25 Best Alberta Provincial Parks

Alberta Provincial Parks an Overview 

Alberta’s park consists of 500 other provincial parks, wildlife parks, national parks,  and ecological parks. These Alberta provincial parks are maintained by the Alberta park.

The province is heaven for natural wildlife of flora and fauna. The Alberta province is listed on the territories of Canada. It ranked thirteen in the list of sections of Canada.

This province shares a border with British Columbia.  This is another natural province heaven for the magnificent mountain ranges and peaks of Canada.

The Alberta province is part of western Canada. And one of the prairies of Canada. The eastern border is surrounded by the Great plains and the western part of this province is surrounded by the Rocky mountains.

The Alberta parks and the province is one of the favorite tourist hotspots in Canada. The province is packed during vacations.

Tourists usually do activities like hiking and trailing in Kananaskis Country, biking, and paddling in Waterton lakes.

The Park of Alberta is Canada’s largest national park which is one of the best places to do mountain biking, and wildlife viewing, and has a comfortable campground. The provincial capital is Edmonton.

According to the provincial park act the parks are formed to protect the abundant wildlife. Also to promote outdoor recreation.

What are The Top 3 Most Interesting Provincial Parks in Alberta?

First, The Banff national park topped the list. This provincial park in Canada attracts more than 4 million visitors year-round.

Second, Jasper national park attracts more than 2 million tourists. These are the best provincial parks in Canada. And the Waterton lake national park is in third, which attracts more than 3 m tourists annually.

Thus, these are the top 3 most interesting Alberta of provincial parks. These Alberta provincial parks provide some of the best sceneries.

These top 3 parks of Alberta provincial parks are best for hiking trails and enjoying picnic tables while admiring these parks’ natural beauty.

One should always bring hiking shoes while exploring the forest in these provincial parks.

What is The Most Famous Park in Alberta?

Provincial parks in Alberta are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The Banff national park is the most famous among Alberta’s parks. The provincial park has some of the best places for the campground.

The beautiful scenery of the mountains and forest will encourage anyone to roam this free beautiful land. The park is most famous for its mountain biking. There are a lot of accessible trails for hiking.

According to the provincial park acts the parks are to promote outdoor reaching activities. Also to protect abundant wildlife and forests. Although these parks are different from the wildland parks.

How Numerous Provincial Parks Does Alberta Have?

500 Alberta parks are listed under the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Alberta provincial parks are entitled to protect the wildlife and natural beauty of the parks.

The idea is to promote the authentic wilderness while tourist has the experience at a safer distance. The parks of Alberta share the US border.

The southern part of Alberta is aligned with the US border. Thus, Here are the top 25 Alberta provincial parks which are perfect for individual camping with experiencing the beautiful scenery of the mountains and trees.

1. Banff National Park

The Banff National park Canada
Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

This is the first national park in Canada. This Alberta park is established in 1885. At first, the grassland is concluded within the 26 sq km area.

Which is included a hot spring reserve also. Currently, the grassland spreads over more than 6,641 sq km area. This included the best scenery of the mountains.

The reserve covers almost all of the natural revisors and other water bodies. This included Moraine lake and Louis lake. These are also called alpine lakes.

The Banff provincial park is situated in the heart of the big beautiful Canadian Rockies. This grassland has individual campsites, trails, and township roads to make accessibility easier.

The national grassland is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and interesting landscapes.

2. Jasper National Park

Jasper national park Canada
Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

This is one of the national parks among other Alberta provincial parks in Canada. The Jasper National park is the largest Alberta provincial park in Canada. The grassland is spread over more than 11000 sq km.

The Jasper National park is formed in 1930. Because of its massive size, the grassland included some of the rarest animal species, and forest landscapes are enlisted according to the Alberta provincial park act.

Thus in 1948, the grassland is listed as the UNESCO world heritage site. The Jasper national park is included icefield glacier parks, waterfalls, and lakes.

Although the most famous hotspot in this grassland is Spirit island on Maligne lake. The grassland is situated in the west of Edmonton and north of Banff provincial park.

3. Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park Alberta
Image by James Wheeler from Pexels

The Beauvais Lake provincial park is situated near the west of the Pincher Creek of Alberta in Canada. The mountain is generally renowned for its rainbow trout fishing.

This lake grassland is suited best for those who are compassionate and love fishing. This grassland is part of the Southern Alberta parks region.

The Beauvais Lake campground is one of the best sites for individual camping in the Beauvais lake provincial park. The campground is well planted with long trees and provides services like fishing with camping.

4. Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation Area

The Crescent falls provincial recreation area is located in the Nordegg near Highway 11. Which is about 22 km away from the 6 km gravel road in the North.

This provincial recreation area has its Crescent falls campground. This is one of a kind among Alberta provincial parks which is renowned for the Cresent waterfalls.

5. William A. Switzer Provincial Park

This provincial park is a pool of alpine lakes. Gregg lake, Cache lake, Blue lake, and Jarvis lake are some of the best tourist spots for many Campgrounds.

The William A. Switzer Provincial park is one of the unique among Alberta provincial parks. The grassland can be located in the foothills of the mountain of Alberta Rocky mountains.

Which is situated at a height of 3,770 ft. The provincial park has acquired an area of more than 90 sq km. The precise location of this park is between Grande Cache and Hinton.

6. Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park

The Whitehorse wildland provincial park is located in the south of the Hinton region approx 60 km.

This is one of a park among the Alberta provincial parks in Canada which despite its area of not more than 175 sq km entitled to protect more than various 277 species of flora and fauna.

The provincial park is to protect natural landscapes and ecologically preserved sites. Also known as Alberta park of wildland area.

This allows the backward country creation. The park is established in August 1998.

7. Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton National Park Alberta Canada
Image by Caleen from Pixabay

This is one of the parks among Alberta provincial parks which is situated on the southwest side of Alberta. The Montana border is aligned with the border of the park.

And shares the border with Glacier National park. The Waterton Provincial Park is the fourth park in Alberta provincial parks.

Which is established in 1895 and named after Waterton lake. With an area of more than 500 sq km including the best comfort campground.

Another provincial park in Canada with low allocated area among the Alberta provincial parks.

8. Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Kananaskis

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
Image by usuario322 from Pixabay

The original name of this provincial park was Kananaskis provincial park. Peter Lougheed served as the Alberta premier between 1971 to 1985.

Thus after this, the provincial park was renamed. This park is one of the largest parks among Alberta provincial parks in Canada.

The park can locate in the ranges of the Rocky mountain in Alberta. More accurately in the Kananaskis country which is about 90 km near the Calgary west trail.

The species protected in this park are Grizzly bears, black bears, bighorn sheep, Rocky mountain cougars, for instance, and more rarely mountain goats.

9. Fish Lake Provincial Recreational Area

Fish Lake Provincial Recreational Area
Image by JOHN CALLERY from Pexels

This is another provincial recreational area that has facilitated campgrounds among Alberta provincial parks. The campgrounds can be found near Fish lake.

The area is located near the Nordegg on the west side of the 6 km. The fish lake is also known as the Shunda lake. Well as the name goes the area is famous for fishing.

10. Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park

This is one of the best birdwatching parks among Alberta provincial parks. The area is situated in Alberta’s north-central part of Canada. More accurately on the shore of the northern and eastern side of the Lesser Slave Lake.

This lake gives one of the outstanding views of the Marten Mountain peak which is about a height of 983 m. This is one of the parks among Alberta provincial parks which hold more than 246 species of birds.

The park is controlled by the Boreal Center for Bird Conservation with the motive of bird education.

11. Police Outpost Provincial Park

This is the second southern Alberta park that is listed in the Alberta provincial parks of Canada. The police outpost provincial park is located near 32 km of Cardston south.

Which is established in 1970, April. The Shore of Outpost lake shares a border with the Montana border of the USA. The lake is situated at a height of 4560 ft.

12. Thompson Creek Provincial Recreational Area

This is another among Alberta provincial parks listed in the Provincial Recreational area of Alberta, Canada. The Thompson creek campground can be located in this area.

The area is located on Highway 11 of Nordegg in the southwest. This is a 50 well maintain tree sited of this area.

13. Writing on Stone Provincial Park

Stone Provincial Park BC
Image by Pixabay from Pexel

The area is inhabited by the Milk River community. In the east about 44 km and 100 km of Lethbridge southeast of Alberta. This is one of the largest prairies among Alberta provincial parks.

The provincial park is protected by the Alberta park system. The writing on the stone provincial park was dominated by a prehistoric community called Milk river community.

The park is upholding the most precious pieces of rock art, carving, and painting, preserver of the oldest remnants of tribes. Blackfoot are one of the best and oldest aboriginal tribes living in this park.

This park is one of the oldest parks among Alberta provincial parks more than 9000 years old.

14. Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo national park
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

This park is the largest among other Alberta provincial parks in Canada. 44807 sq km is the total area of wood buffalo national park.

The park is situated on Alberta’s northeastern side. Buffalo national park has comparable in size to Switzerland or is larger than this country.

The park is formed in 1922. The park is the world’s second-largest provincial and national park. The main attraction of this park is the proud big wood bison.

These wood bison are hybrids of normal bison. The population of wood bison is about 9000. This grassland is also the home of the Whooping Crane.

In Caribou Mountain at an elevation of more than 3100 ft high, this national grassland is placed. The grassland is situated near the river of little Buffalo.

The peace Athabasca Delta is the largest freshwater delta that is flown into this grassland.

15. Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial park Alberta Canada
Image by Pandorah from Pixabay

The grassland is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. The site is located in Calgary on the eastern side of Alberta. This is another area that is listed as a heritage site among Alberta provincial parks of Canada.

The terrain is accurately near the Red Deer River Valley. The topography is also called a badland terrain with dinosaur fossils spread over a vast area.

The grassland is acknowledged for its rich abundance of dinosaur fossils and sites. The place is rich with dinosaur fossils.

More than 50 species of dinosaur fossils have been found. And nearly more than 500 dinosaur specimens are exhibited worldwide in museums.

16. Spray Valley Provincial Park

The grassland is situated on the western side of the Spray river and the eastern side of the rocky mountain of Alberta, Canada.

The Spray Valley PR is another area among Alberta provincial parks that is a part of the Kananaskis country grassland system. The grassland shares a border with the Banff national PR.

17. Pierre Grey’s Lakes Provincial Park

This grassland offers some of the best sites for camping on the lakeside with aspen forests.

The grassland is situated in the Canadian Rockies foothills which are about 35 km on the eastern side of Grande Cache. The grassland is best for those who love hiking and trailing.

18. Red Rock Coulee Natural Area

Medicine Hat is the location where it is situated. The grassland is about 50 km on the southwest side of the city. The reddish bowl is about an area of 10ft.

These reddish bowl-shaped boulders give a beautiful impression of reddish candy. Although these are the main attractions of this grassland.

19. Willmore Wilderness Park

The area of these protected grasslands is open and gives a majestic view of the landscape.

The grassland is spread over more than 4000 sq km and shares the border with Jasper National PR. This grassland is also one of the largest among Alberta Provincial Parks in Canada.

20. Bleriot Ferry Provincial Recreation Area

The Bleriot Ferry provincial recreation area is located about 25 km near the Dinosaur Trail road north of Drumheller which is in the Red Deer Valley of Alberta.

This PRA provides the most relaxing ground for camping near the shore of the riverside among the giant cottonwood. The Red Deer River is the perfect place for canoeing, & kayaking.

21. Bob Creek Wildland Provincial Park

The Bob Creek Wildland Provincial grassland is situated in Alberta’s southwest side of Canada. More accurately it is in place in between the Rocky Mountain Front Livingstone Range.

This is one of the legal hunting available PRA and is listed in the Alberta provincial parks. The PRA is famous for an ecological area called “ Whaleback”. The PRA is acknowledged for its unique landscape area and features.

22. Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

The Sir Winston Churchill provincial area is located in the Lac La Biche on the east side at 5 km near Highway 881. The PR provides an area for camping, hiking, and trailing, on the Big Island.

Canoes, and kayaks, for instance, are provided for rafting on the lake or river around the area. This PR is one of the best for sports activity among other Alberta Provincial Parks.

23. Lundbreck Falls PRA

Lundbreck Falls PRA Alberta
Image by Fabian Wiktor from Pexels

The Lundbreak Falls are part of the Southern provincial parks of Alberta. This provincial recreation area is situated in Pincher Creek Off Highway 3 around 25 km on the northwest side.

The main attraction of this PRA is the availability of campgrounds parallel to the shoreline of Crowsnest river. This is the only PRA that is listed in the Alberta provincial parks of Canada.

24. Crimson Lake Provincial Park

The Crimson lake provides an all-year backcountry camping area of stretches up to 11 – 14 km on the west side of the Rocky mountain house.

The Crimson lake PR offers areas for hiking, group camping areas, and bird-watching views with a campsites area.

The Crimson lake is mainly famous for its campsites, with almost there are 11 campsites available for comfort camping at a very reduced rate.

This is one of the most outdoor activities grassland among other Alberta provincial parks.

25. Beaver Lake PR

The PR is listed in the Alberta Provincial Parks. Beaver Lake is a man-made reservoir. It is situated in the Ozark mountain of Arkansas in the Northwest direction.

This is made as a dam on the White River. Beaver Lake is the prime attraction of this provincial Park. The shore of this lake stretches about 784 km.

The grassland is an open area landscape. It consists of like beautiful trees, shoreline shrubs, natural caves, and other beautiful features around the lake.


Alberta Provincial park is unique in landscape features or different terrains with other natural attributes.

This province holds one of the highest and largest numbers of provincial parks in the world. Among the Alberta provincial parks, some of them are listed in the UNESCO world heritage site.

one can truly experience the beauty of these provincial parks in Canada when one will visit and hike these beautiful landscapes.



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