A Guide to 29 Toronto Best Cafes

There is a tonne of cafés in Toronto, and each one has a distinctive menu and interior appeal. Everyone can enjoy a warm cup of coffee & baked pastries, whether they like modern or fashionable cafes or more traditional ones. We selected the Toronto best cafes based on their popularity as well as the crucial factors to take into account to demonstrate what makes a café successful:

Comfortable Place: Do Toronto’s best cafes offer a welcoming, pleasant environment? Are you able to work or study?

Is there a variety of delectable foods and beverages on the cafés’ menus?

Price Point: Are the food and beverages reasonable? Do they only accept cash or credit cards?

Customer evaluations: Are customers frequenting the coffee shops? Did they receive excellent service and have a great time?

Toronto Best Cafes

Here is our list of Toronto Best Cafes and the best Toronto coffee shops that provide good quality coffee. Remember to post a comment and let us know what you think!

1. The Oats Kafé

Oats Kafe
Image from Oats Kafe

Authentic Vietnamese food & beverages are available at Oats Kafe.

The furnishings and accents are quite organic, exuding a serene zen vibe. You will feel at home in a contemporary setting due to the interior design choices and great little spots, which are both cozy and fashionable. There are simple wooden tables and chairs outside where you may sit & enjoy the drinks. It comes under the Toronto Best Cafes.

The wonderful coconut coffee is the most sought-after. With the addition of coconut flakes, it is comparable to a latte. Additionally, they reheat their delectable almond croissant to make it even more delightful to eat.

Additionally well-known for its Vietnamese coffee, which pairs wonderfully with the salted egg cupcake. Because of the pig floss, custard, and cheese on top, this dish is a soft, fluffy cake that is both sweet & savory.

The Iced Bac Xie, a strong, sweet, and aromatic white coffee, is a favorite here. Typically, condensed milk is added to these liquids to give them a rich and creamy flavor.

2. Rabbit Caffe

One of the Toronto Best Cafes. There are many different meal and beverage options available at White Rabbit Cafe. This cafe is dedicated to zero waste. Thus they utilize as many biodegradable materials as they can while avoiding the usage of plastic in their packaging.

This establishment’s interior has lovely wooden furnishings and a naturalistic feel, thanks to the potted plants here on wooden shelves. There are around 7 tables and 11–12 seats in this location. Despite being small, the room is warm and inviting.

The pistachio coffee served here is a customer favorite. Every sip of this silky coffee carries a little pistachio flavor.

They feature a variety of vegan options, and the menu is seasonal. Additionally, the vegan, dairy-free rosewater cupcake ($5.00) is well-regarded here!

3. Milky’s

Milky’s offers baked goodies and seasonal specialty drinks. With its wood paneling layout, this location has a distinctive look. Additionally, the shop is decorated with Japanese figurines, mugs, and bowls, which enhances the beautiful and welcoming ambiance.

The Fired Apple Cider is a customer favorite here. It has torched meringue, apples, & cinnamon on top and tastes like such a liquid apple pie. That is the perfect complement to one of their delectable butter croissants for a fluffy and light delight.

Each morsel melts in your mouth. They source their pastries from a number of regional bakeries. There are vegan options available here in addition to a changing dessert menu, and prices can range from $2 to $8.

A specialty coffee store called Sorry Coffee offers some potent beverages. This cafe’s building is extremely well-designed, giving it a tidy, opulent, and contemporary appearance.

The provided hot chocolate is highly recommended. Because of its subdued sweetness, dark chocolate aficionados prefer it. Milky’s comes under the Toronto Best Cafes.

Additionally, the raspberry almond croissant is a fantastic match for this beverage. The pastry has a delicious raspberry filling and is buttery and flaky.

This store’s price points range from $3 to $6. Sugar Coffee is a cashless establishment!

4. Strange Love

Small and efficient, Strange Love offers tasty baked goods, specialty beverages, tea, and coffee with additional boosters. Given that the interior of this space is made of modern wood, it is the ideal spot to work or read a book. Strange love is among Toronto Best Cafes.

The Iced Lover’s Latte is a great choice. Tonka bean syrup & coffee make the ideal match in this chilly beverage. There are notes of cinnamon, allspice, and almonds in every sip. This beverage goes well with a bagel topped with honey butter in Toronto.

The bagel has a toasted outside and a fluffy interior. The real treat is infused with warm honey butter. This store’s price ranges from $3 to $8.

5. Fahrenheit Coffee Shop

An independent coffee chain called Fahrenheit Coffee debuted in 2012 and is renowned for its excellent coffee and cozy cafe. Fahrenheitcoffee

When you enter this cafe, you’ll be welcomed with a wooden interior with a welcoming atmosphere. This store provides three seasonal espresso origins, tea, lattes, iced drinks, and other beverages.

Because of the rich expresso flavor that comes through, customers love the latte. It works really nicely to balance out the milk’s richness. The delicious snacks that were on offer were also a popular match with this.

Fahrenheit Cafe
Image from Fahrenheit Cafe

Depending on how many you want, the costs range from $2 to $6. To find out why this shop is so lauded, try some of their world-famous coffee on the move.

It comes under the list of Toronto Best Cafes. This store provides three seasonal espresso origins, tea, lattes, iced drinks, and other beverages. Because of the rich expresso flavor that comes through, customers love the latte. It works really nicely to balance out the milk’s richness.

People also like serving this alongside the delicious foods that were on show.

Depending on the amount you select, the rates range from $2 to $6. See why this shop is so well-known by trying some of their outstanding coffee on the move.

6. Dineen Coffee Company

The first café was founded in the historic Dineen Building, one of Toronto’s oldest buildings and a Toronto Heritage Property, when The Dineen Coffee Co. This historical location, which formerly served as the headquarters of the hat & fur retailer W. & F. Dineen Co., is in the heart of the Financial District and is now regarded as one of the greatest coffee shops in the area.

The Dineen Coffee Co. offers great, high-quality coffees, snacks, and sandwiches while it is bustling with tourists & residents on their morning commutes.

This cafe is well-known for its very pleasing interior decor. Here, one could even observe a small vintage grated elevator with such an intricate design. Some of the room’s original features, such as the exposed brick wall, have been retained, according to a little history. The aged pillars, the large ironwork entrance set into the masonry, and the tiny balcony above the coffee bar.

The best thing is that Dineen Coffee can offer you a large selection of delectable items, including pastries, breakfast items, sandwiches, parfaits, premium coffees, teas, and iced beverages. The incredibly creamy vanilla latte, as well as pistachio loaf & cranberry lemon scones, are the main favorites. This cafe is one of Toronto Best Cafes.

The price of the meals and drinks might be anything from $2 to $10. Make sure to check out this antique cafe; you must see the interior design!

7. Merchants of Green Coffee

Comes in Toronto Best Cafes. This East End coffee shop specializes in green coffee, which are unroasted coffee beans that may be roasted at home in an oven to provide the freshest drink.

8. Tokyo Smoke

It is streamlined, modern, and monochromatic-cool. Rich and tasty brews are served in this 420-friendly coffee establishment in a setting that mixes a fine coffee experience with accessories for affluent smokers. It comes under the Toronto Best Cafes.

9. Fika

In the heart of Kensington Market, Fika, a bright, airy, and welcoming establishment that serves meals, cakes, and, of course, coffee, takes inspiration from Sweden’s coffee culture.

Fika cafe Toronto
Image from Fika

This laid-back, Scandinavian-inspired location promotes taking it easy and a midday vacation from the continuously busy streets. Comes under the Toronto Best Cafes. The backyard patio & garden, which includes a hammock, is the ideal secret location to get away from the bustle of the city.

10. Pilot Coffee Shop

The culture of specialty coffee is at its best with Pilot Coffee. While outlets spread around the city help keep the general populace caffeinated, the East-end headquarters integrate a roastery with a lab, tasting bar, and the hub of the distribution center.

Customers are welcome to visit Pilot’s headquarters to observe the entire production process and learn more about the art of coffee.

11. Sam James Coffee Bar

After launching its first site on Harbord about ten years ago, this trendy coffee shop has grown into a family with multiple outlets all around the city. Each location offers excellent coffee and a welcoming, community-driven atmosphere.

Sam James Coffee Bar is a great choice if you’re seeking a quick, fast cup of the good stuff. No matter what neighborhood you’re in, Toronto, you can get your SJCB dose at one of the five separate locations.

12. Bloomer’s Coffee Break

In this Bloor & Ossington café, vegan sweets and meals are served alongside excellent coffee and loose-leaf tea. Here, vegetarians and vegans congregate over hearty bowls and tofu club sandwiches.

Bloomers Cafe
Image from Bloomersto

The donuts here are unmatched, featuring an incredibly delicate texture and unique flavors like rose pistachio. While placing your order for your main course, request that servers reserve your chosen type of dessert because the doughnut case can quickly run out, given the walk-in demand.

13. Rustle and Stille Cafe

Vietnamese business owners serve fresh banh mi sandwiches with Vietnamese coffee and tea lattes flavored with pandan, or purple sweet potato, an odd but amazing mix. Weekends without Wi-Fi serve as a reminder to disconnect and mingle.

You may enjoy your fancy cappuccino & catch up on emails while surrounded by a jungle-like collection of potted plants and luscious greens at Rustle & Still Café because their plant selection is top-notch.

Even only to take in this magnificently restored heritage building’s flawless design is worth the trip.

14. Boxcar Social

At Boxcar Social, sommelier-baristas offer flights of coffee that highlight regional subtleties, something akin to experiencing the terroir of wine. This brings together wine aficionados and coffee nerds. Every cup of coffee is made at the ideal temperature and length of time to bring out the nuances of each bean. Because wine, drinks, and charcuterie boards follow coffee hour. The expansive Harbourfront site offers stunning views of Lake Ontario.

15. Jacked Up Coffee Shop

Jacked Up coffee, which originally operated as a mobile coffee truck, now offers freshly brewed coffee from two carefully preserved vintage Citroens. For a more dependable coffee fix, the trucks are now permanently situated in Yorkville, on the first floor of 225 King St.

Is there a cuter way to start the day than by purchasing your coffee from a bright blue truck? No, we believe.

16. Jimmy’s Coffee Shops

Jimmy's Coffee
Image from Jimmyscoffee

Jimmy’s coffee, another one of Toronto’s small-scale coffee shops, knows how to make a killer espresso or Americano. The Kensington Market location features a wonderful back patio, helpful personnel, and courteous service.

17. Odin

When you’re in Toronto’s East End, Odin is an amazing cafe to have brewed beer. It is sleek, sophisticated, and dripping with Scandinavian flair. This area is really inviting and a wonderful addition to the Corktown coffee scene, accented with white wood and amazing geometric features.

For delectable coffee from neighborhood East Side roaster Pilot Coffee, warm service, and a look that looks like it belongs in a Design Milk story.

18. De Mello Palheta

This coffee business, named after the original coffee explorer Francisco De Mello Palheta, combines a micro-roastery with a specialty store for caffeine addicts. The staff at De Mello Palheta serves the greatest product possible by sourcing only the best green beans & roasting them on-site.

De Mello Palheta is a must-visit for any coffee enthusiast, from the colorful, graffiti-covered facade to the rustic yet industrial dining area & roastery in the back.

19. Nutbar Coffee Shop

The holistic nutritionist-founded Nutbar is a place where health-obsessed people may satisfy their appetites for sweet treats and coffee. It is a happy place for superfood-filled meals because it is free of white sugar & white flour.

With ingredients like turmeric, Chaga, and spirulina, Nutbar’s smoothies and super drinks will give you energy even if you’re trying to cut back on coffee. Ezra’s Pound is a quaint café with wonderful coffee and a range of homemade grab-and-go food options located just a few steps from the city’s renowned Casa Loma.

Freshly baked products, robust, environmentally friendly coffee, and efficient, friendly service? Why not adore it? Take the stairs to Casa Loma’s gardens for an afternoon snack after grabbing coffee & a sandwich (and perhaps a sweet treat for later).

20. Te Aro Lovely Coffee Shop

Te Aro is a quaint yet industrial coffee shop with New Zealand influences in Leslieville that pulls espressos from locally roasted Pilot Coffee beans. Although it’s difficult to make a mistake when nearly every roast is good, friendly baristas are eager to enlighten and educate customers on the diversity of roasts available.

Experience the unique flavor of hand-roasted, small-batch coffee and relax in Te Aro’s cozy, friendly environment. This is the perfect place to work while enjoying a cup of coffee or reading on a rainy day.

21. Francisco De Mello Palheta

After the original, This midtown Toronto coffee store is a hybrid of a specialty shop for caffeine lovers and a micro-roaster, founded by coffee adventurer Francisco De Mello Palheta. The staff at De Mello Palheta serves the greatest product possible by sourcing only the best green beans & roasting them on-site.

De Mello Palheta is an important trip for any coffee fan, from the entertaining, graffiti-covered facade to the rustic yet industrial dining area and roastery in the back.

22. Tokyo Smoke

It is streamlined, modern, and monochromatic-cool. This 420-friendly coffee shop serves up flavorful, rich brews in a setting that mixes a fine coffee experience with high-end smoking accessories.

Tokyo Smoke, one of Canada’s top lifestyle companies, is unquestionably worth looking into if you’re in need of a caffeine fix in Toronto. Learn about the best cannabis practices while sipping coffee in this chic yet welcoming setting on hip Queen West.

23. Tucana Coffee shop

Tucana coffee is a beautiful café. The coffee is excellent, and it is also bright and floral. Tucana focuses on promoting & supporting local art, community, and inclusivity and has works by local artists on display at the store.

Tucana Coffee
Image by Tucana Coffee

Even though this coffee shop is small, it has a tremendous heart. When you’re out and about on Dundas West, Tucana is a great place to get coffee. They serve great beans from Toronto roasters, including Cut Coffee and Pilot.

24. Cocoon Coffee shop

This also comes under the Toronto Best Cafes. A warm and peaceful cafe selling a range of espresso drinks & macarons is called Cocoon Coffee, and it is situated in North York. The fusion of cozy and industrial design elements produces a distinctive ambiance.

25. AM Coffee Shop

AM Coffee combines a coffee shop with a wellness studio. You’ll be able to leave with some inspirational encouragement, and if you feel up to it, you can even enroll in a course. This coffee shop comes under the Toronto Best Cafes.

26. Ninetails Coffee Bar

The mythical fox spirit from East Asian tradition is the inspiration for the name of Ninetails Coffee Bar. The interior design also draws on East Asian aesthetics, creating a calm and quiet cafe.

Final Note

The best coffee is always available in Toronto’s best cafes. These places will work whether you’re rolling alone for a simple cup of coffee or rolling over to chill out with friends. You can enjoy delicious coffee, delicious food, tasty coffee, baked treats, amazing coffee, and avocado toast in Toronto’s best cafes.

Due to the diverse population, there is a worldwide perspective on caffeine consumption here, with stores offering blends from all over the world. They have the Toronto best cafes for you, whether you’re searching for a quaint, locals-only hangout, a busy tourist destination in its own right, or a café.


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Ayaz Pathan is an experienced writer and knows what it takes to be a successful article marketer and a competent writer—pursuing graduation from Chandigarh University—currently working as a content writer and editor(part-time)—developing a career in Blogging and content writing and seeking future opportunities.

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