A Complete Instructive Guide to the 6 Toronto Christmas Market

Toronto Christmas Market

Well, we can see numerous cities and towns organizing the best Christmas markets on Christmas Eve, where a range of hand-made crafts created in the workshop, local food stalls, and original flavours of Canada, as well as other fascinating items, are sold. However, today we will take a close look at a few of the best Toronto Christmas market, which is fun and distinctive in their way and definitely worth visiting. visit

For the citizens of Toronto, Christmas markets are no less than a holiday season tradition. The Christmas market is a mash-up of holiday treats and festive antics that provide a lovely way to wrap up the last year and ring in the coming year and an entirely new decade!

The Christmas market should not be missed if you enjoy the Christmas season, and who could not love this holiday season?

Most of these Toronto holiday events are free; you do not pay any money to make your Christmas more special. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you enjoy visiting the Christmas market. Check out our guide to the best Christmas market in Toronto so you can see it with your family, loved ones, or friends.

Uncover the Best Christmas Market in Toronto

These traditional Christmas markets originated in the late middle ages in Germany and Austria. Thus, at first, this Market was a street market, similar to conventional and historical marketplaces that celebrate Christmas for an entire month.

The Christmas market mostly started from the end of November to the previous weekend before December.

The Swedish Christmas Fair is the top Christmas market in our list of the best Toronto markets.

1. Swedish Christmas Fair

Swedish Christmas Fair
Swedish Christmas Fair – Website, Screenshot

If you were truly born with a sweet tooth, the Swedish Christmas market would quickly become your favourite location to go over the holidays. It is known for its delicious sweets, where you can enjoy some delectable Swedish candies while taking in the rhythm of Christmas Carols, folk dancing, and craft-making stations for little ones.

The Swedish Christmas fair offers a variety of entertaining activities such as Swedish singers and dancers, a book corner, craft workshops for kids, caviar, an annual Swedish display, and a shop with a wide selection of products with Swedish designs.

Additionally, it has a lot of food stalls with delicious dishes like home-baked bread & cookies, candy, and hot chocolate. You can get gifts from small shops, such as candles and designer accessories for your loved ones or family member, from this astounding Swedish collection.

The Swedish Christmas Fair is the organization’s biggest annual fundraising event in the market. The funds earned annually are used for charitable donations and scholarship initiatives.

2. The Distillery Winter Village 

One of Toronto’s giant Christmas trees can be found at the Christmas market of the Distillery Winter Village. The biggest and most well-known Christmas market in Toronto at The Distillery Winter Village is located in the historic District.

One of the attractive features of the Distillery Winter Village is the enormous outdoor beer garden and massive light tunnel.

Toronto Christmas Market
Photo by kelvin baling on Unsplash

The historic Distillery District decorates with sparking lights and festival decorations; there are folks performing carols wearing a costume. In the Distillery Winter Village, there are statues of snowmen where you can take moments to capture pictures with Santa. Another custom performed there by children is telling Santa of their future hopes and asking him to bless them.

Distillery District hosts more than 350 stage activities and vendors selling handcrafts, dozens of wooden huts, varts, wooden owl decorations, and many other local handmade products.

The best market to buy Christmas ornaments in entire Toronto is the Distillery Winter Village, which also sells knit winter apparel, nesting dolls, and other imported Christmas ornaments from all across Europe.

Toronto Christmas Market
Photo by Elyse Turton on Unsplash

In the Distillery District, which is home to a variety of eateries, you can find vegan restaurants and hotels on the street for more options. While visiting the Christmas market, if the weather changes, visit Warming Lounge for drinks, where you can unwind with a delectable beverage.

One of the Top 10 Christmas Markets in the world, according to Fodor’s Travel, is the distillery winter village. If you enjoy traditional markets, you must attend this Christmas market in the town.

3. Holiday Street Market

Experience Ontario’s first 35-foot walk-in Christmas tree and starry light tunnels to start a new holiday tradition. It’s decorated with more than 40,000 sparkling lights making the ideal holiday photos to post on Facebook or other platforms.

The well-known Street will organize the Eats Market holiday, including a marshmallow fire pit lounge, savoury and sweet food trucks, stalls, a hot chocolate bar, and a maple syrup sugar shack.


More than 75-80 vendors in the Artisan village have the ideal gifts such as crafts, hand-made cards with beautiful artwork, jewellery and accessories for women, housewares, and decorative house pieces, such as meat, seafood, winter vegetables, coffee, apple cider, and a lot more are all produced locally. There are also unlimited rides at the Market, including a rocking pirate ship, berry go-rounds, bouncy castles, and carousel swings.

4. Holiday Hills at Stack Market

Holiday Hills at Stack Market
Holiday Hills at Stack Market – Website Screenshot

Holiday Hills must be mentioned because it was established on the principles of community, local sellers, and their local shops.

Holiday Hills event is held in Stackt Market, a market in downtown Toronto. With roughly 20-26 in-house stores, you can shop for your holiday items, and this vendor market is open for almost three weekends; this celebration at Holiday Hills is throughout the five weeks.

Due to this market, the ecosystem benefits, and this market hosts various events that will make your Christmas remarkable.

It is Canada’s largest shipping container market since many containers are imported at this market during the festival seasons. You can browse through these little shops to locate unique and interesting gifts for dear ones.


In celebration of Christmas in December, the outdoor market known as Stackt is decorated with dazzling lighting. At night, it makes an Instagram and Facebook aesthetic background that will properly capture your photos to upload.

There are some enjoyable activities you can take part in without even having to pay extra; workshops that teach you how to make handmade crafts using DIY, live music performances, and comedy shows, and you can also take family photos with Santa and your pets.

While in some of their activities, they ask you to pay the ticket price, such as the Crokicurl rink, a combination of curling and crokinole, and Holiday Karaoke.

The outside patio tables have been spaced six feet apart and have a limit of four persons per table for a safer experience.

5. Aurora Winter Festival Toronto

Aurora Winter Festival Toronto
Aurora Winter Festival Toronto – Website, Screenshot

The Aurora Winter Festival, one of the best Christmas markets in Toronto, is organized by Canadian National Exhibition and takes place at Ontario Place in Toronto from November through December. It is regarded as one of the best light festivals in the entire city of Toronto for the Christmas season.

This location is also referred to as North Pole Village.

Without exciting and memorable events, food, and beverages, wouldn’t a holiday be complete? Well then, everything is available for tourists to enjoy at the Aurora Winter Festival. The magnificent beauty of the northern lights makes it more stunning to enhance your interesting experience.

The Aurora Winter Festival includes certain features that individuals enjoy exploring independently, such as mind-blowing lights, a Christmas market, and amusement rides such as Ferris Wheel, Carousel, and many rides with similar technologies but with different experiences.

Moreover, the pond is transformed into an ice skating surface during the winter, which is a plus for anyone who enjoys skating. For children, there are Santa’s workshops where they can learn how to produce crafts that will inspire their creativity. In addition, more than 50 vendors with storefronts on the main street sell their products.

6. Evergreen Brickworks Winter Village

A historic brick factory, Evergreen Brickworks Winter Village, hosts a Christmas market.

There is an outdoor skating rink in Evergreen Winter Village where you can go skating for free during the Christmas season while exploring the Christmas market. Therefore, remember to bring all your skating equipment when visiting this location this Christmas. While roaming around the Evergreen winter village near Koerner Gardens site, you will find this skating rink.

Additionally, there are some indoor stores where you can purchase items from all around Ontario, including handmade presents and one-of-a-kind décor pieces. There is also an Ontario vintage market with more than 15 small stores. It is the ideal spot to get a fresh Christmas tree, varying in height from 2.5 feet to 12 to 14 feet. Also, food trucks and meal stalls are there for you to choose from when you want to enjoy delicious food.

This is where our guide to Toronto’s Christmas markets ends.

Key Takeaways

In this article, we all explore some historic locations as we make our way around the Toronto Christmas market, whether it be the Aurora Winter Festival Toronto, Evergreen Brickworks Winter Village, or the distillery winter village.

When exploring the Christmas market in these gorgeous locations, one can find many unusual items, products, drinks, and sweet foods specially made of Swedish heritage. 

Excellent hotels and restaurants are open from November to December throughout the Christmas season. You can go with your family and friends to taste some of the best meals and mulled wine to make your holiday season more memorable.

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Was Christmas Market open in Toronto in 2022?

Ans. Yes from 17th November to 31st December 2022 Christmas Market was open in Toronto 2022. The timing for the same was 12 pm to 9 pm. 

Is the Christmas Market worth it in Toronto?

Ans. Yes, you will love being in the Christmas Market of Toronto. You find it magical at Christmas time. Christmas Market in Toronto is one of the best Christmas markets in the world. 

What is the biggest Christmas Market in Toronto?

Ans. The Distillery Winter Village is the biggest Christmas Market in Toronto. 

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