7 Things in Ottawa Christmas Market to Explore

Ottawa Christmas Market

Want to spend an amazing time during the holiday season in Ottawa, Ontario? There is a huge variety of activities that happen in December, and the infamous Ottawa Christmas market is the best place for you.

7 Things in Ottawa Christmas Market to Explore

The market exerts the vibe of a European-style Christmas Market. You can find traditional German drinks, and mulled wine to add the finishing touch.

Christmas Market in Ottawa is one of the busiest & loved markets in the region which you must explore for an amazing experience.

Ottawa Christmas Market
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1. Things to Not Miss Out

This Christmas market is filled with activities and upcoming events that can capture the heart and eyes of the spectators. You can always shop in the local businesses’ stalls, have great seasonal food and drink, and have a great time.

The market takes place in the Lansdowne in the Glebe District. It is also free to visit and has no extra fee.

1.1. Attend a Live Artist Performance

There are live performances by various singers and songwriters like Tara Shannon, JW- Jones, and Erica Brighthill. Bands like 10 Cent Wings, Highway Sunrise, The Lionyls, Sussex, and traditional indigenous arenas are also performing.

Some choirs are also availing live entertainment. Guaranteed you won’t regret it. Many people flock here to see and hear the entertainment.

Many other artists will also have live performances. To learn more about the various singers, bands, choirs, and dancers performing official website.

1.2. Walk around the Market

While the market can be small and l, limited with only about so stalls, don’t think of it as any less of a market. You can find unique products that can be great gifts.

You take a walk across the market in Casino Lac-Leamy with a cup of your favourite drink in your hand and shop or see the twinkling Christmas lights.

Ottawa Christmas Market
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You can find festive lights, Decorations, various kinds of cheese, dairy products, vodka, coffee, chocolates, socks, knitted products from local businesses, use various food and drinks.

Browse the market, who knows what you might find!

1.3. Try the Various Food and Drink

The variety of food and drinks here is amusing. You can find various cuisines from Jamaican and German to Indian cuisines.

You can also find festive specific food and drinks like mulled wine, hot chocolate, eggnog, bratwurst, and pretzel.

Ottawa Christmas Market
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You can get Ecuadoorganic coffee, which has a premium taste, possibly the best you can find. You can also find gourmet cookies, Beaver tails, pancakes, and other foods here.

1.4. Watch the Special Light Installations

There is a new attraction in the Christmas Market. The lights installed in Aberdeen Square are marvellous, the light and other festivities will bring out the Christmas spirit in you.

These lights are a very photogenic person’s dream place.

Ottawa Christmas Market
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1.5. Visit Santa and His Village

The Santa in the Christmas Market is very interesting, there are a lot of many functions involving him. You can go to Santa’s village to take pictures & make crafts in Santa’s Workshop.

You can meet Santa Claus with your beloved pet and take the phone with the family and your pet. You can also start your day with breakfast with Santa and all ready for the whole day in the region.

All the proceeds will go to the OSEG found, which provides a chance for children and young to learn, develop and succeed in sports.

There is a ticket for children and adults to respect. It is called Sensory Santa, it is an opportunity for these children to meet him in a more comfortable environment is also meeting and take photos with his autistic friends.

1.6. Attend Disco with Headphones

The night will be peaceful and silent for the entire neighbourhood, but if you participate in the silent kitchen, you will be dancing and vibing with the festive beats and that too with headphones on.

Ottawa Christmas Market
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This rare event is in the marketplace. All you have to do is to reach there early with the first 200 people.

You’ll get your headphones, and you can dance off the night away to a live DJ!

1.7. Do Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the major things done during this winter holiday market. It happens in the Lansdowne ice rink in Aberdeen Pav. 

It is the best place to go, but make sure to arrive early as it can get pretty swamped. You can dance and skate to the beats of DJ with family and loved ones.

Ottawa Christmas Market
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Later, you can go to the nearby vendors and drink or have hot food. Make sure not to miss it!

2. What to Eat in the Market?

2.1. Beavertails

This is a favourite pastry in Canada. Most beavertails have bananas, whipped cream, chocolate, or oreos as a topping. It also is savoury beavertails with hot dogs or poutine.

2.2. Eggnog

It is a chilled, sweet and rich dairy beverage. It consists of cream, milk, egg yolks, and sugar whipped together with egg whites.

2.3. German Delicacies

Sausages or bratwurst and mulled wine, pretzels and strudels are eaten more often and are very much loved.

Much more food and drink options are available. You can find gourmet cookies, Ecuadorian coffee vodka, and much more.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is the Christmas market in Ottawa free?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. It is free to enter, but the activities and events require registration and an entry fee.

Q.2. Where is the Christmas Market in Ottawa in 2022?

Ans. It is in the Lansdowne, near Casino Lac-Leamy Plaza in Ottawa, Ontario.

Q.3. What is Ottawa Christmas Market famous for?

Ans. It is famous for its activities, the European style of Christmas, and the variety of products found here. There is something for everyone.

Q.4. Is Warren a must-eat thing here?

Ans. A few of the things worth trying are beavertails, eggnog, and German delicacies.

Q.5. When does the Christmas Market in Ottawa 2022 happen?

Ans. The Christmas Market happens from November 25 to December 24, 2022.

Ottawa Christmas Market
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4. Conclusion

Christmas Market in Ottawais all set to rock your festivities in December.

You can enjoy the twinkling bright lights, food, drink, live entertainment, various vendors, and much more.

The coziness of the festive atmosphere can make you feel the holiday spirit. Take as many photos as you want of the scenic places and decorations.

Make sure to have a marvellous time this holiday and enjoy a positive stive experience of the season. Have fun!!





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