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What Are the 5 Best Nordic Spas in Ontario?

Nordic Spa Ontario

Nordic spa Ontario is one of the rejuvenating places a person wants to spend after a busy day of life. It is one of the places needed for self-care and a self-pampering session which is much needed for a person.

A Nordic spa is a type of hydrotherapy that is a very popular relaxation therapy in the region of Scandinave spa blue mountain. This therapy is being followed for generations. It is a type of hot and cold therapy that is meant to regulate the immune system of an individual, helps with ailments like body pains and aches, and deep cleansing of the body.

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5 Best Nordic Spa Ontario

1.1. Vettä Nordic Spa

Vettä Nordic Spa is a great spa place in Ontario established in the beautiful Horseshoe valley. It is a very beautiful and peaceful atmosphere to relax. This Nordic spa is surrounded by serene nature views as nature is synonymous with comfort at its best.

The spa offers massage sessions and hydrotherapy sessions in hot and cold pools. There are facilities of steam rooms, salt scrub showers, a traditional sauna, and other quiet zones in the spa.

Vetta Nordic Spa
Image from Vetta Nordic Spa

The spa is a total luxury where the facility of dining and drinks are even offered. It has a spa bistro and a restaurant with a delicious menu on the offer of Nordic and Finnish cuisine.

The charge for the Vettä Nordic Spa is 89$ per person.

1.1.1. Location:

3210 Line, 3 Line N., Oro-Medonte, ON

1.2. Thermëa Spa Village

Thermëa Spa Village is counted among one of the best Nordic spas in Ontario. This spa is considered a sister to a very famous spa outlet known as Nordik Spa-Nature located in Chelsea, Quebec.

The spa offers a lot of facilities to its guests for rest and rejuvenation. There are in total of seven outdoor pools, three restaurants, eight saunas, a floatation pool with salt water, fire pits, and relaxation areas.

The place believes in utilizing the traditional ideas of using shadows, light, and steaming for its massaging therapies. Various services are offered for body care, skin care, and foot care using different materials and techniques.

The charges of the Spa Village are 110$ and more depending upon the services taken. The place is just 45 minute’s drive from Downtown, Toronto.

1.2.1. Location:

4015 Cochrane St, Whitby, ON L1P 2A9, Canada

1.3. Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

This Scandinave spa village is considered one of the top spas in Canada that people look out for. The place is located in an outdoor settling with very beautiful views of the maple and pine forests all around.

This spa has some great services to offer like steam baths with Eucalyptus, Nordic waterfalls, warm pools, outdoor baths, and saunas. The place is even provided with fire pits and has relaxing areas both indoors and outdoors.

The enriching Scandinavian baths, a boutique, Bistro for lunch, and an overnight stay at the place is available. Guests are requested to do advance bookings for the massage treatments and prior reservations for the stay at the place.

This spa is open all around the year and can be reached easily from downtown Collingwood within minutes. It is nearby to the Blue Mountain Resort. Well, it is a luxury destination that is a must-visit to soak in some peace and take care of your overall well-being.

The charges of the spa are 75$ and more depending upon the services.

1.3.1. Location:

152 Grey County Rd. 21, The Blue Mountains, ONL9Y 0K8, Canada

1.4. Ste Anne’s, A Halimand Hill Spa

This Nordic spa is an old country spa looking like a castle located in the countryside of Northumberland. The place is known for its exceptional service where a person well- being is given priority.

Some great facilities are available at the place like massages, hair spa treatments, wellness classes, and great country cuisine. They provide you with luxurious bathrobes, hydrotherapy sessions, steam rooms, saunas, and relaxation areas.

It is a 500-acre location that has accommodation facilities like suites and rooms with spa cottages. Spa Packages are offered with an extensive lunch menu and tea. An allowance of $150 is offered with all the other facilities. One of the great Nordic spas and a must-visit.

The cost of this spa is $365 charged per night including the all-day spa facility.

1.4.1. Location:

1009 Massey Rd, Grafton, ON K0K 2G0, Canada

1.5. Ellora Mill Hotel and Spa

Ellora mill hotel and spa village are quoted as one of the most beautiful spa destinations in the city of Ontario. The place is established on a cliff surrounded by views of the Irvine and Grand river.

This spa place provides the facilities of saunas, steam rooms, massages, and other relaxing body treatments. There is a hot tub located outdoors and an in-spa cafe. Accommodation facilities are available at the place with a variety of rooms to choose from.

This Nordic spa is luxury at its best with every comfort and service the guests can ask for. The guests can indulge in the cultivating sessions to enhance their memory offered by the hotel team which is complimentary for the people staying at the hotel.

The place is featured for its good food, spa sessions, and delectable food, and as an amazing destination to spend your day. It is a great place to explore in Ontario.

The charges of the spa are $75 as per the service chosen.

1.5.1. Location:

77 Mill St W, Elora, ON N0B 1S0, Canada

Nordic Spa is altogether a different world of comfort and luxury to the people. Spas are a great source of escape and tranquility that a person needs. It is a great way to indulge your senses and unwind from stress.

There is a variety of choices in Nordic spas in the city of Ontario when looking for a good deal and therapy. A person always tends to forget their own needs in fulfilling the desires of others. A mental and physical wellness session is always needed to gear up; for the next day. And what is a better option than a Nordic Spa in a great city like Ontario?

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