Angeline loves to write about anything and everything interesting, literally! As a vivid writer and traveler, her desire to explore new locations has enthralled many readers. Writing about Canadian culture and lifestyle has given her spectacular insight to write articles which give in-depth knowledge on each subject and fascinate the reader. Ready to be amazed? Then dig in!
  • Entertainment

    10 Best Streaming Services in Canada!

    The entertainment landscape has entirely transformed with the advent of streaming services. Furthermore, it offers a wealth of on-demand content and unparalleled convenience. Streaming services in Canada provide many options for viewers keen to experience a wide range of entertainment. It is true, as endless scrolling through cable channels is practically non-existent. Canadians can access various streaming platforms catering to…

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  • CarBest hybrid cars canada

    The Most Popular 8 Best Hybrid Cars Canada

    Lover of amazing cars but also want to save the environment? Don’t worry, we got you! Hybrid cars have become popular because many buyers want to buy fuel-efficient vehicles. So, the lingering question is, are hybrid cars fuel efficient? Yes, hybrid cars are excellent fuel-efficient vehicles. The best hybrid cars in Canada are fuel-efficient and environment-friendly vehicles. Vancouver, which is one of the…

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  • Travel

    A Grand Insight Into The Great Bear Rainforest

    The Great Bear Rainforest is a large area of pristine wilderness. It is as large as the country of Ireland and covers about 6.4 million hectares of British Columbia’s north and central coast. The place is perfect for immersing yourself in silence and enjoying the lush greenery all around. It is a land surrounded by mist-shrouded valleys and glacier-cut fjords.…

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  • SchoolWestern University of Ontario

    A Guide to the University of Western Ontario

      If you are looking for the best university in Canada to provide the “Western Experience,” you must consider the University of Western Ontario. Many will be thrilled to know that it is a research university in London, Ontario, and a much sought-after institution in Canada. It is also known as Western University; many call it “Western.” The University of…

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  • Animalswhale watching in vancouver

    Whale Watching in Vancouver: 4 Fascinating Locations

    Watching whales in their natural habitat can be exciting since they aren’t species we see on a daily basis. For some, it’s similar to bird watching, but trust me it is much more exciting. Whale-watching tours are arranged for scientific and educational purposes and bring in a revenue of over $2.1 billion annually through tourism. Currently, the industry employs over…

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  • Businessthings to do in Calgary

    16 Wonderful Things to Do in Calgary

    The city of Calgary located in western Canada is an awesome destination for many well-known activities and locations in the world. At Calgary, visitors can experience the spectacular Stampede Festival, be a part of the Calgary Flames, explore the Rocky Mountains, and other things to do in Calgary. The city of Calgary with its beautiful Bow and Elbow rivers flowing…

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  • Foodshortbread cookie recipe

    Shortbread Cookie Recipe: How to Make Shortbread Cookies?

    The shortbread cookie recipe originated as early as the 12th century. However, the shortbread cookie recipe was modified several times and the recipe that is available today can be attributed to Mary, Queen of Scots. It is said, Queen Mary had a team of French chefs, who perfected the shortbread cookie recipe many times over and over again. Scotland necessarily…

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  • TravelThe Northern Lights

    5 Best Countries to See The Northern Lights

    Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights cannot be described but is an experience of a lifetime. They are said to be beautiful and odd, mythical and scientific. You can see the Northern Lights in the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere. The Aurora is green or pink, yellow or blue and the best time to see them would be in a clear night…

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