canada’s capital city ranks 20th lowest in terms of cost of living, it has one of the highest median earnings.

3. Why Is Life so Good in Canada?

The nation is frequently commended for its affordability, availability of healthcare and education, political stability, respect for individual rights, and environmental protection. As a whole, Canada has a social safety net that is relatively strong and guarantees access to both education and healthcare.


Coming to the end of this article, Canada is one of the best countries to visit considering what it has to offer to its tourists. Therefore, this article compiles a list of the ten best cities in Canada that you must visit while planning your trip to Canada! You may find more on:

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