9 Amazing Things to Do in Belleville

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There are various amazing things to do in Belleville. Belleville is located on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, at the mouth of the Moira River, and on the Bay of Quinte along the Quebec City-Windsor corridor. Belleville is the largest city in the Bay of Quinte region and is roughly located in the region’s center.

There are many Belleville fun activities to do along with various Belleville tours, specialty shops, Belleville boat tours, visitor centers, food trucks set, water sports, family markets, Belleville outdoor activities like golf courses, etc. Belleville also has adventurous honeymoon spots, shopping malls, skate parks, and various wellness centers.

1.) About Belleville and Ontario

Belleville has a long history, having been incorporated as a town in 1850. Many readers will be aware that the year predates the formation of the Dominion of Canada. Belleville grew from there, largely owing to its location on the railway. The Moira River’s first iron bridge was built here (aptly named Bridge Street), and Ontario’s first school for the deaf was established shortly after.

Belleville is rich in shopping malls, water sports, farmers’ markets, playground equipment, and the list goes on. One can spend a lovely afternoon attending such activities. Vising is just an idea that is amazing

2.) Some Interesting Things to Do in Belleville, Ontario

There’s a lot to see and things to do in Belleville, Ontario. Some specific recommendations are listed below, but the first thing that is suggested is that you look for a rental room or lodging near Front Street.

With nearly 200 shops, restaurants, and other establishments in Belleville’s Downtown District, you want to be where the action is, which is Front Street (and the connected streets). The main strip has been completely revitalized, making it one of the province’s more appealing downtown strips.

2.1)Take A Stroll Through the Historic Old East Hill Neighborhood

The Old East Hill Neighborhoods are located to the east of the Downtown District and have to be one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the country, it is one of the best things to do in Belleville. Consider beautiful architecture and exteriors, well-kept gardens with birds chirping, and tree-lined streets that stretch as far as the eye can see.

It is suggested that you walk down Church Street until you reach Bridge Street, then turn east until you reach the Glanmore National Historic Site. They bill themselves as “Belleville’s Community Museum,” and their exhibits reflect the city’s history.

After you’ve taken a few photos (or visited) Glanmore, It is recommended returning to Ann Street and spending some time in Corby Park. It is also known as the “Corby Park Rose Garden” because roses can be found there during the warmer months.

The stunning water fountain in the historic sites is the most notable feature. That’s a good spot to stand if you want to take in the entire beauty of the park and the figures hidden. If you want to return to Belleville’s downtown core, take Victoria Street west until you reach Front.

2.2) Explore the Waterfront Trails in Belleville

There are a number of things to do in Belleville along with waterfront trails and walking trails that are highly recommended for those who have a genuine appreciation for the outdoors in Ontario.

When you’re walking around Belleville, you’ll notice that there’s usually a trail nearby that pedestrians use to get some exercise. They’ve built a nice network all around town.

2.21) The Zwick’s Recreational Trail

It is a paved, well-lit trail with two loops. It follows a beautiful stretch of the Bay of Quinte filled with parkland and nature. People who have fun through a social experience with their dog usually visit the Quinte Dog Park at East Zwick’s Park.

2.22) The Kiwanis Bayshore Recreational Trail

It runs along the north shore of the Bay of Quinte for 2.75 kilometers. It’s paved and well-lit, and it’s part of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail. Along the way, you’ll pass the Meyers Pier Marina and a CN train monument commemorating Bellville’s railroad history.

2.23) Riverside Park Recreational Trail

At 5.25 kilometers, this is the longest trail I’ll mention. It is partially paved and runs through Riverside Park and beneath the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.

2.24) The Parrott Riverfront Recreational Trail

It is a 1.6-kilometer paved and lit trail. It runs along the Moira River’s banks, and if you’re lucky, you might see ducks, turtles, and even blue herons. This is the trail that runs directly alongside the downtown core, providing easy access to Front Street.

2.3) Visit Signal Brewing Company

A whisky plant in Corbyville closed its doors in 1991, and Signal Brewing Company took up the baton 25 years later, restoring the old buildings and opening a craft brewery, restaurant, and event venue.

It is approximately a ten to fifteen-minute drive from Belleville’s Downtown District. Its riverfront location makes for an appropriate version of patio beers and photos.

2.4) Appreciate Belleville City Hall.

As previously stated there are many things to do in Belleville, Belleville City Hall was built in 1873, which is quite some time ago (and, for reference, it is the building featured at the top of the article). It was built as a town hall and market at first, but it became the city hall in 1877, when Belleville became a city.

2.5) Enjoy the Restaurant Scene in Belleville

there are many things to do in Belleville, and trying different types of food is one of them. L’Auberge de France is a must-see for breakfast. Their freshly baked croissants are otherworldly, with egg, bacon, and other divine ingredients. This is the best breakfast Belleville shopping hotel.

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Toro Sushi is our top recommendation for lunch. They do both Japanese and Korean cuisine well here, and the price is reasonable for the quality and quantity of food on offer.

Capers is a must-visit restaurant in Belleville for dinner. They have an interesting menu, a long list of local craft beers, and a really nice indoor ambiance that is frequently enhanced by live music.

2.5.1) The Lark

If you’re looking for award-winning things to do in Belleville go for cocktails, look no further than The Lark. Their food menu is all about being unique, with an emphasis on creativity.

Consider their Brown Butter Gnocchi, which has the perfect combination of ricotta, sun-dried tomato, spinach, and parmesan.

2.5.2) Paulo’s/Dinkels

We haven’t had the opportunity to visit this famous Belleville restaurant duo, but I wanted to include it because it’s a downtown staple. Paulo’s specializes in authentic wood-fired pizza, whereas Dinkel’s specializes in fine dining.

2.5.3) Chilangos Mexican Restaurant

Authentic Mexican cuisine in Belleville’s heart. The emphasis here is on homemade cuisine that will make you feel as if you took a quick flight south.

As per the Belleville traveller resources, don’t be fooled by Belleville’s lack of popularity in comparison to other Canadian cities. Belleville is a small but lovely upcoming tourist destination worth a visit.

You can definitely plan a few hours of sightseeing here and check mark your things to do in Belleville list. on your way to Rochester or Kingston. You might want to return someday to take a break and relax in Belleville.

2.6) Frink Centre Conservation Area, Belleville

The H R Frink Conservation Area and Outdoor Education Centre is nice things to do in Belleville. It is definitely a nice stop with historic sites and Belleville nature. It is a fantastic place to visit with your family and children, it is one of the hidden gems. There are numerous opportunities for roping, gaming, hiking trails, and learning about wildlife conservation and wildlife areas.

Children enjoyed playing here. There is lodging available in this area with ample parking and antique shops, specialty shops so you can stay overnight and explore the various trails nearby and enjoy Belleville nightlife.

2.7) Tyendinaga Caves

Visiting Tyendinaga Caves is one of the things to do in Belleville. The caves are located in the beautiful city of Belleville. It’s a fun and informative tour that takes nearly 45 minutes to cover the caves inside out and is a breathtaking sight to see.

The caves are open every day between 1000 and 1700 hours and include a wishing well with crystal clear waters and over 300 million year old fossils. The admission fee is reasonable at $12.50 for adults and $9 for children.

2.8) Promise Land Family Fun Farm

There are many things to do in Belleville, visiting promise land is one of them. The place promises a fantastic experience with immaculate lawns, the cutest animals, and fabulous staff to look after. The animals can be fed and petted while being watched. The open area allows children to freely move between the playgrounds and exhibits while fondling the animals, it also has food trucks.

2.9) Museums in Belleville

Explore and interact with the wonders of science at the Belleville Museum of Science. At war museums or memorials, be enthralled by the extraordinary stories of heroes. You can take your children to the natural history museums or spend time at the children’s museums in Belleville.

2.9.1) The Belleville Area Museum

The Belleville Area Museum is a wonderful visit, first opened its doors in 1989 at the Old Quirk School, with small-scale replicas of historical buildings from Belleville, Sumpter, and Van Buren Townships.

With Quirk School slated for demolition, Van Buren Township offered the use of its 1875 Old Township Hall as the new site of the Museum in 1995. there are many things to do in Belleville. The Belleville Area Museum preserves interesting historical details shared, also has gift shops, to buy a lovely gift for loved ones.

2.9.2) The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

Visiting this museum should be on your list of things to do in Belleville. The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum tells the story of Canada’s first infantry regiment, which was part of the permanent force. The regimental history dates back to the War of 1812 and intersects with some of the most important episodes in post-confederation Canadian history.

The RCR Museum is also one of Canada’s oldest museums. The House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada approved a $30,000 expenditure for the London Infantry School on June 2, 1886, during its fourth session – the fifth parliament. The works were eventually assigned to Henry James (1839 – 1893), the Militia Department’s Chief Architect.

Since its re-opening in September 2013, The RCR Museum is dedicated not only to housing the regimental collection, but also to fostering a deeper understanding of the Regimental experience. It is located in the city limits and one can spend a lovely afternoon with their family.

3.) Conclusion

There are many things to do in Belleville. Belleville is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada, located at the mouth of the Moira River on the Bay of Quinte, along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor.

There are many things to do in Belleville. It is the county seat of Hastings County, but it is politically independent of it, and it is the geographic centre of the Bay of Quinte Region.

Originally the site of an Anishinaabe (Mississaugas) village known as Asukhknosk in the 18th century, the future location of the city was settled by United Empire Loyalists. Singleton’s Creek was named after an early settler, George Singleton, and then Meyer’s Creek after prominent settler and industrialist John Walden Meyers, one of Belleville’s founders who built a sawmill and grist mill.

These are the best things to do in Belleville, Ontario, whether you’re visiting for a day or staying for a long weekend. Belleville is located in southern Ontario, on the north shore of the Bay of Quinte, and is roughly halfway between Toronto and Montreal.

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