Alberta Lakes: List of 14 Beautiful Alberta Lakes

Best Alberta Lakes to Explore

We believe it is safe to say that Alberta lakes are among the most beautiful provinces in Canada. The province has a distinctive and diversified scenery that includes broad plains, craggy mountains, and arid badlands. More than 600 lakes may be found there, including the well-known lake Louise as well as the equally magnificent Moraine lake. Moreover, the two very popular Canadian national parks are settled here including Banff National Park & Jasper National Park.

This province of Alberta lakes which is the fourth most populous in Canada, undoubtedly is a powerhouse when it comes to breathtaking natural settings.

As you might expect, the majority of Alberta’s top activities involve being outside, whether it be hiking, canoeing or winter-only pursuits like skiing & ice walking.

Some of the Famous Alberta Lakes

Don’t overlook Alberta lakes, which are also famed for the Rocky Mountains & prairie landscapes. Each road trip you take in Alberta will probably require you to bring a swimsuit, a beach towel, or ice skates depending on the season.

1. Lake Louise

If there is one lake in Canada that you haven’t heard of, it’s Lake Louise. Its turquoise glacier-fed waters are flanked by the angular peaks of the Rocky Mountains, making it one of the most picturesque and frequently photographed Alberta lakes.

Canoe on the clear waters in the summer or go on one of the numerous nearby trails to see the landscape from above and when the cold sets in during the winter, you can cross-country ski and skate on the thick ice. There are fantastic activities to do in lake Louise all year round, which is why this location is well-known.

Photo by Robert Keane on Unsplash

Lake Louise, which is located in Banff National Park, is the most famous lake in Alberta and arguably the entire country. Since 1890, photographers have made their way to the lake, which is situated in a deep valley surrounded by towering mountains.

The lake’s color changes throughout the summer, going from a light blue in June to a stunning azure in late August. Even as the sun travels the sky throughout the day, it likewise alters in color. Although the scenery is breathtaking in the bright sunlight of the day, exploring lake Louise in the winter is equally a memorable experience.

2. Lake Moraine (Banff National Park)

A glacier-fed lake located about 14 kilometers from lake Louise, Moraine lake is unquestionably well a visit. Imagine pure, glass-like, stunningly blue water, and you’ll instantly understand why one of this beautiful Alberta lakes is so well-liked. Trek to the renowned Rockpile, where you’ll be given the best opportunity to see the lake as well as the Valley of Ten Peaks in all its splendor. It makes sense that it’s one of Banff’s top locations for photographs.

The crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies is the Moraine lake and it is not far from lake Louise to the equally stunning Moraine lake, which has gorgeous, pure blue water. The gorgeous color of Moraine lake is a product of glacier runoff that seeps down from nearby mountains.

Photo by garrett parker on Unsplash

It is also one of the most well-known Alberta lakes, and both locals and tourists enjoy swimming there. If travelers are willing to ascend, the Valley of the Ten Peaks makes the perfect backdrop for this breathtaking panorama as they travel along the well-known Rockpile trail; certainly one of the must visit Alberta lakes.

3. Jack Lake

Visitors frequently throng to lake Louise & Moraine lake in Banff National Park but don’t overlook Two Jack lake. Just 15 minutes from Banff, this emerald-green gem is a great place for hiking, camping, & family picnics. Two Jack lake is a fantastic location to see the sunrise or the sunset because it has a view of Mount Rundle in the distance.

Two Jack lake is one of the numerous attractions of Banff National Park and one of the very well known Alberta lakes. It is a fantastic aquatic haven located in a picturesque valley with tall pine trees. For those with the courage to swim, the water is extremely frigid.

On the typically calm and pristine lake, kayaking, canoeing, & stand-up paddleboarding are also all fantastic pastimes. The area around Two Jack lake is another outstanding location to view sunrise and sunset. Simply, it’s a stunning location to set up a tent and enjoy the landscape.

4. Lake Peyto

After parking, take the quick and easy 10-minute stroll to the Peyto lake viewpoint, another very popular Alberta lakes, to enjoy the lake views. Peyto lake is an excellent place to watch the dawn and sunset because getting there requires minimal effort; much better, come here on an especially clear night to see the canopy of stars.

It’s crucial to note that finding a parking spot here might be challenging because it’s so busy. Come early to guarantee a spot, especially during the summer as well as on weekends.

Photo by Sneha Chandrashekar on Unsplash

Visitors will be amazed when they first see Peyto lake as it is one of the most magnificent and well-known turquoise and fox shaped Alberta lakes. Awe-inspiring scenery is one of the reasons why photographers adore it. To see the lake in all its beauty, visitors must travel to a remote viewing location.

Without any crowds, visitors can hike to Bow Peak and enjoy the scenery. Also, people ought to wander over to the lake and look around. It’s a great spot for kayaking or just relaxing on the shore and admiring the view.

5. Lagoon Maligne

Maligne lake is the largest naturally occurring lake in the Canadian Rockies and falls under the list of 10 beautiful Alberta lakes. The waves there are breathtakingly blue. Because of its stunning views, travelers and photographers like it. Moreover, tourists can go on a cruise around Maligne lake.

Although the lake’s coastline is rather lovely, the best way to appreciate it is on a boat ride that stops at Spirit Island. In addition to boat trips, fishing, hiking all along the coast walk, and paddling, Maligne lake provides several activities. The lake’s natural beauty would enthrall visitors.

6. Minnewanka Lake

The glaciers that feed this body of water, also known as the “Lake of the Spirits,” are called glaciers. If tourists want a beautiful experience and lake views, they should take the gorgeous Minnewanka boat ride. Visitors may also rent a boat if they so choose and enjoy activities including scuba diving, boating and fishing.

Visit to the sunken ghost town on lake Minnewanka are popular with scuba divers. There are also popular hiking and biking trails close to the lake. It’s an amazing sight to see in Alberta.

7. Lake Lesser Slave

Lesser Slave lake is one of the popular Alberta lakes and a great place for weekend excursions. Here, you’ll find some of Alberta’s prettiest beaches and cold, clear waters. The expansive beach is great for swimming and hiking, and it often has plenty of driftwood, which is great for a bonfire later if guests are camping.

Around the lake, there are hiking trails that wind through boreal forests and lull tourists with the sound of chirping birds. At Lesser Slave lake, there are also excellent fishing chances. The species that will compete include whitefish, burbot, northern pike, and walleye.

8. Sylvan Lake

Sylvan lake has long been a favourite vacation place for Albertans. The beach is ideal for sunbathing because it has a mix of sand and grass. This lake is unquestionably one of the best Alberta lakes for swimming and enjoying the warm water. The shallow water here is suitable for wading.

Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, & engaging in water sports are a few enjoyable pursuits. The small village of Sylvan lake also features a lighthouse, which lends it a bit of rustic charm. Visitors will without a doubt appreciate seeing this lake as well as its lovely surroundings.

9. Lake Waterton

Canada’s Waterton Lakes is a lesser-known travel location. Waterton lake is located in the southern region of Alberta within Waterton Lakes National Park. Geographically speaking, the mountains suddenly give way to the grasslands at this UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site.

Photo by Jim Witkowski on Unsplash

Waterton lake extends far into the highlands, with imposing peaks flanking both shorelines. Among the most popular activities are boat tours, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and scuba diving.

The Prince of Wales Hotel, which is located at the bottom of the lake, is a notable location in Canadian heritage. It is a spectacle that will leave you speechless; undoubtedly one of the prettiest Alberta lakes.

10. Lake Newell

Lake Newell, one of the hottest Alberta lakes, is a popular summer vacation destination for people who enjoy water sports. Fishing, wakeboarding, waterskiing and kiteboarding are popular activities here. Also, guests are free to spend as much time as they like sunbathing on the beach.

The lake is next to the Dinosaur Provincial Park, one of the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Alberta. Visitors can go to the park at any hour of the day for a fun-filled day. Tourists may anticipate having a great time and taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

11. Pyramid Lake

Whilst in the town of Jasper, you must see Pyramid lake; one of the very famous Alberta lakes and highly recommended by the locals. This kidney shaped picturesque lake with serene water and located at the base of Pyramid Mountain with views of the Rockies, is something splendid to look at.

Image by Carsten from Pixabay

You can also access Pyramid Island for a picnic through a wooden bridge that is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. Visit this area if you want to go birdwatching, fishing, kayaking, or just relax and enjoy the peace. Get a room at the Pyramid Lake Resort if you plan to stay for more than a single day to witness the stars gleaming over the lake & Pyramid mountain.

12. Lagoon Maligne (Jasper National Park)

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking breathtaking vistas. Maligne lake’s stunning turquoise waters make it obvious why it has become so well-known among tourists and photographers; definitely one of the picturesque and well liked Alberta lakes by the tourists.

Mountains surround the lake, and Spirit Island, an exquisite islet, is situated in the lake. There is a tonne of wildlife in this area, including osprey, golden eagles, and bald eagles. Maligne lake offers a wide range of activities, including hiking along the shoreline trail, trout fishing, leisurely canoe rides, and afternoon tea just at Maligne Lake Chalet.

13. Abraham Lake

Although the water of this artificial lake has a stunning jade color, many people prefer to go there in the winter because Abraham lake experiences a natural process where trapped methane creates frozen bubbles to grow beneath the lake’s surface, making it nearly surreal to walk or skate on the frozen lake. One of Alberta lakes’ top bucket list attractions in the winter is Abraham lake.

Photo by David Wirzba on Unsplash

14. Medicine Lake

The nicest views in the national park of all the beautiful Alberta lakes can be found at Medicine lake, which is located around 20 kilometers southwest of Jasper. But Medicine lake is much more than just a picturesque scene; in fact, it is a geological anomaly made up of underwater caves whose size varies according to glacial runoff rather than a lake at all.

You’ll observe that it is hardly a winding river, considerably different from the enormous lake it transforms into each summer.

Final Note

Unlike lakes in other Canadian provinces, Alberta lakes are unique. Many alpine lakes’ exquisite turquoise tones create a stunning contrast with the majestic backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

The glacier-fed waters in these highlands are frigid. The beachfront and beautiful swimming water is available for visitors.


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Ayaz Pathan is an experienced writer and knows what it takes to be a successful article marketer and a competent writer—pursuing graduation from Chandigarh University—currently working as a content writer and editor(part-time)—developing a career in Blogging and content writing and seeking future opportunities.

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