28 Best Restaurants in Toronto You Can’t Miss

If are you visiting Toronto and want to know what are some of the best restaurants in Toronto then you are at the right place. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the tastiest restaurants serving dishes from specially curated menus from some of the best chefs in Toronto.

As one of North America’s largest cities, Toronto is the perfect place for food lovers to serve locally sourced dishes straight to your dining room. Toronto has restaurants serving weekly specials made from fresh seasonal ingredients so you get the best taste of the food you are having.

Best Restaurants in Toronto

If you are a massive fan of food and are in Toronto then we are providing you with a restaurant’s list of the Best Restaurants in Toronto in no particular order. Here you will get dishes made from top-notch ingredients sourced from local ingredients.

Serving all types of in-house dishes specially curated by the best chef, you will get to see and savour all types of food in Toronto. Here you will also get some of the best wine lists especially refined by the chef. Through determination, sheer grit, and mutual support, Toronto remains ravenous for good food.

Let’s see some of the best restaurants in Toronto serving some of the best in-house dishes and dinner right at your table.

1. PAI

Best Restaurants in Toronto

PAI started serving Thai food in 2014 and has been recognized by the Royal Thai Government. PAI is one of the best restaurants in Toronto serving some of the best Thai dishes from their Thai menu specially curated by Chef Nuit.

Their food will enlighten your taste buds. Order pad gra prow, khao soi with beautifully braised short rib, holy basil stir fry, or their best-selling pad thai in their colourful dining room. They served you food made from fresh ingredients. PAI is one of the best restaurants in Toronto for visitors and locals.

Address: 3G8 M5H ON, 18 Duncan St, Canada, Toronto

2. Richmond Station


Run by “Top Chef Canada” winner, Carl Heinrich, Richmond station is a bustling spot offering a weekly tasting menu made of seasonal cuisines. A place for a sustainable eatery, delicious food, and robust wine.

Heinrich runs an organic garden at the New Farm in Creemore, using local and regenerative agriculture for his dishes. Order beef tartare and enjoy the best of Richmond Station. Richmond station is one of the best restaurants in Toronto for visitors.

Address: M5H 3W4 ON, St W1 Richmond, Toronto, Canada

3. Pinky’s Ca Phe

vietnamese crispy pancake bánh xèo tôm
Source: fotobycam/Shutterstock

Serving an interesting take on Vietnamese food, Pinky’s Ca Phe is located on the first floor of a converted house.

Start ordering with lightly fried Banh Xeo (savoury crepes) stuffed with broccoli or the Tiger’s Milk ceviche, with yellowfish tuna, surf clams, cilantro, scallops, chilis, tom yum spices, and coconut milk. Pinky’s Ca Phe is one of the best restaurants in Toronto for visitors and locals.

Address: 2Y3 ON M6G, 50c Clinton St, Toronto, Canada

4. Grey Gardens

grey gardens

Located in Kensington Market living up to its bohemian-luxe address. Grey Gardens gives you a vintage vibe without feeling dowdy. Their menu stands out with dishes like sweet shrimp with compressed watermelon radishes and a dry-aged Peking-style duck breast served fresh on homemade sauerkraut and duck fried rice.

You can visit here after work for a glass of rare Sauternes and snacks. You can also visit with a friend for dinner in the back dining room. Grey Gardens is one of the best restaurants in Toronto for visitors and locals.

Address: 2L4 M5T ON, 199 Augusta Ave, Toronto, Canada

5. Alo Restaurant

alo restaurant

Chef Patrick Kriss opened Alo in 2015 at the corner of Queen and Spadina which was never the poshest or most interesting address in Toronto.

Situated on the third floor of a historic Victorian building, Alo serves French-inflected cuisines. It has a seasonal menu made specially from seasonal ingredients. Order onion rings topped with Siberian caviar, Chicken wings stuffed with black truffles, and an apple pie sundae.

Address: M5V 2L6 ON, 163 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Canada

6. Akira Back

Chef Akira Back, is the owner of a Michelin-star restaurant in Seoul, Akira Back is his namesake restaurant in Toronto. From the perfectly crafted beverage program and food and the exceptional service right through the show-stopping design.

A creation of Studio Munge, the charcoal black interior, outfitted with black marble columns and layers of gold detailing underneath a curving blue graphic veiling is an absolute pleasure to the eyes.

This restaurant is not just good to look at but this magnificent space offers the perfect setting to tuck into the delectable menu of Japanese cuisine made with a Korean twist. The sushi made here is really special, unagi topped with ponzu aioli and foie gras.

Our favourite is their 24-hr wagyu short rib, it is so tender and juicy that as you bite it, it falls apart. Akira Back is one of the best restaurants in Toronto for visitors and locals.

Address: M5V 2G3 ON, 80 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, Canada

7. Edulis


Restaurant serving Canadian cuisines from a seasonal tasting menu of wild and foraged foods, surrounded by crazy locals.

Edulis is all about the pleasure of enjoying a gathering at a table to share authentic dishes and be greeted like a close friend; conviviality, celebrating the craft, feasting, and tradition of cooking, honestly, and with spectacular ingredients.

Run by a husband-and-wife duo Tobey Nemeth and Michael Caballo. They have a changing menu with a strong focus on vegetables, seafood, and wild mushrooms.

Address: 1C9 M5V ON, 169 Niagara St, Canada, Toronto

8. DaiLo


A Bi-level, tea-7-gold Asian brasserie & snacks bar with French-inspired Chinese food dim sum fare. DaiLo believes that eating well is a fundamental part of living well. DaiLo offers modern Asian cuisine through a la carte and a unique multi-course tasting menu by Chef Nick Liu.

A French-Cantonese kitchen on College Street in Little Italy. The menu presents crowd-pleaser food like jellyfish slaw and pumpkin dumplings. The real deal here at College Street includes the whole fried trout, ground beef, and Hakka Wontons.

A flavorful dish that’s served pre-chopped with different dipping sauces, braised lamb neck with banana blossom salad, and the General Tso sweetbreads and Hakka Wontons. DaiLo is one of the best restaurants in Toronto situated on college st.

Address: M6G 1A5 ON, 503 College St, Toronto, Canada

9. Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill


A sophisticated French haute cuisine in an upscale space portraying beautiful skyline views & a more casual bistro. Scaramouche is located in midtown near Casa Loma on the first floor of a posh condo building.

It is made up of two restaurants in one. One side feature Haute cuisine whereas, on the other side, there is a more casual pasta bar & grill. Both of its openings offer unbeatable views of the city with large portions of dishes.

Scaramouche is a constant award winner for its impeccable service, complimentary valet parking, and stunning views of the city. As you enter Scaramouche you will see white tablecloths and Classical European cooking.

Order Foie Gras Terrine with sea salt brioche, yellowfish Tuna Tartare with sesame tempura, Riesling jelly, pickled grapes, and triple crunch mustard, white chocolate, and coconut cream pie, and house-made Gnocchi Parisienne with wild mushrooms, spinach, peas, and truffled porcini sauce.

Address: 2L1 M4V ON, 1 Benvenuto PI, Toronto, Canada

10. Fat Pasha


A funky eatery with county-chic décor offering Eastern & European Jewish dishes to its customers delivering happy hour.

The restaurant owner/chef Antony Rose Twist has made Pasha a fun, lively, and great place to gather your friends. Serving comfort food with a Middle Eastern/Jewish twist for lunch/brunch or dinner in a setting that feels like home even when you are far away.

Order za’atar butter flank steak or the whole roasted cauliflower with tahini, pomegranate seeds, and halloumi. Also try “Schmaltzy” a chopped liver and egg with sour pickles, onions, and schmaltz.

Address: 1V9 M5R ON, 414 Dupont St, Canada, Toronto

11. Bar Raval


Bar Raval, is a Spanish tapas bar offering a tantalizing array of Jamon, conserves, and pintxos alongside crafted cocktails and fine spirits in a beautifully designed space that transports you to Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood.

This is the perfect place to discover college St in Little Italy and to start or end a night with your friends. Here, at college St, you get good snacks with crafted cocktails and standup at the bar or around beer barrels to sip and engulf yourself before moving the fiesta along.

Address: 1A5 M6G ON, 505 College St, Canada, Toronto

12. Mamakas Taverna


A welcoming bistro-like spot serving shared meze plates & main dishes like seafood & grilled lamb. A full-flavoured, fresh, contemporary take on tavern classics will make your night out even more fun. The food, music, and décor reflect owner Thanos Tripi’s memories and passed down family recipes.

He remembers the flavours and wants to share them with his customers. For fine dining options, visit here. It is one of the best restaurants in Toronto serving homemade food with love. Order the Ossington strip once you are here. Mamakas Taverna is one of the most notable restaurants in Toronto’s west end.

Address: M6J 2Y7 ON, Ossington Ave 80, Canada, Toronto

13. Udupi Palace


A vegetarian Indian restaurant serving paper-thin dosa is the crowd-stopper at this restaurant. They have a varied menu of chaats, particularly the Dahi poori, bite-sized spheres of crispy dough holding spiced potato and cooling yogurt, with mint and tamarind chutneys waiting for your hands to grab them.

Address: Gerrard St E 1460, ON M4L 2A3, Toronto, Canada

14. Barnsteiner’s Restaurant

Source: Brent Hofacker/Shuuterstock

Opened by well-known Michelle and Herbert Barnsteiner, Barnsteiner restaurant is a true labour of love and is one of the best restaurants in Toronto. Offers a rustic, pan-European-inspired menu and is a great place for groups that have diverse palates.

Here, you can order anything and everything from appetizers like oysters and calamari to pasta, pizza, and a hearty main dish like schnitzel and steak.

Their cooking style is unique and will make you come back here again. They also have an impressive wine list along with the food menu. Order Wiener Schnitzel and Kaese Spaetzle.

Address: ON M4V 3B9, Balmoral Ave., Canada, Toronto,

15. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, a relaxed, modern spot serves international fare & brunch in this open kitchen. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is here because they love food and believe in heartfelt philosophy and the simple pleasures of life.

Temple is a place where we practice our devotion and this is exactly the place where you should be. Mildred’s Temple kitchen makes their food with locally sourced items fresh onto your table.

Address: M6K 3S3 ON, Hanna Ave #104 85, Canada, Toronto

16. Gusto 101

Source: Tanya Keisha/Shutterstock

A southern Italian classic with a global twist serving freshly cooked dishes right at your table. Gusto means tasty in Italian and so the food made here is absolutely tasty. It opened in 2012 and has been serving up modern takes on Southern Italian Classics.

Located in a repurposed garage in the heart of downtown Toronto, this restaurant has become a neighbourhood gathering space. Their tasting menu is variable and their dining room is beautiful. Order a wood-fired grill or a glass of wine on their rooftop patio or go for jerk chicken.

Address: M5V 2N3 ON, Portland St 101, Canada, Toronto

17. Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos


A trendy taqueria fixing up Beja-style tacos & seafood in a Kensington Market. It is located in the heart of Toronto’s historic Market. Established in 2012 with the mission to serve the freshest and tastiest Beja-style tacos.

Seven lives believe in fine dining made fresh with seasonal ingredients delivering happy hour. Their food will enlighten your taste buds. Undoubtedly, one of the best restaurants in Toronto.

Address: 2K2 M5T ON, Kensington Ave 72, Canada, Toronto

18. Lake Inez

Source: Elena Eryomenko/Shutterstock

Lake Inez, is a creative dishes place inspired by Asian cuisine plus an extensive beer list in a refined space. Here you get lost in wine and seasonal nostalgic food that is hard to resist. The food here will wake up your taste buds.

Address: Gerrard St E 1471, ON M4L 2A1, Canada, Toronto

19. SCHOOL Restaurant

Apple Crumble Cakes
Source: Angelika Heine/Shutterstock

SCHOOL Restaurant is a Chic eatery with an industrial décor & 2 patios, serving brunch, lunch & dinner along with drinks. As one of Toronto’s most popular brunch spots, SCHOOL goes back to basics in its cooking techniques.

It is just a classic space for brunch, mimosas, and lots of coffee, serving both sweet and savoury items, such as Apple Crumble Cakes but their specialty lies in their buttermilk fried chicken.

Address: M6K 3E1 ON, Fraser Ave 70, Canada, Toronto

20. Chiado Restaurant


An elegant dining room serves refined Portuguese cuisine, plus a broad wine list. Situated in one of the liveliest downtown neighbourhoods of Lisbon, Chiado is inviting the authentic taste of Portugal to Toronto.

Albino Silva, one of the most critically acclaimed chefs in North America serves Portuguese flavours with creative presentation. They take fresh fish from the Azores islands and use them to make fresh cuisines for their customers. Make sure to taste their decadent dessert to complete the refined dining experience.

Address:1A3 M6H ON, College St 864, Canada, Toronto

21. Byblos


An Eastern Mediterranean restaurant that calls coastal influences with contemporary techniques, displaying each family-style dish that comes out of the kitchen. Downstairs is a more laid-back affair based on a beautifully designed lounge space.

Upstairs, is a dark forest green dining room with moodily lit lights and quiet nooks here and there which is ideal for couples who are there for a romantic meal together. Order grilled branzino with chermoula, saffron Toum, and watercress with sweet jewelled barberry-flecked rice.

Address: 3M2 M5V ON, Duncan St 11, Canada, Toronto

22. Canoe

Source: nelea33/Shutterstock

Serving inventive Canadian cuisine & exceptional views, Canoe is a stylish, swanky space on the 54th floor. Canoe serves crafted dishes that reflect the country’s diversity. Canoe offers a breathtaking, stunning view of Toronto with a glittering skyline sprawling beyond the horizon.

Chef Ron McKinlay exquisitely crafted menu is an amazing experience. The menu features foie gras from Quebec, the flakiest fresh Pacific fish, and fine Ontario produce.

Once here order tea-smoked duck breast, Ontario burrata with birch-pickled cucumbers and prairie seeds, or the Quebec foie gras with rhubarb, pink peppercorn, and sumac meringue and rib eye.

Their duck-liver breast is special, it is served with duck-liver mousse, parsnip, and poached Niagara pear. The canoe is one of the best restaurants in Toronto.

Address: M5K 1H6 ON, 54th floor 66 Wellington St W, Canada, Toronto

23. Big Crow BBQ

Source: Big Crow (Facebook page)

Serving creative North American dishes and brunch in a cozy diner with a nostalgic vibe. Opened in 2012, chef Anthony Rose is known for his great wonders with food across the city namely Fat Pasha and Schmaltz Appetizing.

The restaurant offers a high-end bistro menu with a refined wine list in a chic décor. They serve some of the best burgers and fried chicken in Toronto. Offering patio dining and takeout.

Address: 2E6 M5R ON, Dupont St 176, in the back, Canada, Toronto

24. Campechano

tacos quesadillas
Source: Shutterstock

A Mexican restaurant serving tacos & quesadillas boasting homemade tortillas, plus drinks served in a laid-back, bright space. Campechano has multiple locations across Toronto.

They recently expanded their original King West taqueria and opened up a brand new and even cozier spot-on College St. Each location offers traditional, Mexico City-style tacos made with fresh-pressed homemade corn tortillas. Their menu offers simple dishes in a colourful inviting space.

Address: M5V 1T4 ON, Adelaide St W 504, Canada, Toronto

25. Biff’s Bistro


Biff’s Bistro is a relaxed restaurant with a patio serving French classic fare along with an extensive wine list. A modern French restaurant in downtown Toronto that will never disappoint you. They serve French classic cuisine offered in a casual dining room and a seasonal sidewalk patio.

Biff’s has been constantly delivering solid French bistro cuisine, not fancy but just a great relaxed comfortable vine. With a great menu selection, they also offer curated wines right at your table. Order duck confit and steak fries to crave down your hunger.

Address: MSE 1G4 ON, Front St E 4, Canada, Toronto

26. Honest Weight

Source: OlgaBombologna/Shutterstock

A restaurant offering inventive seafood in a New England-style fishmonger restaurant. The owner Victoria Bazan finds the best chef for her restaurant and delivers unexpected, like house-steamed cockles or Azoream limpet clams.

They also serve a variety of clams, crab, scallops, and shrimp. Order their grilled squid served atop romesco, as is the fish sandwich. People who are big fans of seafood and are in Toronto should order from here.

Address: 1Y3 M6P ON, Dundas St W 2766, Toronto, Canada

27. Miku Toronto


A Japanese restaurant with soaring ceilings serves flame-seared sushi which is the specialty of this restaurant. If you are a sushi lover and want to have some good Japanese cuisine in Toronto, you should visit Miku.

Miku opened in 2015 with over 700 feet of square area, a raw bar, a large patio, and a sushi bar. Miku is ABURI Restaurant’s first East Coast location in Toronto expanding from Japan, then to Vancouver.

At Miku, you get to dive into their specially-curated menu combining traditional Japanese multi-course dining with modern west coast culinary secrets using the freshest and finest ingredients.

Address: M5J 2R8 ON, 10 Bay St. #105, Toronto, Canada

28. Yasu Toronto


A sushi restaurant with a one menu option, a prix fixe Japanese chef’s choice of 20 pieces in small digs. Yasu is Canada’s first Omakase sushi bar serving the finest fish from around the world.

Yasu has made it easier to get access to the freshest seafood just the same as in Japan. They return to the roots of sushi, in which simplicity was the key ingredient in bringing the taste of Japanese traditional sushi. They have been using classical methods to draw out the umami of seafood.

They freshly slice their fish and placed it atop warm, loose rice then brush it with a touch of nigiri soy for a perfectly balanced bite.

Yasu brings forward the message of capturing the real essence of sushi. They bring fresh items and seasonal ingredients and prepare them at the sushi bar and serve it immediately for the maximum flavour and freshness right into your mouth.

Address: 1G4 M5S ON, Harbord St 81, Canada, Toronto

Wrapping Up

Toronto welcomes many visitors every year from across the world. The place welcomes people from different cultures across the world and the good part, it also offers all different types of cuisines from multiple diversities across the world.

Toronto has some of the best restaurants of varied cuisine. So, if you are a foodie then you should visit the restaurant in Toronto.

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