19 Amazing Things to Do in Vancouver


Vancouver is a city on the west coast seaport in BC; one of Canada’s densest and most ethnically diverse cities. Vancouver city center is one of the most popular places for film shooting. It is surrounded by mountains and is also filled with art, theatre, and music.

The city center of Vancouver is really busy and vibrant. Many of the city center attractions of Vancouver include Stanley Park, Granville Island, Gastown, and many more. Even if you end up visiting the attractions of the city center, you’ll experience many new things.

With some of the best attractions, trips, and views of the city, there are a number of things to do in Downtown Vancouver that will make great stories to tell your buddies back home. With some of the city center’s best restaurants, Downtown Vancouver satisfies the hunger craving of its visitors too.

You don’t have to worry about where, to begin, because we got you covered with a list of things to do in Vancouver and some of the best attractions in the city situated in BC. Vancouver is waiting for you, so, pack your bags and check out Vancouver. 

19 Fun Things to Do in Vancouver

Get ready to spend your time at one of the best deals in BC, Vancouver, and start exploring some of the best parts along the way of the city.

1. The Grouse Mountain

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The peak of Downtown Vancouver is Grouse Mountain. The mountain is one the Vancouver’s most popular attractions attracting more than 1.3 million people every year around the world.

Grouse Mountain is a 1,200-meter mountain having several activities to do, one of the most famous is the Grouse grind trail.

The mountain is a destination open for all four seasons of its visitors. You’ll find a great place to see wildlife refuge, outdoor thrill, fun summer activities, and some of the best local snow sports.

If you love trekking, take a trail to the Grouse Grind in Grouse Mountain. The Grouse Grind is a 1.8-mile-long trail consisting of 2830 stairs and it will take you to 2,800 feet high in the mountains.

The Grouse Grind is one of the most famous trails in Vancouver. You also have the option of Gandola to experience the beautiful views of the city and the ocean. 

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

things to do in vancouver
By: Maridav/Shutterstock

Situated in the District of North Vancouver, BC, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most popular destinations in the world for visitors of Vancouver, it is a simple suspension bridge that crosses the Capilano River with many things to do and see.

The adventure in the park includes Suspension Bridge, Cliffwalk, Treetops Adventure, Canyon Lights, Story Centre, and Kia’Palano. Join the followers of the park and cross the suspension bridge.

It is one of the best places to visit in the world and one of the most beautiful experiences in Vancouver.

The newest attraction of the park is the cantilevered walkway that is clinging to the granite cliff that hangs high above Capilano Canyon. You also get to enjoy the thriving coastal rainforest view from the 7 suspension bridges and the viewing platform.

You get to capture the glittering views of the city and enjoy the Canyon Lights. The city center offers Photomurals, antiques, and artifacts along with the “voices from the past” chronicle, which tells about the early history of the bridge. The Kia’Palano gives a glimpse into the lifestyle of BC’s indigenous people and it is connected to the natural world.

You cannot leave the city without experiencing the suspension bridge. It is the life of Vancouver. Go ahead and check out the bridge.

3. Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Editorial credit: Rafal Michal Gadomski /

The Chan Centre is a performing arts theatre in University Endowment Lands in Canada, BC. The Chan Centre has many performances hosted in the Chan Sun Concert Hall, it is a great attraction for all music lovers around the world.

There is Elisapie, Music on point: Trio Canada, UBC Symphony Orchestra, UBC Choirs: Color & Light and many more performances hosted multiple times. It is a great place to check out some of the most popular and beautiful performances in the world.

4. Yaletown

Editorial credit: Harry Beugelink /

Yaletown is a neighbourhood in Downtown Vancouver, Canada, and BC. Yaletown is popular for the old warehouse buildings and it is now home to cocktail lounges and hip restaurants. There you’ll find many buzzing outdoor terraces and even some indie fashioned décor boutiques.

Yaletown is famous for the serenity of an oceanfront seawall with one of the largest selections of trendy patios in the world along with award-winning boutiques.

On the waterfront, you’ll find an expensive playground and lawn at David Lam Park. The seawall is famous for walking and cycling. There are professional sports and many rock concerts nearby BC Place stadium and also in the Rogers Arena. You must check out Yaletown while visiting Vancouver.

5. Vancouver Maritime Museum


A hidden Gem in Kitsilano is what Vancouver Maritime Museum is. For the past 60 years, stories about the Pacific Northwest and the Arctic are being told here. You’ll find the connection being built between the past and the future.

It is situated at a waterfront location in Vancouver and is one of the most popular attractions in the world. It is a popular attraction in the city and a great place to spend your time. There is a family-friendly museum, New VMM Raffle, Exhibitions, School Programs, Rentals, Programs & Events.

You should make time to visit Stanley Park. It tells you more about the city and its culture.

6. Gastown Steam Clock

Editorial credit: Daniel Avram /

The Gastown Steam Clock is a top tourist attraction in Vancouver, Canada, and BC. It is a clock powered by a steam engine, there are very few functioning steam clocks in the world and the Gastown Steam Clock is one of the few steam clocks in the world and is 35 years old.

Connected with a series of steam pies to a generating plant and placed at Georgia and Beatty Streets. The origin of Steam clock comes in 1977 by horologist Raymond Saunders and the metalwork is done by specialist Doug Smith.

If you’re looking for a historic piece in Vancouver, you should go and see the Steam Clock. 

7. The Commodore Ballroom

Editorial credit: Tyler Boyes /

A music venue in Vancouver famous for music and a nightclub. You don’t just walk away into The Commodore Ballroom. An Art Deco style building designed by architect H.H. Gillingham, based on the designs created by George Conrad Reifel in the late 1920s.

The specialty of the ballroom lies in the special performances and the sprung dance floor. When the floor was built, there were only a few venues with the same flooring.

The capacity of the ballroom is approximately 900 people. You should make time to visit the Ballroom when travelling to Vancouver.

8. Museum of Anthropology at UBC

The Museum of Anthropology is a museum at University Endowment Lands, Vancouver, Canada. The Museum of Anthropology is at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

Canada is a famous place known by the world for its displays of world art and various cultures. They display the works done by the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest.

The Museum of Anthropology is a major tourist destination and is visited by many travellers around the world. Not only this, but The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia is also a teaching and research museum.

The available courses are UBS courses in art, anthropology, conservation, museum studies, and archaeology.

The Museum of Anthropology has approx. 50,000 ethnographic objects along with the 535,000 archaeological objects in the building. It displays some very amazing art. 

9. Vancouver Whale Watch

By: robbiesnaps/Shutterstock

The Vancouver Whale watch is an original Whale watching company in Vancouver established in 1988. Here you get Vancouver’s ORIGINAL and BEST Whale Watching Experience!

With a 95% success rate visiting Vancouver Whale Watch is one of the best things to do while in Vancouver. The trained person will guide you for the Whale watching tour.

You should make time to visit Vancouver Whale watch while travelling to Vancouver.

10. Sea to Sky Gondola

The Vancouver Sea to Sky Gondola is a popular tourist attraction in the city. The sea-to-sky gondola is located in Squamish, a 45-minute scenic drive away from downtown Vancouver.

The gondola is a 10-minute gondola ride that will take you to a truly magical place and you will have some very amazing views of the city from a bird’s eye view.

As you rise from the water’s edge, the view before you change blue water of Howe Sound, coloured by the green islands and surrounded by the steep mountains present at the Coast Range; Stawmus Cheif’s majestic view; and a view that will take your breath away along the snow-capped mountains on the north.

There are also many winter activities at the sea-to-sky gondola. 

11. Sea to Sky Highway

The Sea to Sky highway is a 120km scenic driveway starting at Vancouver and finishing off at Whistler.

It is a gorgeous drive that goes along the Howe Sound, and Ocean fjord, and from there it opens into the snowy mountains and to the Whistler ski village.

Along the scenic driveway, you’ll find the town of Squamish which is famous as the adventure sports capital of Canada. It is home to hiking, mountain biking, and also for rock climbing.

While driving through the sea-to-sky highway, instead of speeding your way through the driveway, drive a little longer and stop at certain spots to capture the beauty that nature has captured for you.

Driving through the highway, you’ll always be on edge as there are so many things to discover and see.

12. Granville Island

Granville Island
By: I viewfinder/Shutterstock

A magical escape within the city, Granville Island is a shopping district and a peninsula in Vancouver, BC. The Island is located in at False Creek and under the South end of the Granville Street Bridge.

The Island peninsula was once famous as an industrial manufacturing area but at present, it is a famous tourist attraction in the city.

Visit Granville Island for an hour or more and discover the places that you will remember for life. Granville Island is a great place to spend your time, you’ll find many different attractions of the city there.

Visit Granville Island this vacation and have some holiday fun.

13. Stanley Park

Stanely Park
Image by Inacioluc from Depositphotos

Stanley Park, a public park spread over a 405-hectare in BC, Canada. Surrounded by the waters of Burrard Inlet and English Bay, it covers up the northwest half of Downtown Vancouver’s Peninsula.

The Park borders the neighbourhoods of the coal harbour to its southeast and west ends and is also connected to the North Shore from the Lions Gate Bridge. Stanley Park is among the major attractions of the city.

It has some very lovely beaches, long miles of well-maintained dirt trails, and many kid-friendly spots that include a pool, water park, mini railway, and many more.

Stanley Park is among some of the greatest Urban Parks in the world. The Park is also the very first park in Vancouver. It features ever-blooming gardens and pristine coastal areas and it roughly covers 500,000 cedar, hemlock, and fir trees. When at Stanley Park, take a bike ride around the seawall as it offers stunning looks.

Stanley Park is the perfect city escape. There is no best time to visit the park, you can visit the park whenever you wish to. The park is an amazing place to spend your time in the city.

14. Brockton Point Lighthouse

Brockton Point Lighthouse
By: Jameschen/Shutterstock

If you’re visiting Stanley park you don’t go without seeing Brockton Point Totem Poles . Totem poles are intricately carved poles and are a major attraction point in BC.

In the 1920s, the totem poles were placed at different locations in the park, as the collection grew, all the totem poles were eventually moved to Brockton Point.

If you visit the city today, you will see nine totem poles carved in red cedar along the three gateway portals. Set in a wide walkway, the colourful totem poles are all set back against the tall evergreen trees. 

15. VanDusen Botanical Garden

Toronto Botanical Garden
By Eltonlaw from Shutterstock

VanDusen Botanical Garden, a botanical garden in Vancouver, BC, is a popular attraction in the city. Van Dusen Botanical garden is spread over a 55-acre oasis and is based in the heart of Vancouver and has over 7,500 plant species and different varieties from around the world.

It has various organized events for its visitors. They hold summer camps, Sakura Days Japan Fair, Speaker Series: Biocultural Diversity and Education/and many more events along with some courses and memberships offered to the people.

There is also VanDusen Botanical Garden and a Bloedel Conservatory. They also host a VanDusen Festival of lights where you can see shimmering and the glow of the northern lights while taking a stroll along the lakeside or while walking into their lush rose garden.

VanDusen Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful things in the city. 

Pacific Arts Market is an Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC. After visiting Pacific Arts Market, you’ll find that it is easier to love art.

Pacific Arts Market is Vancouver’s favourite art market. Pacific Arts Market displays 80 local artists and sells affordable original quality paintings and various other crafts. It is one of the most visited art & gift stores in Vancouver.

It is one of the best places to spend your time and also if you have to gift someone a piece of art.

There are plenty of arts that are worth buying. You don’t need too much money as the art is quite affordable. It is one of the best things about Vancouver.

17. Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Editorial credit: Edwin Tseng /

Perched at the edge of Chinatown, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese garden is a registered museum and is also a very popular tourist attraction in Vancouver, Canada, and BC.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen is a very unique venue holding plenty of cultural programs and events. They are also guided tours, concerts, festivals, receptions, exhibitions, and also educational programs.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen is the first Min Dynasty-style garden home that have been built outside of China. For the past few years, the garden has been honoured with several designations.

National Geographic named it as World’s Top City garden in 2011. If you wish to spend your time in the summer or if you have to do any study or want to discover Chinese culture, you should visit the park. There is no fixed time to visit the garden, you can visit the garden whenever you wish to.

18. The Vancouver Aquarium

Recognized for its excellence, The Vancouver aquarium is started in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There are many things to do at Vancouver Aquarium. There is The Great Salmon Run 4D Experience, Date Nights at the Aquarium, rescued Mammals Exhibit, and their rescue story.

If you visit the city aquarium you’ll find that you don’t have to worry about the animals there. They have aquatic life from around the globe.

Around 65,000 lovely animals, a new 4D experience, and fun are waiting for you at the Vancouver aquarium. The aquarium is the life of Vancouver. The Vancouver Aquarium is home to many incredible aquatic life and ocean species.

Starting in 1956, the museum has conned more than 40 million people in Vancouver and around the world. The Vancouver Aquarium is a great place to spend your time, especially in the summer. In the summer it turns even more playful, especially if you’re an animal lover.

19. Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach
By: Jameschen/Shutterstock

Wreck Beach is Beach in University Endowment Lands, BC, Canada. It is a clothing-optional beach located in the west of Vancouver, Canada.

The Beach is a place where people from Vancouver including university students go if they want a naked sunbathe.

The Beach is not meant for everybody but it is a beautiful beach and it is not compulsory to take all your clothes off if you visit there.

Visiting Vancouver, you must check out the city beach for sure. Vancouver is famous for its beaches and has beaches more than you can even imagine. It is  a famous spot for tourists and locals.

Final thought

Vancouver is a nice place to spend your holidays. With a versatile culture and activities, it makes up to be the perfect place for a vacation getaway. Vancouver is a city that will never stop amazing you.

Vancouver is a vacation spot. Vancouver has a number of attractions. Vancouver is also famous for its food. There are more than enough attractions in Vancouver. So, if you are visiting Vancouver, make sure to check the list and see what places you would like to visit.

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