28 Best Restaurants In Vancouver

Best restaurants in vancouver
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay , Copyright 2022

Vancouver is a city that is simple to appreciate, encircled by towering mountains and shimmering glass buildings that are reflected in the serene lakes that surround its downtown.

The thriving metropolis in British Columbia is also a place that takes immigration very seriously. The city of Vancouver boasts sizable Chinese, Indian, and Filipino communities, to name a few, and more than 40% of its residents were born outside of Canada.

To produce a particular type of West Coast cuisine, chefs from all over the world blend great vegetables from the Lower Mainland with excellent seafood from the cold, clean oceans of Vancouver Island.

The most well-known and significant dining experiences in the city exhibit this combination.

Asian food is widely available in Vancouver, from innovative dumplings served with sherry at Ugly Dumpling to Vietnamese-Cambodian at Phnom Penh.

At restaurants like Burdock & Co, the city’s distinctive locavore cuisine thrives; Raw Bar, Sashimiya, and the Fish Counter have outstanding sustainable seafood; and Mr. Bannock the food truck brings a taste of the Squamish Nation to the city.

It’s understandable why Vancouver is recognized as one of the best places in the world to eat and drink given the city’s thriving brewery and distillery industries, mouthwatering wines from the nearby Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, and unrivaled cocktail culture.

1. Au Comptoir

Au Comptoir
Image by 453169 from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Visit a great Parisian café in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood, where rising star chef Dan McGee and his team are whipping up French classics with the finest British Columbian ingredients.

The stunning handmade bar is made in France, and the staff is mostly French with the added benefit of Canadian civility.

With buttery croissants for breakfast, gooey croque-monsieur for lunch, and juicy entrecôte-Frites with a mouthwatering crisp char for dinner, Au Comptoir is an excellent choice any time of day.

2. Buckstop

You’re craving large plates of barbecue and potent whiskey beverages now that it’s beyond midnight.

The only place to go is Buckstop, a tiny, warm bar in the bustling West coast region (in a city infamous for its frigid greeting).

Burger Monday combinations, which are often made with pig patties, tempura-fried toppings such as cheese curds, and a variety of cheeses and sauces, are changed every week and offered in small amounts starting at 4:30 p.m.

Two must-order barbecue specialties are hush puppies with honey butter and deep-fried pickles.

3. Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurants

Image by RitaE from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

Enjoy a 20-minute Skytrain journey from the city center to Richmond, which former Eater roaming critic Bill Addison referred to as “one of North America’s cultural miracles” for having some of the greatest Asian cuisines in the whole globe.

This award-winning favorite’s dim sum is prepared by chef-owner May Chau, who specializes in traditional Hong Kong dishes like deep-fried wontons, pan-fried pork buns, and steamed pork and crab dumplings, all of which are must-orders.

4. Granville Island Public Market

Even though the aisles at this well-known tourist destination are crammed with giggling Instagrammers, there are some hidden treasures for assembling a delicious picnic while gazing at the boats and paddleboarders on False Creek.

Grab some spicy salami, juicy mortadella, and pickled headcheese from the Oyama Sausage Co. Next, head to Terra Bread for focaccia or baguettes before visiting Benton Brothers and Lee’s for fresh doughnuts and Salt Spring Island cheeses.

Pick up pickled headcheese, luscious mortadella, and zesty salami at the Oyama Sausage Co, then stop by Terra Bread for focaccia or baguettes before heading to Benton Brothers and Lee’s for local Salt Spring Island cheeses and fresh doughnuts.

5. Marutama Ra-men Canada / Westend

noodle soup.
Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

Do not worry; the lines for this well-known ramen restaurant in the West End move swiftly, and it has always been worth the wait, particularly if you enjoy noodle soup.

500 4.4-ounce noodles balls are created daily in this little ramen eatery (you can see the machine from the dining area), and they rest for 24 hours before being cooked and eaten.

Japanese eatery Marutama favors a smooth, creamy chicken broth over the heavier tonkatsu made of pork. Don’t forget to get the egg and get ready to be charmed.

It is consistently the best in the entire city.

6. Chancho Tortilleria

Chancho’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it carnitas business is the Mexican dining experience that will undoubtedly ruin you for all other tacos in town because of their house-made tortillas and exquisite, melting pork offered by the pound.

The campechano is made out of the hand-chopped shoulder, leg, and belly meat that is littered with pieces of crisp skin.

The menu consists of pickled red cabbage, pinto beans, salsas, and those mouthwatering tortillas with a hint of char.

Bring your lunch to the nearby Seawall for a mouthwatering pork picnic, or stay and take in the boisterous Mexican music.

7. Guu Garden

One of Vancouver’s first izakayas, the crowning jewel of Guu’s empire is situated over a dull mini-mall (also home to a separate restaurant named Gyu, which can cause some confusion).

Guu’s patio is where you can find off-duty waiters and izakaya enthusiasts enjoying classics like buttery beef tongue chazuke and crispy chicken karaage as well as specialties like mekyabetsu, warmed by gas heaters during the winter and situated under a beautiful sunshade during the summer (deep-fried Brussels sprouts kissed with garlic salt).

You may pair everything you want with sake, shochu, or regional beers.

One of Vancouver’s first izakayas, the crowning jewel of Guu’s empire is situated over a dull mini-mall (also home to a separate restaurant named Gyu, which can cause some confusion).

8. Forage

Image by Sends $5 for cancer treatment PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE 🙏 from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

It is one of the greatest restaurants in Vancouver. Chef Wilbert Choi and his colleagues create dishes using locally produced, seasonally appropriate, and foraged cuisine, along with wine, beer, and beverages only from British Columbia.

The kitchen’s eco-friendly techniques and zero-waste policies are amazing, but so are dishes like duck confit smoked with harvested grand fir tree needles or the Bison Board, a Saturday early-bird special that comprises everything from cured bison to braised bison risotto to bison heart tartare.

There is also a fantastic weekend brunch with in-house preserves that are inspired by Nutella.

9. Sashimiya

Sashimiya opens its doors for the first time in 2020, tucked down at the base of Hornby Street.

The ultra-casual, entirely sustainable grab-and-go sushi and sashimi restaurant is sushi master chef Taka Omi’s first solo role following his departure from the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s RawBar.

Fish may be chopped to order for sashimi from the chillers, and there are also many Japanese food goods available.

Take your beautifully prepared party trays, platters, and bentos down to the seashore for a picnic instead of using the seats there; alternatively, place a delivery order.

10. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio

If you’ve never had Peruvian-Japanese food, this is your chance to do so on the seawall overlooking False Creek, one of the most scenic areas in the city.

The Ancora Glacier, a creative take on a seafood tower, is the real show-stopper, while the early-bird prix fixe menu is a wonderful value and a great chance to experience some of the restaurant’s greatest dishes.

You’ll drool over the creamy whipped cold causa with flavorful Salt Spring Island mussels and juicy Dungeness crab.

11. Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

Fresh, sustainable, and local seafood; classic white linens Smart ingredients, first-rate friendly service, and great value all come together at Joe’s.

This straightforward eatery is open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, with dishes like buttery, miso-marinated sablefish, heaping bowls of crispy fried calamari, and freshly shucked British Columbia oysters.

Having trouble eating out on a budget? There are amazing night options in addition to the daily 13 Canadian dollars blue-plate lunch offer.

Join the locals for oysters and sliders during happy hour in the afternoon and evening on the suntrap rooftop patio.

12. Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/ Copyright 2022

There are two sorts of hotel restaurants: those that are connected to hotels and those that aren’t. Oyster Bar is a must-visit location. The second is Boulevard.

Famous chef Alex Chen and his team’s inventive approach to seafood from the West Coast brings diners into some exhilaratingly new territory while adhering to harmony and balance.

The service, drinks, and wine list are all top-notch, and you may have crowd-pleasing seafood towers or steak frits in the bright, attractive setting.

Additionally, there is a terrific weekday happy hour from 3 to 5:30 p.m. that has beers on tap, oysters, and a delicious wagyu beef Korean galbi dog.

13. Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill and Enoteca

Some of the best Italian food in the world can be found in Vancouver (no hyperbole intended).

Cioppinos’ shelves are adorned with the renowned Order of the Star of Italy (a knighthood awarded by the Italian president for representing Italian culture abroad), a “three forks” rating from Gambero Rosso, and a place on the list of the 50 Top Italy restaurants.

Twist the suggestion and book a table at chef Pino Posteraro’s superb eatery to try his futuristic Pacific Northwest approach to Italian cuisine.

Among the meals are delectable Atlantic lobster-stuffed linguine all’aragosta, beautiful cacio e Pepe gnocchi, and juicy and delicate Pacific octopus with Tuscan white beans.

Get the chef’s menu for a little bit extra money to get the whole experience.

14. Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

According to chef Sam Leung, Dynasty is one of the top restaurants in Vancouver. It features glistening chandeliers, a first-floor vantage point on West Broadway with views of the city, and some of the best modern Chinese cuisines in the area.

The restaurant’s signature dishes include the buttery BBQ pork cha siu bao with baked lemon and the silky, wafer-thin dumplings stuffed with fresh shrimp, scallops, and black truffles. Dim sum is served daily beginning at 10 a.m.

The “24-hours notice” supper menu includes exquisite Cantonese dishes including braised duck with mushrooms. The food more than makes up for the efficient rather than personable service.

15. Blue Water Cafe

Blue Water Cafe
Image by EstudioWebDoce from Pixabay/ Copyright 2022

The seafood is the star of the show at this Yaletown institution, whether it’s served raw from the sushi bar or cooked in the open kitchen. Blue Water Cafe is one of the top restaurants in Vancouver.

Each February, the Unsung Heroes festival, which honors lesser-known species and tempts diners to try more sustainable seafood like poached periwinkles and red sea urchin trifle, pushes the culinary envelope a little.

Chef Frank Pabst and his team are well known as one of Canada’s leaders in responsible seafood.

The British Columbian seafood towers are a must-try splurge meal, and the service is top-notch year-round. The wine list is also stunning.

16. TWB (The Wine Bar)

TWB, one of Western Canada’s top wine bars, is nestled away in the Yaletown section of the Seawall and offers more than 200 pours by the glass of wine from all over the world along with a summer terrace setting.

Enjoy flights organized by region or variety, try Canadian bubbles from the Okanagan or Nova Scotia, or just ask the helpful sommeliers for a wine that suits your mood.

The cuisine, which is Provençal-inspired, offers small, medium, and large snacks. All of the British Columbia cheeses are delicious, but you can’t go wrong with the crispy calamari, pissaladière (savory Provençal tart), or duck leg confit.

17. Hawksworth Restaurants

Living in yoga pants, many Vancouver residents dress to the nines for supper at chef David Hawksworth’s world-class restaurant.

The décor set high standards for what’s to come, from the Damien Hirst artwork on the wall of the large cocktail bar to the sparkling big crystal chandelier in the main dining room.

This excellent examination of West Coast cuisine combined with Asian flavors and modern techniques, however, easily surpasses such expectations. Unmissable.

18. Botanist

It has been a while since Vancouver had such a gorgeous place to view and be seen. The Fairmont Pacific Rim’s botanist has been continuously busy since its inauguration in April 2017.

The wine list has a variety of unique terroir-driven options from British Columbia and beyond, and the Champagne room is teeming with delectable substitutes.

Before tucking into chef Hector Laguna’s (formerly of Hawksworth) wildly Instagrammable cuisine, stop for cocktails at the Lab, which feature theatrical dry ice drifts and other high-concept presentations.

Chef Laguna’s food features airy dishes with whisper-light but flavor-dense foams made with locally sourced delights.

19. RawBar

Image by Social Butterfly from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

Yes, it’s in a hotel, and yes, it’s expensive, but the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s commitment to providing a 100% sustainable Ocean Wise seafood tower at RawBar is significant, particularly in a city where the majority of upscale Japanese restaurants serve endangered bluefin tuna.

Spend a little more money on a lunch package with nigiri omakase or a roll from the Lobby Lounge that is stuffed with smooth local albacore, sweet Dungeness crab, and fragrant shiso leaf.

Combine with the creative beverages made by the Lobby Lounge bartenders, under the direction of Canadian world champion Grant Sceney.

20. Vij’s

With a time as an investor on the reality program Dragon’s Den for aspiring businesses and a nationwide brand of packaged gourmet frozen curries to his name, Chef Vikram Vij is a national star in Canada.

Everyone from former prime minister Pierre Trudeau to actor Harrison Ford has waited for a seat at Vij while savoring free appetizers because of the restaurant’s no-reservations policy.

Join the queues and enjoy mouthwatering curries paired with BC wines and specialty drinks. With locally sourced ingredients and freshly ground spices, this is top-notch Indian cuisine. Make sure to sample the lamb popsicles.

21. Autostrada Osteria Downtown

Riley Park is not necessary to observe what chef Lucais Syme (formerly of La Quercia and La Pentola) is up to these days.

The original Autostrada, which is located high up on Main, has been expanded by the Italian culinary genius, who has established a facility in the heart of the city where Syme’s exquisite Cinara formerly stood.

This is typical Italian fare, complete with well-prepared spaghetti main dishes, delectable meatballs, and rich, creamy desserts. The four Negroni versions will appeal to cocktail experts, but everyone will value the friendly service.

22. Chambar Restaurant

Following a stint at the Savoy in London where he prepared meals for Mick Jagger, Prince, and a host of other celebrities, Belgian chef Nico Schuermans created the archetypal casual fine dining establishment in Vancouver.

You are more than welcome to enjoy Chambar’s simple menu of French/Belgian-influenced classics made with ingredients from the Pacific Northwest while still donning your Lululemons. It features an excellent atmosphere, flawless service, and a plain menu.

23. East Van Roasters

East Van Roasters
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

Visit this fantastic social enterprise if you’re in Vancouver; it’s been serving delicious fair-trade coffee, chocolates, and buttery-baked pastries since 2012 and offers meaningful employment opportunities for at-risk women in the Downtown East Side of the city.

Coffee beans are roasted on-site, and all chocolate items are made from scratch. You can observe the staff roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching, and tempering via the glass windows separating the store from the chocolate lab.

Customers are urged to add a coffee or hot chocolate that has been “delayed” to their orders so that a neighbor might enjoy it later. Get some roasted beans and salted chocolate chunk cookies to take home.

24. Alibi Room

In the Alibi Room, a cheery beer hall with a view of Gastown and Railtown, across railroad lines, and the mountains beyond, you may start your love affair with British Columbian craft beer.

There are 25 rotating taps from British Columbian breweries behind the bar, with special appearances from microbreweries from other countries.

Even while beer is the main attraction, there is also amazing food, delicious beverages, and a carefully curated list of some of British Columbia’s most intriguing wineries (think wild ferments and organic viticulture).

Order Uncle Greg’s famous meaty chili-cheese fries, which are dirty but wonderful, alongside the all-natural burger.

25. Bao Bei

Alumni of Chambar Tannis Ling joined forces with chef Jol Watanabe, who brings his Corsican-Japanese heritage to this renowned Chinatown restaurant in the city.

Even while it might seem like a hipster take on a Chinese brasserie, the sound of dishes breaking in the kitchen attests to the establishment’s use of traditional cooking techniques.

All beef is local, ethically raised, hormone- and chemical-free since it is in Vancouver.

Drinks are crafted with skill, and sharing plates are generously sized. Not to be missed are Helen’s exquisite hand-made potstickers and dumplings, of which she creates hundreds each day, as well as the appropriately named Kick-Ass House-Fried Rice.

26. Burdock & Co

The restaurants in Vancouver that have inspired the fresh, regional, and sustainable food of the city are included in Andrea Carlson’s resume: She has worked at C, Raincity Grill, Sooke Harbour House, and Bishop’s.

Burdock & Co.’s local food is a fantastic representation of British Columbia’s informal fine dining, and it pairs well with the carefully chosen, natural-leaning wine selection.

Although seasonal delicacies come and go, buttermilk fried chicken is a constant that you must experience.

The shared supper served in a family-style setting is the best value and provides a genuine taste of British Columbia throughout the season.

27. The Arbor Restaurant

Visit Arbor eateries if you’re in Vancouver; they’ve swooped in to take on a different segment of the market: comfort food that focuses on vegetables.

The sister restaurant of Acorn, which has won praise for its vegetarian and vegan gourmet cuisine, is Arbor.

Vegans will have enough to eat, and almost everything on the menu can be turned gluten-free if it isn’t already.

Or get a battered, Southern-fried artichoke sandwich with eggplant “bacon” to go while admiring the garden on the back terrace.

Every day they stay open late and have a fantastic wine list with an emphasis on British Columbian small growers.

28. The Fish Counter

Fish Counter
Image by Volker Glätsch from Pixabay/ Copyright 2022

If you’re seeking the greatest fish dishes, Fish Counter’s co-owners Rob Clark and Mike McDermid are your best bet. Before joining the firm, they were two-time Gold Medal Plates winners and marine scientists.

They worked together to create the Ocean Wise program, which helps customers choose sustainable seafood and is now available across Canada.

Fish Counter offers a takeaway counter with a fryer that serves great fish and chips (try the lingcod), oyster po’boys, and crispy fish tacos in addition to selling seasonal, locally sourced fish from a genuine fish counter.

Among the soups are dairy-free clam chowder and a bouillabaisse with shellfish based on B.C. tomatoes and spiced with saffron.


Both locals and visitors frequent downtown Vancouver. With over 70,000 residents, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get out and sample the best restaurants in downtown Vancouver!

Vancouver is a developing culinary hotspot with an expanding number of fine dining restaurants serving inventive food.

Even though it’s not a genuine chip, Vancouver’s best restaurants have a lot to offer hungry tourists of all tastes.

The population of Vancouver is highly diverse, and that diversity is mirrored in the city’s eateries, which feature a wide variety of excellent Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and French restaurants, as well as a dash of French for good measure.

Would you want to sample some Italian food? There is also a lot of that. Eat at these establishments while taking in the sights, sounds, flavors, nightlife, and sights.

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