17 Amazing Things to Do in Mont Tremblant


Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you love to set out on adventurous trips to faraway places just to explore the world and know more about the history and culture of the different places? Is Mont Tremblant your next travel destination?

Here is an article that has everything you need to know about the place, iconic attractions, must-visit spots, and a list of 17 things to do in Mont Tremblant.

1. Where is Mont Tremblant?

Located in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Mont Tremblant is a ravishing resort town in Canada. It is known for its ski resort, the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort. Flourished with rich culture, beautiful villages, scenic landscapes, and fun outdoor activities, this city in Quebec is popular among travellers.

Mont Tremblant attracts tourists from around the globe throughout the year. The place can bewitch you with its charm as well as entertain you. It is guaranteed that a trip to this mountain town will be a wonderful experience.

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The entire area of Mont Tremblant has three villages which are famous for their distinctive features. The three sectors include Resorts, Old Villages and Downtown. Old Village, on the banks of Lake Mercer, is a calm province. All the villages serve as hosts for many festivals and events throughout the year.

The collaboration of the municipality of St Jovite with Mont Tremblant City led to the formation of Downtown Tremblant. Also known as the “Centre-Ville”, this village is the largest among the other two villages and it exists as a business district.

2. What is Mont Tremblant Famous For?

Mont Tremblant is a popular tourist destination and is modelled in a European style. It is a beautiful village. The place is famous as a ski town and is renowned for being the abode of the best ski resort. The Mont Tremblant Resort is the highlight of this city. The resorts and hotel lines of Mon Tremblant are mesmerizing.

The place is exquisite and has a wide range of activities arranged and conducted for tourists to explore and enjoy. Mont Tremblant never leaves out anyone. It has something for everyone. The place has activities designed for all age groups making it the best destination to go on a family vacation.

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Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Mont Tremblant is incomplete without Mont Tremblant Ski Resort which is the most popular and largest ski resort in North America. This resort is popular for its vast expanse of property that spreads over six hundred acres of land. The Mont Tremblant Ski Resort has the capacity to facilitate around 27,250 skiers and is well-known among skiers from various parts of the world.

3. Things to Do in Mont Tremblant

3.1. 9 Interesting Things to Do in Winter

Mont Tremblant blanketed with snow is a treat for the eyes and is well known. The experience of winter in Mont Tremblant is made legit with many fun winter activities. The Winter is the busiest tourist season in Mont Tremblant, making it a well-known winter destination.

The entire city is a winter wonderland with a lot of outdoor activities and games to engage in.

17 Things to do in Mont Tremblant
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3.1.1. Skiing

Mont Tremblant Resort is well known Ski Village. Mont Tremblant Resort is a main attraction and is the largest ski resort in East Canada. During Winter, cross-country skiing and many other skiing events are organized to keep the adventurous spirit of the tourist alive and to entertain them.

Mont Tremblant offers the best experience of snowboarding and skiing.

3.1.2. Ice Climbing

Ice brings out the child in everyone. Even the adults are curious and very much interested to play in the snow. Ice climbing in Mont Tremblant is exciting. The climbers will be assisted by trained guides which is a great means to explore the place.

3.1.3. Ice Fishing

Indulging in fishing using hooks and other equipment is fun, isn’t it? What about catching fish on a frozen river? Sounds interesting, right? The heated openings or enclosures in the frozen water enable fishing. Ice fishing is a wonderfully fun activity.

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3.1.4. Snowmobiling

Going on a guided tour on a rented snowmobile is the best way to enjoy the winter in Mont Tremblant. Ski-Doo or a motor sled is a vehicle that would enable easy navigation and travel through snow. The snow-covered, vast expanse of lands can be explored and is a wonderful experience.

3.1.5. Dog Sledding

Trained and efficient sled dogs pulling a sled to facilitate travel through snow is a scene that we have often seen in movies. How about living the experience? Dog sledding is popular in Mont Tremblant and is a delightful experience.

3.1.6. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a wonderful winter activity and a great experience. It is different from skiing and is easier to learn. It is a variation of hiking, where people walk through snow-covered mountains. An exceptional pair of shoes are used to facilitate and make the entire snowshoeing process easier.

This activity evolved from the ancient walking in snow that was the only means of transportation and has a history that dates back to 6000 years. Snowshoes can be rented from Mont Tremblant. You could also get the help of professional guides who could provide more information about the place.

3.1.7. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a popular and classic winter activity. It is enjoyed by people of all age groups, be it kids or be it, adults. It involves individuals gliding through the frozen surface of ice by wearing skating shoes. Beginners, who lack experience could get the help of trainers to help them skate in Mont Tremblant.

The rink in Mont Tremblant is situated in the center of the village. It is awesome and can be accessed by the public.

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3.1.8. Ziplining

Ziplining or the death slide is an exciting activity. It is an adventurous yet fun activity to engage in. The zip line, set up at an inclined angle, allows the person to slide and soar freely with the help of a pulley attached to the zipline. It is a thrilling experience.

3.1.9. Gondola Rides

Do not miss out on gondola rides. It is the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty and the landscape of Mont Tremblant. The fifteen to twenty minutes inside the panoramic gondola is splendid and the view of the mountains from it is a beautiful sight.

This is not a complete list of Winter activities and games. Apart from the activities mentioned above, Mont Tremblant also has facilities for many other outdoor engagements.

3.2. 8 Interesting Things to Do in Summer

Mont Tremblant is not just about winter and snow activities. When the snow recedes, it is time to explore the other face of Mont Tremblant. Enriched with sparking and crystal-clear water bodies, this place is equally alive during the summer.

Fun and exciting activities including hiking, ziplining, cycling and various games are popular during the summer. Summer activities in Mont Tremblant are no less fun when compared to winter activities.

3.2.1. Hiking

Do you like to take a long walk lost in nature? Hiking is an opportunity to enjoy nature, the surroundings and the picturesque beauty of the place. Hiking in the mountains can be tiring and requires physical fitness. But the experience is worth the efforts taken while hiking.

3.2.2.  Golfing

Golf is one of the outdoor sports that has got a huge fandom. The players hit a ball into holes. It is a sport that requires skills. Mont Tremblant offers golf courses to beginners. Both beginners and experienced golf players could find games suited to their level in Mont Tremblant. The golf course taught by trained players will enhance your skills.

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3.2.3. Summer Camps

Mont Tremblant organizes wonderful summer camps. These camps are organized for children and adults. The camps offer a great and effective, activity-induced learning experience. It will gift memories to cherish for a lifetime.

3.2.4. Rafting

River rafting is an engaging activity. It is a thrilling and adventurous experience. Once the frozen water melts in summer, Mont Tremblant prepares itself to start rafting. This is a must to do an activity to engage tourists who visit Tremblant during summer.

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3.2.5. Water-Skiing

This exciting water sport is a fun experience. The individual indulging in this sport is pulled after connecting with a boat and is allowed to ski through the surface of the water. Water skiing in Mont Tremblant allows you to spice up your vacation with elements of fun and adventure.

3.2.6. Paintball

Who doesn’t like to get competitive? Paintball is a shooting game. The players shoot each other and the ones who get hit by the dyed paintballs will be out of the game. This is a game which you could play with friends and family.

3.2.7. Kayaking

Kayaking is a water sport. It involves a kayak, which is a kind of boat. It has gained popularity among adventure lovers. The kayaking experience in Mont Tremblant is one of a kind and should be added to your list.

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 3.2.8. Canoeing

Paddle across the lake on a canoe with your dear ones. Canoeing is a water activity that is popular in summer. If you travel in groups, you could also make it competitive by making it a race.

4. Indoor Activities to Engage in Mont Tremblant

When the weather did not act in your favour of you, do not worry. Mont Tremblant also has a wide range of exciting indoor games and activities to offer. Aquatic Complex, laser games, artist studios and escape games are some of the indoor wonders that you could explore. The spas and wellness centers of Mont Tremblant that offer the best treatments are popular among tourists.

Various massages and therapies are offered in Tremblant which is an amazing experience. The rich culture of the place can be witnessed and experienced by visiting art galleries, museums and theatres. The exhibits in Mont Tremblant Cultural Centre reflect the cultural richness of the place. Mont Tremblant would never disappoint you.

5. Other Attractions in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is the landmark of the area. There are many other places that are famous in Tremblant. It is a must that you must visit the breathtaking, iconic attractions of Mont Tremblant. Don’t forget to spare time to explore the must-visit spots in Tremblant.

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5.1. Scandinave Spa, Mont Tremblant

Scandinave Spa in Mont Tremblant is popular among travellers. It has a wide range of facilities including hot baths, jacuzzi, saunas, hot pools and many other treatments. It is a great place to rejuvenate yourself, release stress and relax.

5.2. Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village

Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village is a charming and lively village. It is situated at foot of the mountains and is only for pedestrians. It is a beautiful village to roam around. The town has a lot of activities to engage in and explore.

5.3. Mont Tremblant National Park

Mont Tremblant National Park is a must-visit spot.  Spreading over 1500 square kilometres, the park is a great place to know the wildlife and explore nature.

5.4. Casino de Mont Tremblant

The casino experience in Mont Tremblant is amazing. It is fun and offers various games that you could play. Do visit Casino de Mont Tremblant and explore the space.

Also, try and visit Le P’tit Train du Nord – a 200 km bike trail, Domaine Saint- Bernard and Circuit Mont Tremblant. Take a stroll and admire the nature, architectural marvels and villages of Mont Tremblant which are stunning and exquisite.

6. Important Festivals and Events in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant hosts various colourful and spectacular events throughout the year. Many events on food, sports, theatre and other entertainments are organized in Mont Tremblant. The place celebrates the cultural richness, cuisines and music.

These events in the beautiful natural setting of Mont Tremblant offer a wonderful experience. When you finalize your travel schedule, try and attend the events that are conducted during your time of visit.

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6.1. Tremblant International Blues Festival

The Tremblant International Blues Festival is an annual festival that is usually organized in the month of July. It attracts musicians from around the globe. The event lasted for ten days. During this span, a lot of free concerts are also organized.

6.2. Mont Tremblant Winter Carnival

Winter is the time when tourist pours in to engage in various activities. The Mont Tremblant Winter Carnival is a popular festival that occurs every year.

6.3. Mont Tremblant Film Festival

Are you a film lover? Then don’t miss out to experience the Mont Tremblant Film Festive.

Tremblant also hosts various other festivals and events like the Mont Tremblant Half Marathon, Fete de la Musique and Mont Tremblant Gourmand Food Festival. It is enjoyed, admired and appreciated by travellers and tourists from different parts of the world.

7. Famous Foods in Mount Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is home to a variety of cafes, restaurants, and diners. The place has a diverse cuisine.

7.1. Poutine

Poutine is a Canadian dish made of French fries, curd or cheese and gravy. It is a must-try food and is a classic dish.

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7.2. Quebec Cheese

Quebec Cheese is a variety of cheese that is made in Quebec and is extremely delicious.

7.3. Craft Beer

A wine and beer-tasting binge in Mont Tremblant would not be a bad idea and you will never regret it.

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7.4. Maple Syrup

Mont Tremblant has many maple trees surrounding the area. Maple syrup in Quebec is known worldwide.

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Travel gives umpteen experiences. The food, culture, history and locality of various places can be understood and ingrained through every visit made. Mont Tremblant is a wonderful and perfect destination to go on a vacation. Be it a trip with family, with friends, or be it a solo trip,

8. In the End

Mont Tremblant has something to offer for tourists who belong to different groups, for those who travel for different purposes and for those who travel from different parts of the world.

Though the place has French as its main language, most natives do speak English. So, language would not be an issue or a hindrance during your travel. The place has a wide range of options when it comes to accommodation facilities which vary from five-star rated luxurious stays to normal vacation rentals and lodges. There are many tourist attractions in Mont Tremblant that are scenic and picturesque.

Mont Tremblant is surreal. It is a unique and beautiful destination. Both summer and winter in Mont Tremblant are entirely different experiences. The place has many activities and hence could easily keep you engaged for more than five days. Schedule your trip, plan ahead of time and make bookings to avoid inconveniences.

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