Things to Do in Horseshoe Bay – 7 Amazing Options!

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The Horseshoe Bay terminal is in West Vancouver, near the Trans-Canada Highway. The terminal is 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver via Swartz Bay.

Horseshoe bay is a wonderful place for one to visit and offers amazing insights to the viewers and tourists. This place is a wholesome community of around a thousand people, in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

1.) Horseshoe Bay West Vancouver

Horseshoe Bay is a charming little village on the North Shore of West Vancouver via Swartz Bay. The attraction marks the beginning of the scenic Sea to Sky Highway, which connects Metro Vancouver to Whistler.

If you plan to take the ferry to Vancouver Island, it’s worth getting there early to get near the front of the line-up (the boats can fill up quickly) and give yourself time to walk around Horseshoe Bay.

Horseshoe Bay is lovely, with a variety of restaurants and coffee shops. You can pass the time by visiting one of these establishments and watching device the boats enter and exit the harbor.

If you arrive at the ferries early enough, you may leave your car at the terminal; just remember to bring your ticket with you and return at least 20 minutes before loading time.

If you’re going to Horseshoe Bay and enjoy beaches and nature, consider stopping by spectacular Whytecliff Park, which is only a few kilometers away. Beautiful Lighthouse is also only a short distance away.

2.) Places to Visit in Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is one of several small villages we recommend as some of the best places to visit in Vancouver. Other places similar to Horseshoe Bay include White Rock (a seaside resort), Fort Langley (a historic site), Steveston (a historic fishing village in Richmond), and Deep Cove (a picturesque on the North Shore).

Horseshoe Bay isn’t something you’d go out of your way to see, but it’s worth it if you’re in the area anyway, such as en route to Vancouver Island. These other picturesque locations are destinations in their own right, as is Bowen Island, which can be reached by ferry via Horseshoe Bay.

2.1) West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park

Whytecliff Park features short walking trails, a lovely beach, an island to explore (depending on the tide), and some of the best scuba diving in the area. The beach is mostly rocky, with a sandy patch in the middle.

It is a great place to spend a day or the better part of an afternoon or morning. When the days are long, an evening can also be enjoyable. Wear good walking shoes and proceed with caution up the island.

From the island, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular 360-degree natural views in the Lower Mainland. Except for beach identification, dogs on leashes are permitted in most areas. It is given on the privacy policy page with unique ids.

2.2) West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park – Photos of Horseshoe Bay Tourism

Lighthouse Park is a hidden gem identification to explore and is a can’t-miss spot on the North Shore of West Vancouver’s rural area. It is approximately a 15-minute drive from Horseshoe Bay.

This is approximately 185 acres in size and is densely forested, with trails through the forest and rocky shoreline and eat can’t-miss spots.

Lighthouse features giant old-growth trees, a rugged shoreline with cliffs, and the historic yet still operational Point Atkinson Lighthouse (a National Historic Site). You can’t go inside the lighthouse, which was built in 1875 and rebuilt in 1912, but you can get close enough for photos.

Because the park is off the beaten path, it is best accessed by car, though there is a public bus service to the area. The walk down to the waterfront from the parking lot is not difficult, but it is not recommended for anyone with mobility issues or wearing high heels. Expect the hike down to take about 10 minutes and the hike back to take closer to 15 minutes.

Lighthouse Park welcomes dogs. Off-leash dogs watch are permitted in some areas as long as they stay on the trails and do not venture into the woods. No smoking, grilling, or cooking of any kind is permitted. Lighthouse is one of the best places for photos.

2.3) The Resort Town of White Rock

White Rock is a very popular destination and can’t miss spots. It has a stunning sunshine coastline, beaches, a pier, and a plethora of trendy restaurants and cafes. If you visit White Rock, take a walk along the waterfront. It is Canada’s longest pier, measuring over 1540 feet in length.

There is a small museum in White Rock, as well as many places to eat, including Moby Dick, White Rock’s most famous fish, and chip restaurant. Moby Dick serves great fried food, and eat-can’t-miss spots and is well-known for its atmosphere and decor.

2.4) Fort Langley National Historic Site

Fort Langley was once a trading post for the Hudson Bay Company. It’s a top attraction in the Lower Mainland and a great place to take kids.

The fort is mostly rebuilt in the picturesque town of Fort Langley. However, there are a few original structures as well as numerous artifacts. It’s a fascinating place to visit if you want to learn about the region’s history and see what life was like in early BC.

2.5) Richmond’s Steveston Village

Steveston Village is one of the best places to discover for walks, cycling, and strolling around. It’s also one of Richmond’s most popular tourist attractions. Steveston is a historically significant fishing village. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is still a national historic site today.

The village show purposes of fish and chip shops, as well as other restaurants, gift shops, and small hotels. The Britannia Shipyard, a collection of historic buildings that displays further drop-down menus on the waterfront, is also very interesting.

Steveston is about 20 minutes by car from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), but it is a bit of a trek from downtown Vancouver. It is best accessed by car, though public transportation is available.

2.6) North Vancouver’s Deep Cove

Deep Cove is a lovely seaside village on North Vancouver’s far eastern outskirts. It’s a fantastic location for walks, hikes, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Deep Cove is a picturesque Western edge sunshine coast that is home to some of the most expensive real estate in North Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to kayak, paddle board, or simply relax and take in the scenery. There are a couple of nice parks along the waterfront that host free live music concerts on Friday evenings during the summer.

The sheltered bay is ideal for photos Horseshoe Bay tourism community and boating, and kayak, paddleboard, and canoe rentals are available. Boating of any kind is highly recommended in Deep Cove.

The Arm’s Reach Bistro, in particular, serves delicious food while overlooking the water. The Raven is a popular neighborhood pub known for its pizza. It also has the largest selection of craft beer on the North Shore and is located at 1052 Deep Cove Road, which is not in the village proper. Trust us when we say that their pizza is delicious!

2.7) Metro Vancouver’s Bowen Island

Bowen Island is a short ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver Victoria. It’s a lovely little island that’s ideal for a day trip or overnight stay.

Bowen Island is technically part of Metro Vancouver despite being separated from the rest of the Lower Mainland by a significant amount of water. It has a year-round population of slightly more than 3500 people, with an additional 5000 visitors in the summer.

British Columbia Ferries

The most common object to reach the island is via Horseshoe Bay on one of BC Ferries’ boats, which departs every hour and takes 20 minutes.

3.) Final Thoughts

Horseshoe Bay, situated at the western end of the North Shore, is home to the BC Ferries terminal. This neighborhood is ideal for pedestrian traffic. Park your car and walk the few blocks that make up the main street, looking for a restaurant that appeals to you. Many people visit Horseshoe Bay solely for the view.

This is the North Shore’s access point to Howe Sound. If you wish, you can board a ferry object here and travel to Bowen Island on foot.

The trip is short but sweet on both ends, and you can disembark and go exploring or take the next ferry back. Horseshoe bay tourism has many audience insights and explores the next escape popular homes.

So this was all about the beautiful village, Horseshoe bay. Do visit the place and have fun!

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