15 Steps to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs: New Viral Recipe

Just drop the hot chocolate bomb in the mug, pour over the steaming hot milk, stir, and sip.

Is the weather chilly? Are the winds blustery? Are you frequently craving smooth, thick, and steamy hot chocolate? Why not try making it in your kitchen, the viral TikTok recipe of incredibly hot chocolate bombs is here.

What Is a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

The newest and the latest craze, the hot chocolate bombs or the cocoa bombs are cocoa spheres or chocolate spheres filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows.

It can be stored and used for future use to make hot milk instantly to satisfy your winter cravings. Therefore, make homemade hot chocolate bombs using a simple recipe.

These are so trendy and easy to personalize someone and their loved ones by giving them on their special day or just to make them feel special or one can set a cooking date to have fun making them.

Requirements for Making Cocoa Bombs

Preparation Time (for 6 pieces of cocoa bombs): 30 mins

  • Chocolate Mix: 5 mins
  • Chocolate Shells: 15 mins
  • Assemble time: 10 mins

Ingredients Required

  1. Powdered sugar.
  2. Higher quality chocolate bars/ semi-sweet chocolate wafers.
  3. Cocoa powder.
  4. Mini marshmallows.
  5. Instant coffee.
  6. White chocolate.
  7. Sprinkles, and semi-sweet chocolate chips for decoration.

Type of Chocolate Required for Tempering

  1. Couverture Chocolate: Semi-sweet couverture chocolate is the best to make these hot chocolate bombs. 
  2. Candy Melts: If you cannot find couverture chocolate, then you can try candy melts as they are easy to work with and easily accessible in the market, but use them as a last option.
  3. Almond Bark chocolate: You can opt for a healthier version of the hot chocolate bombs by replacing the normal chocolate bar with almond bark chocolate.

Kitchen Equipment Required

  1. Silicone mould/chocolate moulds.
  2. Silicone spatula.
  3. Digital food thermometer.
  4. Piping bag.
  5. Pastry brush.
  6. Double boiler bowl.
  7. Parchment paper.
  8. Paper towel.
  9. Sieve.
  10. Cupcake Paper.

What Type of Mold Should You Use?

Commonly two kinds of moulds are used when working with tempered chocolate. These are:

  1. Silicone Molds: Silicone is cheaper compared to the other ones. It becomes easier to pull the shells out of the mould without breaking them. The only downside of this mould is that it takes time to paint the chocolate from the inside if you are going to make it in bulk. And for commercial use, it is handy but time-consuming.
  2. Acrylic Molds: The reason why people use this mould is that it gives a fine gloss to the chocolate. It is a little tedious to demould but for professional purposes, you can use this mould.

Steps to Make The Hot Chocolate Bombs

by PreppyKitchen/ Youtube

1. Hot Chocolate Mix

Ingredients for Hot Chocolate Mix

  1. Cocoa powder- 1/2 cup.
  2. Powdered sugar-2/3 cup.
  3. Pinch of salt.
  4. Instant coffee powder- 1 tsp.

To make it a gourmet hot chocolate, you can add chocolate chips, crushed candy, caramels, chopped dry fruits, or anything inside of your choice to enhance the flavor.

Steps to Make Hot Chocolate Mix

Step 1: Take a sieve and a bowl. Sieve all the 4 ingredients mentioned above in the bowl.

Step 2: Mix the sieved powdered mixture using a spoon to make the hot cocoa mix.

Tip: If you have a regular hot chocolate powder from the market, then you can avoid making it at home.

2. Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs Preparation

Ingredients to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

  1. Milk chocolate wafers/dark chocolate bars – 7 ounces or 200 grams.
  2. Mini marshmallows- 1 cup.

Steps to Obtain Perfect Melted Chocolate

by Allrecipes/ Youtube

Step 1: Take a bowl, fill it up to an inch with water, place it over medium heat and let it come to a simmer to use it as a double boiler.

Step 2: Take some semi-sweet chocolate, chop all the chocolate, put it in a heat-proof bowl, and place it above the simmering water to let the chocolate melt. You don’t have to let the temperature go above 900 F. Using a digital thermometer you can check and maintain a low heat for your tempering chocolate.

Step 3: You may observe that the chopped chocolate is melting. Stir the melting chocolate using a silicone spatula till you obtain smooth liquid chocolate.

Tip: If you have a microwave available in the kitchen then you can skip using a double boiler to melt the chocolate. You may directly set the temperature in the microwave and temper chocolate quickly and easily within 15 seconds.

Steps to Prepare the Shells

After obtaining a perfectly tempered and melted chocolate mixture, you can now begin to make the hot chocolate bombshells.

by JIra Williams/ Youtube

Step 1: Using a paper towel, clean the chocolate mould to remove any kind of tiny particles on the surface.

Step 2: Fill the chocolate mould with a heaping spoon of melted chocolate and by using a pastry brush spread it around the sphere of chocolate mould. Remove excess chocolate.

Step 3: Let the melted chocolate set in the chocolate moulds. Once the chocolate hardens, you can now proceed to check under light if there is any second coating needed or any gap to be filled in. Don’t worry about the edges, you can fix them later.

Step 4: You can now pop them out of the silicone mould and if you have more chocolate left, you can make more hot chocolate bombs out of it.

Steps to Smoothen the Shell Edges

Step 1: Carefully demold a hot chocolate sphere from the silicone mould. After removing, you may notice that the shells are glossy and ready to be assembled. Demold all shells and place them on a clean sheet of parchment paper.

Step 2: You may now notice that the hot cocoa bombs are rough at the edges. Take a warm plate or a hot saucepan. Take a hot chocolate shell and put the edges against the warm plate or saucepan. Gently move the shell to get the edges of the chocolate melted but don’t over melt the chocolate on the edges or else it may decrease the size of the shell.

Step 3: You will now notice the edges are no rougher. Do the same for the remaining chocolate spheres.

Steps to Assemble the Hot Chocolate Bomb Shells

Step 1: Place one chocolate shell on a paper cup or a cookie cutter to make it stand.

Step 2: Add 2 tbsp of hot chocolate mix and marshmallows sliced into small pieces (or you can use 6-9 mini marshmallows) in the chocolate shell.

Step 3: Take another empty half, melt the chocolate edges a little over the warm plate and place it coinciding with the edges of the previous shell to glue it together.

Step 4: Use a pastry brush to coat the edges with chocolate. Use a palette knife or a normal knife to smoothen the glued edge to seal it.

Step 5: Continue the above steps by making the remaining hot chocolate bombs one by one.


  • Don’t try to fill the shell with too much hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, otherwise, the hot chocolate bombs will not be able to tolerate the tension in the walls of the shells and might break before use.
  • Don’t use your finger to smoothen the glued edge as it may leave marks.

3. Styles to Decorate Hot Chocolate Bombs

Don’t leave them plain and simple. Top-notch them by using a variety of handy and easy techniques:

1. Using a Piping Bag

You can use a piping bag to pipe chocolate or any other cream, like white chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter, Nutella spread, hazelnut spread, lotus biscoff spread, strawberry cream, or any other variety of flavor of your choice.

2. Use Sprinkles

You can use different types of sprinkles to make your cute little hot chocolate bombs look colourful and delightful to gift. You can use the confetti sprinkles, nonpareils, jimmies, Cadbury Gems, chocolate chips, etc., to make them appealing.

3. Glitter or Foil

You can use glitter to give a lustrous effect of gold or silver by applying the glitter on the mould before brushing the melted chocolate to the mould. You can also apply edible foil of silver and gold over the bombs to give them a rich look.

4. Crushed Candy Canes

Melt chocolate, top a little over a hot chocolate bomb and roll it over some crushed candy canes or you can simply sprinkle it over the chocolate bomb.

Why and How to Temper the Chocolate?

It is easy to melt chocolate but it needs a full commitment to make it glossy, smooth and tempered. Making hot chocolate bombs gets easier once the melted chocolate is perfectly tempered, but it can ruin your shells if it is not perfectly done.

The reason why your chocolate doesn’t temper is you may have used lower-quality chocolate or might have missed attaining a perfect heat for it. Before melting the chocolate, you need to understand the basics of chocolate, its structure, and its science:

  • Your melting moments are driven by the cocoa butter present in the chocolate, which is made up of a family of crystals.
  • Each crystal sets at a unique temperature, and if altered, it may disrupt your tempering process.
  • Some are not stable and keep varying over time and during storage.
  • If you supply heat over the threshold, but not enough to melt the chocolate, the crystals in cocoa butter will travel to the surface and will make the chocolate look dusty and your chocolate gets bloomed.
  • This doesn’t mean you have to dump it off, you can still eat or bake it, but in its less-tempered state.

You can follow one of the two methods below to achieve perfectly tempered chocolate:

1. Tabling Method

A very handy and efficient method to know how the chocolate is behaving is the tabling method. Chocolate is melted and two-thirds of it is spread across a plain table to lower its temperature until it starts to harden.

Before it completely sets, it is taken back and mixed into the remaining one-third of the chocolate, whereas the temperature is brought back to 86-90 degrees and the chocolate is perfectly tempered.

by ChefHaymon/ Youtube

2. Seeding Method

You don’t need to worry if you fail to temper the chocolate while melting. You can temper chocolate using this pro trick.

If the melted chocolate rises above the desired temperature i.e. 86 degrees, then you can add more chopped chocolate to the melted chocolate.

by Brittnee Kay/ Youtube

Step 1: Weigh the amount of melted chocolate you have currently. Suppose the weight is 150 gms, then divide the weight by 3 which is 50 gms. This means you need to add 50 gms of more chocolate chopped to the melted chocolate to lower its temperature.

Step 2: Chop more milk chocolate, which is one-third the weight, and add it to the melted chocolate. Stir until the chocolate melts.

Step 3: Your chocolate has lowered down to the perfect temperature. Take parchment and apply a layer of this chocolate to it. Let it set and check if it has perfectly tempered.

How to Make Hot Milk using Hot Chocolate Bombs?

You can now enjoy your hot cocoa with these amazing hot chocolate bombs because it is easy to make it without waiting for so long every time.

by Melissa Russo/ Youtube

Step 1: Place a hot chocolate bomb in a mug.

Step 2: Heat milk till it gets hot. You can use almond milk or oat milk as per preference.

Step 3: Pour hot milk over the hot chocolate bomb. You can see as you add hot milk, the hot chocolate bomb starts to melt down.

Step 4: Stir the hot milk until the hot cocoa mix gets combined and dissolved completely.

Step 5: You can also top chocolate chips and sprinkle some cocoa powder. Your hot chocolate is ready to serve.

How to Serve Hot Chocolate Bombs?

To jazz up your hot chocolate, you can try various things to top over or make it your base:

  • You can add whipped cream.
  • You can add chunks of brownie or Oreo biscuits.
  • You can add chocolate chips.
  • Instead of adding milk or water, you can make coffee as your base.
  • You can use oat milk or almond milk instead of cow milk.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon powder to give it a spicy flavor.
  • You can serve brownies, a candy cane, or chocolate chip cookies along with hot chocolate.
  • You can add a pinch of salt.
  • You can add more marshmallows on top.

Hot Chocolate Bomb Flavors

By varying the flavor, you can make the hot chocolate bombs extra tempting and not so monotonous in taste.

1. Peanut Butter

You can add a spoonful of peanut butter inside hot cocoa bombs to give it a creamy taste of peanut butter. You can also try hazelnut spread and add crushed dry fruits.

2. Salted Caramel and Strawberry

You can add salted caramel to the hot chocolate bombs on top or in the cocoa mix. If you are making the shells using white chocolate, then you can add strawberry syrup inside the bombs instead of the chocolate powder mix. Also, you can add texture to the milk by adding red velvet cake chunks.

3. Oreo and Lotus Biscoff

Crush some Oreo biscuits or lotus biscoff biscuits and add a spoon of this crushed mixture over the shells. You can also stick the crushed biscuits on the shell using melted chocolate.

4. Ferrero Rocher and KitKat

Take 2 Ferrero Rocher and grind them. Add a little of this ground mix inside the bombs to give a flavorful taste and for all the people who drool over KitKat, you can add chunks of KitKat in the hot chocolate bombs to give your hot cocoa crunchy bites to enjoy.

5. Pumpkin Spice

To enjoy a perfect fall season, you can add pumpkin spice mix to the hot chocolate mix and marshmallows to give it a good flavor.

How to Store Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Hot chocolate bombs have a long shelf life which is why they are suitable for gifting and serving as the best travelling snacks. Storing them in a cool dry place is the best thing you can do to make them last for a long.

1. Airtight Container

You can arrange them in an airtight container and keep the container in your kitchen compartments to make them easily accessible. This will prevent the chocolate shells from further oxidizing and deteriorating the taste of chocolate.

2. Freeze

You can also try freezing them but this may be a tricky process. You may need to use cling wrap to cover the hot chocolate bombs in it and freeze them. Before consumption, don’t forget to let them thaw to get back to normal room temperature.

How to Use Hot Chocolate Bombs on Special Occasions?

Spread the love using the amazing recipe for the best hot chocolate bombs and make them suitable for gifting. We have taken care of your occasions very well which is why we have brought to you some pleasing, wholesome ideas to surprise your beloved ones and make any themed party super fun.

1. Proposal Idea

No one can deny a chocolaty proposal. Ha! Yes, just try this romantic trick to ask them to marry you. Dropping a ring in the wine is for alcoholics, but melting chocolates is what chocoholics love.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

By Andrea Carruth/ Instagram.Copyright 2022

On Valentine’s Day, put a ring inside a hot chocolate bomb, gift them and make them startled. Not only the ring would surprise them, but also the melting chocolate would melt their heart.

You can make alterations to this idea for different occasions like replacing a ring with a locket, a water-proof note, toffee, or lucky draw games for birthday parties or gatherings.

Caution: Be careful while trying ideas with children below 12 years.

2. Christmas Delights

If you love hot chocolate bombs, then you must try making them using white chocolate- very Christmasy. You can try making shells using white chocolate and decorate them as per your choice.

Christmas chocolate bombs
By Boutie’s Bakery/ Instagram. Copyright 2022
  • Snowman: You can also use this idea to build a snowman, using two hot chocolate bombs, and can do detailing using piping chocolate.
  • Santa Claus: You can decorate the white balls with piping chocolate and little accessories and design a Santa out of these balls. Gift them in a box, and spread wishes on Christmas.

Note: As the white chocolate chips melt, it can be tricky to temper them, so to avoid messing up, use a food thermometer to measure the temperature and make sure it doesn’t go above 84 °F.

3. Gender Reveal Theme

One of the best non-alcoholic beverages in your drinks cuisine during winter or a family gathering could be a nice smooth hot chocolate. If you are planning a gender reveal party for your family and guests, then you should try this amazing eco-friendly idea.

You can also use chocolate cups made out of melted chocolate to serve the warm milk and you can use blue and pink mini marshmallows inside the hot chocolate bombs and serve them to your guests. Just pour the warm milk over, and boom! You will know what the marshmallows say.

How to Pack Hot Chocolate Bombs?

By Limabean Living/ YouTube. Copyright 2022

1. For Gifting

  • Single Cupcake Holder: If you are making these hot chocolate bombs to gift someone then you can pack them in a single cupcake holder. Just simply put a sphere in a cupcake of paper, put it inside one box and close the lid. Attach any tag to it related to the occasion and give it away spreading joy.

2. For Commercial Use

  • Box of 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12: If you are making these cocoa bombs for commercial use, then you can get boxes of any capacity.
  • Bouquet: If you work as a gifting partner, then you can pack single spheres of the hot cocoa bombs wrapped in lustrous foil, stacked in form of a chocolate bouquet, and sell them commercially. You can personalize them according to the customer. You can use these styles and be more creative while packing these hot exotic chocolate bombs.
Hot Chocolate Bombs
By SNACKING IN SAUDI/ Instagram. Copyright 2022


The recipe is now in your hand and it is as simple as making banana pancakes. You can now either start your own business selling these homemade hot chocolate bombs or make one for yourself in winter or on any occasion. Get cozy inside the blanket, sip a mug of hot chocolate, while you flix and chill.



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