26 Best Patios Toronto to Enjoy a Secluded Vaycay

best patios toronto

Toronto has many great patios to choose from. One can enjoy the comfort of heated patios during winters and a rooftop patio which gives an amazing view of the city and soak in the summer sun. Glass-covered patios protect you from rain as well as gives stunning views of the sky. One can surely say that Toronto has a large variety of patios to choose from as per one needs. Some of Toronto’s best patios are Lavelle, Gusto 101, Kasa Moto, and many more.

Here is a list of the best patios in Toronto from which you can choose when you are out for an outing with your friends and family.

1. Lavelle

This spot on King West is both a day and evening delight. Featuring a beautiful nighttime patio, Lavelle has cabanas, outdoor bars, and pools where one can enjoy annual summer events too. Located on King street, the place gives you a 360-degree view of the city from 16 stories above, making it one of the best patios Toronto. It is also a great spot to chill for the locals of King West.

One can order from their extensive menu from tableside or poolside. Dishes have Japanese Brazillian touch so that one can order from their sushi menu of small and large plates. One can try other options, including Lavelle’s signature truffle fries and G&T or Strawberry Daiquiri popsicles.

Location: 627 King Street West

2. The Porch

One can enjoy a close view of the CN tower from The Porch, making it one of the best patios Toronto. Famous for its bucket margaritas, the place has the most happening patios in Toronto. It is located above the Rockin’ Horse Saloon in the center of the entertainment zone. This place keeps the patios open during winters making it the city’s best rooftop patio. People who love skating can enjoy the skating rink called SkySkate.

It also features an ice rink bar and an amazing menu featuring spiced hot chocolate, coconut shrimp sandwich, and smash burgers which are a hit among the customers.

Location: 250 Adelaide Street West

3. Amsterdam Brewhouse

Amsterdam brewhouse is located right on Lakeshore, giving an amazing view of Lake Ontario. The restaurant has an open-air dining concept providing a good selection of food and beer with a 14,000-square-foot facility. With 3 patios to choose from, one can avail of the heated patio during fall.

One can enjoy the 270-degree view of Lake Ontario and enjoy microbrewery, authentic wood-burning ovens, open kitchens, and retail beer stores making it one of the best patios in Toronto.

Location: 245 Queens Quay West

4. Trattoria Nervosa

Located in Yorkville, Trattoria Nervosa also falls in one of the best patios Toronto. The menu here has beautifully presented classic Italian dishes, along with a wide range of drinks to choose from. The best part is the large patio which gives amazing views of Toronto’s skyline, and one can even enjoy a walk after a meal in the area around the restaurant.

Location: 75 Yorkville Avenue

5. Kasa Moto

Next on the list of best patios Toronto will be Kasa Moto. The place offers Japanese cuisine and an amazing patio, a Sky Bar, and live music to enjoy the evening with friends. One can visit on different occasions, from a date with someone to a night out with friends. The best part of the place is the rooftop patio which is heated for comfort, and one can enjoy the beautiful greenery.

The highlight of the menu is A5 Wagyu beef. The meat is tender and melts in the mouth, making it the best dish on the menu. Other dishes to try are soft shell crab maki with soy glaze and wasabi aioli or spicy fried chicken with a sweet soy gochujang. The overall design of the place is amazing, with a rooftop terrace and indoor topiary. The place offers Japanese cuisine, and one can surely enjoy a unique dining experience in Kasa Moto.

Location: 115 Yorkville Avenue

6. Kost

Another one on the list of best patios Toronto would be Kost, located on the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel in the entertainment district. The place offers Bajan cuisine with a panoramic view of the city.

One can enjoy the outdoor restaurant with an infinite pool, pool chairs, and couches to relax. The best on the menu is the grilled shrimp and smoked short ribs which are worth a try. The best part is the breathtaking view that one will get off the CN tower from the 44th floor.

Location: 80 Blue Jays Way

7. Gusto 101

Gusto 101 is next on the list of the best patios. Toronto offers the best Italian cuisine. One can enjoy an enormous glass retracting roof of rooftop patio or cute street level, whichever suits one. If you go for the rooftop patio, you can dine under the stars, and even the glass protects you from rain.

Food with great reviews includes the Mafalde Ai Funghi with porcini, portobello, oyster mushroom, and truffle cream pasta. Don’t forget to order the appetizer and tiramisu.

Location: 101 Portland Street

8. Baro

Baro is next on the list of best patios in Toronto, offering a place with Miami vibes. The food here has a Latin touch and is cooked on outdoor charcoal BBQ. This place is also popular for its eccentric rooftop patio on the 4th floor, where you can enjoy the beautiful summer vibes.

The place’s interior is beautiful, with potted plants hanging from the ceiling and interior track lighting, as well as decorated with plants making it seem like an enchanting garden. One can enjoy new BBQ menus from the rooftop grills. The heated patio is also a bonus, where one can sit and enjoy and feel like any other summer day.

The place is spread across 4 stories, with the main dining place to fit 25 people. Next, the second floor with lounge and bar that can be used for events with up to 70 guests making it best for private gatherings and cocktail parties.

The dishes to try are Smoked Campechano Ceviche, roast chicken, and grilled broccoli over charcoal, with the best cocktail being a spicy mango margarita. For dessert, the best would be coffee helado.

Location: 485 King Street West

9. El Catrin Destileria

Toronto’s distillery district is where the next best patios Toronto, El Catrin, is located. With one of the best patios in Toronto, the place takes you to Mexico. The interior is beautifully designed with vibrant yellow seating, a huge round fireplace, and lights covered with grey metal. The highlight of the place is its year-round outdoor and indoor patio, both very spacious. During winters, one can get the comfort of a heated patio too.

The menu includes traditional and modern Mexican food, with the best-being fish tacos and guacamole. Both great food and great vibes add up, making the place a must-visit.

Location: 28 Tank House Lane

10. Hemingway’s Restaurant

Hemingway’s Restaurant’s rooftop patio makes it to the list of best patios Toronto. It is one of the best patios in Yorkville. The place has multi-leveled patios with outdoor and heated indoor patios during winter. The affordability and great music highlight the place, which attracts people to the area.

Location: 142 Cumberland Street

11. Bar Reyna 

If you are a Mediterranean cuisine lover, then Bar Reyna will be the best patio Toronto for you. Dishes such as lamb baklava, which is baklava wrapped with the most tender lamb and pistachios, are a must try. Halloumi souvlaki is a homemade flatbread, and an option of chicken or falafel is also worth a try. Pair it up with signature cocktails.

The patio is beautifully decorated with lanterns and fairy lights on the ceiling, making it an awesome place to sit and eat. The dishes directly transport you to Greece, Spain, and Turkey. The place is divided into two floors: a cocktail bar upstairs and a formal dining space on the main floor. The main dining space leads you to a beautiful patio, which is the true highlight. Tables have been built around the trees, and the retractable roof allows Bar Reyna to have a year-round patio that can be enjoyed with Mediterranean snacks.

Location: 158 Cumberland Street

12. Drake Sky Yard

Next on the list of best patios Toronto is Drake Sky Yard which features a beautiful interior, best food options, a rooftop and wrap-around patio, and an underground lounge. Famous among rooftop patios in Toronto, the place is on Queen Street West and part of Drake hotel. The vibe here is in shades of warm pastel colors with vibrant bright yellow.

One can enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view with artwork placed that changes seasonally. Enjoy your visit with their delicious cocktails like Sangria and their avocado toast strongly recommended. You can opt for a street-level patio that wraps around the side of the hotel and enjoy the night with food options such as steak tartare or crispy cauliflower bites. Don’t forget to try the Drake burger, which is their specialty.

Location: 1150 Queen Street West

13. Ration

Ration, located in the Beverly hotel, is next on the list of best patios Toronto. One can also enjoy people-watching on a large street-facing patio at the famous 299 Queen Street building beside you. A view of the Fashion District beside can be enjoyed with cocktails and food. It features a beautiful rooftop patio too.

Dishes to try are Beef Char-Tare with endive and potato foam, the risotto with nettles, brown butter asparagus, and samphire, shrimp branded toast with sesame, and yuzu chili aioli, and oysters with mignonette caviar and goldenberry kosho.

Location: 335 Queen Street West

14. Rendezvous

Located in downtown Toronto, this mega patio comes next on the list of best patios Toronto. Rendezvous is split into RendezViews East and RendezViews West, with the RV West serving pub grub-like burgers, chicken tenders, and pizzas. RV East serves Tom Yum chicken wings, green chicken curry, and crispy fish tacos. One can enjoy the warm spring weather on their outdoor patio, making their patio one of the best patios in Toronto. Its great location is a bonus.

Location: 229 Richmond Street West

15. Bandit Brewery

Bandit Brewery comes next on the best patios Toronto, with the place offering a variety of brews such as Hive Double IPA with wildflower honey and bites such as cacao e Pepe cauliflower. The main highlight is the retractable rooftop patio making it one of the best rooftop patios in Toronto. The patio is large and accessible from the street, still enclosed and tucked away.

Location: 2125 Dundas Street West

16. Ronnie’s Local 069 

Next on the list of best patios Toronto is Ronnie’s Local 069, which is located in Kensington Market. The place is best to sit back and enjoy the local happenings with a choice of beer from a variety of local beers their place has to offer.

Location: 69 Nassau Street.

17. Paradise Grapevine

The main highlight of Paradise Grapevine is the garden patio hence making it to the list of best patios Toronto. Try their namesake, the Paradise Grapevine wine. You can also try their range of local wines like their 2019 Orange Wine Rose or the 2020 “Single Heartbreak” Full Cluster Pinot Noir.

The place is both a natural wine bar and a winery, making it a unique place to visit. The place gives a combo of both good food and nice drinks from their bar. Charcuterie boards and Spanish-style snacks are the offerings here. It also features a covered patio.

Location:841 Bloor Street West

18. Stack

Stack comes next in the list of best patios in Toronto. Dishes to try here are Joy Bird Fried Chicken at Belgian Moon Brewery, and then visit the Momofuku Noodle Bar to enjoy their items like chilled spicy noodles and a chicken chorizo bun.

Location: 28 Bathurst Street.

19. Il Patio di Eataly

Il Patio di Eataly comes next on the list of best patios in Toronto. The place takes you to Rome with two dining options. One can enjoy a full-service patio on Bay Street or visit the walk-in-only bar on Bloor Street. Try the classic cocktails, Italian wines, and delicious Italian dishes, from snacks to a full menu of pizzas and fresh pasta. If you want to enjoy sunset colored aperitivo, this place is for you.

Location: 55 Bloor Street West

20. Venice Beach Bar

Located in Dundas West, the Venice Beach Bar is a stone’s throw from the Ossington Strip. The place features an open-air patio, a highlight among Dundas west locals. The menu changes every few weeks, so one gets surprised with new varieties of dishes offered with plenty of drink options. Dishes to try shrimp & chive dumplings, Taiwanese popcorn, and Mexicasian street corn.

Location: 1251 Dundas Street West

21. Toronto Beach Club

Next on the list of best patios in Toronto is Toronto Beach Club. It is just a stone’s throw from Woodbine Beach. Menu consists of crudos, carpaccios, caviar, and plenty of fritto misto. If you are not up for seafood, you can try aged steaks and whole Piri Piri chickens. To go along with the food, go for ice-cold cocktails. One can enjoy a visit on Sunday with Sunday for DJ night and dancers.

Location: 1681 Lakeshore Blvd E

22. Broadview Hotel

One can enjoy all kinds of dishes, from full plates at dinner hour to late-night snacks. For full plates, one can go for fish tacos and banh mi, and for snacks, go for kewpie fries and chicken taquito.

Location: 106 Broadview Ave

23. Little sister

When you visit Little sister, you will find the food to have a unique touch of Dutch-Indonesian cuisine. The highlight is the lush green patio making it to the list of best patios in Toronto.

One can have the best food in Toronto here, casual and affordable. The menu has skewers, snacks, sides, and traditional dishes like nasi goreng and udang Kari. The patio is the best part, as it will make you feel like you are in Bali.

Location: 2031 Yonge Street

24. Miku

Next on the list of best patios Toronto is Miku. This Japanese restaurant is the best spot to have a fine dining experience with friends and family. This restaurant is located within walking distance of Toronto’s waterfront and offers authentic Japanese cuisine. This place is best to visit for special occasions with your loved ones.

 Location: 510 Bay Street

25. Epoch Bar and Kitchen Terrace

The highlight of Epoch is the garden patio making it one of the best patios in Toronto. Described as the hidden oasis in the heart of the entertainment district, the place is inspired by English gastropubs of the 1990s, which pays tribute to pub culture. One can enjoy the lush green terrace with a sip of one’s favorite cocktail.

Location: 181 Wellington Street

26. The Chase Fish And Oyster

In Toronto’s financial district, Chase is known for its authentic seafood menu. This high-end restaurant comes with a bar and an open kitchen. This is the best among the Toronto patios if you love sophisticated and refined dining experiences.

Location: 10 Temperance Street

Patio hopping is a must when in Toronto as Toronto has the best Patios, and one can choose according to one needs and choices. There were Toronto’s best patios which provided one with excellent views and stellar cuisine. The Toronto patios are a must-visit with family and friends for a good time and great city views. Do visit these patios next time when you are in Toronto.

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